Sharing Her Man

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My best friend birthday was last week and even though we didn’t really celebrate it she thought a nice dinner would be in order so we (her boyfriend and I) took her to a nice exclusive restaurant for dinner. He came a little late (due to getting off from work late) but the dinner was grand and my girlfriend, Betty, got a little tipsy from the wine. Not drunk but just a nice buzz.

Some members of the restaurant staff came by and sang Happy Birthday to her before we left and the three of us agreed it was a very enjoyable evening.

Betty drove back home with her boyfriend Patrick and I followed them to Betty’s apartment. The drive to my place was quite a distance and I welcomed the idea of staying at Betty’s apartment when she suggested it. Patrick didn’t seem to mind the idea and besides I would be on the other side of the apartment in the second bedroom.

We stayed up for an hour or so and finally Betty and Patrick retired to her bedroom and I went to bed in the second bedroom.

Despite the distance and the bedroom doors being closed I could hear a faint sound coming from Betty’s bedroom. Of course, I turned the TV down and it became obvious what I was hearing.

They were making love or as Betty would say it, “He was sticking some dick to her.”

I listened intently because I was curious and wanted to hear. I could hear the faint sound of the bedsprings and each time I heard the sound I also heard her grunt. I wanted to sneak to the bedroom door and catch some of the action but I didn’t want to get caught. Strangely I never heard his voice, just hers and only the grunting.

It kızılay escort didn’t take long for her grunting to stop and I thought to myself, “Wow, that was a quickie.”

While listening I had gotten in the bed with the sheet covering me. I still had on my black bra and matching panties. My right hand was inside my panties and I was fingering my clit. Listening to my girlfriend while fingering my clit and imagining Patrick dicking her had gotten me aroused and a little wet.

After about 10 minutes I heard someone in the living room and when my unlocked door popped open it was Patrick, not Betty. I didn’t know what to say. He only had on a “T” shirt but it did not cover his private parts.

I said, “Betty is going to catch you in here” but he only smiled and said, “When she gets a nut she is out for the rest of the night.”

His dick was semi limp but as he stroked it, it started to grow and get harder. I tried not to notice but who was I trying to fool. He closed the door behind him and finally started to approach the bed. I didn’t wait for him to remove the sheet I was under and once I threw the sheet aside, he could see I was fingering my clit. Patrick grabbed my legs and pulled me around so my legs were hanging off the edge of the bed. I slide my panties off for him and he held my legs up with his arms and positioned the head of his dick at the lips of my pussy.

I wanted to stop him but I wanted that dick inside me and with that thought he said, “I have been wanting to get between your legs for a long time.”

He kolej escort eased the head and about half his length in me. I closed my eyes and thought to myself, “This is why Betty was grunting.”

He eased it in gently and despite me arching my back to get more of his dick in me he controlled how much dick he wanted to give me.

I held him tight against me and I he told me “I had some good pussy.” Patrick kept easing more and more in me with each slow stroke and I spread my legs as wide as I could to accommodate him.

He kept whispering in my ear saying, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time.” His dick felt so good and I moaned with my mouth closed so I would not get too loud. I came quickly but all that seem to do was make him pick up the pace. I could hear the sounds coming from my pussy each time he withdrew and eased the length of it back in again.

“Patrick had some good dick.”

Just about that time he pulled away from me, lowered my legs and ripped my bra off. My big tits feel out and I heard him say, “Damn.”

I knew I was much bigger than Betty but never though he noticed. He pushed my tits together and managed to get both nipples in his mouth. When he got finished sucking my nipples both looked to be an inch long but it felt great. After a while I held my breast together for him so he could just concentrate on sucking my tits. Now I was moaning because no one had ever sucked my breast so good. At the same time, I could feel his dick rubbing against my cunt but he was not trying to get it in me. All he was maltepe escort thinking about were sucking my big tits.

Patrick final torn himself away from my tits and flipped me on my stomach. He pulled me up on my hands and knees and buried his dick deep in me. I felt the entire length and with that he stopped moving and told me to ride the length of his dick from that position.

I started to move back and forth and it felt so good. I went after his dick like a wild woman. He said, “That’s it bitch, you want this dick, don’t you?”

He was right, I wanted it. I wanted him to cum in me.

I started tell him, “Yes, I want this dick, yes I want this dick.” I had started to moan loud but at the moment I didn’t really care if Betty heard me or not.

“His dick was rock hard and good.”

I rocked back on forth on his dick for about 30 minutes and finally we busted a nut together. Patrick let out the deepest moan I ever heard from a man and I quickly turned around and sucked his dick clean.

“All you could heard in the room was heavy breathing from both of us.”

We just laid there together, not caring whether Betty would catch us or not.

Once we caught our breath I looked up and there Betty was standing in the door way. I saw her before he did and he was busy fingering me with one hand and rubbing my big tits with the other.

Finally, he saw her too but there was no hiding or lying about what had just happened. He pulled himself away from me and walked past her back to her bedroom, I think.

I took a shower and despite how late it was I thought it was best that I leave. I felt a little bad but all I could think about was how good his dick felt inside me. I didn’t say goodbye but before I went out the door, I heard her grunting again and couldn’t help but smile and think to myself “Yea girl, that’s some good dick and even though I don’t want your man I do plan to get that dick again”.

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