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This is a work of fiction with no resemblance to any person(s) other than myself within this story.

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I am a mid 50’s single, divorced, ordinary, average, mostly forgettable guy that works for himself as a handyman/home remodeler. As such, I do a lot of business at the major big box home improvement stores in my area. The one closest to my home is the one I try to frequent the most and I have gotten to know many of the employees at this store location.

I rarely need help locating things in the store other than when I go into the paint department. One day I go in for a paint match and notice there is a new woman working the dept. Normally this sucks because it takes longer or they don’t get it to match and I have to come back and do it all over again costing me some lost time and wages. While waiting for the only other customer for paint gets theirs and walks away I notice her work apron is pristine, really not a good sign. I decide to take the chance instead of going to a different location just incase she only has a new one on and not completely new at this.

She comes over to help me and we go through all the specifics of the paint and such. The computer does its job and she tells me to give her 10 minutes to get it ready and that if I have other shopping to go ahead. Since it is the only thing I am needing I just find a place in front of the area and lean against a display and wait.

As she walks away to get the right paint I notice the rest of her. She looks to be an inch or so taller than my 5’11”, about 150 lbs, with about a size 5 tight little assed pair of pants on. Coal black hair that is a little longer than shoulder length. Light to medium soft caramel colored skin and almost black eyes. I guess I was still staring into space in the direction she went because as she walked back with the paint to mix she saw me just staring at her and she noticed and winked at me. Slightly embarrassed and flustered I looked away quickly as she went to get it tinted.

Once it was mixing I stepped up to the counter and she asked outright: “Were you checking me out as I walked away?”

“Umm, I apologize, I hope I didn’t offend you since yes I was.”

She laughed and said that it’s okay and she never expected me to be so honest!

I said I would rather be honest and upset someone, than to lie and be disrespectful to the other person and to myself. All she said was WOW!

The paint finished shaking and she checked to see if the color was right and it wasn’t… Damn, now what I asked. She just said “This is when my art major degree comes into play.” She went and tweaked the formula and put more tint in and started the mixing/shaking process again.

I asked her why if she has a BA in art that she is working at this store? … her reply kinda stunned me.

She said that it was a long story but suffice to say she was a middle school art teacher for close to 15 years before she got tired of the verbal and mental abuse by students, fellow teachers and especially narrow minded parents. This kinda blew me away. Granted, I had only met her but here this beautiful, well poised, medium dark skinned woman was harassed as a teacher…. people suck! I said just that out loud and she just laughed saying that that hasn’t happened in a long time either, unfortunately. I just smiled letting it slide thinking she was talking about her nipples and lower lips.

The shaker stopped and she checked the color again and it seemed to be spot on. I said so but added that the real test will be at the customer’s house and she agreed. She said I would have to come back another day and let her know how she did on the match. I assured her that I would since I was in the store several days a week. At this point I grabbed the paint and she asked me for my name, so I told her and she said hers was Shawna. Laughing I said that I already knew it from her nametag and went to check out.

I didn’t get to stop in and see her again until friday. As I was going through I walked around the corner in her department and we ran straight into each other. She almost knocked me over it was so unexpected. Luckily we each threw our arms out and basically bear hugged the other so neither of us went down. At this point she recovered faster and since we were face to face she actually kissed me before letting go. All I could do was attempt to apologize for not looking where I was going. Shawna just leaned into my ear and whispered that there was no need to apologize because she had been watching me and set it up so just what happened was planned. I just smiled and said that normally I don’t kiss until we have been on a date of some sort.

Now was her turn to laugh at me. She said that if I was serious about that I should hand her my phone. I was like, ok, so I grabbed my phone, unlocked the screen and handed it to her. She did a few things and handed it back a few moments later. About then another customer came up to ask her a question so I told her I would talkto her another time. She smiled at me and said that She would text me later.

I went off and got the things elsewhere that I needed for that day’s work. When I got out to my car I looked at my phone and couldn’t find what she had done with my phone. Puzzled I just let it go and went to work.

It was Friday but I spent a long day at this customer getting everything done for her. I had originally figured that my employee and I would have to come back on monday to be able to finish everything. She asked if we could finish that day because she was having unexpected company come into town the next day for a week. We talked it over and he told his wife we would be working till after 7 just to finish up and she was okay with it. Finally we got done and she was so grateful she tipped us nicely. I told my helper to enjoy a rare monday off and I would see him tuesday at the next job.

