Shelly’s Decisions Ch. 01

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Shelly climbed out of the car into the chilly night air. She shut the door as softly as she could. Mark had wanted her to stay longer and the eighteen year old girl couldn’t tear herself away once he started kissing her. They had made out in his car for at least an extra half-hour. “I’m going to be late anyway, so what is a little more time?” Shelly had reasoned to herself as her passion had escalated. Her new boyfriend pretty blue eyes and broad muscular shoulders, just like her father. She hadn’t gone all the way with Mark, yet. Shelly knew that her cherry had been broken when she’d started her horseback riding lessons years ago, but that wasn’t the point. She just didn’t want to disappoint her daddy.

Mark was putting more and more pressure on her to ‘go all the way’ and it was becoming harder and harder to say ‘no’ when he was sucking her sensitive nipples and rubbing her swollen pussy through her tight jeans. Usually she ended up jerking him off and Mark seemed satisfied, but tonight he’d convinced Shelly to give him a blowjob instead of just a hand job. It wasn’t as bad as she’d expected it to be. Actually, Shelly had gotten really turned on while she was going down on her boyfriend.

The boy had dropped her off about half a block from her house. Shelly didn’t want to take a chance on the car engine or the shutting of a door waking her father. It was only 10:45 at night, but that was over an hour past her 9:30 p.m. curfew.

Shelly knew if she got caught again, she was in big trouble. She was going to have to be very quiet when sneaking in. A soft sigh of relief slipped from her lips as she walked to her house. No lights were on. She smoothed out her sweater over her young firm breasts, brushed back the hair from her face and ran a thumb around her lips to make sure there were no lipstick smudges. She could feel her engorged pussy lips squishing together wetly as she walked and felt like running to her room, she wanted to masturbate so badly. “Calm down you horny girl! You can get yourself off as soon as you get into bed” Shelly told herself.

“It’s so unfair!” She thought bitterly as she made sure to skip over the squeaky second step on the porch. “All the other kids get to stay out later than me. It’s not my fault my mom left us when I was little. My daddy is so damn overprotective.” The teenager eased the key in the lock and turned the handle, making as little noise as possible. Her room was upstairs at gaziantep minyon escort bayan the end of the hall. It was actually the master bedroom, but her father let her have the bigger room so he could keep tabs on when she came and went. She loved her daddy very much, but sometimes he was just too much!

Shelly closed the door and tiptoed to the stairs. Watch out for the 4th one up…it’s creaky she remembered from the last time she was late. That had caused a few moments of panic when he had stirred at the noise. And then past Daddy’s room and slip into mine. The girl could feel her pussy lips sliding together again as she started up the stairs. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait before I let Mark shove that hard cock in me, maybe after the Senior Prom. That would be a wonderful ending to a wonderful night.” She stopped suddenly in her tracks as some dogs started barking in the next yard. Her heart leapt to her throat. Frozen, she waited to see if any lights would come on from upstairs. After a few moments no lights came on and she began ascending the stairs. As the girl touched the 3rd step preparing to skip over the next, she heard a sound.

“You’re late.” A deep voice resonated from the darkness of the living room.

Shelly gasped and slowly turned around. In the shadows she hadn’t noticed the presence. He was sitting in his big leather easy chair in the corner of the room. He still wore his Jeans, the big belt bucket sparkled in the moonlight shining through the window. His work shirt was thrown over the arm of the chair and his tanned, muscular arms were bared in his wife beater t-shirt. His construction job kept him in good shape and for a 38 year old man he still looked damn good. The teen often wondered why he never brought women home.

“But, Daddy I…”

“Did you have a good time?” he cut her off. Her father spoke slowly and softly, but she could hear in his deep voice a controlled anger. “I hope you had a good time, ‘cuz you aren’t getting away with disobeying me this time, Baby Girl. I’m fed up with you ignoring my rules. So I hope you had a real, real good time. It would be a shame to have brought this on yourself for no good reason.”

“Daddy, it’s not fair! All my friends get to stay out la…”

“Enough!” for the first time in a long time he raised his voice to her. “Get your ass over here. NOW!”

Shelly nizip escort bayan slowly slunk over to where Daddy was sitting until she was standing in front of him. He reached over to the side table and turned on the lamp. For a moment the brightness blinded her.

