Simon and Julia at Home

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Julia was feeling peculiar when Simon called at her door. Like being angry for no reason. She wasn’t angry, certainly not with him, but she was carrying around a tension she couldn’t explain. He on the other hand appeared relaxed and happy. They were seeing each other all the time and neither had any complaints about the relationship or the way it was progressing. He smiled at the door as she let him in and she at him, but then she backed away through the hallway to the kitchen.

“Hi” he said, “are you ok?”

“Hi, yes fine. Come on in.”

She turned back to welcome him in at the entrance to the kitchen and they embraced with a hug and a kiss. As they stopped she pulled her hand down from his neck and swung it to the back of her head. She licked and smacked her lips together as if enjoying the taste.


“Are you ok? You’re acting weird,” he said laughing.

“I’m fine. I like to see you.”

“I like to see you too”

“How was your day yesterday.”

“Long. I was up at four to get to a meeting and was going all day. It’s ok now but I’m a bit tired.”

He went to sit at the end of he dining table, pulling out the chair and turning it to face the kitchen and her.

“Do you need anything?”

“A coffee would be nice.”

“Well I’m finishing off the decoration on these little cakes and then I’ll make the coffee for both of us and we can have one each.”

“Okay, thanks. If it’s alright, I’m just going to close my eyes while you do.”

She raised her head and smiled over at him. The morning light came in above the dining table and seemed to settle on him as he sat. A gold glow shone around his head, brows and ears. He looked peaceful. As she spooned pale yellow buttercream into the piping bag and finished icing her cakes an idea frothed into her head unexpectedly and made her skin prickle.

She placed the cakes on a tiered stand with a small carry handle at the top. Then she poured hot water into the cafetier for the coffee. The smell of the hot coffee and sugary cake seeped through the room. She carried one small coffee cup and spoon for him, padded to the table and laid it at his side. Next she returned with the cakes and placed them by the cup. Finally the coffee and sugar.

He blinked and stirred moving back in the seat and sitting upright. “Ok?”

She crouched down in front of him looking intent.

“I am. I have an idea.”

“Sure, anything you like.”

“Well, I think I would like you to tell me all about your horrible day yesterday. Talking will help make it better and put it out of your mind. And I would like to help you by hearing all about it.”

“Really? I’m sure it’s just boring for anyone else, but I appreciate you taking an interest. Why do I get the feeling you have something else in mind as well?”

She looked down, “Yes. Well there is something else. I would like you to do that, to tell me all about it. But I think it would be nice do so while you have the head of your penis in my mouth.”

“Sorry, what?”

She looked up again putting her hands on his knees, “I would like you to put the head of your penis, in my mouth, while you tell me all about your day yesterday.”

“What do you mean? Why would you do that?”

“I think it would be a nice thing to do.”

“Umm. Okay?”

“It’s quite a specific request though. You’re too big when you’re hard, to do it the way I want to and I don’t want to make you come you see. I just want you to put it in my mouth. While it is soft.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes. It won’t take any effort I promise.”

“But I will likely get hard, if you do that surely?”

“Yes maybe, but you’ll be telling me about your boring day, it’ll take your mind off it.”

“I see. Actually I don’t, but I wouldn’t say I’m against the idea.”


“Em yes okay.”

“Good! I’m pleased! Take your jacket off first, I’ll kneel down here on the floor in front of you. Keep your shoes and socks on but take off your trousers and underwear. You should sit on the table here so you are a little higher up.”

“Very specific. How long have you been planning this and is there anything else?”

“Not just now. Just give me your jacket.”

Simon took off his jacket and handed it to Julia as she stood up. He then unbuckled his belt and removed his trousers. She draped the jacket around the back of one of the stools at the breakfast bar and laid the trousers on its seat.

He looked at her somewhat sheepishly, wearing his tight white shorts. But she made no move to hurry him and she showed no impatience, just waited and folded her arms. After a moment he mustered himself and bending over from the waist he slid them down to the floor and stepped out. He picked them up and placed them in her hand. Julia stretched them out at the waistband, folded them neatly twice and put them on top of the trousers while looking only at his face.

