Shawn and Tyler Ch. 08

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Cute Emo

Chapter 8 – Christmas Comes Early In More Ways Than One

The day Shawn was assigned to a unit, Tyler was emotional. Shawn had informed him a few days before that he was reassigned to a patrol unit. Tyler asked if he would have a partner, and Shawn responded that he would, but it wouldn’t last, that he was being assigned a rookie until they had a new partner for him.

The rookie’s name was Jon. He had started at the precinct just before Shawn was shot. He was actually the one that Gary dropped off to tend to Shawn before chasing down the suspects. Shawn knew this, but because he had never run across him afterward, he could never tell him thanks.

Jon was placed on another shift for a while. Jon had been transferred to days when Shawn was due to return to active duty. Shawn didn’t say much on the first day while in the car together. He watched the rookie. He even allowed him to drive. Jon had many questions for him but didn’t know where to start.

Over the following few days, Jon asked his questions but still didn’t tell Shawn that he was the one that saved him. Shawn finally found the words he wanted to say on the third day in the car together. “Jon, I know you were the one that saved my life, I’ve known it for a long time, and I just didn’t know how to say thank you.”

“You’re welcome, and I would have done it for any of my fellow officers,” Jon stated. “It’s what we’re trained to do.”

Shawn chuckled, “Yeah, what we’re trained to do. But thank you, you saved my life.”

Over the following weeks, Jon and Shawn got comfortable with one another. It had been a while since Shawn had a partner, and it was strange having someone with him all the time.

Then one day, Jack asked Shawn if he wanted to have a bash since it had been a while since they had all gotten drunk together. Shawn, of course, was all for it. Jack invited the regular crew to Shawn’s house, along with Jon.

Tyler wasn’t prepared to have a bunch of guys over. He had never seen Shawn drink a lot. He had only seen the results of it. The guys were pretty respectful to Tyler when they all showed up. Shawn started drinking with them as usual. Jon, the rookie, even showed up with a case of beer. They pretty much stayed outside until someone needed to go to the bathroom.

When Shawn came in to use the bathroom, Tyler pulled him aside. “Honey, don’t you think you had enough?”

“Babe, please don’t question. This is one way we blow off the stress of our job. Just come out and enjoy the scenery.” Shawn chuckled, he was toasted, and Tyler could tell.

Tyler shook his head but followed Shawn out to the backyard. Of course, the guys were talking cop shop. When Tyler heard the stories they were talking about, he couldn’t believe them. He didn’t know that all the shit they talked about was happening in their city. He didn’t realize that he was that naive, and Shawn protected him from so much information.

The talk didn’t faze Shawn, he was well on his way to being wasted, so it didn’t dawn on him that they were talking about things he had never mentioned to Tyler. As the night went on, Jon wasn’t prepared to see a few guys going at each other. When Charlie and Jeff got a little drunk, they got horny and started messing around.

“Come on, guys, take it somewhere else,” Jack stated. Charlie and Jeff went off to the garage. Since they knew better than to go into the house.

“Does that happen a lot?” Jon asked, fearing that someone was going to start with him.

Gary chuckled, “What, you want to go down on one of us, rookie?”

“NO!” Jon quickly answered and looked at Gary.

“No, it doesn’t happen a lot. Well, with Charlie and Jeff maybe, but no, we don’t come to get drunk to fuck one another,” Jack responded before Gary could scare him. “The rest of us are straight, except Shawn here.” Jack chuckled.

Jon hadn’t realized that Shawn was gay. It had never occurred to him. He never had stopped into Shawn’s room and saw Tyler at the hospital. So it really never clicked that he was gay.

Jon looked over at Shawn and how Tyler was acting, and then it dawned on him that they were a couple. Tyler was fluttering around, making sure that Shawn was okay, and Jon wondered why he hadn’t noticed that before. It interested Jon to see the interaction between the two of them.

It was bothering Tyler quite a bit that Shawn was getting so drunk. He didn’t know what to do, and he knew it would bother Shawn if he tried to stop him. Tyler kept asking Shawn if he was okay, which was starting to annoy Shawn, but he tried not to show it.

Guys were passing out left and right in the backyard. Tyler didn’t want Shawn to pass out in the yard but didn’t know how he would get Shawn’s drunk-ass inside. He was relieved when he saw Dean come around the house. “Wow, why wasn’t I invited to this?” Dean looked at the guys and then at Tyler. Dean could not fathom that he still was not wanted at Shawn and Tyler’s house or parties.

“Dean, can you please help me get him inside?” Bayan Eskort Tyler pleaded.

Dean chuckled, “I would leave his drunk ass out here. You’re not going to get any sleep if you get him inside. He can turn into one horny ass when he’s drunk.”