“That was Mark Whitmore you were out with tonight, wasn’t it?” Shelly nodded. “Does he know when your curfew is?” She nodded again. “Do YOU know when your curfew is?”

“Yes Daddy, I know when my curfew is.” Shelly said a little snottily. She was getting tired of his inquisition and wanted to go upstairs. “Daddy, I’m sorry!” Shelly gave him the puppy dog eyes and kneeled down in front of him, laying her head on his thigh. “I promise I won’t be late anymore. I’m really sorry and I’ll make it up to you! Can I go to bed now, I’m really tired.” She looked up at him and showed him the most angelic face she could muster. This one usually melts him.

He shook his head slowly. “Not this time, Baby. What were you doing out in Mark’s Mustang for the last 45 minutes?”

Shelly looked up at him in surprise and confusion, “How did? What? I wasn’t…”

“I met Mark’s parents at the football game last weekend. Nice folks. Told me they got him a new red convertible Mustang for him making all conference and getting a scholarship to State.

You tellin’ me that wasn’t his car sittin’ halfway down the block with two kids neckin’ in the front seat?”

Shelly looked down in shame. Not so much from kissing Mark, but that she’d lied to Daddy.

“Stand up, Girl.” Shelly slowly took her feet. “I’m going to let you choose your own punishment. I know you’re keepin’ secrets from me, so you decide. You can keep quiet, go up to your room and be grounded for a month. Or, you can bend over my knee, tell me everything I want to know, and take your swats.”

“Daddy, you haven’t spanked me since I was ten!” Shelly thought being spanked would be humiliating. “I’ll take the grounding” ‘cuz there is no way he’ll follow through with it, he’s just pissed right now’, she added in her mind.

“OK, then. Tomorrow is Friday. That’s the last day to pay for your Prom Ticket. Isn’t your Prom in three weeks? Well, that’s a $50 check I won’t have to write. You were going dress shopping with your friends tomorrow. I guess you can call them in the morning and tell them not to pick you up.” He watched as his nurdağı escort bayan daughter’s mouth dropped open. “And weren’t you planning on going up to the City with Cheryl Morgan next weekend? You can call her in the morning, too.”

“Daddy! That’s not fair! I’ve had the Prom

and that trip planned for months!”

“Honey, you made your choices, now you can live with them.”

Shelly’s eyes welled up with tears. “I changed my mind, I’ll take the spanking.” She said meekly. She remembered the routine from earlier in her childhood and went to bend over his knee. Her Daddy held out his hand stopping her.

“Not so fast. This is a lesson you need to remember, and those jeans take too much of the sting out. This is gonna be a bare-assed spanking, so get them jeans off.” His daughter looked at him incredulously and didn’t move.


The sharpness of his demand got her moving and she slowly started taking off her jeans. Daddy waited impatiently. “The longer you take, the harder I swat.” This sped her up and in a few moments Shelly stood in her sweater, panties and socks. Her father motioned for her to take the sweater off too.

“Daddy, I’m only wearing a bra on under my sweater.” Shelly pleaded.

“Honey, I’m going to say this one more time. You made your choices. So, do you want your punishment now, or do you want to be grounded? I want you to think about it real careful because this is the last chance you get to change your mind. You are going to do what I say now or you are going to spend the next month either at school or in your room. It’s your decision, so what’s it going to be?”

Slumping her shoulders, Shelly grabbed the bottom of her sweater and lifted it over her head.

“I can see why Mark and the other boys come sniffing around here so much. You are growing into a beautiful woman.” Shelly blushed embarrassingly red. She was becoming very flushed standing practically nude in front of her father. “Turn around.” When Shelly turned around, he noticed that two of the four clasps of her bra were undone and one of the hooks was in the wrong clasp. She turned back around and went to bend over his knee.

“You’re forgetting something.” Daddy said as he held up his hand once again.

His daughter gave him confused look. “What?”

“I said ‘bare-assed’.”

Shelly stood stock still for a moment, staring at her father. When he made no move, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly moved them down her legs until they were at her feet and stepped out of them. Shelly stood back up and couldn’t help but cover her pubic mound with one hand, her wispy pubic hair poking between her fingers.

Daddy took a good look at his beautiful, blossoming daughter and simply said, “OK, now get over my knee.”

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