Show Her a Good Time

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***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.

It was another Friday night as and Dan was once again sitting in front of his computer. He had just finished rewriting his essay for the fourth time. There was nothing wrong with the earlier drafts, but he was always striving to do things better to keep GPA high. It was because this obsession, he didn’t have much of a social life.

His cell phone rang and saw that it was his father calling and answered it.

“Dad, do you know what time it is?” He asked.

“Yes, but I know you and I knew you were probably up at this late hour studying.”

“Well, yeah, you were right about that.”

“Anyway, I need you to do me a favor. One of my client’s daughters visiting your area and-“

“No way,” Dan interrupted.

“I’m not asking you to marry her, I just need you to show her a good time, that’s all,” said his father. “I told him you will have dinner with her and then take her to a symphony afterwards.”

“The symphony, are you serious?” Dan asked in disgust.

“I’ve met her. She’s beautiful, smart, and she enjoys the symphony, what else do you need to know?”

“She enjoys the symphony, that’s all I need to know to refuse.”

“Come on son, do your old man a favor, I need this.”

“Is it really that important?”

“My client is a goldmine who’s paying for half your tuition,” he told him. “If he wants his daughter taken care of, then that’s what he gets.”

Dan knew his father was over exaggerating about the tuition, but he thought if it was important for his him then he should take it seriously.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” he said with a deep sigh.

His father texted him the address and time to pick her up. When he saw that the girls name was Greta, it scared him even more about this whole thing. Anyone with the name Greta and enjoys the symphony was surely going to be boring, in his opinion.

Greta had just turned 18 and was traveling around the state checking out colleges she was interested in going to. She had finally gotten around to Dan’s college and was staying with her Aunt while she looked around.

Dan spent most of the next day studying, finalizing his repots, and with his free time connected online with the few friends he had to play Call of Duty. He did whatever he could to not think about the date he had agreed to because he was sure it was not going to end well.

That night, he arrived at Greta’s Aunt’s place wearing a standard black suit and tie. He knocked on the door and was greeted by Greta’s aunt, a woman in her late forties with at least three cats he saw running around.

“Oh, you must be Greta’s date for tonight,” she said. “Come in, she’s just getting herself ready.”

Dan stepped inside the home and was overwhelmed by the smell of cat hair. He wasn’t allergic to cats, but he suddenly understood why some people were. A moment later, Greta came down the stairs wearing a black dress that was elegant but still showed off her good figure. She also wore big thick glasses, had her blonde hair was tied up in a bun, and carried an oversized purse.

“I’m Greta, you must be my date,” she said as she looked at him up and down. “I guess you’ll do.”

Dan thought she was attractive enough, but she was already presenting herself as a prude.

“I’m sure we’ll have a great time,”

“I hope so, I’ve been waiting for this night for a while now.”

She said goodbye to her aunt and they both left the house. They walked to Dan’s car and he opened the door for her.

“Um, do mind if I sit in the back seat for a while?” She asked. “I need to fix up my makeup”

“There’s a mirror in the visor up front.”

“Yes, but I work better with more space, so the back seat will be fine.”

Dan realized he was escorting a very high maintenance woman. But he didn’t argue, he promised his dad that he would be nice to her and that’s what he was going do. He opened the back door and let her in. He got in the car and drove off.

“Ugh, your car is so small, I can barely move back here,” she complained. “And when was the last time you cleaned it?”

Dan didn’t respond, he just let his anger seethe inside of him.

“By the way, how do I smell?” she asked. “I took a shower before you came and I’m wearing extra perfume to remove that cat smell.”

“It’s working, I only smell your perfume.”


“So, I found a restaurant near the concert hall. We can go there for dinner that we can make it in time for the symphony.”

“Fuck Ankara Travesti that,” Greta replied. “We’re not going to no fucking symphony.”

This took Dan by surprised. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw Greta taking off her dress and letting her hair down. She was definitely naked, but the mirror wasn’t low enough for him to see anything.

“I thought you said you were going to fix your make up.”

“I will,” she said. “After I change my clothes.”

It was at that moment Dan realized why she needed the back seat and why she had that oversized purse; it contained the clothes she was planning to change into. He continued to take peaks at her in the rearview mirror in hopes of seeing something.

“Um, excuse me,” she said to him. “Can you please stop watching me change and watch the road?”

“Oh, sorry,” he said and putting his focus back on the road. “So, if we’re not going to the symphony, where are we going?”

“Someone told me about this kick ass party that’s going on down at your college. Let’s go there.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Dan said with a tone of worry. “I was supposed to-“

“Show me a good time, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So, what difference does it make how we have a good time?”

“I guess.”

“That’s right, so let’s go,” she ordered.

She told him which fraternity was holding the party, it was one of the few places he had applied to but was turned down. When they arrived at the frat house, the music was blaring as the entire place was packed with guests running around and drinking beer. It wasn’t even 8pm and already Dan saw how drunk some of them were.

