Shooting Matt Ch. 24

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Things get out of hand with Darren.

Everyone is over 18.

Thanks to LarryInSeattle.


“You are not doing that. Are you fucking crazy?” Liam stares at his friend in disbelief. Matt is leaning over the edge of the boulder, gazing at the water below.

“Liam, we checked out the water. There’s no rocks. I’ve jumped from higher ledges than this.”

“Not with a back that is still healing. Come on, dude, don’t do this to me. Think about the impact when you hit the water, even if you do point your toes. And if you don’t, wham the bottom of your fit hit the water and the impact goes up your legs and into your back. Please. Seriously, why risk it.”

Matt looks back at the water. Liam’s right. What is he thinking? He turns away and walks back to Liam. “You’re right. I’m being a dope. Thanks for not letting me be stupid.”

Liam kisses him. “You’re not stupid. You have a little problem with impulse control but you aren’t stupid. I don’t fall in love with stupid guys.”

“Don’t be too sure about that,” Matt replies. They kiss, standing in the sun on top of an ancient rock, breeze ruffling their hair, until their dicks start to twitch. “Whoa, bro, it might be awkward climbing down with a boner. We’d better cool it. Until later, at least,” he adds with a smile and walks to the spot on the rock where they’d climbed up from. It looked more daunting going down than it had going up.

“Liam, maybe we should jump. It might be easier?”

“No! Your back. Maybe we shouldn’t have climbed up here in the first place.” Liam ran his hands through his hair. “Fuck!”

Matt turns to him and puts his hands on his shoulders. “Liam, relax please. We’re fine. I’m fine, if that’s what your worried about. We just need to take our time. I had a great time just now with you. It was worth a skinned knee or two. Don’t get pissed.”

“Is it worth hurting your back again?” Liam sounds as if he’s about to cry. Matt wraps him up in his arms.

“Anything I do with you would be worth it, bro. Anything.” He holds him, rocking back and forth until he feels the tension leave Liam’s body. He leans back and stares into his lover’s face. “Okay, now?”

Liam nods. Matt leans in and kisses him.

“Okay, I’ll go first.”

“No. I will. I’m probably the worst climber. I should go first, so I don’t fall on you and knock you off, too.”

“Yeah, if we were scaling Everest or some shit like that but we aren’t. Hang on.”

Matt stretches out on his belly, his arms and shoulders over the edge of the rock they were lying on. “Take my hands, use your feet and I can lower you to the next one. You can steady me as I come down. After that it’s way easier.”

Liam looks dubious but he sits down and scoots to the edge of the boulder. He turns over and locks one wrist with Matt and then slides over the edge. He scraps his belly, better’n my dick, he thinks and then his feet find one of the rocks beneath him. He doesn’t let go of Matt’s wrist until he’s sure the rock is stable and he’s got his balance.

“Okay, whenever you’re ready,” he calls up to Matt. “I’ll grab your feet until you’re low enough to grab your waist.”

“Cool, just don’t grab my junk; we don’t have time for that.”

“Just come on.”

Matt turns over, holding on to the rock with his hands, his legs dangling over the side of the boulder. He lowers himself. Liam braces himself and puts his hands under the soles of Matt’s feet.

“Dude, take it easy. You almost hurled me back on top of the rock. You don’t have to lift, just steady me,” Matt laughs. He’s able to support most of his weight with his arms until Liam’s hands go around his waist. There’s not a lot of room on the rocks but he manages to give Liam a long kiss.

“Thanks. See, not so bad, was it?”

“We’re not off this pile of rocks yet, Matt. Don’t jinx us.”

Matt was right, the rest of the way down is easier. They needed to watch their steps, especially near the bottom where the rocks are smaller and less stable, but they arrive at the bottom with everything intact. Liam has a small abrasion on his belly but that’s all. Matt leans over and licks the abrasion.

“What are you doing?” Liam cries and steps back.

“Cleaning your wound.” Matt gives him a wicked smile and acts as if he’s going to do it again.

“Gross, dude. It’s bleeding.”

“So? I’ve eaten your jizz for the past month. Why’s blood so weird?”

“It just is. I don’t know.”

“You still mad?”

“No, not at you. I’m pissed at myself for not being able to say no to you. I wish you’d listen to me, just every so often.”

“Baby,” Matt offers, tone and face serious, “I do listen to you. I listen to you all the time. What are you talking about?”

“It doesn’t seem like it sometimes. We could’ve really gotten fucked up climbing that pile of rocks.”

“But we didn’t and it was great up there.”

“But we could have, that’s my point. If you decide to do something, you don’t listen, you just steam roll me and then I’m pissed Betturkey because I don’t have the balls to stand up to you.”

