Sexy Surprise

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Pulled Panties

My older sister, .Jill, was home from her first year in college for the summer. I had just turned eighteen and was anticipating my freshman year in September. Her year away at school had changed her, she had lost her baby fat, grew her hair longer and dumped her old horn-rimmed glasses for contacts. I was embarrassed when I got a hardon looking at her when she bent over, but she really looked great and I blushed when she caught me.

Neither of us had been popular in high school, we didn’t play sports or participate in many activities. She was on the debate team and I was a computer nerd. Even in college, she didn’t do much except study, bringing home straight A’s much, to Mom’s delight. We lived alone with Mom in a secluded old farm house on the edge of town. We never knew our Dad because Mom divorced him when we were very young.

I noticed Jill had changed in other ways. She was showing more skin than ever before and was not afraid to flash her underwear, though I was sure it was an accident. Before college she would make sure everything was covered and would run complaining to Mom if I ever tried to peek while she was changing or anything. Of course, I always tried peeking, specially while she was using the bathroom. I used to take long soaks in the bathtub, hoping she would need to use the facilities. Our bathroom was set up so if I turned the full-length mirror just right I could see everything, even the toilet. Of course, Jill knew this, too, because when I used to try to spy on her when I was in the bath she would scream for Mom, I would get yelled at and the mirror would be turned so I couldn’t see. After a while she would just come in and turned it automatically when an emergency forced her to use the bathroom when I was soaking in the tub. Ever the optimist, I turned the mirror so I had a full view of the toilet, even though I knew Jill, who at 19 was a year older than me, would immediately turn it back. Maybe I could get a glimpse this time.

She knocked on the door. “Hey Brian I gotta go.” She shouted through the door. “I mean I have to pee right now.” Her desperation was obvious by her voice/

“Okay,” I yelled back, closing the shower curtain just enough for me to see the mirror.

She opened the door and came in but didn’t adjust the mirror. I was shocked to see her dressed in just a t-shirt and panties instead of her usual flannels. My cock got hard immediately. It stiffened even more when she pulled the t-shirt over her head and exposed her luscious tits. I had glimpsed her tits before, but bow I had a full view. They were perfect, not too big, but big enough so you could really enjoy playing with them. The nipples were perfect, too, and they got bigger when she started rubbing them. “Oooh.” The sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as she kept rubbing her tits and nipples. She reached down and put her hand inside her panties. She began to rub her pussy and moaned again as she rubbed. I was mesmerized by the sight of my sister frigging herself. My cock was hard as iron, but I was afraid if I touched it, it would break the spell. She started to pull her underpants down slowly. She stopped when they were just below her sparse pubic hair. She looked in the mirror and caught my eye, making sure I was looking. Then she smiled, turned around and let those pink panties fall to the floor, exposing her whole ass to me. She bent over slowly and stepped out of the panties.

She turned around and bent backwards, holding her pussy lips apart so I could see the pink interior of her pussy. It looked shiny and wet. She took one hand and put a finger right up her wet hole, fingered herself a little then brought the finger to her mouth and sucked all her cunt juice off. Then she put her hand back to her cunt and began to rub her clit.

“Unnh, it feels so good when I rub myself when I have to pee real bad.”

I could see the pink of her pussy and the wet juice that was running out of her hole. I didn’t move, didn’t speak, not wanting her to stop. Only my cock was moving, throbbing unmercifully. She continued rubbing her clit furiously. Suddenly she stiffened.

“Oh God, I’m cumming.” She gasped. ”It feels so good.”

I was staring at her cunt when suddenly a gush of piss spurted out of her cunt and on the floor.

“Oh God. I’m pissing and cumming. My cunt is exploding”

Another spurt of hot piss squirted out of her twat and splashed on the floor. She moved over the toilet and let her pee pour into the bowl and continued rubbing her clit. She finally sat on the bowl and caught her breath.

“It just feels so good when I play with my pussy when I have to pee.” She said breathlessly.

She stood up and threw a towel on the floor to wipe up the mess.

“I still gotta go, though.”

She stood over the bowl with her ass facing me, held her ass cheeks apart and started pissing. From this angle I could see the golden stream come right out of her pussy. When she was done she turned around, bent over backwards, held her cunt lips wide apart and let another spurt go right onto the towel. She shook her ass to get the last drops, then grabbed the towel and began very slowly and very sensually to wipe her pussy.

