Shanu’s Wedding Pt. 01

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Chapter 1 ‘Asraa’

As the black Mercedes left the airport, situated on the outskirt of the city and took the road to reach other side of the city. The main road leaving the city towards north soon could fool anyone that it was leading into wilderness once countryside was finished. If one travelled another fifty-five ‘slow drive’ kilometres one would find a sign of a private farm ‘Asraa’ alongside another sign that indicated a food processing industrial base another five kilometres further. In between if one travelled that way a beautiful private golf course would entice anyone who could hit a golf ball some distance.

Following the road that led through beautiful open green farming land, then through managed woodlands as it would seem that soon road would finish. Driving past the heavily wooded curve one would suddenly arrive in an vast open driveway in front of an enormous sprawling house which was spread over an roughly estimated two acres surrounded by another two hundred fifty or three hundred acres. The house was of a design of very personal nature. The main huge building appeared like many leaves spreading out from a main centre of a large flower if viewed from air. One could see at least four open swimming pools spread out in a random fashion. The car stopped in front of the main entrance of the house with a large open porch that flowed into a huge sliding glass doors embedded in solid wood. The floor was marble all throughout the house.

Chauffeur came out and opened the door as the lights came on and setting sun bathed the whole house with exotic colours of orange and red so typical of winter evenings. Driver respectfully helped the passenger to come out of the plush back seat of the luxury car. The woman gracefully floated out of the car and stood silently admiring the beautiful colours of nature. As chauffeur took out the shopping, soon three more servants joined him. All three after smiling and wishing their mistress who smiled most affectionately back, rushed out to give him a hand. The chauffeur left them to the chores and stood silently close to her mistress discreetly behind. The chauffeur was Bakul Jamal who was very stocky and looked every bit a heavy weight wrestler. Bakul had been in service for almost thirty years and now was fifty-two years old. He was assigned to his mistress soon after she married his master Akbar Jahangir Khan as a young, vivacious, gentle bride of few months short of twenty years.

Bakul looked at the graceful form of Gulnaz Mehrun Khan who stood about five feet and six inches tall. Her full body was wrapped in a light blue sari. Gulnaz had most beautiful face that did not need any adornment or artificial chemical help. Her skin was radiantly fair and glowed in the evening sun. Her light brown eyes shone with generosity and love that was well known to all who knew her or came in contact with her. Her face always seemed to smile and it brought attention to her exquisitely beautiful nose that seems to accentuate that mystical smile.

Her beautiful neck flowed into her rounded shoulders and full, large bosom. She wore a short sleeve blouse of darker shade of yellow to match her sari. Her blouse dipped elegantly to suggest the top of the slope of her generously large soft breasts, which were barely contained by a soft cotton bra. The slope of her large breasts even in a bra and blouse only heightened the natural divine beauty that she possessed and had passed on to her children. Her beautiful, fair skinned rounded arms were folded regally under her bosom .Her sari barely hid her rounded full waist that showed her full life and scant regard for skin and bone concept of womanly body. Her sari was filled with her fertile, full hips as a signature of a woman whose body screamed vitality and fertility and over and above all a beauty that you could admire untiringly.

Gulnaz would turn forty five in five months and people found it hard to believe that she had three children, a girl of nearly twenty –one years of age and twin sons who would soon be twenty-three.

Bakul took the shawl out of the car and respectfully draped it over Gulnaz’s shoulders, “Madam, winter is arriving. Evenings do have a nip now.”

Gulnaz affectionately patted Bakul’s hands as he covered her shoulders with her shawl, “Bakul Bhai, thank you. I was lost in thoughts,” Gulnaz never addressed their long serving trusted help casually, “Shanu baytee would soon leave our house. She was a little girl running around with little care not so long ago. She will now belong to her new family.” Gulnaz sighed softly making her breasts swell in manner that would test the resolve of even a celibate monk.

Bakul nodded his head in quiet understanding and escorted his mistress inside. Gulnaz walked through the sliding doors and entered the huge hall that took various routes to in all fifteen suites each an independent unit with two to four bedrooms, study, kitchen, and living room. However, Gulnaz ran the gaziantep kızıl escort bayan house from central kitchen with overflowing number of servants who sometimes tripped on one another trying to be helpful.

