Shower Time

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A straight forwards story I wrote a while ago. If you’re looking for a plot/developed characters, find another story, yep, straight sex, soul-less, unrealistic but sexy. If you’re up for that, enjoy!

Laura walked into her bedroom, breathing heavily. She kicked off her shoes and opened her curtains to let the sun into her room.

Polly peered in through the keyhole. She admired her body – slender legs leading up to a fine ass. Her hips were smooth and above, her chest was bare under her tiny vest. Her breasts were held firm to her chest but still stood out from her figure. Her hair flowed down her back. Polly could see the sweat reflecting off her skin. Her excitement shook her all over.

Laura walked towards her en-suite, ready to take a shower after a hard long run. Polly opened the door a little just to see her walk in. She left the door right open, and Polly could hear her sliding off her bottoms.

Laura slid her trousers to the floor, before grabbing her vest and tugging it off. She felt it squeeze her breasts as it passed them, teasing her a little. As she looked up from discarding her vest, she saw Polly standing in the doorway. She was wearing a cute shirt and jeans – which she was pulling right off to reveal even cuter panties. Her breasts jiggled as she let her pink shirt fall away, her bra giving them little support, letting them bounce around.

“Hey, sexy,” said Polly, giggling at Laura, whose sweaty body looked perfect, lit up from all angles by the white light of the en-suite. Laura was shocked for a moment but she quickly realized what this meant. She licked her lips. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I was following your jogging. I couldn’t resist. You look so hot when you run.”

Laura looked down, embarrassed. She saw her breasts held tight on, and quickly loosened the straps to let them fall freely, like Polly’s. She could see that she was not the only sweaty one, as Polly stood with her tangled hair and her damp breasts, juicy like her pussy always felt.

“I was about to have a shower…” said Laura, looking all over Polly and putting her hands on her hips.

Polly leant against the door frame, turning her body to emphasize her breasts to Laura, who looked at them intensively. Polly held her breasts up with her hands deep beneath them.

“I know, you always have a shower after jogging… Sometimes I have to play with myself while looking through the keyhole.”

Laura blushed and smiled. “I was wondering why my doorknob was always so sticky.”

They both giggled for a moment before an awkward silence began. Polly pulled the door towards her with the doorknob and stood with her pussy over it, as if mounting someone. Laura took a step closer as she did.

“Would you like to join me for my shower?” said Laura, fingering her bra straps softly.

“I was hoping you’d ask that!” said Polly, sliding off the doorknob and walking up to Laura.

They kissed each other for a moment, so hungry for one another. Griping each other in different places, they slid their arms around each other to let the sweat mix. Laura bit her lips resulting in a satisfying moan from Polly, who slapped Laura in return on her cute ass.

Polly whispered to her ear, “Don’t take your bra or panties off, I want to see them get wet.”

Laura replied by pulling her backwards into the open shower. The tiles were as white as their bras and there were various bottles around their feet. The shower head was slim and dripping above them.

The two of them held each other close, their breasts and bodies in close contact. Laura turned the shower on with a free hand.

The hot water cascaded down them in a warming flow. It coated their faces with wetness and flowed down to their breasts. Their bras soaked up the water instantly, softening their breasts up and washing away their sticky sweat. The water streamed between their breasts, right down their bodies, getting inside even their tight white panties, where their pussies were saturated with their juices and the steamy hot water they were now covered in. Their hair became thick and tangled, soaked through. They let themselves run wild.

Laura went straight for her, kissing her everywhere around her mouth and her neck. Polly let her head progress down towards her breasts whilst fingering around hers – they were so wet and so supple, firm yet moist, warm. Their bras quickly became see-through and their nipples poked straight outwards, eager to be tickled and fucked.

Laura arrived at Polly’s bra and bit at her breasts, pulling her nipple outwards. Polly’s bra tasted sweet and sweaty in Laura’s watery mouth. Polly squealed with enjoyment, her legs shaking around Laura’s. Even through the water she felt her pussy get wetter inside her panties.

Polly passed her shaking hands down towards Laura’s panties and thrust her hands down mecidiyeköy eskort the sides of them. Laura looked up at her from her breasts and spat water out at her face, groaning, “Pump my ass you whore…”

Polly gripped her cheeks firm and pulled them towards her own body, letting the water wash around inside them. She felt the damp around Laura’s ass and groped harder for every drop she felt squeeze through. Laura buried her face in Polly’s breasts and moaned with enjoyment, muffled but still heard by Polly. It made her want to fuck her so badly.

