Shopping for Latex

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Christmas bonus time means we can take one of our trips to shop for sexy clothes on a weekend break to London. This particular trip turned into a memorable experience for all concerned.

My wife loves to dress up for our visits to the city and today was no different. With a short black leather skirt, stockings, calf high black leather boots and a figure hugging top, accentuating the curves of her large tits and hard nipples she looked every bit as sexy and horny as the day we met when she gave me the blow job that made me realize I had found the woman of my dreams. As it’s winter she also wore a full length Leather coat that I had fucked her in many times and I was confident that tonight was to be no exception. Boy was I in for a suprise.

We wandered into one of our favorite stores where we knew we would find a good range of kinky toys and PVC clothes, as I really wanted a long PVC Mac. Surprisingly the shop was quiet although it was quite late on a Saturday afternoon and the owner, a pleasant black man, in truth neither of us paid any attention to him as we started to browse, greeted us. We soon found the section with the PVC coats and took a few off the shelves to have a closer look. The choice was red, black or transparent. I knew black would be a safe bet but I was tempted to try the red coat on in a large size, sure that it would be too small for me.

The owner approached us as asked if he could assist, we explained that we were interested in a coat but they were rather expensive. This was the first time we took a good look at Matt. He was certainly solidly built with a very pleasant calm manner but what grabbed our attention was the leather waistcoat he was wearing along with the tight leather jeans. Matt suggested that he was sure that we could come to some agreement about the price and perhaps he could knock 50% off the price. We exchanged curious glances and asked if we could try a coat on. At this point Matt didn’t know the coat was for me and not for my wife.

I slipped into the changing rooms at the dimly lit end of the shop. The room was large, clean and warm with a full-length mirror. I quickly stripped and slipped the red Mac on. It felt cold but good against my skin and I could feel myself getting aroused but this was not the time and place for that. The PVC Mac did look good as I wrapped the belt around my Bycasino waist. I am tall at over 6 ft and the coat flowed all the way down below my calves. I opened the curtain of the changing room and asked my wife for her opinion. She was a little red in the face and exchanged furtive glances with Matt; I wondered what had been discussed while I was getting changed. I knew from the look on her face that she liked it and was picturing sucking my cock while I wore it at home. I also knew that her beautiful pussy would be starting to drip.

Matt was also waiting outside the changing room and asked me if the coat was having the desired affect. I said that it was but that it was still a little expensive. He again said that we could come to a mutually agreeable figure but this time I noticed the growing bulge in his leather trousers and I was sure that he could see my cock stiffening in the coat. I decided to take a risk and I reached out a rubbed my hand over his swollen cock. The feel of leather was smooth and sexy. “Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Matt. I glanced at my wife who smiled her permission back at me. I rubbed Matt’s cock more firmly and he moaned with pleasure. I lowered myself onto my knees and started to lick his shaft enjoying the feel of his cock through the leather. I gently bit his cock all along its length and noticed that he was now kissing my wife, rubbing her tits through her top.

Suzi loves to watch me suck cock and her pussy juice flows when she puts on her strap-on and I suck it before fucking me with it, so I knew she would be uncontrollable if she were watching me now. I pulled Matt’s zip down and reached in to pull out a thick, long black cock dripping with pre-cum, which I licked from the end. Slowly I put the end of his knob in my mouth before withdrawing and running my tongue down the length of his rigid shaft towards his balls, all freshly shaven. I moved up and took his length in my mouth and started to suck and flick his cock with my tongue, feeling his orgasm build in his balls.

So here we are on a Saturday afternoon in London. I’m on my knees in a sexy red PVC Mac with a lovely thick black cock in my mouth while Suzi kisses Matt, tongues flicking in each other’s mouths. I reach round and grab Matt’s leather clad ass as I continue to give him a blowjob. My own cock by this time was Bycasino giriş also rock hard, dripping my pre-cum over the inside of the coat. I’d better buy this now I thought. I liked Matt’s sales technique.

