Shylo Morra Ch. 07

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Big Dicks

Psychology Student Requirements

Since my declared major was Psychology, I had to participate in at least 2 research studies per semester. They always paid something, so some students entered into as many studies as they could, but I was always looking for hands-on experience so I worked every group that caught my eye.

Most of the tests required you to be pre-approved through drug screening and counseling, and I stayed current on both. Some tasks required training. Not that it wasn’t easy to masturbate, but for the data be pertinent, the technique had to be the same. Continuity, and repeatability were important to make the data valid.

My latest group was exploring how quickly a person would have an orgasm, while being stimulated in a controlled way, and watching a certain video.

This type of study would have me sitting in a chair that resembled a gyno exam chair, but less brutish. No straps, no spreaders, just a vibrating wand that I was asked to set to my desired intensity and pressure.

A screen was placed just below my face, and a camera recorded the image of me from the neck down while I masturbated to a full orgasm. At another time, this image would be played for male students who were being studied on many things, such as heart rate, erection rigidity, speed of first orgasm, length of orgasm and volume of released fluid.

In the meantime, I was watching a video of a pornographic nature.

Here they would gather data on such things as blood flow to the nipples and clitoris, heart rate, orgasm length and relative severity, and fluid expulsion, if there is enough volume.

My video centered on the penis and showed high definition images of big and small, but none too small! They were fat and veiny, circumcised and not, long and muscle bound. I had some good orgasms. Not my best, but worthwhile, at $20 for the hour, they paid me about 2 bucks per screaming orgasm, so la de da.

I wrote an after report, suggesting that the image of cocks could easily stimulate a woman differently if a thrusting machine with a dildo were used with or without a vibrating wand. In addition to being a better stimulant for the female participants, it provided better imagery for the video, and stimulation for the men that watched it.

A month later they were using expensive fucking machines to test our ladies.

Of course the men’s group had a waiting list full of volunteers, but now we had fresh ladies to participate, some from other disciplines.

I hoped that one day I could use the data collected in this kind of study, to build therapies that will help with individuals and couples that are not satisfied sexually.

I tried every study that involved sex.

Most were incognito moments, where a screen would protect your identity, but I did them all.

They never had enough women to study anal sex, but I was there, doing my bit.

Of course it’s easier when it’s a controlled and safe environment.

I got Mike to sign up for the anal sex study, butt (lol) I had to join him.

I knew one of the girls that was literally handling the study.

On the afternoon of Mike’s anal adventure he had to fill out a length form, concerning his overall health, age, sexual preference, preferred masturbation technique, and other intimate facets of his sexual life.

They even needed to know how often he had ejaculated in the last 24 hours.

Then his attendant, Gwen, had to measure his equipment for length, and diameter, both flaccid and engorged. This, she claimed, was to find the right fit for the collection of his discharge.

First she had to examine Mike for anal legions, then his penis had to be inside of a tube, like a vacuum cleaner.

I did not see any reason for the careful measurement, but I was not the expert.

Next they put a screen close to his face, and turned on a carefully created video, cycling from straight to gay, then strap on anal with a woman and so on. His upper body was not constrained at all.

These studies were totally anonymous but, because I knew Gwen, we both got to watch as Mike took it like a man(?)

Everything was aligned to milk his prostate, and make an orgasm virtually impossible to stop, istanbul escort but Mike did not know that.

The straps that she placed on Mike’s waist and thighs looked like serious stuff! He was held firmly in place to make sure there would be no mechanical failures.

After the one inch dildo tip was pushed into Mike’s butt, with a huge amount of lube, Gwen tested for full penetration, then backed it off a half an inch. Pulling it back, she set the withdrawal setting.

With every adjustment she made, Gwen had to reach underneath, to feel with her hand if Mike’s cock was still secure.

Turning on the device, the dildo moved slowly in and out.

Mike assured Gwen that it was not painful.

He thought he needed to hold back for as long as he could, to show that he was not gay.

At first he tensed up, and a quick look revealed that he was as stiff as a board.

“You can watch the readings right here,” Gwen whispered to me, indicating a widow on her laptop.

“You can see where he went from tense to relaxed, and then to pleasure on this graph here”, and she indicated another data point.

I didn’t need dials, I could see it in his body. The muscles in his ass went from firm, to solid, and back to relaxed, then when the arousal came, his ass cheeks locked into place. The same could no doubt be observed in his shoulders and hands.

“Sometimes I run them through two cycles, and masturbate during the second one,” Gwen whispered to me in a confidential tone. “With the screen there, they never even know, they just assume that the program runs twice.”