I was mesmerized by the show in front me, still not daring to move or speak, my cock throbbing painfully. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This my innocent sister who would scream every time I tried to see her naked. She threw the paper in the toilet, took the wet towel to throw in the laundry room and put her panties back on.

She reached for the doorknob and stopped.

“One more thing.” she said, pulling her panties down to below her ass cheeks. She held them open and let out a big noisy, smelly fart. She giggled, pulled her panties up and ran out of the bathroom.

I sat in the tub for a minute, still not believing what just happened, but my dick was so hard I had to do something. I got out of the tub cause I didn’t want to shoot my load in it. I planned to go into my room and jerk off to my heart’s content. All I needed was a pair of Jill’s panties. I slipped on the shorts that passed as pajamas and a t-shirt and headed for the laundry room. I began rummaging thru the hamper looking for a pair of Jill’s underpants when I was startled by Jill’s voice.

“Did you like my little show?” she asked as she snuck up behind me and put a hand on my ass.

I jumped. “You scared the shit out of me.” I said holding the used panties in one hand.

“Well, did you?” She was smiling, so I knew she wasn’t angry.

“I loved it, but I wish I could see it up close.” I blurted.

“You mean you want to look at my pussy and watch me pee up close?” she said, pretending embarrassment. “You might get wet.”

“I’ve always wanted to know how a girls’ thing works, so I really wouldn’t care.” I said, truthfully. “But why the big change? You always made sure I never saw anything, now you’re showing everything.”

“Well, you’re in your room jerking your cock and wonderin’ what a girl has between her legs and I’m in my room rubbing my pussy wondering what a real cock feels like so why can’t we get together?” she said as her hand found my cock. “My roommate talked about fucking her brother and it got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be better with someone you know and love than with some stranger? Now let me see it.”

Before I could react, she pulled my shorts right down exposing my throbbing hard on.

“I’ve never seen a real one before.” she whispered. She wrapped her fist around it and started measuring it. ”It’s so soft and yet so hard. It’s bigger than most things I’ve fucked myself with.” she purred. She started rubbing it up and down, fascinated by my prick. I never thought of it as big before, but I took her word for it. Her rubbing quickly brought me to the verge of cumming.

“Jill, I’m gonna shoot.” I said as quietly as possible and with that I started cumming, the thick globs of jism spurting onto her hand and leg.

“Yes, cum Bri, I wanna see you shoot your load.” She kept rubbing my prick until I stopped cumming. She put her hand to her mouth and licked up a wad of cum. “It Elazığ Escort tastes good” She exclaimed, surprised. She licked all of it off her hand. “That was great Bri. I would love to that again. But why are you in here? Looking for my panties again?” I was still a little afraid that she would tell Mom. I just nodded. “What do you do with my underwear?”

I decided what the hell. “I sniff them when I jerk off. The smell of your cunt really turns me on.”

“I thought so. Well, I made sure my panties are all wet for you.” She reached under her t-shirt and pulled her underpants down and off. She held them to her nose. “Yeah, smells like my pussy alright.” She took the crotch and rubbed it inside her pussy lips. “I got all wet making you cum.” she explained. “Take these and jerk off to your hearts content, but tell me about it tonight. I wanna see you, too and play with your cock some more.” She stepped close to me and held her tits and panty less cunt against me as she gave me a big wet kiss that was very unsisterlike.

Just then Mom started calling for Jill.

“Remember, tonight.” she said as she blew me a kiss and left to go see what Mom wanted. I was left standing with my shorts around my ankles and my cock all stiff again, her panties in my hand. I quickly picked my shorts up and went into my room where I thought I would sniff the delicious odor of Jill’s cunt thru her panties and wank my cock to several good cums. Then Mom called me, too.

“I need you and Jill to help me move this stuff.” she said pointing to a few boxes of old clothes. “Jill, are those shorty pajamas?”

“It’s so hot. I just put these on to stay cool.”

“It would be cooler if you had nothing on underneath.” Mom joked.

“Mom!” Jill shrieked.

“Yeah, it would be too much for Brian to handle.” she said with a smile.

“You’re horrible Mom.” Jill smiled back.

I kept quiet, knowing not to get in the middle of this. I knew Jill wasn’t wearing anything under the short skirt, but I didn’t know if Mom did. She bent over to lift one of the boxes and gave me a full view of her cute ass. Luckily Mom couldn’t see Jill wasn’t wearing panties. My cock was still hard as iron, and I tried to turn away so Mom wouldn’t see. Jill didn’t help. Every time Mom wasn’t looking, she fondled my hardon or lifted that short skirt.

