Shooting Star

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The warm spring air flowed through the night time, rustling the grass and caressing the skin of the two lovers sitting in the field. There were no street lamps or lights from buildings to distract them. A blanket was spread over the grass and they had another one in case the air got cool. It wasn’t going to be needed. The spring season had been unseasonably warm, signaling that summertime would be even worse. Even if the night air had not lingered in the seventies, their bodies kept each other warm.

Storm leaned against a tree, her arms around her lover. They were gazing at the stars, counting wishes as the predicted meteorite shower dazzled any viewers who ventured far enough away from the city to appreciate the display. The cold rocks dashed across the sky, leaving a trail of cosmic, fiery dust in their paths. Baylor, resting her head on Storm’s shoulder as she leaned against her girlfriend, sighed in wonderment. “This is better than any fireworks show I have ever seen.”

Storm dropped her head and kissed the back of Baylor’s neck. Baylor shifted, attempting to give her lover access without loosing her view of the night show. Storm’s kisses were always electric. She made a path over the back of Baylor’s long neck, nibbling lightly with her teeth on the side, before dropping kisses on the girl’s shoulder.

Baylor’s body quickly lost the war between the presentation in the sky and the sensations that Storm created in her body. She dropped her head forward and closed her eyes. Storm’s lips moved along her lover’s back and shoulders as her hands started moving over the supple body. Her talented fingers danced from Baylor’s tummy to the girl’s breasts. She cupped the globes in her hands, squeezing and massaging lightly. Baylor dropped her head back again, laying her brown hair on Storm’s shoulder. Storm’s lips did not pause. She continued kissing and sucking and nibbling on Baylor’s neck and shoulder. She used her mouth to push the material from Baylor’s shoulder as her fingers worked open the buttons.

When all the buttons were released, Storm’s fingertips tickled along Baylor’s rib cage, working her way back to the firm breasts. Her fingers hiked up the peak. She massaged the areola, avoiding the already hard nipples. Baylor closed her eyes and moaned softly. She shifted her body, readjusting her legs. bahçeşehir escort She dropped her hands to Storm’s strong thighs, feeling the muscles beneath the tight jeans ripple as Storm moved to adapt to Baylor’s new position. Baylor could feel Storm’s powerful arms around her body as her lover teased. Storm’s small breasts pressed against Baylor’s back and Baylor could feel the two hard nipples pressing through the thin material of her shirt.

“Does my baby like that?” Storm whispered roughly.

“Oh, yes,” Baylor hissed, her air escaping her as Storm bit down on her neck. In reflex, she lifted her hips. She could feel Storm smile against her bare neck as the slim fingers finally reached the swollen nipples. She used the tip of her index finger to roll the hardened nipple. Baylor’s head tossed side-to-side on Storm’s shoulder. She bit her lip as her body strained toward her lover’s hand, pleading silently for release.

Storm squeezed the nipple between her index finger and thumb. She tugged and pinched and twisted the hard bud. Baylor’s fingernails dug into Storm’s thighs as the pleasure increased. “Easy,” Storm muttered, leaving Baylor’s breast and resting her fingers on Baylor’s bare stomach. Baylor whimpered at the loss of sensation, but forced her body to relax. She opened her eyes and attempted to focus on the sky. Two shooting stars flashed over the horizon. They disappeared behind a strand of trees. Baylor imagined the crash that the rocks would make when they finally contacted with earth.

Storm’s fingers never completely stilled. She made small circles on Baylor’s stomach, massaging around Baylor’s navel and never quite allowing her lover’s body to completely cool. Baylor’s did release her hand from its fist, her palms rubbing and caressing Storm’s toned thighs. As Baylor’s breathing returned to normal, Storm’s fingers slid further down, dipping between Baylor’s thighs. She scratched against the crotch of Baylor’s shorts, feeling her beautiful lover quiver in delight, yearning, and expectation. Baylor’s muscles tensed. “Please,” she whispered, rolling her head on Storm’s shoulder. She moistened her lips with her tongue, her body totally under the control of Storm’s gifted hands.

“Please what?” Storm asked gently as her fingers continued moving against Baylor’s beylikdüzü escort lips through the material of the cotton shorts. She could feel her girlfriend’s heat pouring from her center. Storm could smell her lover’s essence begging to be released. Her breath was warm on Baylor’s face as she teased with her fingers and her voice.