On my way home I grabbed some chinese takeout for dinner as I was too tired to cook. A couple hours later with the tv droning on and a couple of beers in me I fall asleep on the couch. In my dreams I relive the kiss with Shawna and I look down seeing a slight bulge in her throat covered by the choker I noticed she was wearing wondering what that means.

I awake in the morning a bit out of sorts after my dreams and sleeping on the couch so I get up, grab a shower and fix myself some breakfast. I sit down at the computer and do some doom scrolling through social media and respond to few posts. It was getting close to noon before I ever think to even look at my phone. Stunned I found that I had several text messages from an anonymous phone number. “Good morning Sexy!” Hey do you want to come over for dinner at my place tonight?” ” I work till 2 so let me know.” I wonder if it is Shawna, I keep thinking.

After puzzling a while I decide that it must be and respond with “I would love to. What would you like me bring with?….. your address and what time would help me out as well”

Finally about 3:30 she answers back with “Took you long enough to respond lol” then a 2nd text giving me her address which was only a few blocks from my house and that she had everything for dinner and all I needed to bring was myself and be there about 5:30. Sounds great I answered back.

After I got ready, I left a little early so that I could surprise her with a half dozen yellow roses.

I got to her house and held the roses behind my back as I rang the doorbell. She answered the door and blew me away! She was wearing a tight dark yellow shirt that hugged her just right, accenting her small c-cup breasts and ended a few inches below her butt. Paired with dark maroon yoga style pants showing off her nicely muscled thighs and no shoes or socks. She smiled brightly while saying hi. I stepped forward and she embraced me in a big hug while I did the same to her. As we stepped apart she turned and gave me an almost soul stealing kiss causing me to blush bursa üniversiteli escort a little.

As we pulled apart she noticed and before she could say anything I showed her the roses. Now it was her turn to blush and she said that yellow roses are her favorites asking how I knew that. I said that it was a lucky guess. We stepped into her house and she got a vase and put them in smelling them again and just smiling.

She had me take a seat on a stool at the kitchen counter as she checked on dinner in the oven. The timer said there was still 30 minutes to go on whatever it was that smelled so delicious. She grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and sat down next to me.

We sat there making small talk and I asked her what her heritage was. I told her I was just european mutt, as I have German, Irish, Norwegian and Swiss in my background. She told me her dad was half Jamaican & half Spanish but her mom was Puerto Rican and German which is why her skin tone and face/body lines were so unique. I said that it made her that much more beautiful. She said that she thought her best features actually came from the Jamaican and the Puerto Rican in her. I agreed quickly but she said that I would need to wait to find out what they were.

About this time the oven timer went off and she got up to get dinner out of the oven. As she bent over her shirt rode up above her ass and I get a real good view of her near perfect ass. The real thing that made me almost choke on my beer was seeing a bulge on the inside of her right thigh. I guess I made a small noise because as soon as I did so she put the dish down and straightened her shirt asking me if I liked what I saw? All I could say was: “OF course I do since you have the sexiest ass on the planet!” Which made her smile and blush again. She said I needed to stop making her blush or she would make me pay for it later. To which I laughingly said that I might like her doing just that.

She grabbed us some fresh beers out of the fridge along with 2 premade salads to eat while the main course cooled enough to eat. Asking me what dressing I wanted I told her Ranch and all she did was smile and wink at me. Once we finish our salads she dished up an amazing chicken parmigiana that I said was even better than my own surprising her. I then told her that I have always loved cooking and the next time I would be the chef. She readily agreed but said only time would tell after tonight if I wanted a 2nd date.

During dinner she said she was working at the depot for the last 3 years and had just transferred to my store so she could be closer to her mom after her Dad passed away.

We finished eating and did the dishes together just talking. We made a couple mixed drinks and went to sit in the living room and turned the tv on. First thing that came on was a college football game. She asked me what I liked and I said that since it was college bowl game we could watch that if she was interested. She almost squealed saying that she went to Georgia for a couple of years and would love to watch them since it was their game on tv.

