Show and Tell

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Not much was going on Friday. What should I expect from a small college town in summer? I took a six-month IT assignment at the school here. I like moving around. My rental house was small and very old, beautiful wood floors, a refrigerator older than dirt and plain white walls. I have few needs, no family no pets and no friends here (yet) either. I figured I would just hang out and watch a movie or two to pass the evening. “Has to be something funny,” I thought. Just as I was starting my Netflix search, I saw someone large peering in through my screen door. It was almost completely dark outside. I could not tell who it was. The neighborhood seemed safe enough so I was not afraid. Before I could say anything she spoke.

“Kit, are you home?” It was my neighbor, Sara.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked.

“Just bored a little. Can I come in?”


I got up, undid the little hook lock and let her in. I had seen her around the neighborhood but spoke little beyond the “good morning, nice day out and good evening,” small talk. Unremarkable. She was a very tall gal, big but not fat. She was more than a head taller than me. Olive skin, curly shoulder length hair and dressed in jeans, a black blazer and a white blouse. She looked like a tomboy. You would not look at her a second time at the bar. She sat down heavily at my small kitchen table.

“Beer, wine?” I asked.

“Wine, thanks.”

I poured her a nice glass of white wine, grabbed a beer for myself and took a seat across from her. She put her large pocketbook on the chair between us. It was the first time I had seen Sara really close up. Her face was really pretty; deep black eyes, clear, radiant skin, dark red, smooth lips all framed by wavy dark hair. Her loose fitting clothes revealed little about her body.

“This is you?” She asked looking at my picture beside her on the wall from my amateur boxing days. I had just won my twelfth fight. I was holding my arms above my head in in the universal victory sign. I wore boxing gloves and black trunks. The picture was a way to remind myself to stay in shape.

“Yeah a few years ago,” I answered.

“Is that a tattoo?”

I have a flying dragon on my back with the wings going over my right kaçak iddaa shoulder and around me left lower side. She was seeing the part over my shoulder.


It was still small talk but I was happy to have company. We talked about the neighborhood, how long we had each been there and what we liked about it. She was intelligent with a good sense of humor. I could tell something was bothering her.

“Hey, I was about to pop in a frozen pizza. Not the greatest thing. Would you like some?”

“Yes, That would be great! I have not eaten yet,” she answered.

“Even frozen pizza is good when you are hungry.” I said.

I put the pizza in the oven, refilled her wine and got another beer. She seemed relaxed and unhurried.

“Want to watch a move after dinner?”

“No, but I can stay a little while. I need to let my dog out soon.”

After dinner I invited her to the couch in the small living room. She kicked her shoes off while I went for a pee break. The light from the ceiling fan fixture in the kitchen provided enough light to see by without the glare of the overhead in my living room. Here the small talk changed. She told me about losing a close boyfriend to a car accident and being dumped by her last guy. Now I knew why she seemed down. She kept edging closer until our legs and hips were touching. She was a good deal larger than me and fit. Her perfume was nice, not over done. Occasionally, as we talked she would put her hand on my leg or touch my hand. The beer and wine still flowed but not at an alarming rate. Sara could hold her wine. But we all got to pee sooner or later.

She got up to pee and handed me her cell phone to look at something. Pictured was a huge cock in the hand of it’s owner. It was definitely one of those “what am I supposed to do or say?” moments! I looked at the picture. I was almost as long but definitely thicker. I put her phone down on the arm of the couch and pulled out my own dick. Perhaps I was drunker than I realized. She returned from the bathroom looking at her socked feet sliding across the floor and did not notice until she sat down. She looked over, her eyes got big and her hands flew to her mouth with a gasp.

“Not bad!” She said.

“Yeah,” I kaçak bahis agreed.

She took it in her hand and stroked gently as it grew. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. I felt her other hand on the side of my face and we continued with soft, quick kisses. Our breathing steadily increased as I rubbed all over her body still on top of her clothes. Suddenly, she stopped rubbing me and pulled back. I lifted my groping hand and she stood up breathing hard. I thought it was over. I steadied myself for the worst.

“I need you, Kit, just a moment. ” She took off the blazer revealing a side holster with a large automatic pistol inside. “I’m a police detective.” She then pulled up one pants leg revealing a small revolver. She took the guns and blazer into the kitchen leaving them on the table. Walking back to me, she started unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom up. She walked over to me and I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I helped her pull them down along with her red panties. A thick, dark bush greeted my wide-eyed gauze. I lifted up my hips and together, we pulled off my pants and briefs. Her shirt was still buttoned at the top. She eased down onto my lap rubbing her folds on my shaft. I knew she was not ready for me to plunge inside of her. “Let her be the guide,” I thought. Sara crawled across my lap to the unoccupied end of the couch, her round ass and swollen lips now facing me. I rubbed and fingered her folds, gently kissed her large cheeks and rimmed her. She was breathing heavy again.

“Fuck me, Kit.”

I put one foot on the floor with my knee on the couch. Her backside looked golden and firm. A little teasing was in order. I rubbed my member between her cheeks and she moaned softly. I spread her cheeks and my tip met her gaping asshole. I was going to move on and fuck her soft folds for all I was worth but she nodded her head for me to fuck her asshole.

“Is this what you want?” I asked. Good communications is the key to the best lovemaking, especially with an athletic well-armed woman. I did not want to find out how well she could shoot.

“Yes,” she said nodding her head again.

I pushed in slowly as far as I could. It felt good. I eased back out but not all the way and went back in. illegal bahis Sara let out a loud moan mixed with pleasure and pain. This turned me on and I slowly increased the pace watching her flesh ripple as I went. She moaned louder and louder the faster I got. Finally, I shuddered and blew a big load deep in her ass. I pulled out and collapsed on the couch panting. She turned around on the couch sitting on her knees with a devilish grin. She slowly finished unbuttoning her blouse and slid if off her shoulders. Then she undid her bra looking at me as it too landed on the floor. Nice, perky breasts, capped with large, brown aureoles and nipples revealed to me. I knew we were not finished. I sat up, pulled off my t-shirt and wiped her juices from my shaft and balls. She started stroking me. I pulled myself up into her chest sinking my face between those beautiful tits. It did not take long to get hard again.

She pulled my face away from her boobs and plunged her wine flavored tongue into my mouth. I put both feet on the floor and let her settle slowly on to my shaft. She put her hands around the back of my neck and began bumping up and down on me working her powerful hips. I held her warm sides and lifted her up and down. He head went back filled with ecstasy and I captured one of her bouncing nipples in my mouth. I felt her warm tongue on my face and neck. She was riding me for all she was worth moaning loudly. I switched nipples several times. I could not get enough of them. At last I felt her whole body shutter with a massive orgasm. I quickly followed with a massive cum shot deep inside her. Panting heavily, she collapsed into my tired arms. We were both worn out and sweat covered.

“That was amazing Kit,” she whispered between breaths.

“You are amazing!” I replied.

We held onto each other in the dim room. I never wanted the moment to end. She looked down at her phone sitting on the floor now and reached down to pick it up, checking the time.

“Oh shit, my dog!”


“I have to go! I need to let my dog out! I had only planned to stay a few minutes.”

She was frantically dressing. She stopped in the kitchen to rearm and finish dressing.

“That was wonderful, Kit. Bye. Come over to my place soon!”

I heard my screen door open and slam shut. Just like that I was naked and alone on my couch, very satisfied. I had never fucked a cop before! That was interesting start to a memorable weekend.

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