When Greta got out of the car, Dan saw how much Greta had changed from the prudish looking girl he saw earlier. She was now wearing a flashy red halter top with a black mini skirt, fishnet stockings and black heels. Her blonde hair was now down to her shoulders, and she wore enough lipstick and eye shadow to complete her trashy look.

Greta ran up the steps to the frat house and disappeared from Dan’s view. He wanted to go after her but realized the suit he was wearing wouldn’t work well for a frat party. He removed his jacket and tie, undid the first two buttons on his shirt, pulled his shirt out of his pants, and replaced his shoes with sneakers from the gym bag in his trunk.

He ran into the house and started looking wherever he could for Greta. He had to keep an eye on her because she was his responsibility for the night and he needed to make sure she wasn’t going to get into any trouble.

Inside, everyone was drinking, smoking, dancing, and throwing things around. There was a rock band playing loudly on a makeshift stage in the corner of what was supposed to be the living room. He looked everywhere for Greta but she was nowhere to be found. He ran upstairs to check all the rooms. He didn’t find her there but did get yelled at by a few people who were having sex in them.

When he came back downstairs, he grabbed a couple slices of pizza and a beer from the snack table. He was originally expecting to go out to a restaurant for dinner and was now very hungry. When he finished eating, he looked around some more and found Greta on the dance floor grinding on a frat boy. He walked up to her and gently guided her away from the guy to the snack table.

“What are you doing?” she yelled at him. “He was cute.”

“I’m supposed to keep an eye on you.”

“You’re supposed make sure I have a good time,” she replied.

“That includes grinding on some strange dudes?”

“Yes,” she said. “We’re at a frat party, everyone is having fun here. Why can’t you have fun?”

“I can have fun,” he replied.

“Then prove it,” she said.

She grabbed two beer cans from the table and handing him one. He didn’t think an 18-year-old should be drinking and was going to say something, but she was already done with her beer and tossed the can away. He was shocked, yet impressed, by how fast she drank it. Dan thought ‘why not?’ and sucked down his beer as well. Greta took him by the arm and forced him onto the dance floor with her.

They danced together for the next few songs. She was all over Dan, rubbing her body against him. He never danced with a woman who moved so erotically and it excited him. After a while, they got separated again; he wanted to look for her but ended up dancing with another woman instead.

A couple of songs later, he looked up at the band and found Greta on stage dancing by the bass player’s side. When the Ankara Ucuz Escort band stopped playing to take a break, she went to the corner with the bass player and started making out with him. When the bass player began putting his hand up Greta’s skirt and grabbing her ass, Dan thought he should stop it. He tried to get pass the crowd of people to get across the room, but by then Greta was gone.

He looked for her some more while drinking his third beer. The band began playing again with the same bass player, but Greta wasn’t with him anymore. He grabbed another beer and walked around the house looking for her; the alcohol helped him forget about kind of trouble he would be in with his dad if he had lost Greta.

He forgot about Greta when he ran into a girl he knew from his physics class who asked him to dance. Ten minutes later he found himself making out with her.

He later found himself winning at beer pong; everyone was impressed at his skills for a first-time player. Later, he found himself making out with another girl who he didn’t know, but it didn’t last long when she saw her boyfriend coming by and she didn’t want to get caught.

He later found himself playing with some frat boys in an online game with a team from a rival college. He played the game thousands of times and managed to beat the opposing team easily, giving him some popularity points with the frat boys.

“I guess you do know how to have fun,” said Greta who came out of nowhere. She was drinking another beer and for some reason now wearing several beaded necklaces.

“Where did you get those necklaces?” Dan asked.

“They’re Marti Gras necklaces,” she told hm. “You can guess how I got them.”

Dan didn’t have to ask, but wondered how many times she flashed her breasts to get that many necklaces.

“Take it easy on the beer tonight,” she told him. “I still expect you to drive me home tonight.”

“You too,” he told her. “I don’t want to have to carry you back to your aunt’s place.”

They both went to get some more pizza and soda from the snack table and talked for a while. Dan wasn’t drunk, but he was definitely buzzed and decided to stop drinking the rest of the night. They talked for a while before she took him back on the dance floor again.

A frat boy came around passing around more Marti Gras beads to women who would flash him. Greta flashed him to add necklace for her collection. Dan got a good look and was impressed by how perfect her breasts looked. Greta saw the look on his face and laughed; she flashed Dan for a few seconds for fun and he thanked her for it.

After a couple of songs, they separated gain. Dan didn’t know where she went off to, but he didn’t care as he found himself dancing with another girl.

Several hours later, the party began to die down as people were starting to leave. Dan went to the bathroom and took a long piss. Afterwards, went back to looking for Greta again to see if she was ready to go home.

He found her on third floor when he saw her come out of one of the bedrooms with a guy and a girl on each side of her. Her clothes were kind of messed up as if they were hastily put back on and she no longer had her Marti Gras beads. The guy fell to the floor and passed out. Greta and the other girl laughed at him and then started kissing each other right there. Dan just stood there enjoying the show.