She leaned in closer. “It works just as well with the ladies,” she quietly said with a deeper voice.

So the pounding continued for about 10 minutes before the pace escalated. When the computer detected that his heart rate, breathing and penis rigidity reached a certain point the program went into high gear, slamming into Mike’s rear with increasing speed.

Finally Mike let out his first burst of an orgasm.

“Damn! Fuck! Shit!” he yelled as he convulsed heavily into the latex cum catcher. The strokes got slower as he recovered from the spasms.

I really wanted to grab the base of his cock and pump it but I couldn’t get involved. Instead, I went out to the waiting room.

It took a little while, but when Mike walked out to the waiting room he was smiling ear to ear.

I asked him what part he liked the most?

“I liked the part at the end, when she gave me her number and told me she has a strap on she would love to try on me,” he said. I pulled out my phone and sent a quick message off to the insatiable Gwen.

“What did you say to her,” Mike wondered.

“I just told her that I would love to be there, but if I’m busy, start without me,” I responded. “We’ll get you in some cock sucking studies soon enough!” I teased him.

“I love to have my cock sucked,” he proclaimed, as if I didn’t know.

“You know what I mean,” I said.

He chose to leave that one untouched.

I asked him how many times he had ejaculated.

“Only twice,” he responded, “so I’ll have something left for later.”

The next day would be my anal workout.

Gwen had to adjust the anal dildo for me, but it also included some clitorus vibration from a wand, to ensure an orgasm.

I lay face down on the same bed, where a piston slowly drove a six inch cock into my anus, with a soft vibrator on the other side, which engulfed the labia and centered on the clitorus.

The video and the monitoring equipment were started about 30 seconds before the thrusting and vibrating machines.

There were no straps or constraints, so I enjoyed multiple orgasms, while I watched various anal sex scenes on the monitor.

Sometimes it was a beautiful naked woman with a strap on, and I know that I came the hardest for that one.

As the program ended, Gwen moved in and told me to relax while she deactivated everything.

As the dildo was withdrawn the video came back on.

Then the machine was quickly pushed back into my ass. At first I thought it was Gwen, going in for the second round, during which she would kadıköy escort rub one out on her own clit.

Within two full strokes, that were not the strokes of a machine, but five or six inch strokes followed by the slapping of thighs against my rump and the smacking of testicles off of my vagina, and I knew that it was not the little thumper, but someone with a cock was fucking me!

As the tempo increased, the power to the vibrator also increased.

In three minutes I was screaming with my second anal orgasm, and Mike was enjoying a great release, in yet another strange way, thanks to his outstanding friendship with a slut, and of course his open mind.

I must admit that I didn’t know it was Mike until I was in mid orgasm, but I’d like to think it lasted longer, when I knew it was him.

Now I wonder how I would have reacted had it been Gwen with her strap on. Or a stranger.

All in the name of science, and medicine.

They did so many studies on masturbation.

Male students were easy to cum by, ha ha. Females were less plentiful, so I had my run of the place.

Sometimes I was needed to do handjobs on my fellow students, though they never got to see me. I only got to meet their meat!

With a heavy cloth between me and them, I would use one or both hands to stimulate them while they watched videos.

If it was just a study of content, it could go rather fast, but if it was about longevity the man might be restrained, and asked to hold out as long as he could, then I had to jack them until they were forced to cum. This was still not a lengthy wait. The trickier stuff involved further forced masturbations, to see how far we could take them, or if their releases were more or less powerful.

One thing they do allow, is that the woman always gets to watch the penis, as we milked them. We didn’t get to see above the waist, but some of these cocks were heavenly to gaze upon! Their glistening bulbous heads, with precum oozing from their tips. I am so strongly drawn to give them a lick, a kiss, or a deep throat!

Rumor had it that one young assistant had given in. She was heard to have said, “Fuck it” and she dove down on a particularly luscious looking dick.

The other participant jumped up and cut his penis on her teeth.

She was banned from further studies involving penises and he had to have stitches on his otherwise beautiful cock!

Of course the rumor usually goes on to suggest that they are still together today, but safely practising oral at every opportunity!

Sometimes, when it got too hard to resist, I just let my other hand wander down to my own slit.

Just casually sliding two fingers up and down on my panties, right over my pussy lips.

I had to be careful not to bring myself to the brink of distraction. The experiment was the entire reason to be there, so I always kept my cool, to get good data.

I must say that I have dreamt about some of those cocks, picturing them shooting their stringy gushes into the air, even though they always had a rubber dam or a condom to collect their sperm!

The imagery of them pulsing and the recoil that made them shake as they spewed was enough to send me on a mission for action.