Laura pulled Polly’s hands out and brought them to her mouth. Her own sweet taste from her gently throbbing pussy was all over her hands – she had been pushing deep. They both sucked if off her hands and whined in enjoyment. Laura couldn’t take the urge any longer and sat all the way down, pushing her face through her breasts and bra and ended up with Polly’s pussy above her, hidden inside her panties.

Laura pushed her face in between her legs and sucked at her panties, knowing her pussy was so wet behind them. Polly’s legs shook around her. She grabbed the back of her head and forced it upwards, hard enough to let her bite her pussy and taste the syrupy, thick liquid that was oozing slowly outwards. The water continued to coat them in glorious warmth.

“Oh, fuck!” groaned Polly, losing her balance and slipping to her knees. Laura bent down lower to continue sucking. She could barely feel her pussy any more so she pulled back and kissed Polly to tease and give her the sweet succulent taste of her own pussy before leaning down again and forcing her hand into her panties, tight and wet. She felt her pussy – wide but tight, the perfect feel, perfect for fucking. She loved hers more than any other girl’s in the world.

“Oh, your pussy is so fucking perfect Polly…”

“Fuck yes, it is! Yes, fuck me…”

Laura worked and grounded her pussy all over the place, teasing it, slipping a finger in momentarily before wiping it around her cheeks. Polly shook and screamed “You fucking whore! Work it you bitch!”

Polly put her arm to the side to hold herself up. She could feel her whole body tensing around Laura’s hand, aching to release, pleasuring her to her maximum. Her body pitched up and down with Laura’s violent thrusts, throwing water all over the enclosed shower as it bounced off her vibrating breasts.

Laura could feel her cumming as her legs tensed to release. She drove two whole fingers in for the final few thrusts, and Polly screamed, climaxing all over Laura’s hands. Polly put her hand straight to her pussy to grip it and feel the pulsing of cum whist Laura slapped it hard and let her panties soak it all up. It squirted in bursts with Polly’s orgasmic screams. She fell to the floor of the shower with Laura above her, who watched the water flow over her shaking body.

“Fuck…” groaned Polly. Laura knew she wanted the sweet taste now. She turned off the shower to stop it washing her cum all away and pulled Polly’s panties off, white with new stains.

“Want some?” asked Laura, knowing the answer. Polly nodded, her body shaking with joy. Laura drove the panties into Polly’s mouth to let her suck it all out. They were thick so they had caught so much. Laura put her face in and sucked to because she knew how sweet it was. She caressed her pussy with her free, clean hand and put her dirty one in her own panties – Laura was wet and she knew it.

Polly sat herself up, watching the drops run off her belly. Her bare pussy throbbed below her from Laura’s violent onslaught. “You fucking whore,” Polly said, splashing Laura. She was too tired to move for a moment, content with watching Laura’s body for a moment. Her nipples poked out from her loose sports bra, dripping water off the front of them. Her panties were drenched in all kinds of juices. Her hands were feeling around her panties just to feel that wetness which she couldn’t get away from.

“You fuck me so hard, Laura. You whore…”

“You can fuck me now, ” Laura replied, propping herself up into a perfect position, waiting for Polly’s firm fist to enter her.

“Fuck no,” said Polly, who stood up above Laura, waiting for her to get up and follow. “I have a better idea.”

Laura stood up and watched Polly take the showerhead from above them down. She kissed it and slid it between her breasts for a moment, saying, “I always see you with this up your pussy. It looks so hot from the keyhole, and I want to fuck you with it.”

Laura nodded and brought the showerhead to her lips to kiss it. They both held it. Laura loved to feel it inside her – every time she had a shower she would satisfy her burning desire for pussy with it.

Polly ran it down Laura’s chest, letting a few drops of it run down her breasts and highlight her burning nipples. Laura breathed in sharply as the end zeytinburnu escort of it scraped her sensitive nipples.

Polly saw this and giggled loudly, and gave her nipples a long hard rub with it. Laura fell backwards and ended up against the wall, moaning every time Polly rubbed the showerhead against her moist breasts.

