Sexy Waitress from the New Bar

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All that I ask is try to be kind, my writing skill at best sub par, but I am trying. I hope you enjoy this story, I have more posts this is just the newest one.


So I have been thinking a lot about a woman I work with at the bar, lets call her C.S, she has raven black hair and has a star shaved into her left side which she covers with her hair for work but like to show it off when not at work. Not the biggest breasts Cs maybe but I have been informed from one of my friends they bounce really nice when she runs in her uniform. The uniform is a black dress, low cut just above the knee but low enough on the thy to be respectable. Then again in a certain light you can see right through the fabric.

For this fantasy it happens at night close to the start of my shift and at the end of hers. She just gets off work and is going to cash out, so I don’t miss an opportunity to flirt with her again. I have been doing this with her all night we have a back and forth and she always teases me about my black book all my dirty stories are stored in and how she would love to get her hands on it. Either way I flirt with her all the way to the office where she goes to cash out so I leaver her be.

I circle around do a round and then she appears again this time leaving, I swoop in, get blocked as she has a conversation with someone else but as soon as she is alone again I start talking with her. I tell her it is a shame she is leaving the view from the top floor at night is breathtaking, she smiles and raises an eye of interest. I tell her to meet me there in say twenty to thirty minutes and I will show her a view she will never forget.

She heads to the stairs to the staff lockers, and the staff elevator, I am not knowing if she is heading home or going to meet me so I relax tell someone I am going on a patrol and in the time I said head to the top floor of the hotel. Once up there the floor is dark, lights are off and the only real light almanbahis is the light from the streets below or the building adjacent from this one lights from the office building. I don’t see her so I just head to the window to look out over the street and the view I was going to show her.

The I feel her, before I hear her I feel her hands slide around my sides then cup my chest as she pulls me close to her. I turn around and she surprises me with a kiss then another, and before long we are going at each other like two wild animals. She pushes me against the window, undoing my jacket and then unzipping my fly. I grab her instead and turn around now pressing the cold glass against ther back she is almost head shorter so I lift her up on the half shelf her back and head pressed against the window as I furiously kiss her, me standing between her now startling legs.

I then lift her skirt so her bare back skin presses against the window, and then reach between her legs grip her underwear and pull it down, then rip it off her body. She looks at me pouts and claims it was one of her favorite pairs, so smell it then put it in my right pocket promising to keep it. She smiles then goes back to kissing me, now gyrating her hips into me as she now reaches into my zipper and start massaging me, stroking me in my pants then pulls it out as starts teasing me while rubbing my member against soft lips.

I stop, she looks as me in surprise, I then lower her hands, and pull her arms from her dress and then reach behind her and undo her bra, she exposing now my shirt to find another shirt underneath, sticks out her tongue in disapproval. Then I kiss her again but this time work my way down her chest now cupping one breast and sucking on the other, then switching sides and doing the same with the other side. She now reaches down and not more teasing inserts my member inside herself, and now starts thrusting towards me. I have to press her bare shoulders and lower almanbahis adres back into the ice cold window for stability.

I kiss my way back up to her lips still thrusting into her and tasting those cinnamon flavored lips thanks to her lipstick, then I stop again, she again is surprised but this time a bit perturbed. I pull out of her and flip her around and then press her against the window. Her breast pressed against the ice cold window and her left check and ear now cold as well, then tilting her hips re insert my self and using my other hand to hold her firmly pressed against the glass.

Her chest and face ice cold as I keep pressing more and more of my self into her her hands firmly against the glass but not pushing away just taking in all the experiences of cold and hot, wet and hard, and increasing pace. Till it almost starts to hurt from cold she moans back and forth then whispers and slight of pain. I offer her a choice, stay against the glass and freeze till I finish or let me warm you up as long as you finish me off. As I thrust I hear an agreement to my terms, I pull her from the glass her chest and face almost numb, then lay her down.

Then I start by kissing her face, I no crouch over her, my member throbbing and wet from her juices, I use my left hand for stability but use my right hand to insert my thumb back inside of her, and my fingers now dance on her clit. I keep kissing her face till the tear and cold on that side of her face is gone. Then I kiss my way to her ice cold breasts, like sucking on beautiful tasting ice cubes, I lick them then warm then with my mouth, all the while still inserting my thumb in and out of her and pressing just the right button to let the pleasure inside her rise.

Then just as I feel all the heat replaced back in her chest she begins to start quivering, first starting as a shutter then a quack and then she begins to convulse, this time grabbing the forearm of my right hand locking it in almanbahis giriş a death grip an lot letting it mover from its position. Her moaning so loud I fear someone might hear us, as she now is thrusting her hole body into my right hand and me hanging over her about to explode my self.

Finally it happens by forearm white from lack of blood he grips it so tight, her body goes as rigid as a statue and silence so defining I dare not say a word, then one last explosing of pleasure as her body releases, moaning so loud, and pulling me on top of her so she can kiss me I almost loose it as I am pressed against her skin. I remove my hand, and she keeps kissing me and half laughing and half giggling.

Then she rolls me over, climbs on me and start gyrating her hips, looks at me with that smile ad takes my hands and slides them on her breasts. Back and forth but then as if she knows she stops, tells me to let her now before I finish and then continues on. She does not need speed I am so close I overwhelmed I held out this long. Then as I feel I tell her, she falls on me her hair in my face, and slowly seeks down my body, I feel her stomach, then her breast, then her chin and each time I am about to explode but not until I feel those lips on me, enveloping me do I let go.

She is already ready for me sucking with all her might, one hand on my chest holding me down and the other on my shaft milking me for every drop. I finish, go stiff like a statue and try to sit up but she holds me down, then after ever drop licks me clean then climbs back up my body like a animal.

We kiss a few more times then we both get dressed, I still have time on my patrol so I go back to it as if I was on it the whole time. She leaves out the employee do, unless you where looking for her on a camera you would never see her.

The best part of the whole experience is that in the morning when I do unlocking of doors I come back to that meeting room, and I see her ass and shoulders pressed against one part of the glass and her breasts and side of face pressed against another part of the glass, but only at a certain angle and with light on it. So later that day while someone is in a meeting they will get to see an imprint of our fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32