Later that night I was in my room, naked, with Jill’s panties over my nose, wanking my dick to the delicious odor of her cunt. With the panties covering my eyes and nose, I didn’t hear Jill slipping into my room.

“Wanna smell it from the source?” she whispered as she stripped her nightie off, whisked her panties away from my busy nose and crawled up over my face. She held her cunt lips wide open over my face and let my eyes have a feast. I could see all the way up her pink cunt, the juice dribbling out of her hole. And the smell! It was so exciting I thought I might shoot my load right there. She lowered her sweet ass down till my mouth was almost touching her cunt. I couldn’t help it. I had to taste it. I slipped my tongue out and let it touch her pink pussy. A shiver ran thru her.

“Brian are you licking me?” she panted breathlessly. “It feels so good!”

I took a long lick up her cunt, bottom to top, tasting her juices. They were delicious, intoxicating, exciting. She started moving her ass and pressing her cunt against my mouth.

“Please lick me Brian.” she pleaded. “Please lick my pussy.”

I started licking up and down her slit, sticking my tongue up her hole and tasting her juices which were now pouring out of her cunt. I licked up and down the lips, letting it glide over her clit. An electric shock ran thru her and she started bucking wildly.

“Lick it Brian, I’m gonna cum.”

Her hips were moving so rapidly it was hard to keep my tongue on the mark.

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I licked and sucked like she told me. Her clit was big enough for me to grab with my lips and that set her off.

“Right there, I’m cumming.” She sobbed as she rubbed her twat all over my face, smearing it with her plentiful juices. “Oh my God Bri, that was fantastic! Best come I ever had. I love the way you licked me.” She moved back a little and stated licking her cum off my face. “I love the taste of cunt. I’d like to lick a cunt one day.” She got to her knees and squatted over my cock. “Let’s do it Brian. I want your big hard cock up my wet cunt. Are you a virgin?”

“Well, ah, yeah” I admitted.

We were both trying to be as quiet as possible so we wouldn’t wake Mom.

She whispered “Technically I am too. I fucked myself with just about everything, cucumbers, carrots, even celery. But I never had a real penis.”

I made a face. “Oh, that’s why the veggies tasted funny.”

She laughed. “They were peeled before we ate them silly.”

She grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her sloppy wet slit. I didn’t protest. My fuck tool was an iron bar.

“Are you gonna stick it up your cunt, Jill? Are we gonna really fuck?”

She just smiled at me as she placed my cock at her hole and began to sink down on it.

“Your prick feels like that cucumber I stuck up my twat.” She wailed as she slowly moved her squatted on me, forcing my cock all the way up her hole.

Her cunt was gripping my cock like a wet, soft hand, milking it as she rose and fell, fucking my cock up her cunt. I was on the verge of exploding and couldn’t hold it any longer.

“Your cunt is squeezing my cock so tight, I’m gonna cum, Jill.” I tried to muffle my words so Mom wouldn’t hear.

“Yes cum in my cunt, shoot it up me, I’m cumming, too.” she tried unsuccessfully to be quiet.

We fucked madly humping up and down as we both poured out our cum. It felt so good to be cumming in her tight pussy. We humped our way through our mutual orgasm and both fell on the bed.

“I’m sorry sis, I didn’t mean to cum inside you.” I panted.

She laughed. “It’s ok, I’m on the pill and no it’s not because I’m fucking so much. It’s to regulate my period. Mom’s on it, too. We can fuck as much as we want.”

I was relieved. “Whew! I was worried there for a minute. That sounds great, but I still want to see you pee, though.”

She laid on the bed and spread her legs. “You mean you want to look up my cunt while I piss? I might squirt you.”

“I don’t care. I want to watch.” The sight of her open pussy with my cum leaking out of it made my dick hard again. “Let’s fuck again first. My cock is hard just thinking about watching you pee.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” she said eagerly. “Now get on top and fuck the piss out of me.”

I didn’t hesitate. I got between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her dripping slit. She started moaning and lifted her legs up high and spread them wide apart. I started to shove my stiff rod up her slick cunt. It slid all the way into her fuckhole.

“Can you feel it Jill?” I asked.

“Yes, oh yes.” she said breathlessly squirming against me.

“What can you feel?”

“Your cock!.I feel your cock.”

“Where is my cock?”

“Up my cunt. Up my cunt. It’s so very far up my cunt.”

“And what is my cock doing in your cunt?”