“Ohh, you like it right there, don’t you?” said Polly, rubbing up against her. She let their breasts touch, with the showerhead rubbing in between their nipples. Laura gasped sharply as Polly gave one of her nipples a sharp tug.

As Polly pushed up closer to her, she felt her pussy caressing Laura’s wet panties. She left a trail of juicy cum on them. She kept teasing her with the showerhead until her pussy had soaked right through Laura’s panties. She could now feel it throbbing and aching to squirt.

Polly grabbed Laura and turned her around. Laura’s breasts pushed up against the wall and liquid ran down from her saturated bra, all the way down the wall. She turned her head down to see Polly pulling down her panties. She felt herself cum a little when Polly ran a finger along her pussy.

“It’s so cute, Laura…” “Oh… fuck…”

Polly eased the showerhead into Laura’s pussy. It fit into her perfectly like a big, powerful dildo, pushing her pussy apart and touching all the sensitive spots. Laura shook as it squeezed past, groaning, her breasts pushed firmly against the wall, her ass sticking out in full view of Polly. She began to hump up and down on the showerhead, her excitement mounting higher and higher.

Polly pushed it up and down, hearing a soft squeezing sound as it filled the space inside her. She taunted her, saying “You fucking whore… you like it better now with me, don’t you?”

“Yes!” cried Laura, tears almost streaming from her eyes as she bounced up and down over the showerhead, “Fuck my cunt!”

Polly pounded it harder and harder, forcing it further up every time. Juices oozed out around Laura’s pussy, which Polly collected in her free hand, licking it up quickly. Laura moaned louder and louder for Polly.

But Polly knew she was only teasing Laura. She knew how hard Laura liked to be fucked, and how much it took to make Laura cum. Polly turned the shower on a little.

“FUCK! Oh fuck!” Laura shouted, the water filling her pussy up so full. She felt it run down her legs, licked up by Polly’s eager tongue. She bounced on it harder, desperate to ejaculate on Polly’s face.

“Oh, yeah, you want some more?” “Wetter! FUCK!” “You really want more, you little whore? You want your cunt wetter, you slag, don’t you!?” “Yes, FUCK yes!”

Polly taunted her until the perfect moment, just as the showerhead was so deep in her pussy, just as she was screaming as loud as she had ever done. Polly turned the knob right round, so that water pumped out of Laura’s tight, throbbing pussy like a waterfall.

Laura squealed, tears streaming from her face, feeling he water pulse against the sides of her pussy. She knew she was going to cum, as cum so fucking hard.

Laura came and collapsed onto Polly, who dropped the showerhead out. Instead, Laura’s warm cum came streaming out. She put her hand to it to let it cover her hand, and thrust some of it into her shaking, moaning mouth. Polly put her hand round and inside and felt it oozing out, warm, wet and syrupy. She laughed, feeling Laura’s wet, shaking body on top of hers, and the cum flowing out, onto her own pussy.

“Fuck…” moaned Laura, licking it off her trembling hands. The shower was still running, spraying them both with warmth, keeping their bras wet and sticky. Their panties were both on the shower floor, soaked in cum.

Laura sat back up and turned to Polly. They sat at equal height, their legs spread apart, open pussies nearly touching. They stared at each others eyes, Laura’s still watering from her hard orgasm. They both giggled and kissed sensually for a few minutes, tasting themselves in each other’s mouths, until they had both caught their breath. Polly leaned round and unclipped Laura’s bra, smelling it quickly – sweaty but sweet – and then looking down at her open, raw, glorious breasts. They hung down loosely, nipples firmly erect.

Laura did the same, dropping Polly’s bra down straight away, and leaning in to suck them – supple, smooth and sweet. Polly leaned her head up and breathed heavily in enjoyment. She stifled a giggle.

“What do you want to do now, Laura?”

“Cum some more.”


They resumed kissing, sucking each other hard like a wet pussy. Polly pulled away and stood up, walking out of the shower. Laura turned off the showerhead and let the cool air from outside the shower drift in, watching Polly’s pussy from between her wide legs. She is mesmerized as the water drips off her body. Polly bends down and opens Laura’s sex toy drawer.