“I’m sorry,” the girl said after she pulled away from Greta’s lips. “I have to get this dumbass back home.”

“OK, don’t forget to call me,” Greta said.

They gave each other one more kiss before she left. Greta then turned to Dan with a big smile on her face.

“You sure had a good time tonight,” she said to him.

“So, did you apparently,” Dan replied.

He decided not to ask what she was doing with that couple before he showed up and just assumed what they were probably doing.

“Come on,” she said as she took him by the arm. “Let’s go before my aunt starts to worry.”

They grabbed some leftover soda cans and a large bag of chips from the snack table and went back to Dan’s car. They both sat in the back seat eating. Dan was very sober by then, but they had to wait until Greta felt better before he took her home so she wouldn’t get into trouble. She wasn’t drunk, but anyone could definitely tell she had been drinking.

They watched from the car as the remaining partygoers left and the lights went out in the frat house.

“So, your parents have no idea that you’re such a party animal?” Ankara Yabancı Escort Dan asked.

“Nope. They are completely clueless,” Greta said giggling.

“Well, I got to say that I was upset when my dad pressured me to take you out tonight, but I had a great time. Thank you for dragging me here.”

“Well, the night is still young,” she said as she placed her hand on Dan’s thigh and gave him a lustful look.

Dan didn’t even need to think about it as he dove right in and kissed her hard. Their tongues swirled into each other’s mouths as their hands started roaming each other’s bodies. He slid his hand between her legs moving passed her panties and he began fingering her clit vigorously.

“Oh yes, oh yes,” she moaned.

After a few minutes, Greta wanted to have her turn and she began to undo Dan’s pants and pulled them down with his underwear. She didn’t hesitate as she opened her mouth wide and took his cock into her mouth. Her lips were sealed tight around his shaft as she began bobbing her head back and forth.

“Oh, this is incredible,” said Dan.

He grabbed the back of her head and guided her to go faster. Eventually she was doing it on her own, but he still kept his hand there, enjoying the sense of control that he was getting from it.

Greta knew when to slow down when she felt that it was getting too intense for him, and then picked up speed again at the right moment. She had enough experience to know how to keep a blowjob going for a long time.

Eventually, it was getting too much for Dan to control. Without any warning he shot his cum into her mouth. Greta took every drop into her mouth before she pulled his dick out of her mouth and sat up. Dan watched as she made a gulping motion with her head, showing that she swallowed the cum.

“You could’ve warned me you were going to cum,” she said. “I had no choice but to swallow.”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking,” Dan apologized.

“It’s ok,” she said. “At least I’m on the pill so in that case you can cum inside me.”

They stripped the rest of their clothes off. Dan sucked on Greta’s tits some more until his cock became erect again which didn’t take long. Greta repositioned herself to lie down on the back seat of the car and Dan placed himself on top of her. The car was small and they laughed as they realized they didn’t have a lot of room to work with, but it wasn’t going to stop them.

He brought his cock to Greta’s pussy and pushed it in. The first thrust also made Greta take a deep breath and heave her chest upward. Dan began to fuck her slowly at first, then steadily went faster. Greta grabbed him closely to her as he fucked her as she moaned heavily into his ear. Her legs were sticking straight up into the air and her nails were digging into his back.

Dan slowed down a bit because he was afraid, he would finish too early. After a few minutes he went back to fucking her with all his might. He wanted to cum so badly, but at the same time he wanted this feeling to last forever. He held on several more minutes before he couldn’t hold on any longer shot his cum go straight into her body.

Dan kept fucking her as much as he could before his dick went limp and he had to stop. They both sat up, took a moment to catch their breaths before they got dressed back up. Greta put the black dress she had on earlier and fixed up her hair and makeup so her aunt won’t suspect anything. She put on her big thick glasses and went back to looking like the prudish girl Dan first met.

“Do you even need those glasses?” Dan asked.

“I usually wear contacts,” she replied. “You were just too distracted from checking out every other part of my body but my face to notice me putting them on or off.”

As Dan drove her home, they talked all the way about their alibis for the night. She had some excuses ready to explain to her aunt why she was out much later than she should be for a typical night out to a symphony.

“You’ll be a senior here next year, right?” she asked.


“Good,” she said. “I get to have you more when I come here next year.”

“You’re definitely coming to my college?”

“It has the neurobiology program that I’m very interested in,” she answered.

This surprised and impressed Dan. Not only was she hot, but she was a nerd like him also.

“But don’t think this is a thing between us,” she said. “I just want to have sex with you, that’s all.”

“I’m ok with that,” Dan replied with a big smile on his face.

They arrived at her aunt’s house. She gave Dan one last kiss before she got out of the car. Dan watched her go into the house and drove off. The next day, he didn’t study at all or play video games; instead, he found some social groups online he was interested and made plans to go out, have some fun and make some new friends. After the night he had, he wanted start having as much fun as he could.


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