Sick Day

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In the cold gray light of dawn, Michael woke with the agony of another throbbing headache. Placing his hand on his sweating forehead, he muttered under his breath, “Damn, damn, damn. I hate being sick.”

With a sigh, he crawled out from under the covers, careful not to wake the sleeping angel on the other side of his bed. Her full name was Angela, but she would always be an angel to him. Stepping softly, he made his way to the medicine cabinet to see what drugs he still had in stock. There wasn’t much there. Fortunately he was not one to get sick often; unfortunately he didn’t get drugs often, but there was a box of Tylenol. Swallowing two, he crept back to the bed, hoping that his illness was not going to ruin the plans they had made for the weekend.

Angel stirred, wrapping her arms about him, kissing his cheek lightly. She moaned softly, whispering in his ear a question that indicated she was already wanting him. The soft seduction in her voice, the heaviness of her breath, the tip of her tongue tracing the outer rim of his ear, all heightened the effect of her quietly whispered question: “What do you have planned for me today, Lover?” Michael groaned once again, and this time she recognized the inner agony that was imbedded in the soft sound.

Michael felt terrible. Not only was he sick, he hated to disappoint her in any way. “I am sorry, my darling Angel, but I am so sick, I feel like world war three is going on in my head, and every muscle in my body is playing a game of who hurts the most. I am so sorry to ruin our plans, Babe, but I really feel like crap.” He lay back on his pillow, waiting for the Tylenol to take effect and take the edge off the pain. If only there was a pill that could take away the pain of disappointment.

When she pressed her lips to his forehead, his fever was obvious. Michael had always been a very athletic lover, and for him to be so listless first thing in the morning was a strong indication that he was more than just a little sick. Angel, however, was never one to be denied. She looked down at him with a soft smile on her pretty face. “Awwwww, you poor baby. What ever can I do to make you feel better?” A mischievous grin brightened her face as she leaned down to kiss his closed eyelids. Tenderly, she curled her fingers around a strand of his sandy blond hair, moving closer to kiss the tip of his nose, his chin, and his lips. Angel knew the effect she had on Michael, and she knew how much he hated not being able to please her in every way, but today it was him that needed some loving attention, and she was going to see that he got all that he could handle.

Lovingly and tenderly, she kissed his lips again, working her way down his throat and onto his chest. She had always wanted to play doctor, and this was the perfect opportunity. “Does it hurt here?” She kissed his nipples gently, running the tip of her tongue over them. “Or here? What about here?” Her kisses covered his stomach as her hand ventured lower, a soft giggle escaping her lips. Taking his hardening cock in her hand, she rubbed it softly. “Well, this seems to be working.” The grin on her face became perfectly wicked as she sought to remind him that, as much as she liked to receive it, she liked to give pleasure, especially to a poor, sick baby; a description Michael hated having pinned on him.

Michael moaned again, but this time it was more from the pleasure of having her petite little hand wrapped around his cock and massaging his balls.

Angel could not help another laugh. “You must be feeling okay down there. That is one muscle that doesn’t seem to be protesting.” Her hand lovingly tickled his shaft, feeling his growing desire at her touch. Slowly, she continued kissing her way down his body, and Michael could feel his headache dulling. He loved the feel of her fingers and mouth as they tickled and tantalized his flesh.

He felt the soft curls of her dark hair brushing against his cock, and the heat of her Tokat Escort breath as she bent to kiss the area between his navel and his now painfully erect cock. Reaching out, he touched her cheek. “Baby, you don’t have to do that.” But she hushed him, leaning down further still to place a kiss on the head of his throbbing erection.

Angel’s tongue gently slid and swirled over the head, teasing him as she pressed the tip of her tongue into the slit of his cock-head. Steadily, she worked her magical mouth over his lower shaft, enjoying the masculine taste of him. Over and over, up and down, she knew well the secrets of controlling this man’s reaction to her beauty and skill. Up and down, swirling, sucking, licking, teasing, her mouth performed feats of sexual magic upon his wand. Michael had never thought it possible for him to lose his self-control. Now, however, as he moaned and filled his lungs with air, he fought to suppress the heights of his pleasure, but found he was unable to deny her ability, or her desire.

Harder and harder, her hands and mouth worked his shaft, her saliva mixing with his pre-cum and running back down his shaft, only to have her lick it back into her hungry mouth. She knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, and Michael was shocked to see just how much she longed for his release. Working with all her might, she could hear his sharp intake of breath, and feel the contraction in his shaft. Moving back to the end of his shaft, she arrived just in time to receive the full force of his release between her luscious lips.