Matt sits down on one of the larger rocks. “Liam, I’m sorry. Dude, I know I get excited but I don’t want you to feel like I blow you off. Liam, you’re one of the most, like, level-headed, smart, dudes I know. It’s one of the things I love about you, bro.”

“Come here, Matt,” Liam asks. Matt pushes himself off the rock and walks over to him. Liam uses his hands to turn Matt around. He hugs him. They’re too close to the same height for him to rest his chin on his shoulder, so he leans his head against Matt’s left shoulder. “Look at that pile of rocks. I mean really look at it. Can’t you see how dangerous it was to climb on that shit?”

Matt does as his friend asks. He looks at the small loose rocks, small but still the size of basketballs. He looks at the larger rocks, sees that one of them is held in place by a rock the size of a softball; then the sides of the smooth boulder that rides atop the rest. He sees a tree leaning past ninety degrees, roots ripped from the ground, it could topple and come rolling down the rock slide at any time. He tries to tell himself that since no one got hurt, he’s right and Liam’s wrong but he’s not convinced.

“Hey, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

Matt and Liam turn. It’s Darren. Matt considers telling him, yeah, you are, so fuck off, but he doesn’t.

“Naw, we were just looking at the rock slide.”

“Bitchin’, right? It was you guys up there, wasn’t it? When I was coming down the trail, I could see someone was on the rock but not who. How’s the view?”

“The view is great but it was a fucking stupid thing to do,” Matt tells him. He looks at Liam. “We barely got down. You were right, Liam. It was a boneheaded thing to do.”

“I don’t know. I’ve done a little climbing. It doesn’t look too bad. Not a lot of holds but you guys made it. I want to give it a try.”

“Darren, dude, don’t. Please,” Liam tells him. “It’s really not safe. You get a better view from the top of the ridge, back where you were.”

“I’ll be okay.” With that Darren walks past them and heads towards the rock slide.

“Darren, come on, man. Come back to the cabin with us. Have a beer. Chill.”

“Maybe later.”

Liam and Matt look at each other, shrug. They walk over and retrieve their clothes. They dress and start back up the trail. They haven’t made the first switchback when they hear rocks falling, followed by a cry.

“That stupid fucker,” Liam cries and they both turn to run back down the trail. They find Darren sprawled between two rocks, trying to push himself up.

“Are you okay?” Liam calls, as he hurries forward.

“Yeah, I think so. I banged my ribs up pretty good, though.”

“You, dumb mother fucker! We told you to stay off those fucking rocks!” Liam snaps. “Are you sure you’re okay?” The latter carries only concern, no anger.

“Yeah, I didn’t hit my head or anything. Fuck, can you give me a hand? It’s hard to twist around so I can use my arms to push myself up.”

Liam and Matt extend their hands. Darren locks wrists with them and they haul him out. His shirt is rucked up into his armpit on the left. When he turns, Matt whistles. Darren turns his head to look.

“Fuck,” he whispers. His side is abraded, oozing blood in spots and already turning purple around the edges.

“Can you breathe okay? Take a deep breath?” Liam asks.

Darren does. He winces a little.

“Does that hurt? You think you broke your ribs?”

Darren looks at Liam and shakes his head. “No, it’s sore but it doesn’t hurt as bad as it looks and breathing doesn’t bother it much.”

“You think it’s sore now, dude, wait until tomorrow,” Matt tells him, shaking his head.

“No shit,” Darren says, touching his side gingerly. “What I need is some medical marijuana. Too bad my stash is at home.”

Matt and Liam exchange glances. Darren doesn’t notice.

“You want that beer now, dumb shit?” Liam asks.

“Bro, harsh, totally harsh. Dude’s seriously hurtin’.” Matt chides him.

“Dude’s hurtin’ causes he’s a dumb shit,” Liam replies, shaking his head. “Come on, let’s go to the cabin. We got beer.” He looks at Darren and offers him half a smile. “And maybe somethin’ better than beer.”


“Can’t I do it in the sink?” Darren asks, standing on the porch of Liam and Matt’s cabin.

“It’ll be easier in the shower. It’s a big area and you need to get the dirt out of it. The water’ll do most of the work but make some suds and wash it off, too.”

“Gonna sting like a bitch,” Matt offers.

“Maybe I should have a hit or two of painkiller first?” Darren asks.

“No way. Once you’re stoned, nothing’ll get done, ’cause I’ll be stoned and Matt’ll be stoned and we won’t give a shit at that point if you clean off that abrasion or not.” He nods his head toward the shower, part way down the hill. “Go on. Matt and I’ll go grab some burgers down at the lodge. Betturkey Giriş We’ll meet you back here. Do you need to tell your mom or someone where you’re at?”