A couple of drinks later with my arm around her shoulders and her hand on my thigh I turned and we started to kiss. As her hand started to rub my inner thigh I reached my other hand and lightly started caressing her breasts through her shirt feeling her nipples get harder along with her breathing coming in little gasps. Our tongues had begun to dance with each other as well. Slowly her hand came up to feel my crotch and found I had a small wet spot coming from my dripping dick making her sigh into me.

All of a sudden she pushes me back some and says she has to use the bathroom and change into some looser clothes.

After a long 5 minutes or so she finally comes back wearing a very loose, long, night time t-shirt and cut off sweat shorts totally baffling me. Not to mention she sat down sideways on the couch cross legged looking at me all shyly. I ask if I did something wrong and she says no, but she has not been totally truthful about her life with me.

All I could do was sit there and smile at her, which flustered her even more. I then asked how long it had been since she had a date or invited someone over to her place? She responded with saying that it had been almost 10 years since she had been with a man because of her, umm, secret.

Smiling even wider I said I could understand that and her secret was safe with me.

I thought she was going to cry while covering her face, when she said that I didn’t even know what it was and that maybe I should leave.

I slowly got off the couch and kneeled in front of her. While I whispered in her ear that I figured out the last piece of the puzzle just before we ate dinner, I slid my left hand up the leg of her shorts and started caressing her cock causing her to gasp and moan. She then moved her hands, turned to face me and kissed me again. As she pulled back, she asked so timidly my heart almost broke, if I was truly serious?

At this point I fully grabbed her hardening cock stroking it up and down saying that I was not going anywhere as long as she wanted me to stay. This caused her to throw her arms around me and really hug me while kissing my neck.

I mentioned that she was wearing too many clothes and she said the same thing about me…. and since it was her house I was to stand up and let her undress me first while having my eyes closed. Who was I to say no?? I stood up and took a step backwards to give her some room to stand up.

She stood up and while kissing me she started to unbutton my shirt and slip it off my shoulders. As it fell to the floor one hand started unbuttoning my jeans while her other hand was pinching a nipple causing me to moan into her mouth during our kiss. At this point she slips a blindfold on me asking me to keep it on so I don’t cheat and open my eyes before she tells me its ok. I just smile and say, “Sure” figuring she is worried I might still decide to leave, but at this point I am totally enthralled with her and all that makes her …. her.

She slowly starts trailing kisses and nibbles down my neck to my chest really paying attention to my nipples making me moan and my dick jump out of my now unzipped pants causing her to coo and moan at my reactions. As she moves my pants down my legs she finds that I don’t, except on rare occasion, wear underwear and lightly laughs at me to which I shrug. She tells me to lift my left foot and pushes my pantleg and sock off then we do the same with the right leg.

Next thing I feel is her hot breath on my dick as she closes her lips down at the base of my 6 inch fully swallowing me in one easy motion. My legs want to buckle causing her to reach around and grab both butt cheeks with her hands while pulling me as deep as I can go right into her mouth with my balls hitting her chin. A few moments later she is going to town on my dick moving it in and out of her exquisite mouth working her tongue all over it making me weak in the knees and moaning like a banshee. I slowly come to realize that she also has a finger starting to probe my tender rosebud sending me towards ecstasy.

As I get closer and closer to losing my load I ask her to slow down so I don’t blow it so soon. She pulls off saying that she wants to swallow it and that she needs this as much as I need to and that we have all weekend to take our time. She then redoubles her effort, even getting another finger or two into my tight hole stretching me and probing until I can’t hold back any longer and just let loose rope after rope of my cum deep into her mouth. As she slowly finished cleaning me off I pull her up so we can kiss.

As we kiss I find out that she hasn’t swallowed yet and we share my load making it even hotter. as she leans into me I feel her hard on rubbing against me and start moving so that I am rubbing her through her clothes causing her to moan. As she breaks off our kiss she slaps my ass telling me I am a “bad boy” and that I have to stay blindfolded escort bayan even longer. I laugh and she smacks the other cheek causing me to laugh again and getting another swat on the ass. I say “ooh baby baby ooh” getting another even harder swat for that.