Baylor moaned in frustration. “Please,” she begged, lifting her hips into Storm’s touch. Storm sensed the movement and withdrew her hand. Baylor groaned and repeated her plea. “Storm, please.” The final word died on a low moan.

Storm’s hand cupped Baylor’s mound and dragged upward to the button and zipper of the fly. Storm easily freed the button and lowered the zipper. Her fingers automatically followed the path, slipping into the open V to find the smooth mound beneath. Baylor exhaled, relieved that Storm was finally touching her most intimate part.

The heat was more intense inside the confines of Baylor’s shorts. Moisture poured into the heat as Storm’s finger slipped along Baylor’s slick lips. Baylor turned her head toward Storm with her eyes closed and her lips parted as she concentrated on keeping her breathing even and steady. She warmed the skin of Storm’s neck and exposed chest. Her breasts rose and fell in a steady rhythm as Storm’s finger spread her juices.

Storm bent and kissed the open mouth, sucking on Baylor’s lower lip for a moment. Her sweeping finger moved deeper, sliding easily because of Baylor’s excitement. She did not have to search for Baylor’s bud but did not touch it immediately. Baylor opened her legs for her lover and lifted her hips, trying to force the searching and taunting finger to her hard, throbbing nub. Storm chuckled softly, breaking the kiss as she dipped her finger into Baylor’s tight tunnel. Baylor groaned, her body quivering in reaction. Her body lifted into the thrust, pushing Storm’s finger deeper. Storm pulled out immediately, returning her fingers to their light exploration of Baylor’s mound. Baylor whimpered and settled her hips back to the blanket. She knew her lover. When Storm wanted to control their lovemaking, Baylor knew that any efforts she made to change the pace would be futile.

Once Baylor’s pulse had slowed again, Storm resumed her examination. She pushed between the damp lips avcılar escort and circled Baylor’s clit without touching it. Baylor moaned but did not move, forcing her body to remain placid against Storm’s. The effort to remain still heightened Baylor’s senses as Storm’s roaming finger moved closer to the swollen button. Her heart pounded in her chest and her breathing became fast and shallow, but her hips did not move. “That’s my baby,” Storm said softly in Baylor’s ear, her voice a low growl. Baylor shuddered, her body a willing work of Storm’s artistic talents.

Finally, Storm lightly touched Baylor’s clit. She scratched it with her fingernail. Baylor moaned, still forcing herself not to move. She was a prisoner of Storm’s desire. Overhead, the meteor shower increased in intensity, a star falling every few seconds. It seemed that Baylor’s excitement was causing the very sky to collapse on the young lovers. Storm quickened her pace and rubbed faster, pressing firmer against the source of Baylor’s intense pleasure.

The world centered on Baylor’s womb. It contracted and released as Storm’s loving strokes quickened, creating a gravitational pull that caused the stars to crash in rapid succession. She was moaning constantly now, her head thrashing on Storm’s shoulder as she mumbled incoherently, pleading in an unintelligible language for her lover to complete the job. Storm whispered encouragement in return.

Storm rubbed harder, feeling the change in Baylor’s physical body. The nub was standing stiff now. The warm cream was flowing heavily. Baylor’s scent of pleasure and desire was heavy. Storm was also aware of her own desire. Her nipples were stiff where Baylor’s writhing body had rubbed against them. She could feel her own body lubricating and her own pussy throbbing with the need to be touched by Baylor.

“Please, please,” Baylor moaned, her voice hoarse and weak. “Please, let me cum.” She was throbbing now, her entire body tuned to Storm’s caress. Storm curled her fingers and quickly thrust two into her girlfriend’s passage. She pumped in and out quickly, her palm slapping against the sensitive button.

No longer able to control herself, Baylor thrust upward, meeting Storm’s final plunge. Suddenly, the stars in her head were brighter and more plentiful than those in the sky. Her body stiffened and trembled. Storm dropped soothing kisses on Baylor’s shoulder and neck as her lover experienced her pleasure and gradually returned from her trip to the stars. Baylor collapsed against Storm, her breathing returning to a normal pace and her mind slowly focusing on the meteorites cascading from the heavens.

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