Sid Gets Driven to Pleasure Ch. 02

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The visual of Shikha’s head bobbing on his lap kept flashing in front of his eyes. He had reached the bar and the guys from the office were still there. He made a quick dash to the bathroom to clean up.

The bathroom was small with just two urinals and two cabins. It was quite small for a bar this size. Sid had to pee but he noticed that the urinals did not have any separator between them. This was a western thing that had made its way to India. He was used to seeing the translucent partitions between urinals and he hated this kind of cross over.

It made him conscious and usually he would skip the urinals and use the cabins in such scenarios. But it was already pretty late and almost the entire bar was empty except for a few tables. He decided to take the risk.

He unzipped his pants and let out his dick. It was still semi erect from the tongue assault from a few minutes back. The head of his penis was still swollen and glistened with her saliva and his cum. He had a lot of beer and had to empty himself badly. He aimed and let go.

He had shut his eyes and did not notice the guy walk in. He came and occupied the other urinal adjacent Sid. He was having trouble getting started and had unzipped and let his member hang until then.

Sid opened his eyes. This was his worst nightmare. He looked down and in addition to his own dick he saw this strangers jutting out from his pants. He was limp and waiting to be useful. Sid tried to focus on his own. He was still far from done and did not Fikirtepe escort bayan need this distraction right now.

He tried hard to keep his eyes away but found it very difficult. The other dick was lighter colored than his and smooth. His owner must be into shaving. He liked this fact as he himself detested the look of hair on genitals. It was not a sore sight and his eyes kept drifting more and more to the right.

He felt something, his dick had started getting harder. The more he stared the harder it got. This got the attention of the other guy who responded by staring at Sid’s dick in return. The guy had finally started peeing but his dick kept getting bigger and bigger.

This made Sid even hotter. He had no control over what was happening. He has always been straight and not like he was a homophobe, but he never found other men attractive. He didn’t find this man attractive either. But his dick, He had something for dicks. When women gave him blow jobs he enjoyed it from both ends. He enjoyed receiving the sensations and in addition to that, he also imagined being the girl and giving the blow job.

By now both men were as erect as they could get and had almost finished their business at the urinal. The guy proceeded to give finishing touches by jerking his dick up and down a few times, getting rid of the last drops. Sid did the same with his dick, as if nodding in agreement to something.

They both stood like that, in silence, admiring each others Escort Sancaktepe organs. No one spoke, no one did anything. Their bulges were becoming painful and eventually the other guy put his dick back in his pants and left the urinal. Sid did the same.

The guy did not leave the loo though. Instead, he went inside one of the cabins and left the door ajar. Sid felt his heart beating out of his chest. He still had the huge bulge in his pants and he could not walk out like that. He washed his hands and wondered.

He knew what was coming ahead. He knew he wanted it. Thankfully he was too drunk to think clearly and he headed towards the cabin.

He opened the door and the guy immediately turned him around and made him sit on the pot. His pants were open and his throbbing dick was in Sid’s face. He stared at it and then almost as if he had no control over his actions, he opened his mouth and started sucking him.

He swirled his tongue around the pink head and created a suction with his mouth. He knew the techniques very well. Some of his female partners were experienced blow jobbers. He had learnt from the best.

He kept going deeper and deeper with every stroke, feeling the warmth of the dick reaching his throat. He wanted to feel it further. He pushed through and the head started touching the back of his throat. He lowered his head a little to open his throat and went in. One big dunk and he was in.

He gave it a little break after this victory and focused üsküdar escort his attention on the head. This was a flawless penis and very clean at that. He could smell a little pee but that did not bother him one bit. He felt his own dick throbbing uncontrollably.

He heard a few guys from his team enter the loo and he could hear them talk. The absurdness of the situation was too much for his drunk mind to register. He decided to forget everything and focus on what he was doing. He did not let the dick out of his mouth for one second. His tongue was now feeling the slit on his head. up and down. He liked when girls did that to him.

He felt the guy’s hand on his head pushing him in. It was time. He quickened the pace and started going in and out on his dick like a machine. He did not use his hands and made sure he reached the base of his penis with every stroke. He felt it getting even harder and bigger than it already was.

The guy came in his throat and Sid did not move one bit. He felt the warm liquid squirt in his mouth and throat. He himself had a crazy orgasm and felt his underwear get drenched. The guy stayed like that and gave Sid the opportunity to clean him. Sid obliged and cleared his slit of the last drop.

As soon as this was done the guy quickly zipped his pants and left the loo. Sid sat motionless. He did not even get a good look at the guys face and when he eventually left the loo to head back to his table, he was glad he didn’t. There were a few tables filled with other people from other offices having a version of their own team parties and he had no idea who the guy was.

He was still shivering and shaking with the experience and remained quiet for the rest of the night. He finished his beer and joined his colleagues in their latest bitching story.

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