She leans into me biting my ear lobe and that it is my turn but that I was going to undress her while blindfolded followed by kneeling in front of her. I reach down to grab her shirt hem and slowly pull it up and off her making sure to scrape it across her extremely hard nipples allowing me to pinch them between my fingers and thumbs making her gasp and scratch my chest lightly with her fingernails before I make her lift her arms up so I can finish pulling her shirt off. But, in doing so I am able to lean down and suck one of those nipples into my mouth flicking my tongue across it before nipping it with my teeth making her hiss loudly.

At this point her hands come down onto my shoulders pushing me to my knees. While doing so I was able to grab her shorts and slide them down her legs. She steps out of them taking a step back against the couch and losing her balance she plops down onto her butt not ever letting go of my shoulders pulling me forward off balance and the next thing I know is that she is pulling my head towards her. I suddenly feel the head of her cock parting my willing lips and sliding right into my mouth. OMG! This so awesome.

I can’t help myself and just start sucking and licking as much of her hardness as possible. I can’t seem to take more than maybe half her length into my mouth without gagging. All I can think of right then is that I want to make her feel as good as I did and that I am determined. I begin using my left hand to fondle and play with her balls while using my right hand to stroke the part of her cock I can’t yet deep throat.

As I flow into a rhythm of going up and down on her cock and swirling my tongue around I feel her hands on the back of my head. She is slowly speeding my motions up as I can feel her balls start pulling up tighter in anticipation of her load. I know she is getting closer and closer to release and I redouble my efforts. ALL of a sudden her hands go still on my head and I feel her glorious load flood my mouth and I try to swallow it all but still some dribble out of the corners of my lips. She doesn’t seem to be slowing, but eventually she does and I continue to hold her slowly softening member within my mouth savoring every moment. When it seems she has fully deflated I lift my mouth off her and starting licking the dribbles clean hoping that I don’t miss even a drop of her sweet creamy juices.

When I am finished, I slowly move upwards kissing her stomach as I go, hearing a few soft moans until I am far enough up that I am able to latch my lips and teeth onto her right nipple causing her to deeply moan while arching her back pushing her breast into my face. She grabs the hair on the back of my head to try and pull me off her only to have me bite down a bit harder. Doing this causes her cock to almost totally jump to full attention against my stomach.

I let go of her nipple with my mouth hoping to go back down on her but her grip on my hair says different as she pulls my head up and starts kissing me. While kissing she pulls the blindfold off, but I keep my eyes closed so they will adjust to the light in the room. As we break off for air she laughs and says: “You are a very wicked man, you know that?”

I have to mock her a little by saying: “YUP … and you are a very naughty and absolutely fucking sexy lady!” Causing her to blush even deeper than ever and look away smiling.

As we sit there and calm down after a few minutes she excuses herself to use the bathroom and I just can’t help but watch her as she strolls off letting a small whistle escape which causes her to stop and wiggle her cute little ass at me. While she does this I can see the ever so tasty head of her cock swaying below her suckable balls.

I drink the final little bit of my rum and coke and lean back closing my eyes. I must have had a big grin on my face when she walked back into the room because she stopped in front of me and asked why I was smiling?

“Honesty or a pretty little lie?” I replied as she sat down beside me causing me to open my eyes.

“Honesty, always because lies are never pretty or little”, she says.

Laughing at her, “I wasn’t about to lie anyway, nor will I ever, consciously.” She leans into me and we begin to kiss deeply and passionately. After a few minutes we pull apart breathing a bit more ragged than ever.

She notices my empty glass and offers to make me a fresh one because she also needs a new drink. AS she gets up to do so, I get up and find the restroom myself. On my way back I glance into her bedroom and notice a loaded bong sitting on her dresser so I duck in and grab it to bring back with me.

Shawna is already sitting on the couch waiting and has turned on the tv by the time I get back. I state that she is holding out on me and show her the bong. She smiles, turns to the couch end table and grabs a lighter as I sit down. We enjoy a few good hits and sit back to relax for a few while it starts kicking in.

I can tell she is thinking so I ask: “A penny for your thoughts?”

She awkwardly smiles and asks: “Why were you smiling earlier?”

I laugh and say: “Look at me… I am a guy in my mid 50’s, totally out of shape, with graying hair, that I am slowly losing, mind you, and haven’t had a date with a woman in too many years. …. and probably the most beautiful and sexy lady ever, not to mention her being at least 15 years younger than I am, invited me to her home for dinner, seduced me and just had sex with me. I am beginning to wonder when I am going to wake up and find out this has been a dream instead of reality. Why wouldn’t I be smiling??”