“I’m sure there’s a joke in here somewhere about an ‘elephant in the room'”.

“Not kartal escort one I would care to make I’m sure,” said Julia. “Now sit on the edge of the table so that your balls and your penis are hanging down from the edge.”

He sat as she instructed, feet still in his socks and polished black brogues. His toes rested lightly on the floor. Spreading his knees apart he let out a breath as he hung loose in front of her. She dropped a cushion down on the floor in front of him and folded her knees on to it tucking her ankles in beneath her. She made sure she was comfortable and in a suitable position in front of him. Then, reaching up, she made to undo the lowest two buttons on his shirt. She tucked the corners up and under themselves against his skin so his lower abdomen was exposed and she had a clear view of all that lay below.

He hung motionless in front of her, the root of it was at her eye level but the heavy tip lay well below her chin. It was long but it was soft, the shaft was uniform in thickness but with a large flared head. It had the appearance of a velvet bell rope with a knot in the end. Ruffled skin sat under the collar of its head leaving it pink and exposed. Slung behind was the wrink pouch of his balls. Soft wrinkled and pliable. His shaft was flacid and lay heavily down the middle of his scrotum, leaving a duck egg sized testicle to either side. It looked like a long nose and eyes.

Julia placed her hands in her lap, “You can start telling me about yesterday now.”

“This is going to take some concentration and probably a lot of restraint.”

“Absolutely, I promise to try my best and show as much restraint as I can. You have my utmost confidence and I believe in you. Please, I need you to lift it into my mouth for me.”

Her words felt like a spoon in his coffee, moving just once around his cup before resting again. He reached down with his right hand. Making a fist around the middle of the shaft he pulled the loose skin back from its head. He looked down and levelled it at her lips. But as her mouth opened he felt himself stir once again. He paused for a moment to let this pass, again she made no move to rush him. He lifted it, breathing evenly and carefully and pushed it gently into her mouth. He could feel her teeth to each side, but her red lips closed softly around its neck and she became still. Her mouth was warm.

She held him gently, like a fruit and waited. He began as she had asked and she listened to him as he described the events of the previous day. They were mundane things, meetings and conversations, when he got up, when and what he ate and drank, when he went to bed. She wasn’t interested in what he was saying particularly, she just wanted to hear his voice. It was a quiet, kind sort of voice that lulled her into peace, settling the rush of her mind. Looking upwards the whole time into his face, her eyes were open wide. She carefully created an expression of eager, but innocent interest in what he was saying. All the while she felt him change within her mouth, swelling sometimes at points when he lost the thread of his story. Then he would breathe deeper and shrink back as he became more animated with a particular point. Sometimes he pulled at her or pushed in further as he shifted his weight. She found she could feel his pulse through her tongue and measure it quicken or slow. As she knelt before him she learned this could be fed back and used to control his size. If she wished him to stumble his words or feel the speed of his heart the smallest adjustment of her tongue had the power to push it’s beat and make him swell. She played with this, delicately pulling him around, all without moving an outward muscle.

Staying so still and holding him steady caused her saliva to fill in her mouth. She made no move to prevent this or to hold it back. Breathing gently through her nose, she let it make its own way from the sides of her mouth and down the body of his cock. It wet her chin, running here and there down her neck and falling in drips to her lap. All the while she looked up at him with big brown open eyes.

He reached the end of his tale and came pleasantly to a halt. He looked down at her as she sat at his feet, red lips around his wet penis. She smiled with her eyes but she didn’t let go. He stared for a moment and then asked “what should I do now?”

She held up one index finger and then pointed at herself.

“Your turn? What do you mean?”

Her gaze lowered for the first time since they started. She looked intently at the base of his shaft and then closed her eyes. Then she swallowed. First a little gulp and then again, sucking hard at the same time. He was still soft and she caught him just right, he disappeared into her with a yelp from above her head. His eyes went wide and he gasped as he realised with his size he was half down her gullet. She swallowed hard again and sucked him in in full. Her lips slurped up to the skin of his belly, kaynarca escort but she kept the pressure on him, refusing to let go.

