She Sure Showed Us! Ch. 02

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Welcome to another one of my stories! My ex-girlfriend said I should share some of these crazy stories with the world. At the time, I never bothered but now with the pandemic I have a lot more time on my hands, so…enjoy! I have changed the names to protect everyones privacy, but the rest of the story is 90% true and 10% filling in the blanks of minor details that I don’t remember.

So, in the first chapter of this story we were introduced to my roommate (Brian) and old neighbors (Sara and Kirstin, although only Sara appears in this chapter). If you want to read it, you’ll get a sense for the sexy personalities of the two girls and the build up to how I got super lucky and was headed up the stairs of my house with a gorgeous, naked girl following me. If you don’t want to read it, the quick version is that a sexy game lead to a sexy bet, the hot neighbor girls got naked in our hot tub, and I made a move on the hot neighbor girl who had been flirting with me (Sara). And, now we are about to hook up.

Once we got upstairs, things escalated in a hurry. Not that things weren’t already escalated…Sara had been naked for more than an hour at that point and she had been crazy turned on the entire time. She walked into my room behind me, and I turned to close the door. I turned back to face her and she was on her knees, right in front of me on the floor. She didn’t say a word, she just grabbed my bathing suit and yanked it off. My cock sprang right out, and she stared right at it, with a hungry smile on her face.

She took one hand and put it on my cock, and went to town. She took me deep in her mouth, as if she had been dreaming about having me in her mouth all night. She wasn’t exactly gentle…she wanted me rock hard, and she wanted it right away. I looked down, and realized that she had her other hand in between her legs bostancı escort and was rubbing her clit. I got so turned on looking at her and listening to her moans that were stifled by my hard dick in her mouth. I could tell she was really working herself up and I was rock hard in no time.

I stood her up, and kissed her again. Then, I spun her in a circle so that I was behind her, and she was facing the full-length mirror on the back of my door. I kissed her ear slightly.

“Look at your hot little body.” I whispered into her ear. She bit her lip and moaned, as my hands found their way to her hips.

“You loved stripping off your bathing suit and strutting around naked in front of us all night, didn’t you?” I asked.

“I sure did!” she said, as I put her hands on top of her head.

“Don’t move your hands.” I whispered.

“Yes, sir.” she said.

“Good girl, and so polite. You knew as soon as we started the challenges that you were going to get naked, didn’t you?” I whispered.

“Yes, sir” she said, as she started to breathe heavily.

“And you couldn’t wait to slip out of your suit and let all of us see your sexy little body, could you?” I whispered in her ear, giving her a tiny nibble as I finished the sentence.

“Yes, sir, I couldn’t wait.” she said.

I moved my hands up to her tits, and found her rock hard nipples again. I gently rolled them in my fingers, and she moaned under my touch. I could tell she wanted to move, but she didn’t.

“Fuck me, please!” she moaned, and leaned back into me.

I kept my left hand on her breast but moved my right hand down to her pussy. I immediately found her swollen clit, and she started moaning immediately.

“Don’t make me beg!” she shouted, in between moans.

“Nope. Beg büyükçekmece escort for it. I’m in control now. You’ve wanted it all night, and now if you want to get it, you’re going to have to beg.” I whispered into her ear. I could tell she loved the idea of being made to beg because it instantly put her moans into overdrive.

“Please, sir! Please!” she begged.

“You’re going to have to do better than that!” I teased her, as my finger rounded her clit.

“Please, sir! Please! I need you inside me!” she practically screamed at the top of her lungs.

I decided that was enough for our first time together, and I lead her over toward my bed. I tossed her down onto it, forcefully. She was clearly enjoying how I was taking charge. She immediately spread her legs all the way open and welcomed me on top of her. I slid on a condom quickly and knelt down between her legs. I slid my cock right into her tight little pussy and it felt amazing. She was so tight! She gasped as I slid all the way in, and then she moaned out in pleasure. I got on top of her missionary style, and started working in and out of her. It felt so good that I had to think about baseball for a minute or two to slow down. It just got better and better though, so I had to slow down to keep from cumming too early.

I hit just the right angle and she instantly started moaning harder. I switched my motion just barely and it hit her in just right perfect spot.

“Oh my god, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she screamed.

“Not until you ask permission!” I told her.

“Please, sir! Please! I need to cum!” she screamed.

“Do it. Now!” I screamed.

She immediately exploded into orgasm, moaning, screaming…I was sure I was going to hear about this from the roommates çekmeköy escort at this point but it was totally worth it. I kept the motion going until she had finished, and then I pulled out and gave her a chance to catch her breath.

I laid down next to her, and after a minute or two she had caught her breath and she rolled over to talk to me.

“Oh. My. God.” she said, with a blushing smile. “I feel like I shouldn’t tell you how much I loved having to beg.”

“You don’t have to. I noticed.” I said, with a wink.

“That was amazing. Did you cum?” she asked me.

“Not yet. I could go for one more, or, I could just finish on your tits.” I said.

Without a word, she sat up and pulled the condom off my dick. She started stroking, and I could tell it wasn’t going to take much after our warmup. After a minute, I knew I was ready and I motioned to her to lean back so that I could take over and aim my load to land right onto her tits.

It took about ten more seconds, and I let loose a huge load right onto her tits. It was a pretty easy target, since her tits were pretty big but I managed to cover them completely. I had been building a huge load since she untied her bikini top all those hours ago, and I got it all over her. She looked at her tits after I came on them, and clearly loved the sight of my cum all over them. She rubbed the biggest part of it onto her fingers, and then licked it off. I don’t know if she was faking or not but she looked like she loved the taste. I got her a towel to wipe the rest off, and she curled up next to me, purring like a kitten.

“Well, it’s been quite the day, hasn’t it?” I said.

Sara just giggled.

“So, do you think Kirstin will follow up with her end of the bet tonight?” I asked.

“Probably. I didn’t think she would get naked tonight, and she did. I guess we will find out, right?” Sara replied.

“Well, whether or not Kirstin gets naked…I think the odds of you getting naked before the end of the party are pretty good!” I teased.

“That’s probably a safe bet!” she giggled, and then we drifted off to sleep as I imagined that we were about to have a truly epic weekend on our hands!

To be continued…

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