The main house was surrounded by different outer rim of servant quarters. The hall led into three living areas of immense dimensions and a huge dining area, which could seat forty people. Despite their large family, the capacity was never tested. Bakul waited respectfully until Gulnaz glided inside the hall and then turned back. The main house help, Shabnam, soon joined Gulnaz and informed her that her father called. Gulnaz beamed at her, a plump pleasant woman who had been in their service for twenty years and was now well past her forty years and her children were in college and her husband was also an employee of the family and worked in the food-processing farm, “Madam shall I fill the bath for you. You do not have to worry about the dinner.”

“That would be very nice, thanks Shabbo, I will ring back Abba in the meantime. Has sahib come back from office,.” Gulnaz could make anyone her slave with her soft, gentle voice. Shabnam followed Gulnaz and replied, “Madam I have not seen him so far.”

Gulnaz waved the question away as irrelevant making her Shabnam less conscious that she could not be sure if her husband was back from work. Gulnaz and her Shabnam entered her personal suite. The main entrance opened into a living space, which led to a dining area with six-seat dining table. The large sliding door led to another living cum study area, which had four en suite bedrooms. Gulnaz floated through into her main bedroom, which was in keeping with the rest of the house huge. Shabnam promptly went inside the enormous en suite to fill the bath with warm water and mixed aromatic salts and oil.

Gulnaz picked up the cordless phone in one hand and effortlessly took her sari off with one hand making it a breathtakingly sensual vision if there was man to appreciate it. She dialled her father’s number and waited eagerly like a child to hear his deep voice. The ringtone kept on until the answering machine kicked in asking to leave a message. Gulnaz’s face showed her disappointment and she softly whispered, “Abbu it’s me,” and disconnected.

Gulnaz walked with the phone in to the bathroom. The bath was nearly full the whole bathroom was filled with the sweet smell of the salts and oil mixed in the bath water. Shabnam without any hesitation slowly came towards Gulnaz and started to unbutton her blouse. She had served Gulnaz for over twenty years and both had become very close over the years as she helped Gulnaz with her pregnancies and other personal events. Gulnaz had suggested that Shabnam should have sex with Akbar when Gulnaz was heavily pregnant with twins and in the last months of pregnancy. Shabnam had expressed during girly talk her incredulity at Akbar’s penis size. After her having her first sexual tryst with Akbar she gushed his praises to very pregnant and proud Gulnaz.

As Shabnam removed the blouse, rolling it off Gulnaz’s full arms exposing her majestic breasts barely covered by a cotton bra. Shabnam unclasped the bra and let it fall off her mistress’s heavy, very large full breasts as they sloped and hung down with their own weight making even Shabnam feeling a warm rush between her legs. Shabnam rolled the bra off Gulnaz’s arms and threw it on the floor. She removed the clips from the bun holding Gulnaz’s lustrous long wavy dark hair. The rich wavy hair fell in a thick cascade to her full, bulging bottom.

Shabnam moved in front of Gulnaz and saw her beautiful large, heavy beast sloping towards her belly which bulged ever so sexily suggesting a life of fulfilled, fertile woman who enjoyed her life to full. Her waist had a soft extra small roll just above her voluptuous bottom covered in a yellow cotton petticoat. Shabnam undid the tying cord and the petticoat slithered down her round, full buttocks exposing her thunder thighs and white cotton panty. Her thighs were full and showed dimpling on upper thigh and bottom which if anything accentuated her voluptuous divine beauty. Here was a complete exquisitely beautiful woman.

Shabnam kneeled in front of Gulnaz and gently rolled her panty down exposing the thick curly dark growth covering her sweet fragrant cunt. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating even to her female housekeeper. Gulnaz regally lifted one foot after another to allow Shabnam remove her panty. Gulnaz affectionately mussed Shabnam’s hair as a token of thanks as she picked up her undergarments.

Gulnaz stepped into the bath and slowly immersed herself to her neck as she rested her head on the specially designed bath rest. Shabnam walked back in and put a huge soft cotton fluffy towel and bathrobe close by. She put the phone on the large rim around the bathtub and told Gulnaz, ” Madam, I have arranged gaziantep köle escort bayan the dinner. You just relax. Shall I ring you when sahib is back?” Gulnaz smilingly shook her head, “Will 9:00 be ok for dinner? It is about six now.” Gulnaz softly closed her eyes and nodded yes.

