Silky Pleasures

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Smooth, soft, and heavenly material sliding against her hot skin.

Cool and almost Godly in how her nerves responded to its soft caress. Almost a sin, too.

How it slid past her curves when she shifted and pooled in the tiny crevices created by those same movements, it reminded her of a lover’s gentle touch… it surely left her just as languid between those sheets.

She moved once more, unable to resist temptation, unable to deny herself that small pleasure. When the fabric shifted on her thighs a secretive smile crept on her lips, the one and the same she displayed whenever she was wearing something new, something no one else was able to see.

Her own hands climbed gently up her hip bones under the sheets, rested for a moment around her navel and wriggled a bit as her own fingers tickled her. The dreamy expression on her face shifted starting from the curve of her soft, full, pink lips that parted slightly in delight; then a rosiness tinged her cheeks, and her eyes lit up.

And her slender fingers resumed exploring again, this time lingering on her rib cage as if she casino siteleri was counting them to make sure none had wandered off while she was not paying attention. Satisfied with finding them all where they belonged, she let the silk return to her skin as she tentatively caressed the curve under her breasts.

She shivered, goosebumps racing up her belly until she could feel them under her hands. She made full contact with herself then, flattening her palms on her overheated skin as if to contain the rising excitement, only to then dart curiously to the tip, feeling the surrounding softness and marvelling again at it.

One restless finger, never content with resting in the same spot for too long, let a hand to her collarbones only to outline their structure slowly, dip in the dry pool that was her supersternal notch and explore upwards along the column of er neck. It rested for a moment on her jawline, revelling in how marvellous it all was under a thin layer of skin, and then tickled her own bottom lip (how was that even possible? You’re not supposed to be able to tickle yourself…), encouraging it to slot oyna admit it the its inner sanctum.

All the while her other hand had retracted its steps to her navel, seconds away from leaping lower still. When it finally did her mouth parted in silent pleasure, finally granting the restless finger’s request. She smiled content, full with the knowledge that soon…

Silk, threads woven expertly into soft, luxurious sheets moved to fill the sudden space freed by her parting legs, and her heightened senses added that to the general drowsiness brought on by the spreading heat and pleasure.

Wet fingers trailed down the landscape that was her side raising deliciously torturous goosebumps once more, this time starting from the nape of her neck to coil around her very own centre. They lingered there for a while, as if pondering the best path, then they turned to the side to cup her hip. She raised it, letting the material caress her again, eliciting a small sound from her that made her close her eyes and clamp her lips immediately after.

It was growing, wrapped around her midriff was the promise of canlı casino siteleri weightless floating.

She sunk in herself then.

Her back arched slightly as her hips still debated where they wanted to go: upwards, towards the unknown source of delight? Press down on the mattress to hold in this new wander?

The silk shifted again, sliding down her chest, uncovering in its wake twin hills and the caving delight that was her stomach. It stopped short of revealing the rest of her, where she kept her own private little secret.

A slow motion movie, her still covered hand shifted a bit only to return to its previous spot and elicit another gasp, as soft as the previous one.

The now dry fingers returned to her breasts, fingernails tracing unseen patterns on the tight skin. She felt ready to burst out of it, she could almost see the blinding blindness awaiting just out of reach, there, but somehow still far enough she could not hold it firmly.

Down, where her centre was pulsating with wanton need, a hot slickness had spread so her hand moved to the tight bundle of nerves and with shocking bursts the tightness around her chest uncoiled and she was engulfed by the Cosmos and utter nothingness at all once… they called it the ‘petit mort’, little death. How weird she should be smiling about it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32