Pussy or cock, sometimes my own hand or toy was just not enough.

With Psychology as my declared, I was required to write after action reports on every clinical study that I participated in.

I was thorough in my responses, always including suggestions for further studies. These reports are read by the Teacher’s Assistants and we are graded by them on these write ups.

I often got calls from these T.A.’s to follow up on something, and eventually one of them asked me out for a coffee.

Josh met me at the Student Union and I was happy to see that he had a very friendly face.

“Wow, he said,” as he approached, “are you Shylo?”

“That’s me, and you must be Josh,” I replied.

He stood there looking at me, until I felt uncomfortable.

“Are you okay Josh, do you need water, or air, or an enima,” (okay I didn’t say enima).

“No, I just had no idea that you would be so stunningly gorgeous!, kağıthane escort he blurted out.

Well, a girl likes to impress, but I don’t like to take advantage, so I had Josh sit and actually sip some coffee.

“I have to give you full disclosure Shylo,” Josh began, “I checked your application and saw that you entered “Visual Entertainer” as your part time work. I thought that sounded like ‘stripper’ and I mentioned it at lunch, with some colleagues.”

“One of them was confident that he had heard that one of our students was an Exotic Dancer,” he continued.

“So, my imagination went wild, and next thing you know,I got the courage to call her, and she was willing to have a coffee with me, sight unseen!” he finished with a flourish.

“Well I expect to be in your shoes next year,” I responded, “so I could use a friend with your experience.”

He was only a man, after all, so he counted his lucky stars and we enjoyed our coffee and conversation.

As the evening wore on, I asked Josh if he would like to come back to my place.

He looked at me in shock.

“Are you pulling my leg Shylo? Of course I will, but what would make you take a guy like me into your bedroom?”

“We both got lucky today Josh, you found a highly sexed woman, and I found a smart, funny friend, whom I suspect would enjoy me sharing my sex with?”

“Hmm, …did I find that guy Josh?”

“Oh, you had me at hello,” the funny man replied.

Back at the dorm I put some soft music on, and got us some wine.

My bed is a focal point in my room, as it is in most dorms, but rather than fooling around on it, I asked Josh if he would like to strip me?

Bold, I thought, but he is an aspiring scientist, so let’s check his dedication.

He moved to kiss me, and I stopped him.

“Just strip me Josh, and enjoy yourself as you do it,” I ordered.

He lifted my long sleeve shirt over my head and lay it on the sofa. Then he unzipped my skirt and it dropped to the floor.

I turned to offer him my bra clasp and I felt his hands shake as he undid my lacy cover.

I held the lace over my tits while I turned to face him.

As I lowered the bra to release my nipples for ‘visual entertaining’, Josh lowered his eyes from mine.

Hospital wear is terrible at hiding engorged dicks, especially when they are the size of Josh’s.

“Josh, you were holding back,” I squealed with delight when I pulled his love muscle from his jockey.

“The girls usually don’t get beyond the extra 40 pounds, or the thinning hair, or the nerdy looks,” he responded in explanation.

Before we had really gotten down to exploring each other, Josh erupted in a gut wrenching orgasm.

He was humiliated even before he stopped cumming.

I was an aspiring sex therapist though, so I could not let that be the last of our encounter.

In a sexy, soft voice I whispered in his ear, “We have all night my friend, and I bet you know how to use that tongue,” I implored him, while hoping that he had at least some confidence and competence, in that area.

“Thank you for reminding me Shylo, now let me show you what I know, and you can show me what you like,” he recovered, to my delight.

We enjoyed the evening and each other’s bodies. He managed to orgasm inside of me on the second effort, though it was only 5 minutes in, but I simply slipped him right into my mouth, and forced him hard again. It took only ten minutes, but we were off again, and this time I let him take me to the promised land.

I rocked in a beautiful orgasm, while his hands entertained my tits and he looked me right in the eye as he blew his third love load into my writhing pussy.

He then showed his commitment, by pushing me back on the bed and going down on me, eating his own cum from my sopping nest.

We had more pillow talk after he worked me up to a great second orgasm.

He wanted to work in Sexual Psychology just like me, but in the data gathering field. I might one day use his protocols in my treatments as a front line worker.

We talked for hours about the studies, and about stripping, and then the night was over.

Josh would be a good friend, perhaps as long as my entire life. He would be 40 pounds heavier, and 40 pounds lighter, he would steadily lose his hair. But he would consistently become a better lover, and I feel pride in that one, because he would go on to find treatments for sexual dysfunctions that would improve the lives of thousands of men and women.

Oh I just love sharing orgasms with my friends!

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