Polly sultangazi escort examines the collection – dildos, vibrators, strap ons – there was so much to choose from. The drawer smelt strongly of Laura. Polly pulled out two pairs of love eggs that were in the corner and walked back towards the shower.

“I remember when we bought those,” Laura said.

“We played all night, didn’t we?” said Polly, giggling as she sat down, legs stretched out in front of Laura.

Polly gave one to Laura who took it quickly. The egg was long, thin and black. The remote control was wired onto the end, and had various settings, controlling style of vibration and intensity. Both of them already knew their favorites – they had bought the same style ones so they would never know whose was whose – that way, they would mix around and both of their pussies would feel each egg.

They slid them in at the same time, giggling slightly as they did.

“You know how I like it,” laughed Polly, passing her remote to Laura.

“Yes I do, you little whore,” said Laura, smiling, giving Polly her remote. They liked to swap and let the other have the control – they could never get enough of fucking each other.

They were now both excited and full of energy, rearing to start pleasuring each other. Together, holding the remotes firmly in one hand and stroking their still moist bodies with the other, they said together – “3, 2, 1, fuck!”

They both instantly turned the eggs on. The setting was the lowest one so they only felt a gentle massaging effect. They quietly moaned, tickled lightly by the warmth it was making inside their wet pussies. They pulled each other closer, right up against each other so their pussies were practically touching. They kissed violently but they paused every few moments to let a warm spike of feeling pass, letting out a gasp each time. Their breasts caressed each other, pushing hard together when they both breathed in. Their nipples tickled one another. Their legs slowly shook.

Laura, tensing up around her pussy, said to Polly, “Mmmhmm… Fuck me harder…”

Polly moaned in agreement and they both moved up another setting. Laura gasped in shock as the egg vibrated harder inside her. She grabbed her pussy to hold it in.

Polly giggled and laughed loudly in ecstasy as their pussies vibrated against each other. They pulled their faces away and looked down at their heavily vibrating pussies. Polly slapped them both, shouting “FUCK that cunt!”

Laura shook and screamed as she did so, shouting “You fucking whore, I’ll fuck your cunt harder!” She pushed Polly’s egg up to vibrate harder, making Polly almost back. She dropped Laura’s remote and screamed, feeling as though her cunt was being torn to pieces. Laura laughed, slapping Polly hard to hear her scream.

In anger, Polly grabbed Laura’s remote and pushed it up all the way. Laura screamed, falling back down to the floor of the shower, her pussy throbbing in constant waves of pleasure. She looked down at her pussy in disbelief as it shook so hard, so fucking hard. She forced Polly’s to the maximum as revenge and quickly lost balance, steadying her shaking body with a hand, moving back up so that her pussy was back up against Polly’s.

Polly had also dropped the remote she was holding and focused on holding herself up. They were both wheezing and moaning, occasionally shrieking in maximum pleasure, ready to cum against each other at any moment, their pussies colliding and smearing pre-cum over one another.

“FUCK! Oh my fucking God! Fuck!” “Oh yeah, don’t stop, don’t fucking stop! FUCK!”

They screamed and swore loudly, echoing round the shower cubicle. The floor became wet once again as their asses smeared up and down it with sweat and juice.

Polly began to shake even harder than Laura and whined, “Oh my god… I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…”

Laura screamed, “YES! Fuck yes, cum, you whore! FUCK!”, both of them so close the their climaxes.

Polly squealed and released, squirting over Laura before she could start herself. Polly pulled the egg out and leant back, gasping for air and squealing with each squirt of hot juicy cum. It splattered all over Laura, who was rocking back and forth and about to squirt.

With a scream, Laura came too, in a violent shower, both of them screaming, their cum mixing together into a milky solution all over each other. Their pussies ground slowly together, easing the last drops out.

Laura sat up, breathing heavily. She was in a total state – eyes streaming with tears, hair tangled in a congealed mass. Polly was also crying with delight, scooping up drops of Laura’s cum and feeding it into her mouth.

They sat in silence, listening to each other’s heavy breathing, trying to get up after exerting themselves all over one another. Once they had the strength, they hauled themselves to eye level to examine their sweaty, sexy bodies. They were finished. Polly wiped away Laura’s tears and kissed her.

“You… you fucking whore,” she said slowly.

Laura giggled, and whispered, “I know you like it”.

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