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Well my luck was in I had already lined up a new job to start as soon as I was redundant, which was due in just a few days with a nice severance check of £20,000.

It didn’t take my wife Sue long to spend it and a new bathroom was already being planned and the work scheduled in.

As the builders moved in we managed to work around them, that was until the second week when the bath was removed to allow for pipe work and tiling. It may of seemed a little naïve but I thought they would have fixed the shower in before removing the bath, but here we were with no way to bathe and seeking alternatives.

Luckily the solution lived close by and we arranged to drop into my mothers each day and use her shower.

It was Thursday and as I was off work that day so I dropped by a little later than usual. As I rang the doorbell there was no answer and I swore quietly under my breath thinking everyone was out, but my anger turned quickly to relief as my mother opened the door.

She offered me a cup of tea that I declined until after I had taken a shower. I dashed up the stairs and threw my bag on her bed as I passed her room heading for the bathroom.

The feeling of the shower was wonderful after the coldness outside and I rapidly set about washing. When I turned the shower off I realised that I hadn’t taken the towel out of my bag and even though there were two hanging up I couldn’t bring myself to use them. With the water dripping off me I cautiously opened the bathroom door, the coast was clear and I managed to make it to the bedroom.

As I stood there naked and wet struggling with the zipper on my bag I never heard my mother coming up the stairs.

“Nice view,” she said causing me to jump.

I turned around covering my private bits with my hands, “mum do you mind, this is a little embarrassing,” I said as my face turned a lovely shade of pink.

“You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before,” she replied with a laugh.

“Yes but that was when I was a child, I’m now 51 years old, so would you mind letting gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan me finish.”

My mother stood still, looking me over as if I was a used car she was inspecting.

My mother was 73 years old and to be honest the years had been good to her, where as my father had aged significantly since his heart attack last year.

“Mum, do you mind,” I said indicating with my head for her to leave.

“Sorry son, I haven’t seen one of them for a few years,” she said looking down at my protected bits.

“Well you still haven’t,” I replied looking around for something more substantial to cover myself with.

She moved towards me and held her hand out, “give me your hand,” she demanded.

I was scared and confused, what the hell was she doing, my mother was teasing me and I didn’t like it one bit.

“Take your hands away and put them at your side,” she said and I ignored.

She took a step closer and I took a step back, my leg came in contact with the bed and I lost my balance and fell backwards, the bounce of the bed causing my hands to drop to my side leaving me exposed.

My mother saw the chance and pounced on me pinning me to the bed, I could have easily pushed her off but I was afraid of hurting her.

With my arms pinned to my side my mother moved her face close to mine, “don’t you move or I’ll squeeze these so hard your eyeballs will pop out,” she said as she moved one of hands to grip my balls tight.

She released my arm but tightened her grip on my balls, I was immobilised and trapped naked by my mother. Her other hand began caressing my cock, it felt nice but also it felt so wrong and the more she touched it the harder it was getting, I couldn’t control it.

“You like that don’t you. Would you like me to wank you off or would you prefer for me to suck you off,” she asked.

“Neither just let me go please, this is wrong you’re my mother for Christ’s sake.

Her tongue made contact gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan with the tip of my cock, then her lips engulfed me and she began sucking and licking my now very stiff cock.

She managed to get one arm out of her gown and then changed hands until she was able to remove it completely without once letting go of my balls. Beneath it she was naked, her tits drooped a little but for her age still looked fairly good.

“Now son, I’m going to slowly move my pussy into position and you are going to let me fuck you, do you understand.”

“Mum please don’t do this, it’s wrong, it’s bad,” I pleaded but to no avail.

I couldn’t stop her doing what ever she wanted and she had no intention of stopping as she moved her pussy above my erect cock and then lowered it down so that my cock slipped into her very wet pussy.

I experienced a sensation of extreme pleasure mixed with extreme guilt that my mother was fucking me. Each time she thrust back down onto my cock my eyes were transfixed watching the undulations of her tits. Slowly but surely the rhythm of her movements was bringing me closer and closer to release, release that I wanted but not like this, not with my mother.

“I bet you fantasised about fucking your mum when you were young, didn’t you,” she teased as she continued her bouncing up and down on my cock.

The truth is I didn’t, my friend’s mothers yes but my own no.

She leaned forward so that her tits touched my chest, they felt warm against my skin, my mind was in total confusion, while my cock responded to her actions.

“Come on tell me how much you like me fucking you, tell me to make you come, explode inside your mother, let me feel your seed erupting in my pussy,” she said as if she was a mad person.

She bit down on my nipple causing me to let out a yelp, “tell me how much you are enjoying it,” she said once more.

“I like it, I like you fucking me, fuck me hard, drain me dry, I love you fucking oğuzeli escort bayan me mum, I love your pussy clamped around my cock.” My own words were bringing me closer to orgasm, I’m going to come, I’m coming, I’m going to fill your cunt.” The final word sent me over the edge, calling my mothers pussy her cunt was the final word that left me uncontrollable as my orgasm started in my balls, flew along my cock and ended up exploding in my brain like jolts of electricity. As my juice spread in her pussy she also came, each spasm of her body causing her pussy to clamp tight around my fading cock.

She collapsed on my body, slumping forward she brought her lips to mine and began kissing me passionately, our tongues entwined like lovers, instead of what we were mother and son. The kissing and pressure of her pussy against my cock had begun to quickly revive me. Noticing this she rolled off me so that she was lying on her back next to me.

“I think you should fuck me now, get yourself between your mothers legs and ride me,” she said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

I don’t know why but I was eager to satisfy her needs so I rolled over and sucked her nipples one after the other. I kissed down her body until I reached her pussy, I couldn’t believe that I was staring straight into my mother’s cunt. My tongue painted patterns around her pussy lips before delving further in and finding her clitoris. She writhed beneath me, her body bucking insanely as I licked and sucked her.

“Fuck me son, I want your cock inside me, I need your cock inside me, I want to be fucked and now,” she said with eagerness.

I moved my body up and ran my cock along her slit, she thrust upwards and my cock slid easily into her pussy. I was riding my mother and I didn’t care, each thrust I made into her pussy caused louder and louder groans to escape her mouth.

“Oh my god, I’m coming, fuck me harder make me come, OH MY GOD!” she bellowed as her orgasm blasted through her body, I came shortly after and as my seed splattered inside her cunt she came once more.

I lay on top of my mother, our breathing slowly coming back to normal, our sweaty bodies becoming glued together.

“Thanks son, anytime you want a fuck just come and see me, you can fuck me anytime you want.”

I left the house, my feelings about what had happened were confused, I had just had sex with my mum and I didn’t feel guilty at all, if anything I was eager to do it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32