She Takes Control

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Kevin lowered his head down between her legs and starts to lick up Julie’s leg. Oh how he loved to tease her like this. She was moaning and raising her hips trying to get him to fuck her or at least eat lick her pussy like she wanted him too. She pulled her arms hard against the silk scarves that secured them to the bed and could not free them. His head started to move back down her leg and stopped and took a long lick from her ass to over her clit.

“Yes that’s it now keep going…no don’t you dare.” Her hips move up again and he just laughs as he moves away to lick down the other leg. Damn him!, Julie thought. She strained and pulled till her wrists started to hurt. “Ow ow ow. Enough please. Candy bar. Candy bar. Candy bar. Just let me out of these. Hearing the safety word he stops his torture and goes to untie her.

“What wrong?” Kevin asks looking concerned after she had said the safe word. Pulling her wrists free she starts to rub them.

“It’s my damn wrists and your damn torturing me like that. That is not fair at all Kevin. You get things just the way you like and I am stuck there begging and pleading uselessly for you to just fuck me. “

Kevin just laughs at her. “I thought you liked the lack of control. I know you like it, but if it a fucking you want I can do that with you tied or untied. ” He starts to push her back and she grabs an arm and resists him.

“No. You are not going to fuck me at all. You think it is so fun getting teased like that. Lets see how well you like it.” She rolls over to her knees and then directs Kevin to lie down.

“OK Julie I’ll play along. Go ahead have your fun.” He smiles knowing that like all the other times, she has tried to assert herself against him she will leave something so that he can escape and then ravage her and take over again. He lies down and puts his hands to the headboard and allows her to tie him up. “Ow! Think that is a little tight there Julie? ” Kevin asks as she ties the first arm with the scarf. She quickly moves over to the other side and ties it up just as tight. There is a look in her eyes that have not been there before. Kevin pulls on his arms and finds he cannot move them at all.

“Problems Kevin?” Julie says as she gets off the bed and walks to her dresser. “Now it is my turn Kevin. No way out this time. You are just going to have to stay there and let me do whatever I want.” She grabs the couple of vibrators and set them on the bed. She then straddles Kevin’s chest and pins him to the bed. He bucks and he tries to twist but he cannot move. There is a look of excitement and fear in his eyes as he realizes this is not the normal game.

“So the first thing I am going to do is make myself cum so that I can take my time with you. All you can do is sit there and watch Kevin.” Her hips begin to move pushing her pussy against his chest and then she Yalova Escort slowly begins to slide it back and forth. “If you would not have been such a prick earlier you could have been fucking me by now. But now all you can do is sit there and watch. Can you feel how wet I would have been for you. Can you?”

He nods his head obediently and can feel the wetness on his chest. She scooted forward and then took her vibrator and started to rub her clit with it. “Mmm…that feels so good Kevin. To bad it is not your tongue here licking me. Tasting me. Oh and look at these tits you could have been kissing and feeling.,” she teases cupping them and starting to rub them in front of him. “Oh I love it when you pinch my nipples like this. Too bad you had to tease me so much.” Julie bends her head back and with her hair cascading over her back as she pinches those nipples and uses that vibrator.

Kevin is just wiggling trying to find a way out. “I am sorry Julie. Let me out and I will do what you ask. Really no more teasing.” Julie just looked down at him and shook her head. Her breath starting to quicken as her climax approached.

Oh how she had wanted to do this. She has tried but always gave out and let him win. Not this time though. She slowed down and removed the vibrator and stuck her fingers in her snatch. “This is my payback Kevin.” She brings her fingers up and sticks it into her mouth. “Mmm I bet you wish you could taste me too huh.” She goes back to sucking her finger. “Well may be just a little taste. Just a tease of what you could be having.” She brings her fingers to his lips and then pushes it between his lips.

He moans while she simulates the motion her other fingers are making moving in and out of her. She was really getting into this. She so badly wanted to fuck him, or even better let him go and let him take control. But something today had changed. She wanted it, but was in no hurry to grant it and if she did it would be as she wanted.

“Let’s start to have some real fun with him,” Julie thought. She took her finger out of his mouth and turned around so that her pussy was just over his chest and her ass a foot from his head. “Yum look what’s down here. I love to taste your precum you know. ” She bends down and licks it off from the tip of his dick. It bounces a little at the touch of her tongue. “So little though. I bet this will make more. ” She bends over again and this time inserts the vibrator into her pussy.

Kevin stretches and pulls and tries to get his head so he can taste her and lick her but between her on his chest and his arms all he could do is watch her fuck herself with that vibrator. Hearing her moan and then feel and occasional lick on his dick or maybe having her suck on the head was absolute torture, but this was also so hot. He could not remember the last time he was this hard or turned on. Watching Yalova Escort Bayan her add that second vibrator to her clit and feeling the vibrations on his chest was almost too much. He could smell her sex, her moisture that was getting spread on his chest.