“Oh, you are awake and you are not dreaming”, she says as she reaches over and starts caressing my hard-on. “Besides”, she continues, “I am only a few years younger. Remember I said I got the best of my Mom’s side and the best of my Dad’s side. Well Mom is in her 70’s and she looks like my slightly older sister..”

I move my hand to her half hard cock and only half jokingly ask: “Is this what you got as the best from your Dad’s side?”

She laughs and says that I am correct at that moment, but what she really meant was her tall and slim figure. She goes on to tell me that he was 6’4″, always athletic and around 160 even up to 80. Saying that her mom said he was just as endowed as she was.

Then asks why I am so stunned that she asked me over for dinner, also admitting she did it just to seduce me because I seemed interested in her, fully expecting me to quietly leave when I find out she was actually born Shawn not Shawna.

After lighting up the bowl again and exhaling I tell her that I pretty much had her figured out to either be submissive or to be a trans woman due to her always wearing tall chokers to work. But since the chokers never had any sort of ring on them in front or back I dismissed the submissive thought leaning more heavily on her being trans and actually being Dominant instead.

That made her sit back and shake her head. As I was smiling at her she said that she had never even thought that someone would figure her out from that alone. I said that that along with her hips being like a guys would be and having “work” type muscles rather than a gym rat lifter type were also clues. …. and that I had been checking her out more than just a couple of times in the store before I ever needed that paint not knowing that was the department she worked in. She laughed and asked me when that was? SO I told her that there were a few times I was in the store walking down the main aisle and would see her going the other way …. When she would go past me I always turned to enjoy the view for a few seconds before going on my way.

I could see her puzzling some things out while the pot was kicking in for both of us. I started to lean escort bursa over so I could get another taste of her delicious cock but she stopped me saying that she had a couple more questions before we went any farther. SO I leaned back grabbed the bong and smoked some more since she had just refilled it.

“Okay”, she starts with. “Will you answer any and all questions honestly without leaving anything out?”

“Absolutely, but only if you do the same to my follow up questions.”


“What would you have done, if you found me to be a normal woman, but was totally submissive in the bedroom?”

“We probably might have enjoyed one night of decent m/f sex and then I would have found a way to let you down and not seen you again.”


“Honestly, I have been searching for a relationship where we are normal, everyday, average equals in all aspects of life, such as; work, cleaning, cooking, finances, family, etc., except within our sex life. In our sex life, I would prefer to be the more submissive partner. If the relationship is m/f then there would be pegging, light bondage, possibly chastity, spanking, private c/d play, and more if both agree. In an m/m it would be sex only friends with benefits with me as a total bottom. Now if I ever found a ‘special’ lady to get into a full on long lasting, friendship based, intimate, loving and committed relationship with….. Then I also want it to be a cross of the others with all aspects of each.”

I watched her sitting there pretty stunned and just staring at me. I leaned forward and took another rip from the bong letting her know I was in no hurry for her to say anything. After exhaling I sat back putting my left arm around her and pulled her against me just so I could hold her and let her understand that I was not leaving.

I asked her what she wanted in a relationship and her answer was: “exactly the same as you, in most ways but from the opposite standpoint as you, with me being the dominant one behind closed doors but a total equal in every other way.”

All of a sudden the giggles hit me from all the weed I had smoked. Between giggles I told her that when I get this baked on real good smoke I can’t lie and virtually all of my inhibitions disappear and she could probably tie me in knots with me thanking her for it.

She tilted her head kissing me and said that she planned to do just that and much more with me very soon but only if I answered the next question without thinking and just blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

“Of course and always!”

“Great!” she said. “Answer this: Will you let me fuck you in any position I want and for the ……..”

I didn’t even let her finish when I answered with: “Please? Shawna? Will you? I have been waiting for you to say that.”

She stood up, grabbed my hand and said: “Let’s go shower, clean up and get all sweaty again!”