“I’ll call her. Shit! I better check my phone.” Darren paws his phone out and breathes a sigh of relief. “If I go back to the cabin and she sees this, she’ll shit a ton of bricks and then drag my ass to the ER.”

“Fine. Call her. We’ll go get food. Cheeseburger? Onion?”

“Yeah, everything except lettuce is fine. Thanks, dudes. I’ll pay you back.”

“Sure, whatever, don’t sweat it. Call your mom. Does she hit the ganga? Invite her up.”

Darren stares at Liam as if he had three heads and they were all up his ass. “Uh, no. Bad idea. Very bad idea.”

Liam shrugs and grabs Matt by the arm. “Come on, Matt. I’m starving.”

“Where you lead, I follow, Kemosabi.” Matt nods at Darren. “Good luck with the mater familias, bro. See you in a few. Clean that bitch of a scrap up or nurse Ratchet,” he nods at Liam, “may do it with Clorox or something.”

“Good idea,” Liam calls over his shoulder. “Dude, you coming?”

“Yeah, yeah. Brah, don’t pitch a bitch. Fuck.” Matt winks at Darren and heads down the road after Liam.


“That burger was sick, dude, sick.”

Matt nods his agreement with Darren’s sentiments. “Glenna and Leon are great cooks but Rosalita is on another fucking plane of cooking existence.”

“I’ve never seen you in the snack bar,” Liam observes.

Darren shrugs. “Mom loves to point out that we’re renting a cabin with a kitchen and it would be silly to spend good money for bad food.” A grimace washes over his face. “She’s a terrible cook.” He looks up startled, guilty. “Not really, I’m being a dick.”

“Dude, relax,” Liam tells him. “Everyone has issues with parents; it’s part of the gig.”

“No, really. She’s a great mom. She just, I don’t know, tries too hard or, I don’t know…” his voice tails off into the early evening quiet.

“Where’s your dad?”

This time the grimace remains on Darren’s face. “Home, banging his secretary.”

“No fucking way!” Matt pushes his chair back and heads for the cooler. “Anyone else need a beer?” When both men shout, “yeah”, he scowls at them. “One of you two lazy bitches is gettin’ the next round.” He returns to the table with three bottles. “Your popster is really nailing his secretary?”

Darren takes a long drink, nodding as he does. “Oh, yeah,” he replies as he sets the bottle down and begins to pick at the soggy label with a fingernail. His eyes are glued to the label. He’s as focused as if he were engaged in disarming a nuclear warhead rather than peeling the label off a bottle of beer. “Is nailing, was nailing, shall continue to nail,” he intones. “They don’t divorce because that would cost too much money. Mom spends her time making him miserable and he spends his time making sure she knows he’s fucking another woman. Just to spice it up, he makes sure she knows he doesn’t really love his secretary. He fucks her because she’s hot and dumb.”

“Fuck,” Liam whistles softly. “Dude, how old are you? You live at home? College?”

“Nineteen, yeah, I live at home. To save money I’m doing my first two years of gen ed at the community college. As long as I keep a 3.5 or better I can transfer to one of the state universities.”

“Cool,” Matt nods, “but sucks, too.”

“Yup, that sums it up.” Darren picks up the bottle and polishes it off. “She was pissed when I called her. I told her I’d go with her to meet her sister at the VFW tonight.” He lifts his face to look at his companions in horror. “And play bingo.”

Beer sprays out of Matt’s nose. He pushes the table back and collapses over his knees. It’s impossible to tell how much of the racket he’s making is brays of laughter versus coughing versus gasping for breath. Darren and Liam stare at him, smiling, until he gets control. His face is red and tears stream down his cheeks. “Bingo? However did you summon the courage to pass up such a rousing evening of fun?” Matt tries to use a snotty voice but he’s hoarse from coughing and laughing.

“Actually, it can be kinda fun.” Darren sees the look on Liam’s face and turns to him. “Seriously, once you start to get into it, it’s like any other game. You want to win.”

“So, it’s just you and your mom up here?”

“Yeah. My girlfriend was gonna come but she decided she couldn’t give up a week of work.” Darren picks up the bottle in front of him, realizes it’s empty and sets it back down, frowning. “I think it’s because the idea of being cooped up in a cabin with my mom for a week gave her a terminal case of the fucking heebie-jeebies.”

“You have a girl friend?” Liam asks, recalling Darren’s attention, and boner, in the shower.

Darren nods.

“Does she know…”

“Fuck, no way.” Darren answers Matt’s question before he can finish it.

“Do you guys fuck and stuff?” Darren nods. “Do you like it?” Liam continues.

“Yeah, of course,” Darren answers. He looks at Matt Betturkey Güncel Giriş and Liam. “Don’t you guys?”

“Not really,” Liam answers. “At least I don’t. I’m gay. So, you consider yourself bi, then?”