“Yes, I know but would you, please?”

“I’ll help you, Tyler,” Jon stated. He was drunk but not so intoxicated that he couldn’t help. They woke Shawn up, and Dean even stepped up and helped. They got him inside, and when they went to lay him down, Shawn grabbed hold of Jon, taking him down with him. Jon was trying to get out of Shawn’s grasp. Dean just laughed because he saw the look on both Jon and Tyler’s faces.

“Thank you, Jon,” Shawn said as Jon squirmed, still trying to get out of his grasp.


“For saving my life,” Shawn responded before he passed out.


After Dean had helped get Shawn to bed, he noticed that Jon had dropped onto the couch. So, he wondered where the rest of the men had gone. He saw some passed out in the yard and then remembered hearing something in the garage. When he had walked near the garage earlier, he heard someone in there, so he went to look.

Dean crept through the garage door and found Jeff and Charlie going at it on a blanket. Dean just quietly closed the door and watched from the doorway. His cock started to harden, so he unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his zipper, pulling out his cock from its confinement. He slowly jacked off as he watched them.

Jeff spotted Dean and whispered in Charlie’s ear. Told Charlie they had a voyeur. Charlie and Jeff asked, “Would you like to join us?”

Dean was pulled out of his trance of watching them, he had never wanted anyone but Shawn, but his cock was hard. He walked over towards them. They smiled and got up. Dean was standing right over their uniforms. “I think he has way too many clothes on. What do you think?” Charlie asked.

“I think we need to take him home,” Jeff responded.

“Mmmm, that could be fun,” Charlie said.

Jeff pulled Dean close and kissed him, then reached down to his cock. “Would you like to come home with us?” Dean closed his eyes and moaned, the feel of a rough hand on his cock.

“How far away do you live?” Dean asked.

“Not far. Come on, I’ll drive, and Charlie will keep you entertained in the back seat.”

“Maybe we need to arrest him,” Charlie stated as he pulled Dean’s arms behind his back. “Would you like that?”

Again, Dean moaned. He couldn’t believe he liked the control these two were taking over him. His eyes widened when the cuffs were tightened around his wrists. “What’s your name?”

Jeff asked as he stroked Dean’s cock.

“Dean.” He was breathing hard.

“Do you want to go?”

“Yes,” Dean responded without thinking.

Jeff and Charlie quickly got dressed and walked Dean, with his cock still out of his pants, out to Jeff’s car, putting him in the back seat with Charlie. Jeff moved his passenger seat forward so Charlie could get down partially on the floor to suck Dean’s cock and play with him while they were heading over to Jeff’s.

When they arrived, Charlie helped get the handcuffed Dean out, quickly moving him through the house to Jeff’s bedroom. They removed his cuffs to strip Dean of his clothes and shoes, pushing him onto the bed.

It didn’t take Jeff and Charlie long to take their uniforms back off and back on Dean in seconds. Charlie was licking and sucking his cock and balls, which caused Dean to moan loudly. Jeff pushed a button on the wall above the head of the bed before leaning over and pulling on one of Dean’s arms.

Dean wasn’t paying attention. He was in Heaven. He didn’t notice Jeff attaching a strap to his wrists and ankles and tethering them to each corner of the bed. Jeff pulled the tethers, pulling Dean’s arms, and Dean asked, “What the hell is going on?”

“Didn’t you want to play with us?” Jeff responded.

“Yeah, but I didn’t think I would get tied up.” Dean spit out.

Charlie was still between his legs with Dean’s cock in his mouth. He came off of it with a pop. “You must like it because you’re still hard as a rock down here.”

“Do you still want it or what?” Jeff asked as Charlie took Dean’s balls in his mouth, and Dean moaned. “Do you?” Jeff reached down and grabbed his chin.


Jeff smiled. “Good, because I know Charlie will want to ride that cock of yours later. But right now, we will use you how we want.”

Dean watched as Charlie got off the bed and grabbed a wedge pillow from the corner. Because Dean’s legs weren’t tethered tight yet, he was asked to lift up. The pillow extended from his shoulder blades to his ass, lifting his ass up. Then Jeff changed the tethers on the legs. Dean expected them to be out like he would be spread eagle, but nope. Jeff had changed them, and now the ropes pulled his ankles up and apart, suspending them from the ceiling.

“You still like this. You’re still hard.” Jeff reached down and stroked Anadolu Yakası Escort Dean again, producing a moan.

Jeff gave Charlie the nod. They knew what to do when they had a third person. Jeff loved to fuck a new guy, and Charlie would get into the sixty-nine position with them so he could watch up close.

