Sharing my room

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When I was 18, and JUST out of high school, my stepdad’s nephew, Clay, dropped by our house for a visit. He was recently out of the military and did not want to move back in with his mother and father who lived in a VERY rural area in Arkansas. Not that my family lived in a much bigger area, but at least there were a few beer joints and burger places to frequent. During his visit, my stepdad asked Clay what his plans were, and said that maybe he could get Clay a job at the factory where he worked. He was also invited to stay with us until he got on his feet and could afford his own place. Being the oldest, I had my own bedroom, and a full size bed that my parents said I could share with Clay for a bit. I didn’t mind too much, although I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to jack-off at night anymore to help put me to sleep. A sufferer of insomnia since childhood, I would beat off every night to help get me to sleep.

The first couple of weeks went as expected, I usually stayed up later than Clay, and he was always fast asleep when I joined him in the bed. Not a big deal. In those first couple of weeks, Clay also started at the factory working evening shifts and was off work by 11:00 pm. He was very personable and made friends quickly, so needless to say, he was going out to the local bars with work friends not long after he started.

One night, around 2:00 am, I heard Clay’s truck pull into the driveway. I was awake (of course) and had on only a pair of underwear because it was so hot that night. When Clay entered my bedroom, I could tell he was a little shit-faced but not full on drunk. He was trying to be so quiet taking off his shoes and tip toeing around, and was relieved when I said, “no need to be so quiet…I am still awake”.

“Oh…good”, he responded. Then, out of nowhere, he said, “DAMN! It’s so fucking hot in here”! I started laughing at this, because Clay very rarely cursed in front of me or anyone. I apologized for laughing, and told him that I got so hot, I had to take off my usual t-shirt and shorts that I wore to bed. He assured me that it wasn’t a problem, and if I didn’t mind, he would strip down also. Well…much to my surprise, Clay did not wear underwear, so when he crawled into bed next to me, he was stark naked! The room was dark, but I could still see pretty well, and I could tell he was sporting a pretty nice cock.

We laid there and chit chatted for a while about his night, and some girl he met at the bar that danced with him, and made out with him for a while but decided to leave without him, which he said left him with a case of blue balls. We discussed how bad it sucked to have a hard on for a while and not shooting a load, and how our balls ached. I confessed to Kağıthane Escort him that I hadn’t jerked off since he started staying with us, and he said he hadn’t either. Several minutes of silence went on, until finally I spoke and said, “if you want to jack off, I swear I will never tell anyone”. He said that he hated to keep me awake, and that it took a LONG time for him to get off. I replied that it was fine, and that it would do me good to beat off too, in order to put me to sleep.

I started playing with my cock, and it got hard pretty quickly. He wasn’t too keen on joining in at first, but after about 15 minutes, I could tell he was rubbing his cock slowly also. We laid there and beat off together for what seemed like an eternity when he finally stopped and said, “I don’t think it’s going to happen for me tonight Wes. I just can’t seem to get off, and plus, my hand is killing me from working all day and beating off for this long”. I figured right then was my chance, and if I was ever going to touch another guy’s cock, this would be it. I was a nervous wreck, but somehow I worked up the courage to spit out the words, “I can jack it some if you want Clay, and if you won’t say anything, then neither will I”. He sat there for a minute, stone silent, and I was worried that I grossed him out or pissed him off…wishing I could take it all back.

After a few minutes, Clay said, “Hey Wes, I really appreciate it, and maybe I could get off if someone else’s hand was doing the jerking”. So, slowly, I moved my hand down his side and found his dick. He had gone a little limp in the few minutes that had passed, so at first I didn’t realize how big his cock truly was. I played with it a little, and it started hardening. As it hardened, I could feel it growing thicker and thicker, until finally I said, “Damn Clay! How big does this thing get”? He laughed a little bit and said, “It is pretty thick isn’t it? It may not be the longest, but it sure does grow thick”! I kind of laughed, and then repositioned my body so I could get a better grip on it. I moved further down where my head was right about at his hips, and I used one hand to stroke his cock, while the other hand found his shaved balls. After a few minutes of stroking, I asked him if it felt good, and he said it felt nice, but it might be better if I could spit on it and help lubricate it. I moved my head up until it was directly over his cock, about an inch away, and I spit a little on the head and started working that with my fist. He responded with a long, deep moan….so I figured I was on to something. After spitting on his cockhead about 10 times, and switching from my left hand to the right, I kind of paused. He was right…it DID take him forever Escort Bayan to get off! Once I paused, he apologized, and said that if my hands were tired, I should stop, and that it was no big deal…he would get off later or the next day. I told him that my hands were indeed tired, but I knew his balls would hurt even more is he didn’t cum soon.

