Silvia’s Big Dare

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This is fiction any correlation to real people is purely happenstance. Hope you enjoy this. It is a story concept that could be explored further. I doubt I will, though any author reading this is welcome to rewrite or just continue it. I give anyone the green light to do just that. I wrote it for fun and would share it willingly. Just have fun with it.


Silvia was hanging out with her two best friends. In her parents back yard, next to the pool. They were drinking wine and were slightly tipsy. It was Muriel and Victoria and her. They were all just nineteen; having recently finished their first year at the J C. They were all beautiful in their own unique ways. Silvia was a very nice looking girl. She was the cutest of the three. She had large breasts and a flat stomach. She had a nice ass and a good personality. Muriel was pretty but thicker than the other two. Her eyes were her most captivating feature. They were green and hypnotizing. Green eyes were unusual for woman with Venezuelan ancestry. Victoria was an athletic brunet. She was the captain of the soccer team. Victoria had a perky body, slim yet sexy. They had been swimming and drinking all afternoon.

They were all dressed in there swimsuits. Silvia was in a blue bikini that looked stunning with her tan skin tone. Muriel was in a black one piece that looked good on a big girl. Victoria was wearing a red Speedo from her high school swim team days. Like most Speedo suits, it did little to hide her hard nipples. She kind of enjoyed her friends being able to see them. Her speedo also displayed her lower body also; her tight suit was molded to her sex. They went into the water for a swim. When Silvia got out of the pool her thin wet swimsuit was plastered to her body. This view was not lost on Victoria. She had been nursing a crush on Silvia since middle School. Though, Silvia seemed unaware of it. After some more wine, they all started to talk about playing a game.

“Why don’t we play truth or dare,” Victoria said.

“Yes let us spin a bottle to choose whose turn,” Silvia said.

“Sounds good,” said Muriel. “This bottle is empty,” she continued.

“Whoever spins bottle asks the question or makes the dare,” Muriel said

“Sure why not?” Silvia said.

Muriel spun the bottle, it pointed to Victoria.

“Truth or dare?” Muriel asked.

“Dare,” Victoria answered, hoping to be asked to do a naughty act.

Muriel said, “Kiss Silvia on the lips.”

Victoria gets up and sits on Silvia’s lap and kisses her on the lips. Silvia escort beşiktaş was drunk enough to kiss her back. The kiss was more than just friendly. After the kiss Victoria got off Silvia’s lap to spin the bottle.

Victoria spins the bottle. It points to Muriel. “Truth or dare?” Victoria asked.

“Dare,” Muriel said.

“Lower your swimsuit and show us your nipples,” Victoria said.

“For how long?” Muriel asked.

“Till the bottle lands on you again,” Victoria said.

Muriel lowered he black straps until her big brown nipples were visible. Her big breasts and hard nipples looked sexy. Victoria licked her lips. Silvia was trying not to stare, but was actually unexplainably intrigued by the sight. Silvia felt a slight tingle between her legs. Muriel was the most excited to show her nipples. She was an exhibitionist. Muriel spun the bottle enjoying the way her friends were seeing her tits. It landed on Silvia. Silvia was slightly aroused and hoping to be asked to do something naughty.

“Truth or dare,” Muriel asked.

“Dare,” Silvia said.

“Take off your top, until the bottle lands on you twice,” she said.

Silvia took of her bikini top. Her breasts were big and round. Her nipples were pink and puffy. Silvia noticed that her pussy was wet. Is being exposed or seeing Muriel’s nipples making me excited Silvia wondered? She spun the bottle. It landed on Muriel. She pulled up her straps, covering her breasts.

“Truth or dare?” Silvia asked.

“Dare,” she said.

“Take off your suit all the way and keep your legs open till the bottle lands on you again,” Silvia said.

Muriel pulled her straps down slowly, her heavy breasts almost spilling out. Teasing her friends, she inched the straps off her shoulders She was enjoying the spot light. Soon her big brown erect nipples were visible again. She continued sexily lowering her black swimsuit off her belly and down her legs. Stepping out of the suit and sitting down to spread her legs. Muriel’s sparsely haired pussy glistened with arousal. She really enjoyed showing off her voluptuous body. Victoria noticed Muriel’s arousal. Muriel reached out and spun the bottle. The bottle landed on Victoria

“What do you choose Truth or dare?” Muriel asked.

“Dare,” Victoria said.

“Take off your speedo and stay naked for the rest of the game,” Muriel said. Victoria gladly peeled off her speedo. Victoria was enjoying the freedom of being naked. Victoria spun the bottle. It landed on Silvia.

“Truth or dare?” Victoria asked.

“Let’s eskort istanbul just change the rules to dare. If the bottle lands on you it is a dare,” Silvia said. The girls all agreed to this.

“Take off your bikini bottoms and stay naked for the rest of the game,” Victoria said.