“I’m going to straddle your head. Suck me while I suck you.” Charlie told Dean.

Charlie started kissing Dean as Jeff got the needed supplies, lube, and a condom. The pillow does a great job of getting his ass off the bed. So, Charlie starts kissing his way down Dean so he can take his cock back into his mouth. He sucked on Dean’s nipples for a moment, getting them to stiffen. Charlie playfully bites them before moving on.

Charlie straddles Dean, and Dean gets a face full of cock. Then Charlie aims his cock at Dean’s mouth, expecting entry, Dean opens, and Charlie pushes in. Dean had no choice but to service his cock. Charlie plunged down on Dean’s hard cock and caressed his balls. Dean moaned around Charlie’s cock.

Then Dean felt the coolness of lube on his ass, and a finger was inserted. He has had a finger in there before. Shawn had done that when he had sucked him, he had liked it a lot. He started moaning more because between Charlie sucking him and massaging his balls, the finger now became two. When Jeff touches Dean’s prostate, Dean quickly comes off Charlie’s cock.

“Oh Shit.”

“Ohhh, did you like that?” Jeff asked. “You want me to do that again?”

“Yes.” Dean was breathing rapidly now. “Oh God, yes.”

Dean didn’t know Jeff now had three fingers inside of him. “Go back to sucking, and I will touch it for you, Baby.” Jeff picks the condom up with his other hand, and with the help of Charlie, they rip it open. He rolls it down his hard cock without removing his fingers from Dean’s ass.

Again, with the help of Charlie, they lube up Jeff’s condom-covered cock. He gets in position to pull his fingers out and push his cock in. He pulls out and starts to push in. He has already passed Dean’s opening when Dean realizes something is very different.

“What are you doing?” Dean came off of Charlie quickly.

“You wanted it touched again.”

“Not like this.”

“Baby, you will like it. Just give it a minute.” Jeff responded and winked at Charlie, and he started licking and sucking again. “Remember, Charlie is going to ride your cock in a little while, so this will feel good and make Charlie riding you even better, I promise you.”

Dean just breathed out. He was tied up. What choice did he have? Charlie’s cock was back down his throat, and his cock and balls were being sucked and caressed, causing him to moan again. Jeff inched his way in with no resistance from Dean. Jeff pulled out and pushed back in, grazing Dean’s prostate. Dean came off Charlie and screamed in delight, and he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Ohhh, Charlie, it looks like we have a screamer here,” Jeff stated and smiled down at Charlie. He pulled out and pushed back into Dean, getting another scream.

Dean couldn’t suck Charlie’s cock anymore. He couldn’t focus. “Oh, God. Fuck me. Please just fuck me.”

“Is our little slut boy here begging to be fucked?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, I will be anything. Just fuck me.” Dean responded.

Jeff smiled. He was glad he got that on tape. “Drop his legs, undo his arms. We are flipping him.” Jeff pulled out as Charlie jumped up and undid the knot that held his legs. Then went to the head of the bed to release his arms. “Get on your hands and knees.”

Dean did as he was told, and Jeff got behind him, re-inserted, and started fucking him again. Charlie made him take his cock and suck it. “You like that, slut?” Jeff asked. He wasn’t expecting an answer. Dean was moaning around Charlie’s cock, but Charlie wasn’t allowing Dean to remove it. He was getting closer and closer to cumming, and he was going to make damn sure Dean drank it down.

Charlie held Dean’s head in his hands as he thrust deep into Dean’s mouth, triggering him to cum. He grabbed Dean’s head, ensuring Dean couldn’t pull back while he came. Dean wasn’t expecting the amount of cum and gagged. Charlie still didn’t pull out until he was finished. “You better swallow that.” Jeff leaned down and spoke in Dean’s ear. “Or I’ll make you lick the condom clean, both sides.” Dean stopped gagging and swallowed.

Jeff stopped moving entirely because he didn’t want to cum yet. He was having fun. And he wanted to control the situation. “Charlie, don’t move yet. Our new slut is not finished. He needs to lick you clean. You’re still leaking a little.”

Jeff slapped Dean’s ass, and he jumped. “So Slut, suck his cock, and lick his balls clean. Charlie will move his cock out of the way for you to do a thorough job.” Jeff looked Charlie in the eyes, and they smiled at one another, and Dean did what he was told.

Jeff grabbed Dean’s hips when Dean was finished and started slamming his cock into him again. Pendik Escort Which caused Dean to start repeating, ‘oh God’ and ‘oh shit.’ Dean didn’t know that having a cock in his ass could feel this good. Charlie started rubbing Dean’s cock. “OH FUCK, YESSSSS!” Dean screamed as he came, which pushed Jeff over, and he slammed his cock into Dean, grunting.