He bent forward in confusion and shock, not wanting to hurt her. She had managed what he wouldn’t have thought probable a moment ago and willfully pulled the full length of him into her throat. He could feel every tendon, tonsil and tooth all the way down.

He reacted the only way imaginable and grew hard and fast. His groin flooded with his blood and heat. He held back it’s stiffening as best he could, even as the shaft filled out, but it was too quick. He bent forward and doubled over her head so she wouldn’t be hurt. It was out of his control now. It was up to her. But Julia knew what to expect. As fast as he grew, she squeezed him out of her gullet and withdrew at the same time. He slipped out of her as he bent over and she pulled back to see him emerge.

The head of his cock leaped out of her mouth as it released from her lips. It sprang up and slapped against his belly. As it did it threw a spray of saliva up in the air and over her head.

He was too surprised to speak. She was too delighted. Her hand went up to her mouth as she stared at the pillar that his penis had become. She coughed a laugh and marvelled at what she had done.

He stood above her, his hard staff cleaving up between the tails of his shirt, “are you ok!?” He gasped pained and fearful of her answer, “have I hurt you?”

She grinned back, far too pleased with herself. “No! No, I’m fine. But I got you! All of you, right up to your belly!”

“How did you do that? I’ve been too big before?”

“Been practicing. Got some big bananas and had a go.”

“Oh my god!” He stared at her, “And you knew what you were doing the whole time!?!”

“Well. I knew what I wanted, but the idea only formed when you came in. It’s not finished yet either.”

“Why! What are you going to do to me?”

She reached up to his penis and grasped it at its middle. Her hands were tiny in comparison with his and she could do it no harm, but she squeezed tight and watched the lights firing into his eyes.

“Now I am going to keep you hard for hours,” she said in mock triumph. “Every moment it appears to flag, I will find a new and inventive way to light it up. I intend to torment you exquisitely throughout this day. You will be drunk with desire for me and I will not let you have your satisfaction till I am ready! Not until the day passes at the stroke of midnight!”

Her fist throttled at his member as she comically exclaimed her terms.

He was indeed hard as a rock and somewhat addled by the attention she had given him so far.

“I give in! Whatever you want! Let me go!” He responded laughing.

She broke from him in delight, “Yay me! I won! You’re in trouble now buddy!” She wagged a finger at him and ran off. “Put your clothes back on! We have things to do!”

She led him by a silk thread for the rest of the day, like the unicorn held by a virgin’s hair. Every moment she was focused on his arousal. Every act, whether it was a daily chore, an intimate secret or a public display was turned into a tormenting gift for him. She changed clothes in front of him, displaying her underwear, making him choose. She ran a fingertip over his fly when they went out in the car. They stopped at a library where she whispered in his ear. They circled each other in a park and she tormented him aloud, describing acts and inventions she would use upon him but never touching. When it seemed he had enough she took him in private, dropping the arms of her dress and pressing her breasts with care into his face. Anything and everything was used to keep him with her and at attention, where she needed him to be.

It was too much. In the end they lasted until their evening meal. She set it out on a small table next to the kitchen. Iron legs and a marble top with red gladioli in the middle, two woven wooden chairs. The lights were set low and candles had been lit around the room. The plates were dressed and set with razor clams and bread. She called him softly and stood to the rear of the chair nearest the middle of the room.

Simon remained away from her at the back of the sofa, facing the kitchen with an intent look as he became absorbed in the sight of her. She had her hair scraped back from her face and turned in a tight pleated bun at the back of her head. She wore a tailored and belted dress in speckled, grey wool with dark, blood red court shoes that matched her lips. The neck was square but her shoulders covered. The skirt was pencil tight, just covering the knee.

“Enough,” he said.

She looked back at him without comment. They were both wound tight by this point. As he stood in the light of the candles, his eyes reflected light at her, making them sparkle and dance. She watched as his gaze bore through her. In the dark light, some sense of civilization seemed to have been stripped kozyatağı escort back from them, leaving a raw old desire and want. He would not hurt her she knew, but she had pushed him far. He seemed to grow bigger as he sucked in at some elemental energy that was filling him up.

She waited, then raised her chin, permission being given to act on the desires that she had made strain at his body so badly.

