Sibling Seduction

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I was in a rush to get ready because my friends Franco and Curly were picking me up to go to a baseball game. I dressed quickly after taking a shower and combed my hair before putting on a ball cap. When I got to the front door, I noticed that my sister Shannon was on the front porch looking hot. She wore tight jeans that accentuated her bubble butt, and she had on a tight top that outlined her D-cup breasts. I was trying to remember if my friends had ever seen my sister before. She was in her third year of college at an out-of-state university and was not around much even when she was on break. Her dark hair was longer than usual, making me wonder if she was changing her appearance for the summer.

There was no doubt that Franco was going to ask me about her; he was horny most of the time even though he had a girlfriend that let him use her however he wanted. Just as Franco’s car pulled up — a shoddy looking muscle car — I stepped onto the porch, causing my sister to turn in my direction. Her slight overbite only enhanced her appearance, making her seem perpetually in heat and on the prowl for sex.

“Hey, Shannon,” I said, intentionally bumping into and touching parts of her that I had felt up before in similar situations.

“Grabbing my titties again,” she said, pretending to be annoyed.

“Sorry, they were in the way,” I said, blushing.

“Are those your friends?” She said, curiously.


“Have fun.”

“Are you going somewhere?”

“I was going shopping with Marcy,” she said, smiling.

“I haven’t seen her in so long.”

“She still looks the same, maybe a little curvier than last summer.”

“Nice,” I said, turning to the waiting car.

As I got into the car, I noticed Franco and Curly looking at my sister lustfully. Franco was probably undressing her in his mind, imagining doing all sorts of things to her naked body. Curly appeared more pensive, seemingly trying to figure out how he could spend more time around her. My sister looked as if she was enjoying the attention, sticking her breasts out and tossing her hair over her shoulder. As Franco drove off, I looked back one last time at Shannon and saw her laughing as we drove off.

“That’s your sister?” Franco said.

“Yeah,” I said, knowing he was getting ready to make an inappropriate comment.

“Man, she’s got some big tits!” Franco said.

“Those chichis are nice,” Curly said, offering his take on my sister.

“Does she have a man?” Franco said.

“Yeah, but he lives in the state where she goes to college,” I said.

“That doesn’t count,” Franco said.

“You’re probably right,” I said, agreeably.

Franco nodded, turning onto a busy street. We were going to buy some cheap beer before the game to drink in the parking lot. The three of us were all 18, but Curly was able to grow a beard, giving him the appearance of being older. The cashier most likely knew Curly was not of beer buying age yet but sold it to him anyway.

“Where’s Deanna?” I said to Franco, while Curly went into the store.

“She’s working, catering some party with her family’s business,” Franco said.

“Can we get some free food?”

“It’s way out somewhere.”

“No big deal.”

“Man, your sister is so hot. How can you not think of her that way? Maybe you do,” Franco said, looking at me to see if my face betrayed how I felt about Shannon.

“I know she’s hot, but do you really think I have a chance to get with her?” I said, jokingly.

“No, not after the Olivia rus escort fiasco.”

“Don’t remind me of that lush,” I said, recalling my drunken prom date who threw up on me in the limousine on the way to an after-prom party.

“That really sucked. You crushed on her for so long, got her to go with you to prom, and then she gets wasted.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over that.”

“Do you get anything from her?”

“I was sucking on her titties and was tugging on her panties before she threw up and passed out,” I said, remembering how the limo driver made sure she got home before anything else happened.

We saw Curly coming out of the store with a case of beer under his arm, bouncing happily towards the car. I figured this was probably the last game we would see together before starting our post-high school lives. I was going to college one-state over, Franco was going to a small in-state college, and Curly had not decided anything yet. His father owned a small construction business that he had worked for throughout high school, so he was probably going to continue with that unless something else came along to interest him.

“All right!” Franco said when Curly opened the door.

“The cashier, Isabel, wanted to come with us to the game, but she couldn’t find a replacement in time,” Curly said.

“With a car full of 20-somethings?” I said.

“She knows we’re 18. She just graduated from Vernor High,” Curly said.

“So, underage was selling to underage?” I said, taking a cold beer from Curly.

“Works for me,” Curly said.

We were a little late getting into a parking lot that was so far from the stadium that there was just a minimal charge. We started drinking and planned on finishing off the case before doing anything else. After we did just that — having given a couple of beers to a couple of chatty girls that parked near us — we stumbled into the stadium and found our seats. There were other drunks like us sitting in the cheap seats, yelling profanities at the outfielders. We joined them in screaming at the opposing center fielder, hollering at him and telling him that he belonged in the minors. That was the best part of the game, making us feel like we were participating instead of just sitting by idly.

The game was over, and I had no idea or really cared who won. This felt like it was the last game we were going to attend before moving on after high school. Part of me was sad, but part of me was excited about going off to college, knowing that there was a better chance of hooking up with girls than in high school. Still, with the drunkenness wearing off, and with the feelings of facing change assaulting me, I thought of my sister and imagined bumping into her boobs a few more times before I left for college.

Curly suggested that we get more beer, but Franco said he wanted to see Deanna when she got home from work. That was it for our get-together. Once Franco brought out the Deanna card, friendship lost out every time. Franco dropped me off at the corner of my street, wanting to save time. As I walked home, I knew things were definitely going to change between us. There just didn’t seem any reason to keep things going between us. Even though it saddened me some, I was okay with it; I understood that it had to be that way.

The house was quiet; my parents were out themselves, having dinner with some friends. I wanted to do something else, but there were no options. I went into the basement and escort rus sent a text to one of the girls we gave beer to. She didn’t answer me, and I decided I was going to just watch some television. As I reached for the remote control, I heard someone come in through the back door. I reason — by the number of footsteps — that it was Shannon. I was hoping to see her friend Marcy, but my sister was alone.