“Mmmmm, I think the slut likes being a bottom,” Charlie stated, and he kissed Jeff.

Jeff pulled out, and they left Dean lying on the bed as they cleaned up everything. First, they pushed the button at the head of the bed. Then put away all the straps and tethers and the wedge pillow where it belonged. Charlie picked up the condom wrapper and threw it away, then the lube back in the drawer.

“Hey Dean, I will take you back to Shawn’s place. Come on, get up, and get dressed. I’m sure you need to get home to your wife.” Jeff had put on jeans and a t-shirt. He walked over and kissed Charlie.

Charlie left the room to the next one. He went to the camera system they have. Quickly makes a DVD of their session with Dean and puts it in an envelope for Jeff, sticking it in a pad of paper for him.

The following morning, Shawn woke with a headache, it had been a while since he last drank, and he didn’t know how much he had last night. He could feel Tyler snuggled up against him, and he wrapped his arms around Tyler and pulled him closer. Tyler woke up with a moan, “Mmmmm, why don’t you climb up on top of me, Babe.” Shawn asked, responding to Tyler’s moan.

“Babe, you’re ready to go at it again?”

“Again?” Shawn didn’t know they’d already had sex.

“You don’t remember. You were a tiger last night.” Tyler looked up at Shawn and smiled. He could see that Shawn was oblivious to this. “Honey, you made love to me two times last night after Dean and Jon helped me get you to bed.”

“I swear to you, I don’t remember. But are you up for another go-round?” Shawn still pulled Tyler up on top of him and kissed him.

“Oh my God.” Tyler laughed, grabbing Shawn’s morning wood, but he was ready to go at it again.

Shawn was so hard, so when Tyler straddled his hips, Shawn reached over for the lube, but it was gone. Before he could say anything, he felt Tyler’s hand on his cock, which was wet. Tyler also reached back and smeared some lube on his hole. He knew he would be loose for Shawn due to being fucked twice during the night.

Tyler held Shawn’s cock as he lowered himself on him. Shawn groaned, “Oh God, Tyler, you feel great.” Tyler was controlling the pace. “Twice already?” Shawn asked, and Tyler just nodded his head. Shawn pulled Tyler down and kissed him. “Straighten your legs, Babe. I’m going to roll us over. I need to do the stroking. God, it feels great.”

Tyler did as he was told, and Shawn held onto him as he rolled over. Tyler wrapped his legs around him in less than a second of rolling over. Shawn started pumping into Tyler, and Tyler started to moan loudly before he began to take the Lord’s name in vain and scream Shawn’s name.

Shawn stopped a couple of times to apply more lube. He kept pumping into Tyler, but he couldn’t come. It didn’t bother him at first because his cock was so stimulated. He was moaning too, it felt fantastic to him, and he was staying hard. He was breathing heavily and sweating a lot.

He finally pulled out. The sensation was just too overwhelming, but Tyler had cum. “Babe, are you okay?” Tyler asked when Shawn dropped onto his back.

“I can’t seem to cum.” He breathed in and out heavily. “I can’t finish.” Shawn looked at Tyler, “Twice we did it last night?”

“You really don’t remember?” Shawn shook his head. He had no recollection of making love or just plain out having sex with Tyler.

“I hope I was good to you,” Shawn asked.

“You were Babe. You always take me into consideration when we make love. I just can’t believe you don’t remember any of it. I hate to say it, Babe, but maybe cut back on the drinking when you have your guy’s night.” Tyler looked at Shawn, and Shawn looked like he was going to say something. “Wait a minute, I’m just saying it because Honey, you got so drunk last night, and I was worried about you. Now that you don’t remember having sex with me, maybe that is one of your side effects of drinking. That you don’t remember.”

“Yeah, okay.” Shawn just agreed with him to get him off the subject.

“Shawn.” Tyler put his hand on Shawn’s face. “Honey, here is a question. Have you ever woken up with someone you didn’t remember going to bed with?”

Shawn didn’t have to think about it. Yeah, he had. He has more than once woke up with Jeff after a night of drinking and not realized he had gone to bed with him. “A few times, yes.”

“A few? Did it bother you?” Tyler wondered.

“Honestly, I have never thought about it until now,” Shawn answered. “It would shock me that I would wake up in bed with Jeff, but since we knew one another well, I just didn’t care.”

“Isn’t Jeff just a top?” Tyler was shocked because he never thought to ask Shawn if he went both ways.

“Yes, Jeff is.”

“Hon, I didn’t even think to ask you. Are you okay with only being a top with me?” Tyler was worried.

“Yes, I’m both, but it doesn’t bother me when I’m in a relationship.”

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