Gulnaz sighed happily as her mind once again went over her family’s life. She had found herself ruminating more and more since they had decided the final date. Shahnaz, everyone called her Shanu, was going to marry her third cousin she met and became attached to while dong her BA at Harvard. Muhasin was the only son of a wealthy family, which moved to states long ago and continued to prosper in telecommunications. The marriage was exactly a month away. The guests have started to arrive as this would be first marriage in the family and nothing would be spared. Despite her disdain for wastage and tacky gloss Gulnaz agreed to her relatives pressure to go al out once and never again.

Gulnaz looked back and almost could relive her marriage to Akbar Jahangir Khan (Aku to friends) her beloved husband as her twin sister Fawzia married his twin brother Shahabad Jahangir Khan (called Shaad affectionately). Their father Jahangir Khan rose from nothing to be a multimillionaire with intrinsic intelligent, hard work and compassion that he never lost for those who were less blessed than him. He was not an atheist but close to an agnostic. His sons took their lesson from their father and never lost the drive and now The Kay enterprise was in many big cities with investments and control in construction, steel, telecommunications, banking etc.

Gulnaz remembered her father-in-law since very tender years as a close friend of her father as the twin sisters found his twin sons good company and respectful unlike boys of their age. Akbar and Shahabad were only a year older than the sisters. Gulnaz’s father Abbas Muntzar Khan and academic with flare for applying his theories successfully. His friendship with Jahangir worked like magic and both prospered together like brothers. The marriage of twin sisters to twin brothers was the talk of the city for obvious reasons least of all the fact that two families, despite keeping low political profile, were rich beyond dreams. Gulnaz could not wait for her close family members to collect under one roof including her twin sons; Aadil and Aasim who were finishing their MBA at Harvard and could only come for a week.

Gulnaz looked at the phone desperately wishing it to ring, she was dying to hear her father’s voice. Her father had given all control to her husband and her brother-in-law and chose to live up in hills in a modern modest farm close to river and jungle.

Gulnaz slowly rubbed her hands over her magnificent breasts rubbing the fragrant soapsuds over them. Her nipples were hardening into their amazing thick long fleshy columns. Her right hand drifted off her breast and moved over her stomach approaching her sexy mount covered with lush curly rich growth. Her fingers combed through her pubic hair and softy rubbed the pussy lips. Gulnaz sighed with her full lips partly opened as her fingers rubbed her clitoris without intending to.

Gulnaz luxuriated in the warm fragrant bath, her left hand softly massaging her one and then other breast and nipple as her right hand teased and tormented her wet soft pussy. She was nearly about to ring her father’s mobile as the phone rang and the caller’s ID was labelled as Nanu. Since the grandchildren were born both her father and her father–in-law were simply called by all family and employees-Nanu (or Nanajan meaning maternal grandfather) and Dadu (Dadajan meaning paternal grandfather).

Gulnaz quickly removed her right hand from her pussy and picked up the phone to accept the call, she tried to keep her desperate wait out her voice but still betrayed it by her urgent whisper, “Hello, Abbu!” She called her father Daddy most of the times but chose to call him Abba or Abbu in personal moments and when she wanted to express her love for him.

The voice on the line was deep and masculine, “Gul beta. Sorry went out to see the horse who was neighing for some reason. What are you doing?”

Gulnaz smiled as she heard her father called her name of endearment; “I have just put myself in bath after an afternoon of silly shopping.” She could close her see and could see her father as if he stood right in front of her.

“Lucky you Gul. I am stinking of horse manure and sweat and probably can be classified as a lethal weapon.”

Gulnaz giggled like a schoolgirl, her father always made her feel like a little happy girl, “I plan to remain here for next hour or more. Abba do you want start a bath and then ring me?”

“That seems like a good idea. But I do not want to disconnect. I feel bad when we finish our conversation. I will run up and set myself up within no time,” Gul’s father’s voice could barely gaziantep kumral escort bayan hide his excitement making her almost cry, as his love for her seemed endless and boundless.