“Shannon! Is that you?” I called out.

“Yes,” Shannon yelled from the kitchen.

“Is Marcy with you?” I said, knowing her friend was not with her.

“No, and it may be a while before you see her again.”

“Cat fight?”

“Yes, we got into a cat fight.”

“Wow!” I said, surprised.

“No, you idiot, she’s moving to California to live near her father,” Shannon said, walking down the stairs.

“Oh,” I said, turning to look at her.

“How was the game?”

“It was all right. I got this girl’s number, but she hasn’t answered my text yet,” I said, knowing I sounded desperate.

“Was she pretty?” Shannon said, sounding intrigued.

“She was cute,” I said, trying to sound like I could judge the difference between the two well-enough.

“Maybe you can see Marcy before she leaves,” Shannon said, putting her hand on my shoulder.


“I know how much you like that thick body of hers and that red hair of hers,” Shannon whispered into my ear.

“She’s hot,” I said, feeling warm from her whispering into my ear.

“Is she?”

“Yes, like you.”

“What did your friends say about me?” Shannon said, whispering in my ear again.

“They were impressed with you,” I said, knowing she would want to hear more.

“What impressed them?” She said, putting her hands around my neck.

“Your boobs.”

“Of course,” she said confidently.

“Franco, the one driving, said, how could I not think of you as being hot,” I said, unsure about how that came out.

“Do you think of me as hot?” She said, tightening her grip on my neck.

“Yes,” I said, nervously.

“What do you think of these?” Shannon said, rubbing her still clothed boobs on my upper back.

“I have always thought they were amazing.”

“I see you staring at them, and I like it when you brush up against them. That makes my nipples hard.”

I could feel the weight of her breasts on my back, remembering how many times I fantasized about her tits. Often, I would jerk off to images of her in revealing tops, or of imagining any of her past boyfriends sucking on them. I had envisioned seeing them without clothing, but I never thought she would create a situation like what was going on in the basement.

“What color bra do you think I’m wearing?” She said, kissing my neck with her wet lips.

“Red?” I said, hopefully.

“Close,” she said, tossing her top onto my lap.

Her shirt was soft and smelled of her perfume; I took a whiff of it while she placed her boobs closer to my neck. Her bra felt silky, and I wondered what color it was, hoping she was going to toss it on my lap very soon. Shannon’s hands, especially her fingernails, trailed across my back, exciting me from her touch. I wondered if this was all part of her repertoire to seduce guys at school, making them bend to her will and to wither before her.

“Guess again,” she whispered in my ear.


“Good guess. You win!”

Instantly, my mind began to race with what I had won from her. I had no idea what to expect, but images rus escort bayan of her doing things to me flashed before me. I wanted something, I wanted everything she could give me at that moment. I could hear her unclasping her bra, expecting her boobs to make noise when freed from their restrictions, but there was only silence.

“Is this what you want?” Shannon said, holding her bra in front of my face.

“I do,” I said, hesitantly.

The moment suddenly seemed too big for me; I realized that I didn’t have enough experience to match my sister’s level of sexual savvy. She controlled the situation beyond my grasp, leading me along mercifully. Her bra was like a pendulum, lulling me to sleep, making me give over all thought and will to her. The perfume was stronger on her bra than it was on her shirt, intoxicating the uninitiated.

“Don’t ever say I denied you these,” Shannon said, placing her bare tits on the back of my head.

I could feel their size and I could feel how soft they were, expectantly waiting for her nipples to make contact with me. I sat still, as Shannon moved her treasures around the side of my head, finally feeling a nipple brush my ear. She poked my ear with a hard nipple, letting me know she was as excited as I was. Her efforts had me enraptured and enchanted, making me a docile being.

“I won’t,” I said, softly.

“I know you won’t,” Shannon said, pushing her right boob forward, introducing me to her nipple.

When I started to lick her, I found that she tasted fruity from her hypnotic perfume. I didn’t know how hard to suck, or if I should use my teeth. Slowly and instinctually, I made the nipple part of me, possessing it for however long she would let me. I could tell it was pink, and it was very erect, challenging my working piece for hardness.

“Let me get you started,” she said, reaching down my shorts to find my penis.

I mumbled something, letting her know I was in total agreement with what she was doing to me. Shannon took out my cock and started to stroke it while I nibbled on her nipple, hoping I was making her feel good. It didn’t matter how big or small I was, what mattered was that Shannon had hold of it and was working it. When she moaned a little, I knew I was doing something right to please my sister.

“Try the other one,” she said, stroking me tightly.

Switching to her other nipple was just as sweet for me, giving her some wetness from my mouth. Her deftness with my dick was impressive; she tugged on me with a desire to get me from point A to point B, releasing me into the wild. One of her fingernails dug into my skin some, but it felt good. There was no pain to make me stop Shannon from jerking me.

Shannon’s other hand found its way under my shirt, searching out my own hard nipples. She squeezed them, kissing my neck at the same time. She was offering me so much, and I was afraid I could not keep up with her. Her kindness was overwhelming me, leaving me no choice but to cum prematurely. I spurted fantastically but probably too soon.

“There it is!” Shannon said.

I expected her to laugh at my inability to last with her, but she didn’t do that. However, our foray into the magic of sibling sexuality was over. She pulled her boobs away from me, gathered her top and bra and kissed me lovingly on top of the head.

“We’ll play again,” she said, scratching my back with her fingernails.

“Really?” I said, expectantly.

“Maybe,” she said, trotting back up the stairs.

I watched her as she got to the landing and started to put on her bra with her back to me. She then put on her shirt and walked away as if nothing had happened between us. I wondered if that was the best way to maintain a relationship of this sort, acting as if nothing happened, while so much had gone on between us.

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