She was getting close he could tell as she moved her hands faster and faster. Her legs tightened around his chest and she sets up right and he could imagine the look of bliss on her face that matches the sound of her climax. She pulled the vibrator out and then sat next to him. Her hands going over his body with her nails leaving red lines down his chest.

Julie looks at him and saw how flushed his face was, his dick making little jumps on its own. “Now, what should I do to you next,” she asks. “I know how you would love for me to fuck you, but I think you are a little too excited. Am I right? “

Kevin nods his head. “God yes! I would come so fast right now. Please suck me and then after fuck me. Please Julie. Give me a blow job and take my cum. “

She sat there and thought about it. That is what she was thinking about doing too, but that would be too nice. She shook her head as she got another idea. “No Kevin I don’t think so. I think that sounds fun, but I am in control not you. Be right back. I want for you cool down for a little bit so that you will last long enough for me to fuck you and not have you cum immediately.” She gets up and walks out of the room.

A minute or two later she comes back with her hands behind her back. “So have you calmed down enough Kevin?” He nods his head and she approaches the bed. “Liar! I don’t think you have, but I bet this would work.” From behind her back she produces an ice pack.

“Oh no you don’t Julie. Foul, you win, just leave me here to calm down but don’t do that.” Kevin begins to pull and twist and then tries to cross his legs to protect his privates from the cold. “Heee heee heee,” Julie giggles. “I promise it will not be as bad as you deserve. Trust me Kevin. I would not do THAT to you. But I do still think this will work. And besides… I still want to get worked up again so…”

She gets up, straddles his head and wraps the icepack in his discarded shirt and sets it on his balls. She hears a slight moan of protest around her pussy that is covering his mouth, but it quiets down as he is assured that it is not that cold. Mean while his tongue and mouth is going to work on her pussy. Her free hand goes to squeezing the base of his cock as she closes her eyes and moves her hips around so that his lips and tongue hits just where she wants. She feels just where his tongue and hot breath is and then moves down to have him tongue her ass. She lingers there for a little and then goes back to her pussy and clit.

Over the next few minutes her breathing gets quicker, her moans louder, the sound of him eating her Escort Yalova gets more intense. For some reason she finds her positioning herself to let him lick her ass almost more then her anything else. She looks down and see Kevin’s dick leaning to one side just slightly hard.

“Oops, look likes we over did you a little Kevin. Here let’s see if this helps.” She removes the ice bag and then starts to suck on his cock taking all of it into her mouth. Her other hand cups and warms up his now chilly balls. She feels him harden and start to grow in her mouth.

His tongue and mouth pick up the pace as a show of appreciation since that is all he can do. His tongue is tired but he keeps going and is now more sucking then licking. Her warm mouth feels so good to him. He always loved to get hard while getting sucked on. Just something about it is so exciting.

She pulls off of him and then gets up. “I might need your help for this one Kevin. Lift your legs so I can use them to help lower myself onto your cock. There you go. Now I want you to look. Watch me lower myself on to you. Watch as I rub your cock and down really wet pussy. You did a good job you know making me wet. I am getting close. So now watch as I move your cock to my ass. Oh it feels so good having your dick touching my ass. Oh god watch as your dick pushes into my ass.” She slowly lowers herself down frrling the stretching, the almost painful but so pleasurable pull of her skin. “Hssss. Oh there’s that nice pain as I stretch open for you. Did you watch your head go in…felt how tight it was. Now watch my lower myself the rest of the way.”

Kevin’s eyes are glued to the seen before him. He watched wordlessly as she lowered herself down. Mesmerized by her incredibly sexy voice telling him exactly what she is doing and feeling. This is even hotter then watching her play with herself. There is just something so exciting about watching her ass fuck herself on his dick. She takes the vibrator and applies it to her clit while she squats up and down on his dick. He can feel how tight she is and how she rolls her hips on the way down. “Oh I am so glad she is close I don’t know how much more I can take,” Kevin thinks.

Suddenly she gasps. She screams out as her climax hits and he feels her ass tighten. She stops for a second and then continues to ride Kevin. She hears him gasp and exclaim that he is going to cum.

She jumps off of him and surrounds his cock with her larger breasts and then moves them up and down over his cock till she feels the warmth and the slick cum cover her breasts. She keeps rubbing his cock till his hips stop thrusting and his gasps stop.

She the lies back down on his chest and they can both feel the cum between them. They kiss as she reaches up and unties his hands. “That was incredible Julie! Simply amazing! I never knew you had that in you to carry through like that.”

She kisses his lips, rolls to his side and thinks to herself the she did not know she did either, but now that she did, she knew that he was not going to escape so easily anymore.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32