Shopping with Benefits

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Shopping can be fun. Stacey and I were roaming the city looking through clothes, lingerie and shoes. Myer was our next stop. We walked in through the doors that lead out to the mall. This put us in the perfume, jewellery and lingerie section.

The perfumes smelled delicious. Stacey walked up to the counter and sprayed a little of the Chanel tester bottle on her wrist.

‘Do you like this one?’ She asked. And held out her arm.

She was wearing a patterned white sleeveless top and I could see a lot of her gorgeously tanned skin. I held her arm steady as I smelt the perfume. I paused a moment to enjoy the scent and to enjoy the feel of her skin.

‘Yeah, that is really nice. Really nice.’ I said. Thinking of both the smell and the arm.

‘I don’t know. I think I like the new one I’m wearing better.’ Stacey tilted her neck back, inviting me in to smell her there.

I stepped closer to her and was again enthralled by her flawless skin. I took my time picking up the scent but had to resist the urge to lean in further and taste that skin.

‘You’re right. Your perfume is much better,’ I said.

Stacey smiled and browsed her way down the counter. I followed behind her and unconsciously started admiring the way her legs and arse looked in her black jeans. I wanted to give that arse a little touch. I walked closer and did just that. Her butt felt delicious.

‘Hey,’ she said and looked around whilst shooing my hand away.

It was Sunday afternoon. Myers was really quiet but Stacey was usually quite shy. She smiled at me though.

‘Stop that,’ she said. ‘Let’s look at some lingerie now.’

I just smiled and shrugged. I didn’t mind what we did together. I just loved spending time with this gorgeous girl. We walked over to the other side of the display floor. It was an area filled with colour. Reds, whites, blacks, blues, you name it.

Stacey was a fan of lace and dark colours. We had been lingerie shopping together before and I usually felt wrong being in that section. I felt like the other women there resent my presence, which is fair enough. Today was a relief. It was so quiet I wasn’t uncomfortable. This let me really enjoy the experience.

Every time Stacey gebze escort picked up a new piece I imagined how it would look on her. I didn’t have to imagine very hard. I had seen her incredible naked body this morning after her shower and seen her in her lingerie. She was wearing her black and purple lacy see-through bra with black bottoms. After she had put them on this morning in my room I couldn’t resist holding her. She had said we didn’t have time for anything but she hadn’t let me go either. The feel of her skin on mine had been delicious. I’d run my hands down her naked back and kissed her clean neck…

‘Ben let’s go I want to look at the clothes now.’ Stacey said. She had wandered away from me and the lingerie. My day dreaming had distracted me and now I was actually disappointed to move on. ‘You don’t have to shop with me if you don’t want to.’

‘It’s ok. I enjoy it,’ I replied smiling at her with my day dream still in mind.

Up in the clothes section with her favourite brands. I decided I would just duck down for a quick look at the men’s stuff. After where my mind had just wandered, I probably needed to cool down.

After a quick look I still couldn’t shake my racy thoughts so I came back to try to find Stace. She had a pile of clothes in her arms and was ready to try them on.

‘See anything you like?’ I asked.

‘Maybe,’ she said looking at me.

Just like before this section of the store was pretty quiet. There were a few girls browsing though. Plus the saleswoman.

The saleswoman was currently working with the display stock. She had given Stace the go ahead to visit the change rooms and try things on. The changerooms were tucked away behind the counter and down a hallway. Stacey led me to the last room in the row. There was a chair outside. I resigned myself to sitting there while just behind a thin door a stunningly beautiful girl was getting in and out of clothes.

Stacey however, had other thoughts.

She pulled me into the changeroom. There was a lot of space inside and a chair in the corner. She had hung the clothes she was trying on the hook.

She stepped close to me and whispered, göztepe escort ‘I want to make love.’

‘Here?’ I replied startled.

‘Shhhh yes. We have to be really quiet.’

‘Oh god yes,’ I whispered back. ‘I need you so much right now.’

Stacey stepped back from me and unbuttoned her jeans. As she pulled them down I could see those sexy black lace panties she was wearing. She pulled off her top next, showing off how gorgeous her tits looked in that great bra. With this motivation I ripped my clothes off in world record time.

We held each other close. The feel of her skin on mine felt spectacular. So soft, warm and smooth. ‘I’ve been turned on since you held me this morning.’ She whispered in my ear.

I replied by kissing her everywhere I could. I kissed her on the neck where I had wanted to earlier. It felt even better than I had imagined. I kissed my way up to her lips all while I pressed my naked body against her nearly naked one. We kissed passionately. She tasted of the chewing gum we had been eating and of her fruity Sportsgirl lip balm. It was my favourite combination of flavours.

Just like I had this morning I ran my hand along the naked skin of her back. Scratching her a little bit too. She had moaned when I had done that this morning but now she was trying to be quiet. My cock was hard as a rock between us. I pushed it against her panty covered pussy and it must have felt good to her because she broke our kiss for a second before coming back and entwining her tongue with mine.

My hands worked their way down to those panties and I again got to squeeze that sexy ass. She loved it when I did that. It also let me push her body against mine harder. Both of us were radiating heat. Especially my hard cock on her mound and stomach.

Stacey stepped back all of a sudden and leaned down from the waist. In one swift movement she wrapped her lips around my cock. She was a blowjob queen and every second inside her mouth was a dream. With one hand I held onto her hair which she had in a half plait. The sight of her bent over in front of me, sucking my cock, in just lingerie, turned me on even more.

My halkalı escort cock got even harder and I wanted more.

While she was bent over I pulled down those panties. She wriggled her arse a little to let me slide them down but she hadn’t taken my cock out of her mouth.

I ran my fingers down the crack of her arse. She was so wet and warm between her legs. My fingers quickly found their way past her pussy lips and started running up and down her slit. In the positions we were in, I couldn’t reach up to touch her clit so I kept playing with the entrance to her pussy.

I wanted to stick my cock in there so much.

Even though I was loving her blowjob I just had to fuck that pussy. I touched her chin and gently pulled her hungry mouth off my cock. She stood up straight and knew what I had in mind. My body pushed hers up against the wall and I reached down and put my hard cock between her legs.

Her wet pussy was now touching my cock, all along it from head to balls. We kissed while I slowly moved back and forth. The way this felt drove her wild. My cock became coated in pussy juice. Some got on her leg too. I did it for a little longer and loved it but the tease was too much for Stacey.

She reached down and guided my cock into her pussy.

She was so wet I slid in easily but the size of my cock compared to my earlier fingers was a big difference and I stretched her pussy a little painfully at first. That pain faded after a second and turned into incredible pleasure.

My cock was filling her completely. Slowly and silently, we fucked. My cock sliding in and out of that velvety hole. I’d never felt anything so good around my cock as Stacey’s pussy.

‘You feel so good,’ I whispered into her ear.

‘Shh,’ she replied.

I kept up the rhythm but slowed down even more when I heard movement outside. I looked Stacey in the eyes to see if she had heard but the look she gave me showed she didn’t care. The door was closed, we weren’t making any noise, no one would know.

And so we kept fucking.

I moved my hand down so that my finger rubbed her clit with each thrust. It wasn’t long before the situation and the sensations got to her. Her body started shivering against mine. She shuddered with each thrust and twitched as a rubbed her clit. Her pussy started clamping onto my cock. I knew it was an effort for her not to cry out.

Stacey came while my cock was inside her hot pussy…

‘How’d you go in there?’ the salesgirl asked.

‘Excellent. I think I got just what I needed.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32