Looking into her eyes, Michael’s mind was blown by the obvious pleasure she was receiving from sucking the seed from his shaft, holding it in her mouth then looking deeper into his eyes as she swallowed it.

Still stroking his wet shaft, she moved up beside him, a cheeky grin turning her cum coated lips up in a sexy smile. “Feeling any better, Babe?”

Michael laughed, “Damn, I think that would cure just about anything.”

“Oh, really?” Angel giggled. “And to think I have so many other cures in mind for my poor, sick baby.” She gave him a cute wink and snuggled back down into his arms, nibbling once again on his ear. Pressing her face against him affectionately, she could feel how high his temperature had become, and she knew they would have to do something about that to make him more comfortable.

Climbing from the bed, she headed to the bathroom; giving him a wicked grin that assured him she would be right back. Filling the spa bath with cool water and essential oils, she set the water bubbling before returning to the bed for Michael. He didn’t look well at all, but Angel silently vowed to see him as well as possible before this day was over. Leaning over him, she tenderly kissed his balls and softening cock, working her way up his belly and chest to softly kiss his pale lips.

“Come on, lover, let’s see if we can cool you down and heat you up at the same time.” Taking his hand, she helped him to sit on the edge of the bed, pressing her lips to his forehead as her mother had always done to check her temperature when she was a child. His temperature was still much too high. She ignored his protests about having a cool bath, and pressed his face into her breasts, saying, “See, you are so hot, you are making my nipples soft. Now, we can’t have that, can we? No more arguments from you. It’s into the tub you go.” Holding his arms, she helped him to his feet and guided him to the bathroom, helping him into the tub and told him to stop his complaining. The water really wasn’t THAT cold.

Lying back in the cool water, Michael began to feel a little better. Taking a washcloth, Angel wiped his face, straddling him and sitting on his lap while she administered lots of TLC. He moaned a little, feeling the heat of her wet pussy pressing down on his once-again stiffening cock.

Angel felt him growing hard beneath her, and, lifting herself up, she slid him into Escort Tokat her heated depths. “Can’t have this cooling down now, can we?”

He gave her a loving smile, so glad that she was there to take care of him all day. He did wonder though, just how much of her TLC he could handle. Still, he had always considered himself to be a brave man, and he was more than willing to find out. He found it impossible to resist her tender touch. Her hands were always so soft and loving. Pressing his face between her nipples, her breasts had a satiny feel against his burning cheeks. His heavy intake of breath tickled her skin, and her nipples begin to harden before him. He took one into his mouth, savoring it, rolling it, sucking it and tenderly biting. He buried his face once more between her breasts, his hands cupping her ass and pulling her closer as they remain locked together in the cool tub. He thrust up a little, enjoying the heat and tightness of her superb womanhood. His fingers played with her cheeks, slipping between them and running the cool water down the crack of her ass. Tickling her rear entrance, teasing her with possibilities, he moved his hand to where his cock rested inside her.

His hands held her steady as he continued the slowest, most languid thrusting possible. Kissing her breasts a little harder, he savored the sweet strawberry taste of the lotion she had rubbed into her nipples the night before. He began to realize that the one good thing about being sick was that he was forced to take his time, to be slow and steady; today, they had all the time in the world.

Wiping Michael’s face with the cool cloth, Angel noticed that his temperature had come down quite considerably, and it was time to get him back to bed. As he climbed from the tub, she could see he was a little light-headed, so she sat him on the edge of the tub while she toweled him off. Her own body naked and dripping, she rubbed him over with the soft towel, being sure not to miss a thing. As she bent over to wipe his legs and place a kiss upon his half-hard cock, he slapped her naked ass with a playful smack. With a squeal, she proclaimed, “No fair! I can hardly smack you back when you’re sick. Lucky for me, I have a good memory, and payback is going to cost you dearly.” Her faked indignant look caused him to laugh, and he was tempted to smack her again, just to see what she had in mind for retribution.

After she helped him back to the bed, she returned to the bathroom for a towel for herself. Standing where he could clearly see her, she began to dry off. Turning her back to him, bending at the waist to dry her feet, she presented him with a wonderful view of her ass and pussy. Even from the bed he could see that the moisture on her pussy lips was not water, and he could smell her heat. Lying back against the pillow, he closed his eyes for a moment and sighed with pleasure. She was far from done with healing him yet; more TLC was on the way.