So, I finaly just spoke up and told him that I would suck his dick if he SWEARED to me he would never tell a soul. I thik he was in a little bit of shock, but very quietly he said, “I swear”.

I raised my head up somewhat and lowered my tongue onto his huge mushroom head. He was leaking a little pre-cum, which tasted much sweeter than my own cum. I had tasted mine a few times, and it seemed kind of salty. Clay’s was sweet and tasted really good. I licked the head and shaft several times to get it really wet, just like I had seen in some of the porno tapes my Stepdad kept hidden from my Mom. Once Clay’s cock was nice and wet, I put my entire mouth over the head and started moving down his shaft. It was kind of difficult at first because his dick was so thick, my jaws felt stretched. I’m glad his dick wasn’t any more than 6 inches in length, or I probably would have gagged on it. I sucked Clay’s dick for about 20 minutes, when suddenly, I felt his hand travelling up my leg. He wrapped his hand around my modest 5 inch cock and started jacking me off while I sucked his thick tool, all the while savoring the constant drip of pre-cum. After jacking my cock for about 3 minutes, I pulled my head off his cock and told him I was going to cum. I EXPOLDED a load of cum that seemed to go on for 10 minutes!

After I came, I started sucking Clay’s cock again, but not as vigorously as before. I think Clay sensed that I was REALLY tired and that I was sore from sucking and jerking his fat cock for that long. Clay let a little sigh, and said, “hey Wes, thanks for trying, but I’m not sure if I can get off”. It was then that I knew the chance may never come again for us to mess around unless he was able to get off. I raised up and told him there was no way I was getting off, and that he wasn’t! SO…I tuned on my side and reached around and pulled him close to me. I don’t think he understood at first, until my hand travelled down and found his cock pulling it toward my ass. I backed my ass up to where the head of his cock was touching my hole. Clay backed off a little and said, “hey Wes, are you sure you want to do this?” I told him that I was ok with it, and that if he spit a little in his hand and rubbed in my ass crack, it should go in easier. The feel of his moist fingers working my crack made me grwo hard again instantly. I backed my ass up a little more, and istanbul Escort a little more until his cockhead was ready to go in. I took a DEEP breath and told him to go in slowly. When Clay slid his cockhead in my asshole, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven! There was a sharp slight pain, but it went away instantly once my ass clamped around his head. Clay slowly slid further and further inside me as his arm reached around and grasped my chest. He was all the way against me now, and I could feel his chest hair on my back. He started to pull out slowly and push back in withsuch ease. I was moaning and found myself humping him faster and faster. I wanted his cock, and I wanted his cum inside me! By this time, it was so hotin my bedroom, Clay and I were both dripping with sweat. Clay reached up to wipe his face and forehead and when he did, I grabbed his hand and thrust it to the top of my head. I grunted at Clay, “pull my hair!” Right then Clay pulled out of me and told me to get on me knees. Of course I obeyed him. On my knees, I flet Clay’s HUGE mushroom head back at my hole, and slowly pushing it’s way through. Once all the way in, Clay grabbed my left hip with one hand, and a handful of my hair with the other. He pulled my hair hard as he fucked me for almost 5 mnutes. Clay finally told me that he was close to cumming and that maybe he should pull out. I pulled myself off of him and turned around just in time to feel Clay’s sweet and hot load hit my cheek, nose, and finally my mouth. As I opened my mouth, I heard Clay ask: “you want my cum?” and I happily said yes, yes, yes!!! Clay continued to fill my mouth full of ribbon after ribbon of sweet cum for what seemed like an eternity. I tried to swallow some, but I thought I was going to puke. I held it in my mouth for a minute after Clay collapsed next to me, and then I leaned over the side of the bed and spit it to the floor.

Clay and I laid in silence for a while. Not sure how long, but it seemed like an hour, maybe more. Once his breathing turned to normal, he said quietly, “Wes, I never came like that in my life! That was truly the best load ever!” I kind of laughed, and we ended up falling asleep pretty quickly. Clay stayed with us for a few more months, and we contined to mess around a couple times a week. He found an apartment and a better job in a town about 45 minutes away, so I wasn’t able to see him much. I stayed a couple weekends with him, and we would always end up messing around. Sometimes I would suck him off, sometimes he would fuck me, but mostly we jacked off together watching porn. College, full time jobs, wives, kids and all of that kind of stuff started happening in the next few years for both of us, so our fooling around stopped and we sort of lost touch. Until a family reunion last summer brought us together again…only this time I was 38, and he was 43. I will write about that next time! Hope you enjoyed this true tale of my step cousin and I….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32