It takes a while for us to get into the shower because we keep stopping to kiss and play with each other along the way. Finally getting to her shower, she turns the water on and as we wait, I get her fully erect again and realize just why I couldn’t suck her very deeply as she is close to 8 inches and really thick. As she notices the look on my face, she asks if I am having second thoughts? All I can say is that she will need to go slow at first and loosen me up before any hard pounding will happen. We finally step into the shower and she states that that is exactly her plan because she wants me to keep coming back for more. Why would I refuse?

We started soaping each other down and up and laughing about the whole deal. Fondling and kissing each other as much as possible, just acting like two kids finding out what each others bodies were like. I marveled at her beauty, fine tone of her figure and how soft she was but still nicely toned.

At this point I turned her face to mine and kissed her very deeply with one hand cupping the back of her neck and the other starting to stroke her cock. As we parted lips, she spun me around to face the wall, leaned into my ear and whispered that “Game time is over and my ass-pussy is now hers!”

She leans into my back, puts a hand at the base of my neck, starts pushing my head down and says “Assume the position and be ready because I am about to become her sex bitch!” All I can do is wiggle my butt against her cock. With that she then tells me that I was being naughty and would be punished, so I better watch out because she was moving in…. and she did so literally! I guess I missed her lubing me up because all of a sudden I felt her cock head against my hole and she was sliding in while grabbing my hips and pulling me onto her!

Damn but I felt so stretched and she felt bigger than I thought she would be. Although I was moaning and asking her to go slow, she just laughed and spanked my ass. Each slap got her deeper and deeper into me until all of a sudden I felt her balls against mine making me wonder if she was all the way in…. NOPE I got my answer to that when she gave one more push and that made me feel totally impaled. I yelp a bit and she leaned down to whisper into my ear, “You are so tight that I think I lied earlier….. “

“Say what?” I barely managed to get out before she started sliding out and then ramming back home a couple of times.

“Yep I lied, sorry babe but you are now going to feel like a true bitch being fucked by a maniac!”

True to her word, she went into overdrive and started fucking me like a jackhammer. We must have been going for a long time before I felt her slow down and all of a sudden she grabbed my hips shoving her cock as deep as possible and say, “OH MY GOD! Your pussy is milking all the cum out of my cock! DO you like being my fuck bitch? Do you slut?” I couldn’t say anything because I was cumming again for like the 3rd or more time from her cock inside me.

I straightened up a little, while she was still inside, and reached around behind her to grab her ass and hold her inside me as long as possible. After a couple of minutes she pushed my hands off her so she could pull out, but I immediately turned around, dropped to my knees and let my mouth engulf her incredible fuckstick! I don’t know what came over me but I knew I had to taste it after she fucked me so deep and it was amazing! The taste of her cum mixed with my clean ass was just incredible! As well as hearing her call me her dirty little bitch cumslut just fueled me in ways I didn’t think could.

All of a sudden I felt her hands on my head forcing me deeper onto her hardening cock. I closed my eyes and just let her fuck my mouth feeling her slide deeper and deeper into my throat. As she was sawing my head back and forth she kept telling me how great it felt to finally find someone that was willingly taking her the way she has always wanted to fuck and then as I felt my nose bouncing off her I knew I was completely deepthroating her to the bottom without gagging which surprised me knowing that I had not been able to even come close to that before with the few (much smaller) I had had the chance to suck.

I lost all sense of time while she was deep throat fucking my mouth when she suddenly stopped about half way in and felt her cock just start spasming her cum out coating my mouth making me swallow as fast as I could not wanting to lose a single drop of her delicious essence. As I feel her spurts slowing to a stop and I am able to swallow the last few drops she slips out of my mouth and pulls me up to kiss me.

We move apart and turn the water off. I notice we are both a bit wobbly on our feet so I grab a towel for each of us to dry off.

When we got done drying off I ask her what kind of munchies she has because I worked up a big hunger. This caused her to laugh asking me how I could still be hangry after all the cum I had just gotten? I responded that I couldn’t live on cum alone and that most went in my ass rather than my stomach… “Pussy”, she corrected, “your ass is now my pussy to use and fuck as I wish, anytime I wish to!” “Yes, Mistress Shawna I agree” was all I could say. “Good, because I filled it 3 times already and plan to do so many, MANY more times this weekend.”

“Only this weekend?”, I asked.

She just smiled and said “I will see….”

To be continued…..

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