He shrugged at the dark blue jacket of his suit, dropping it to the floor. His white shirt he unbuttoned from the top to his waist, pulling the material out of his belt. He opened it up and hauled the sleeves off his arms. Without taking his eyes from hers he unbuckled his belt. Peeling the legs of his trousers over his thick thighs, he lifted his feet in turn scooping off socks and shoes. His white cotton pants he pulled to the floor.

Standing upright he reared his back, opened his arms wide and flexed his shoulders. The muscles in his chest rose up to his chin and his arms turned like animals in sacks. As he set his feet apart on the wooden floor they touched down with deep soft thuds. Tendons in his toes spread and moved under the skin. Hands opened and closed as his arms lowered to his sides.

Feeling a warmth in the lowest part of his pelvis, his buttocks pulled in hard on themselves, causing his phallus to rear up like a horse in some mythical sea. A monstrous vision by candlelight, it took on a personality of its own. Its neck flexed and waved from side to side as if smelling her out. Blind, its mouth gaped wide. Clear viscous liquid welled in its throat and flowed over its chin. A wet cobweb hung from the shaft of it’s neck, thickening and gathering as it fell to the floor. She could hear it land on the wooden floor and again as more followed.

He moved now towards her. She flinched but held her nerve. His face came up close to hers, she could feel and taste his sweet breathing. The aroma of his skin teased at her nostrils, added and mingled to the scent of his seeping end.

She stared hard into his eyes now willing him on. Hands made of bone and knuckle rose up her body to the neck of her dress. Thick fingers and broad flat nails curled over the edge of the material, not touching her breasts but lifting it away from her skin. The knuckles tightened and whitened as their grip closed. She didn’t move as his shoulders shifted. His arms turned to boulders the size of her head and his hands pulled apart her dress. The material broke not at any seam, but through the weave of the fibres themselves. Each thread burst in turn lending it’s protests to the noise of it’s tear. It parted down the centre of her chest, peeling unevenly to one side as it decended to her waist.

His hands let the fabric fall free then and his face glowered at what he had done. Not satisfied he prowled around her, cocked hard at her waist. Her heart beat fiercely and she felt he could hear it as he rounded her. But she held still, facing ahead as he moved past.

The dress was cut square at the back also, beneath the turned rope of her hair. He lifted his hands and released the twist of her plait from its coil at the back of her head. Dropping down her back it danced and flicked at the air. He proceeded to do the same to her back as he had to her front and opened it up to the air. Then he pulled apart each shoulder, rags falling to her waist. Underneath, her skin was like honeyed milk in the low light. A dark blue brassiere like a pencil drawing held her up like a delicate frame. It was thin, netted lace that made no disguise of what it held. The balcony front put her on view as an offering, letting her breasts be displayed in their natural globe. Holding them steady but for their quivering surface. Just below, feathered edges skimmed the top of nipples that were now long and hard. The dark material tented around them creating a space between fabric and skin, then smoothed it back into the weight of her breasts.

From behind, he took her hips in his hands and then let them move over her rear, pushing grimly into her flesh. Fingers closed once more around the broken material of the dress. He tore at it sharply, forcing the split to move fast down the back of her legs. The grey wool came away in his hands and he tossed it behind him.

She was left standing feet together in the middle of the room. Straight backed, chin high and stiff arms at her sides. Light flickered from the blood red shine of her shoes. It licked up the back of her heels then softened over powder skin and making its way up her calves and her thighs. It curled around her behind and became drifted silk on her belly. Her chest quivered and moved like milk in a pail. From behind he drew his head close to the side of her neck, breath whispering across an open collar bone. He was close now and she could feel the heat of his body behind her though he didn’t touch. Her lips parted suddenly as she felt a wet drip on her calf. It was warm and moved slowly to her ankle as it cooled.

He moved away, circling around and drinking in every detail. Her knickers and the cups of her bra were transparent and he could see the dark hair of her crotch beneath. A gathered seam, down the middle of her rear split the cheeks of her behind. Tightening elastic round the tops of her legs let the fine silken mesh puff up off her skin, exaggerating the pout of her rump.

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