Silvia took off her bottoms, showing her shaved wet aroused pussy.

She spun the bottle it landed on Muriel.

“Take off your suit and stay naked until the end of the game,” Silvia said.

Muriel took off her suit and she too was noticeably wet. She spun the bottle and it landed on Silvia.

“Kiss me, like you would a boyfriend,” Muriel said.

Silvia kissed Muriel slowly and deliberately. Muriel’s hand reached up to grasp Silvia’s breast. Silvia’s nipple hardened under Muriel’s grasp. Silvia kissed Muriel deeper.

“Hey break it up and spin the bottle,” Victoria said. Silvia broke off the kiss, and then spun the bottle. It pointed to Victoria.

“Kiss me,” Silvia said.

Victoria kissed Silvia, her hand slyly rubbing Silvia’s pussy. Silvia made no attempt to stop her roaming hand.

“Hey play the game, you two,” Muriel said.

Victoria reluctantly spun the bottle. It went around multiple times and stopped pointing to Muriel.

“Suck Silvia’s nipples, while I kiss her,” she said.

Muriel started sucking Silvia’s right nipple, as Victoria kissed Silvia some more. Victoria inserted her finger up Silvia’s wet pussy. Silvia was really enjoying the attention. Muriel switched to her other nipple as Victoria inserted another finger. Soon Silvia was breathing heavily. Victoria switched to rubbing Silvia’s clitoris. Silvia was about to climax, when the two girls cruelly stopped. This left Silvia incredibly horny. Muriel spun the bottle.

It stopped pointing to Victoria. “Truth or Dare?” Muriel asked?

“Dare,” Victoria answered.

“Play with yourself until I say stop,” Muriel said.

Victoria spread her legs and slowly started to rub her pussy lips, herself slowly around her opening. She inserted her index finger in her vagina slowly. Using the other hand she rubbed her clitoris. Silvia moved closer to Victoria and bent down to suck her nipples. Just before Victoria seemed ready to climax Muriel said, “Stop.” Victoria was frustrated by this but she did stop right before her orgasm.

Victoria spun the bottle and it landed on Silvia.

“Go knock on your next door neighbor’s door,” Victoria said. This idea was very exciting to the very aroused Silvia, adding to her excitement was escort kağıthane the fact that she too was an exhibitionist. Silvia snuck out the side gate and crept around Mrs. Love’s front porch. She stepped up the three concrete stairs. Silvia rang the doorbell. She planned on leaving before the door could open. The door opened almost immediately. Mrs. Love stood there smiling. She opened the door wide and pulled naked Silvia inside. Mrs. Love was an attractive thirty something woman. She was athletic and had short brown hair. She had a piercing through the side of her eyebrow.

“What are you doing knocking on my door naked?” Mrs. Love asked.

“It is a dare Mrs. Love,” Silvia explained. Mrs. Love took her cell phone and used it’s camera to take Silvia’s picture. Mrs. Love was happy to see Silvia naked, even her green eyes were smiling.

“Smile she said,” as she took more pictures. Silvia was excited by Mrs. Love taking her pictures; it made her feel naughtier.

“You probably don’t know I am a painter, I also bi-sexual,” she said.

“I did not know,” Silvia said.

“If you don’t want me to tell your parents about your nude foray, you will model for me,” she said.

“Okay,” Silvia agreed. Mrs. Love spanked Silvia on her backside in a playfully erotic gesture.

“Come here tomorrow night at 6:30,” Mrs. Love

“Okay, I will,” Silvia said. Mrs. Love kissed Silvia on the lips.

“See you tomorrow night,” Mrs. Love said.

Mrs. Love let Silvia out the door. She crept back between the houses until she got to the side gate. She tried to open the gate but the Muriel and Victoria were holding it closed.

“Let me in, this is not funny,” Silvia begged.

“Say you will be our slut,” Muriel said.

“I will be your slut, let me in,” Silvia said.

They opened the gate and let Silvia in.

“Lick my pussy slut,” Victoria ordered.

Silvia got between Victoria’s legs, dutifully licking he wet snatch. Victoria was in heaven, her long time crush was eating her out. Silvia’s tongue flicked rapidly over Victoria’s clitoris, causing Victoria to spasm in a pre-orgasm shudder. The spasms intensity increased and soon Victoria came hard.

“Now me slut,” Muriel said.

Silvia moved to Muriel’s sex and happily licked her lips. Then she penetrated Muriel with her tongue and finally licking and nibbling her clitoris. While Silvia was busy eating Muriel, Victoria was fingering Silvia. She kept adding fingers until her entire fist was in Silvia’s hungry pussy.

“You like being fisted? Don’t you slut?” Victoria asked.

“Yes, yes,” Silvia answered. Quickly returning to lick Muriel’s clitoris as both Silvia and Muriel experienced an intense orgasm.

They soon quit playing the game and put their swimsuits on as Silvia’s parents were due home.

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