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Carlos packed their camping gear in the car as his dad Cesar started it up. The Mexican men had always gone on their monthly camping trip out in the woods since Carlos turned 14. Carlos thought it was as a response to him coming out despite his single dad having accepted him. Carlos felt that Cesar wanted to joke around with him about getting pussy or even give him some tips. To compensate, Carlos insisted on working out with his dad and entered his school’s fútbol team as the captain. So now that Carlos is 18 and a high school senior, he wanted this camping trip to be memorable.

30 minutes away from the campsite, the men quickly noticed a red-headed person on the side of the road with tattered clothes. Pulling over, they rolled down the windows to see if they needed help. It was a young woman in her 20s, and she looked relieved to see them.

“Ma’am, do you need some help?” Cesar’s deep but kind voice spoke.

“Yes, if y’all don’t mind, can I get a ride? My name is Elinor.”

“Hop in, Elinor. We are going camping but we can take you to a nearby gas station or to the nearest town if ya like. My name is Carlos.”

“I wouldn’t mind camping with y’all, especially if y’all got room for it.”

The men looked at each other and Carlos could tell his dad was studying him to see if he was ok with it. Determined, Carlos opened the back door for her and they reached the campsite 30 minutes later.

With some talk, the men found out Elinor came from a poor and broken home and had nowhere to go. Seeing that it was late at night, the men told her she could stay with them and they would help her get on her feet.

Carlos felt something awaken inside him and caught glimpses of Elinor from the rearview mirror. She had long hair, an hourglass figure, and the biggest pair of breasts he has seen in real life. He felt ashamed. He was gay and had fucked and been fucked by dudes on the team yalova escort several times. And she is obviously in trouble, he didn’t feel right checking her out. But in no time at all, he noticed his 8 inch uncut cock harden up in his pants. He looked towards his dad to see if he noticed, but Carlos saw a big bulge on his dad’s pants as well. Knowing they both shared some attraction to her, made Carlos happy.

At the campsite, Carlos and Cesar opened some food for Elinor to eat while they both set up the campsite. Their boners going down, Carlos stole a glance at his father once more. All the time at the gym had paid off and Cesar’s hairy dadbod had gained some muscle, especially in his arms. Similarly, Carlos had some hair on his body as well with 6 pack abs and strong muscles too.

The camping set up complete, the men noticed they had only brought one tent and their air mattress was going to make for a cramped sleeping situation.

Cesar volunteered to sleep on the floor but Elinor said she didn’t mind at all and was just happy to have shelter.

Inside the tent, Elinor slept in the middle and the men fell asleep before her.

Carlos woke up and saw that Elinor was stroking his thick, uncut cock as well as his father’s cock. His father was awake and lightly moaning.

“I was wondering when you would wake up. I just wanted to thank y’all for helping me.”

Elinor then went down on Carlos and sucked his cock head while still giving a handy to Cesar. Carlos leaned his head back and moaned right next to his dad. He had bj’s before and given some too but Elinor was on another level. Her experienced mouth and tongue worked under his foreskin and was on her way to taking him to his bush.

Bobbing her head up and down with speed, Carlos almost came when she caressed his big hairy balls. Slowly going back to his cockhead, Elinor jerked Carlos slowly and then went to give his dad a yalova escort bayan blowjob.

Cesar’s moaning got louder and his deep voice motivated Elinor to work fast. Cesar brought his hand down and guided Elinor to suck his cock all the way down to his hairy bull nuts. Cesar looked to his son and they had that same look that they had in the car. Carlos could tell if his dad was wondering if this was okay with him. Carlos nodded his head and started to fully undress.

Following his lead, both Elinor and Cesar also got naked. Here both men could admire Elinor’s naked beauty. From her big breasts and hairy ginger pussy, the men had their cocks harder than ever before in their lives.

Elinor stopped giving Cesar some head and stopped jerking them off. She laid down on her back and presented her pussy for the men to start fucking her. Carlos lightly slapped his dad’s hairy ass to go forward and breed her. While his dad began to go down and lick Elinor’s hairy pussy, Carlos went to her side and put his cock in her face. Elinor licked and played with his cock and hairy balls while getting her clit licked by Cesar.

Carlos got his cock balls deep into Elinor’s mouth, and he turned to look at his father. Cesar was aggressively eating out her hairy pussy and his big manly hands were holding her thighs and caressing them. Cesar brought his head up and pointed his thick 8 inch uncut cock to her pussy lips. Carlos noticed all the details his father did. Rubbing his cock on the lips, enjoying the sensation. Then thrusting, little by little. Elinor moaned into Carlos’s dick. Cesar let out a manly sigh of relief as his cock was now balls deep inside her. Going easy at first, Cesar leaned in on Elinor and put his hairy belly on top of her. Grabbing one tit, and licking the other, Cesar began to fuck her hard. Carlos could see his father pistoning in and out, his hairy ass bouncing. Elinor began to escort yalova put her legs on Cesar’s back, keeping him inside. She came and took Carlos’s cock balls deep. Cesar gave some hard thrusts and came inside her. He laid on top of her for a bit as she sucked off Carlos.

Cesar got off her, victorious and sweaty. He went next to Carlos and lightly patted his hairy ass to go next. Elinor began to clean Cesar’s cock and lick his balls too. Carlos cautiously went up to Elinor. He realized his father had just taught him how to fuck a woman in front of him. Looking at his dad, Carlos knew he was gonna make him proud.

Carlos began by licking her pussy. His dad’s load was there, which enticed him more. Carlos took to eating pussy like a duck to water. The taste of it was addicting, he needed all of it. Elinor came as he was eating her out and he had her juices running down his face. Totally intoxicated, Carlos put his cock on her pussy and began rubbing it. It felt so different than being with a guy. He loved the way she felt and needed to go in. With some of his father’s load in her and with how wet she was, Carlos had no problem going balls deep. His whole body felt like his cock was in the center of the universe.

Letting out a load and deep moan, his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Savoring the moment, he gave some test thrust and moved his cock. It felt so warm, wet, and like it was gripping all of his cock giving him a massage. Carlos began to thrust in and out, his hairy balls slapping her ass. Looking at his father, Cesar gave him a thumbs up and looked the proudest he had ever been for his son. Carlos thrust wildly and lowered himself on her. Carlos licked at both her tits and began to motorboat them. It was all so much that Carlos came deep inside her pussy. Cesar cheered and patted his son in the back.

“Good job, son.”

That was all that was said as the men would continue to fuck Elinor all day. Eventually, the men asked her to live with them where she would take care of the house and fuck the men whenever they wanted. Carlos felt like a real man now that he had finally made his dad proud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32