I decided that I’d better share Matt’s cock and started to stand up. As I did so Suzi dropped to her knees and moving the PVC aside took my cock straight into her mouth giving me a hard wank at the same time to make sure she got all the juice from the tip of my rock hard cock. Matt and I were of a similar height and as we stood side-by-side Suzi was able to suck one cock at a time. She moved us closer together and tried to take both into her mouth at the same time. It felt good to rub my shaft alongside Matt’s and very horny to look in the changing room mirror and watch my wife suck another man while we are all dressed in leather and PVC.

After a few minutes Suzi stood up and I sat down on a long sofa, cock exposed to the world. Suzi stood with her back to me and lowered herself onto my cock, her cunt wet and ready to be fucked. She moaned as we started to fuck and I could feel her clench her pussy to grip my cock. Fucking in this position makes me very sensitive so I lay back on the sofa pulling Suzi with me and spreading our legs so that I could fuck her deeply, exposing her pussy and my cock as it pounded in and out of her. Matt knelt and started to lick Suzi’s thighs, working his way to her clit. As soon as he flicked his tongue on it Suzi cried out with pleasure, which just intensified the fucking I was giving her. She was soon squirming and shouting out with pleasure to “fuck me harder” and “make me cum”. But Matt had other ideas and soon he was licking down her pussy and along the length of my juice covered rod, taking my balls into his mouth. We had always fantasized about this but the reality was much better than we ever dreamt it could be. My cock popped out of Suzi’s pussy straight into Matt’s mouth, he seemed to like the taste of my pussy drenched cock and he grabbed my shaft and put it back into the warmth of Suzy’s cunt. Juice was dripping down Suzy’s ass and Matt inserted a finger into her, I could feel his finger as I fucked Suzy and she moaned with desire. As he fingerfucked her Matt went back to working on Suzi’s clit and in seconds she was screaming as her orgasm exploded through her. This is when Bycasino deneme bonusu Suzi gets really horny and without moving position she slipped my cock out of her pussy and guided it towards her wet asshole, slowly slipping my length into her. I knew this was her ultimate fantasy, to have 2 horny guys fucking her at the same time. As I eased into her arse Matt positioned himself above us and slipped his long thick cock into her pussy. I could feel his full length and I wondered briefly how it would feel to have that length up my ass.

What a sight I could see in the changing room mirror. A leather covered black guy was fucking Suzi while I pounded her pussy still in my red Mac. Suzi was moaning with pleasure as we got into the rhythm of fucking her together. After a few minutes we decided to change positions. Suzi moaned disappointedly as we eased our hard cocks out of her wet holes and she turned onto her knees and offered her ass to us. I eased underneath on my back and slipped my cock easily into her cunt. Matt positioned himself behind her and put the head of his cock against her wide-open ass and eased the head of his cock into the hole I had just fucked. We pounded her for several minutes and the air was blue with Suzis groans and a second orgasm shuddered through her. We were both close to cumming and we pulled out of her and stood side by side with our cocks twitching impatiently while Suzi positioned herself on the sofa and took my length into her mouth. Matt reached round behind me and slipped a finger into my ass, this drove me to the point of no return and no sooner had she stared to suck me than I exploded into her mouth and face covering her in spunk. I was screaming as she took all my spunk. I felt drunk with lust; Matt licked my hot cream from her face and sucked my cock dry. Once I had recovered I sat beside Suzi on the sofa and took Matt’s prick into my mouth and between us Suzi and I gave him one hell of a blow job, sucking his balls, licking his shaft and taking as much of his length into or mouths. It was fucking horny to be sucking another guy with my wife helping. Soon Matt warned us that he was going to cum and we held his head in front of our mouths and waited greedily for his hot sperm. We were not disappointed and soon we were bathing in spunk as it shot from his prick into our waiting mouths. Load after load of thick spunk covered our mouths and we kissed and swapped the spunk between us as Matt tried to get every last drop of cum into our mouths. Eventually we collapsed onto the sofa, well and truly fucked and with a whole fetish shop to play in for the rest of the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32