“I guess so,” Darren shrugs. “I mean I haven’t fooled around with other dudes very much, uh, like not at all, but I think about it a lot.” He looks away from the bottle, now nearly stripped of its label. “How long have you guys been together?”

“Oh, like two weeks or something.”

Darren’s eyes widened. “Two weeks?”

“Not quite,” Liam corrects, “but we’ve known each other since high school.”

“Wow. Cool.” His hands drop away from the bottle. “I was watching you guys on top of the rock, sucking each other off.” He sits very still, looking like a defendant awaiting a verdict, which is how he feels.

“Really?” Matt asks, clearly intrigued. “What did you do? Did you jerk off?”

Darren nods.

“We talked about a threesome with you.” Darren’s head jerks around to face Liam. “We’re not sure if that’s a good idea or not,” Liam continues. “We’re just getting used to the idea of being a couple. A threesome would complicate that — a lot.”

“Right on. I mean, that’s totally cool, I get it.” Darren tries to keep the disappointment out of his voice. “I mean to be totally honest, the idea of doing something with another dude, as hot as it sounds, scares the shit outta me. You know? There’s a difference between wondering if you’re a faggot and confirming it?”

“I think you mean between wondering if you’re gay or bi, don’t you? Faggot is an ugly word when it’s thrown at you. Don’t throw it at yourself.” Liam’s voice is soft and hard at the same time.

“He’s right, bro,” Matt says and puts his hand on Darren’s arm.

After a moment, Darren nods.

“So, when you imagine fooling around with a dude, what is it you imagine?” Liam asks, relaxing back in his chair. “I used to fantasize about sucking someone’s dick more than I did about getting my dick sucked,” he continues.

Darren blushes and nods. “Yeah, same here,” he adds after swallowing hard.

Liam nods his head once. “Cool, okay.” He stands and turns to face Matt. As he does, he puts one hand behind his back and extends two fingers. “Let’s keep this random,” he tells Matt. “If you guess odd or even correctly, you let Darren suck your dick. If you guess wrong, he sucks mine. That fair?” Matt nods. Darren is barely breathing. “Okay then, odd or even?”


Liam brings his hand from behind his back.

“Fuck, I never win that fucking game.” Matt looks past Liam at Darren. “He didn’t cheat, did he?”

Darren shakes his head.

“Fuck,” Matt repeats as he stands and begins to take off his clothes.


“You sure you’ve never done this before?” Liam pants. Darren looks at him and smiles around the cock in his mouth as he shakes his head before lifting it.

“No, but I know what I wish my girlfriend would do.”

Matt, lying on his side, head towards Liam’s feet, has been closely watching the action. He leans over and kisses Darren. Darren looks at him surprised.

“Quit talking and suck my boyfriend’s dick,” he whispers.

Darren’s head begins to drop but he stops. “Why don’t you lay down beside him? I could suck you both.”

“I have to check with the ump. He made the rules.” Matt looks at Liam. Liam nods.

“Fuck, yeah, brah,” Matt cries and stretches out beside Liam. He turns and pulls Liam’s head toward him. It’s awkward but they managed to kiss each other as Darren shifts positions to kneel between them. He puts his arm under Liam’s neck. He sighs as the warm ring of Darren’s mouth falls over his cock. “Oh, yeah, dude, that’s right, suck my dick,” Matt sighs, his lips pressed to the corner of Liam’s mouth.

Darren doesn’t deep throat but for a newbie he performs admirably. His uses his left hand and mouth on Matt’s cock, stroking Liam with his right. His hands keep stroking as his mouth alternates between the two men’s cocks. He has the knack of sensing when one of them is getting close. When he does, he switches to the other one.

Matt’s arm tightens around Liam’s neck as his body stiffens. His free hand goes to the head bobbing over his cock. “Dude, don’t stop, please. If you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, fucking move.” Darren redoubles his efforts. Matt’s fingers tighten in his hair and his mouth fills with cum.

“Don’t swallow,” Liam calls to him. “Don’t swallow. Give it to me. I want it.” Matt groans beside him as Liam’s request draws another shudder from his body and balls. His cock flops to his belly as Darren crawls up between them. Matt turns his head to watch, as his hand finds his cock.

Liam opens his mouth. Darren holds his mouth just above Liam’s, their lips almost brush. He parts his lips. A streamer of cum, glistens, white, viscous, begins to stretch from his lips. It hangs, teasing, before falling into Liam’s waiting mouth. Something snaps inside Liam’s brain. He pulls Darren close and smashes his lips against his. Matt can see, through the movement of their cheeks that Liam’s tongue is deep inside Darren’s mouth. Liam’s Adam’s apple moves up and down as he swallows. He lets his head fall back onto the bed. “You want another load?” he pants, eyes closed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32