“Fucking me. Your cock is fucking my cunt. Please keep fucking me I’m gonna cum oh my God, I’m cumming.”

I had already cum three or four times, but my cock stayed hard and I kept fucking her without coming. The harder I shoved my rod up her dripping snatch and the more I made her talk dirty the hotter she got. She became excited in mind and body and was cumming quicker and quicker.

“I’m cumming again, Brian, fuck me hard. Cock, cunt, fuck, balls!”

I kept shoving my stiff prick in and out of her pussy. Every time she came she moaned loudly and her cunt squeezed my prick tight.

“Your cunt is squeezing my cock!”

“I can’t help squeezing. I can’t stop cumming on your prick.”

Finally, after what seemed to be a mile of shoving my hard cock up her snatch I felt that familiar feeling in my balls.

“I’m going to shoot my load.” Elazığ Escort Bayan I tried not to shout. “I’m gonna squirt my cum right up your pussy.”

“Yes.” She gasped. “Shoot in my pussy, I’m cumming again Oh God, I’m cumming so hard.” she was lifting her hips up to meet my thrusts.

“Here it comes Jill.” I started squirting my cum into her pussy, but this time each jet of spurned burned as it came out of my piss slit.

We both groaned and moaned and humped and squirmed as we came together, not caring whether we woke Mom. Finally, my cock shrank out of her cunt and we laid there, our bodies limp and exhausted. And wet. The sheets looked like we pissed on them!

“I wanna taste my pussy juices.” Jill said as she put her hand between her legs. She scooped out a handful of her abundant juice and my sperm and started licking it all up. “God, I love the taste of pussy and your sperm. I wish I had a whole glass of it.”

I made a face. “You are so dirty. I have a glass here let’s see if we can get your cunt juices to dribble in it.”

I held it to her cunt to get some of the juice. “Let me stand up it’ll flow better. I’ll hold it you get some thick towels.”

I did as I was told. When I returned she was holding the glass to her slit and letting all that wet goo drip into it. After most of our combined juices dripped out of her pussy, she started sipping it slowly. There wasn’t very much, but she sipped slowly, licking the rim.

“I wish I could taste another girl.” She said wistfully. “`My juice is so good I’d like to get it right from another pussy.”

“Well I know where you can get some sperm.”

She laughed. “You mean from your cock?”

“You could suck it till I shoot down your throat.” I said hopefully, although I didn’t think my dick would get hard again.

“I’d like to try that.” she said enthusiastically. “But not now, we have to clean this all up. What are we going to do with the sheets?’

“I’m going to shower and get them all wet, then Mom can wash them.”

“If she ever found out we were fucking I don’t know what she’d do, she’s such a prude.”

“I know. But I was surprised at her no underwear comment, “

“Yeah, me too.”

We went into the bathroom together, she still holding the glass. “I think this needs some spice.” She sat down on the toilet, held the glass between her legs and started pissing into it.

“You’re gonna drink your own pee?” I said surprised as I threw the sheets in the tub.

“Sure, why not? If I can swallow my cum and yours, why not pee? I’ve had such a thing about pee lately, making myself cum when I had to piss. What’s that noise?” We listened intently. “It’s Mom, quick jump in the shower.”

A loud knock on the bathroom door announced Mom’s presence. “Is someone in there? I thought I heard voices.”

“I’m on the toilet Mom.” Jill shouted back.

“Well, hurry up, I gotta pee.”

Jill wiped, flushed and drained the glass, then made sure the mirror was adjusted so I could peek at Mom. She pulled on a robe hanging on the back of the door and opened the door for Mom. Mom pulled her pajama bottoms and panties down and sat on the bowl. Immediately a heavy stream was hitting the water. She moaned with relief.

“Oh I had to go so bad. She said still pissing. “ I shouldn’t drink tea before bedtime it always makes me get up to pee.”

Try as I might, I only got a glimpse of her ass as she pulled her pants up. Jill was standing in my way too.

“You really had to go Mom. I had to pee too.”

“Was that you making noise before?” Mom said suspiciously. “I thought I heard moaning and talking.”

“I had the radio on, maybe that was it.”

“Maybe.” She seemed satisfied with Jill’s answer, “OK, I’m going back to sleep. Good night, see you in the morning.”

“Good night Mom. I’m just gonna wash my hands.”

As soon as she was gone I climbed, naked, out of the tub.

“Boy that was close.” Jill said . “Did you see anything?”