Driven mad with passion, it was all he could do to stop himself from jumping off the bed and ravishing both her delicious holes. He wanted her so badly, but his body ached too much to allow him to move. Instead, he turned his eyes back to her, watching her every move, enwrapped in her beauty and delicate form. His cock began to harden again at the thought and he smiled. For some strange reason, whenever he did get sick, he always supported an almost permanent hard on. He made a mental note to remind himself to study up on that. As he watched the towel move over her body, he wished desperately that it could be his hands covering every inch of her form, his tongue licking away every drop of moisture from her exposed flesh.

With a sigh, he used his hand to assist his shaft in growing, stroking himself slowly as he watched and admired her perfection. Angel looked over and smiled when she noticed his movements. Such a perfectly wicked smile appeared on her face that Michael was almost afraid Tokat Escort Bayan to think of what might be on her mind now.

Angel gave him an angelic smile. “It’s time to continue your healing, lover.” Wiggling her cute little ass at him, she made her way to the fridge to retrieve a tall glass of fruit juice and a fresh peach. She watched him drink the juice, insisting he drain the glass, exclaiming seductively, “Damn, I love the way your mouth works.” Lying down beside him, she took a slice of the peach and squished it between her fingers, rubbing the juice and pulp over her pebble hard nipples. She smelled so sweet, so tasty. “Hungry, Lover?” She slipped the remainder of the peach slice between his lips, letting him taste. The way his eyes sparked with the lust he was feeling for her was driving her crazy, and she brought her sticky nipples to his lips. She looked down at him and watched as his hungry mouth licked and nibbled at her sweet sticky nipples, his tongue racing to catch the juices that ran down across her lush breasts and over her taut belly.

Taking another slice of the peach, she moved to his cock. It was still so hard, so splendid. She made a silent vow then and there to always be there for him when he was sick. Squeezing the peach in her hand, she watched as the sweet nectar ran down over his shaft, coating his balls, and she smiled at him hungrily. “Mmmmm, lunch is served.” She bent to devour the sweetness of his cock, tasting her own juices still there from the bath mixing with the peach in her mouth. It was going to take quite some time to clean up that sticky mess, but she was in no hurry, and her hunger was insatiable. With juice-covered fingers, she pushed the remainder of the peach into her hot pussy, straddling his face and pushing her sticky sweet sex to his mouth while she leaned forward to suck his cock deep into her throat.

Michael grabbed tight to the cheeks of her ass, pulling her harder against his mouth, sucking at the peach that rested deep within her. Reaching out with his tongue, he found the hidden fruit and sucked it into his mouth, pausing only to remove the pip and spit it across the room. Over and over, his tongue plunged into her juicy depths, licking and sucking at the incredibly sweet mix. Her clit stood hard and swollen against his nose, and he rubbed it vigorously, withdrawing his tongue from her hot hole and giving her tender love bead the attention it deserved. With a finger covered in both peach and pussy juices, he began to tease her tight little asshole, rubbing his fingers around the rim until he could feel her purring like a kitten on the end of his cock.

As he pushed the tip of his finger into her ass, she began to buck and wiggle, forcing him to hold tighter to her slender body. Faster and faster, he worked her clit, pushing and probing at the entrance of her tight back passage with his finger. Meanwhile, the sheer force she was exerting on his cock was incredible. It was almost as if she was using his cock as a straw to obtain a cum slurpy! She was nothing short of amazing.

With Michael teasing her ass, it was Angel’s turn to lose control, sucking his cock harder and faster as he brought her closer to climax. With a rush, she was there. Wave after wave of immeasurable pleasure surged through her body, which shuddered and jolted as he held her form to his face. Her creamy secretions surged from her pulsing pussy and into his mouth as he continued to suck and lap at all she had to offer.

Groaning deeply, Michael could hold back no longer, his throbbing cock shooting a hot load of cum deep into her throat. Pinned together, they sucked and swallowed one another’s juices, hot and sweet, mixed with the heavy peach nectar.

As the passion subsided, Angel turned and cuddled into Michael’s loving arms. She thought about dragging him back to the bath and cleaning him off, but he was already dozing off into a contented slumber, and right now, rest was called for. Relaxing against him, she rested her head against his shoulder and followed him into the world of dreams. The day was young, and there was much healing to be done yet, but for now, she would be content to be his Angel, and give him all the TLC in her heart.

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