“Abbu, take you time I am going to listen to all the sounds you will make,” Gul giggled again filling the bathroom with a perfect feminine happy laugh. She could hear her father’s heavy footsteps bounding up the teak wood stairs.

Chapter 2 Shaad and Sameena

At about the same time two hundred fifty miles north Shahabad Jahangir Khan across the long corridor in another estate (‘Shamiyaana’) almost replica of his brother’s ‘Asraa’. The purpose was again to use and maintain the Greenland to give employment to local villagers and both succeeded big times. Any neutral observer would have seen a very tall heavily built man about six foot four inches moving like an athlete. He was dressed in a white masculine version of kurta and salwar with open leather slip-ons. He had thick curly hair combed back. There was no hint of grey yet.

He knew by fifty he would be grey very quickly as his father had. His forty-five years were barely noticeable. He had a face easily called immensely handsome- a legacy from his father. His broad shoulders and big chest belied his lithe physique when fully clothed but became evident once he disrobed. He looked exactly like his twin brother but for the fact that he supported a thick bushy moustache unlike Akbar who was clean-shaven.

Not far away in one of the suites an extremely beautiful woman was disrobing out of her city clothes. Sameena stood in her huge en suite standing in a bra and panty contemplating what casual apparel to wear for her imminent visitor. Sameena was twenty-six soon going to be twenty-seven. She was born after a gap of over nineteen years after her twin brothers. Jahangir Khan doted on his daughter from day one. Sameena, affectionately called Meenu, was always quiet, generous and polite. Her brother showered their love in abundance, as they were grown ups and could treat her as a child. Soon after her tenth birthday, tragedy struck. Abbas’ wife, Gulnaz’s mother, had passed away after struggling with cervical cancer for two years. Her mother, Shaad’s wife, and Nasim were travelling late in night to airport to fly for her funeral. A truck hit their car. The driver, her mother, Mehrunisa, and sister-in-law, Fawzia, were killed on the spot. Her niece, Shaad’s daughter Nasim, was barely five and her left leg had to be amputated below the knee. The whole family was in the shroud of dark mood and disarray for years.

Her sister-in-law Gul and brothers along with her father brought both her and Nasim as two daughters. Nasim was successfully rehabilitated with prosthesis. But for a slight limp she could hide the fact of her limb loss and she always did.

Sameena did her masters in philosophy and married a successful businessman of a local rich family who were related to them through her mother. The groom was a good fiend of her brother Shaad. Her new husband, Muhsin, politely told her that he was gay the night of the wedding and was too much of a coward to tell his family. He was man enough to accept that he has deceived Sameena and apologised profusely. He offered her a life of her choosing and they both could keep the charade. Sameena nicely declined. She nicely declined. Sameena could not accept this on a matter of principle. She offered her husband sometime before they could separate, but he had to promise not to deceive another woman even if he could not face up to the reality. He was grateful. He owned up to his sexual preferences to his family and divorced Sameena within one year who came back to her brother Shaad’s house to look after him and his daughter.

She wrote columns in national and international newspaper on philosophy and social issues. Sameena also published two books one fiction and other non-fiction. She had found her calling. Money was never a problem.

Sameena shook herself out of the reverie as she heard the sliding door of her suite being closed. She smiled with her light brown eyes shining with love and she could feel her pulse rising. Soon her brother Shahabad was standing on the door of her bathroom smiling at her.

Shaad looked at his little sister as an alien man would look at her. Sameena stood about five foot five inches tall. Her beautiful face reflected the beauty of their mother and handsome visage of their father. Her clear fair skin radiated health and vitality. He had never seen her use any makeup. Her lips were red and full. Her beautiful nose crinkled when she smiled as she did, seeing him walk in. Sameena was a full-bodied young woman who had no time or desire to conform to “thin is beautiful” fad. Sameena had written many incisive pieces on this issue. Her breasts were very large, full and heavy. Her cotton bra seemed to be struggling to hold those two majestic breasts. Her full waist flared into most delectable full round bottom stretching the white cotton panty. Her bottom accentuated her full, round thighs as they tapered into healthy calves and two pretty feet.

Sameena smiled at her brother, who looked after her as his daughter, and seemed to be transfixed at the door as his eyes tried to savour the mesmerising sight of his extremely beautiful sister.

“Shaad bhai, you have seen your sister before.”

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