“No, just a flash of her butt cheek.“ I said, disappointed.

“I saw her pussy hair.”

“Lucky you.” I paused. “That was too close. I think we have to find some place to fuck where Mom won’t find us.”

We came to the same conclusion at the same time and said together “The basement.”

Chapter 2

Mom almost never went down into the basement. When we asked why she just said that our dad used to use it and she didn’t want any bad memories. She never said much about Dad, just that he left after I was born. Mom’s sister Joan was a top lawyer and made damn sure he left us fairly well off and with college funds for Jill and I. Truthfully, we very seldom went into the basement either, occasionally retrieving something for Mom and quickly running back upstairs.

Next day Jill talked to Mom. She was all for the idea and went down with us to clean up any debris collected over the years. The basement was perfect for our uses. In the center was a day bed with a rubber sheet over it. There were six tie downs though what they were for was anybody’s guess. A queen bed was in back and this, too, had tie downs. There was no toilet, but there was a hole, an open shower and a hose. There was also a couch and an old TV and VCR along with some old stereo equipment. In one corner was a workshop with a full set of tools and shovels and rakes was in another. In the far corner there was another room, windowless and locked.

“What’s in there Mom?” I asked, pointing.

“Nothing, er, I don’t know, it was your fathers,” she stammered. “ I don’t have the key, don’t go in there.”

“This looks like a great place for a game and TV room.” I said. “There’s even a bed for napping.”

“Yes, maybe we can all come down here together and watch movies.” Mom was psyched. “The equipment would have to be upgraded though.”

Over the next couple of weeks the basement became the “play room”. I bought all new video and audio apparatus and Jill cleaned all the dust off everything. We fucked to our hearts content, on the bed, on the floor, bending over. I knew that sex with my sister was wrong in so many ways, but when I said something to her, she didn’t seem to care.

She turned serious. “We both enjoy what we’re doing, right? I’m on the pill so there’s no risk of getting pregnant. And our future partners will be getting you as a stud an me as a wild slut.”

I couldn’t help but agree and I certainly didn’t want to stop. We used the open shower as a toilet and I watched her pee in a variety of positions, squatting, standing, on all fours. I loved watching the pee spurt from her hole and loved to lick her cunt afterwards. She, in turn, held my cock when I had to pee and made sure the stream hit various parts of her body, especially her pussy.

“Can you taste my pee?” She said breathlessly as I licked the drops from her pussy after a mutual piss.

“Yes I can.” I replied. I could taste the drops of urine on her pussy.

“Do you like it? Oh God it feels so good.” she said, breathing hard. “Please keep licking I’m gonna cum.” Suddenly her whole body stiffened and she squeezed my head between her thighs. “I can feel it running out of me, oh God I’m cumming so hard.”

She was a juicy cummer and her juice spurted right into my mouth. I licked every drop until she was begging me to stop licking her now sensitive twat. We stopped for a while, catching our breath. My face was soaking wet with the juices from her cunt, but I didn’t mind. She began licking my face.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love cock, but pussy juice tastes so good.” She gave me a very wet kiss. “I’m gonna suck a pussy one day and get all the cum I want.”

“I’m sure you will.” She slid off the bed.

“Let’s see if we can open that room. What do you think is in there?” she said curiously.




“More like stock certificates and crap like that.”

“Memorabilia from Dad?” she guessed. “Maybe some old pictures and stuff. C’mon let’s see if we can open it.”

Jill was always more adventurous than I and once again she led me to potential Escort Elazığ trouble. We both padded over, bare ass, to the secret door which was padlocked and chained.

“I don’t think we should Jill. If Mom finds out she will kill us.” I was tempted, but still afraid.

“She won’t.” she promised. “She never goes near that room. Now look for a key.”

“I could cut the lock with bolt cutters.”

“No that would be permanent.” She was also smarter than I was “There’s got to be a key around here somewhere.”

We searched for what seemed like hours when Jill found it wedged in a crack in the doorframe. It worked! We opened the door in great anticipation and flipped the light switch. A dull, dingy light came on giving the furniture a ghostly glow.

“What the hell?” Jill said wondrously. “What kind of furniture is that?”

I flipped another switch and a bright fluorescent light came on. In the light we could see that the room was designed to look like a dungeon.

“It’s a torture chamber.” Jill exclaimed. “Look at all the dildos.”

It was true, one wall had a shelf with different sizes and colors of dildos. Whips, canes and various bondage instruments and restraints were hanging under them. In the center of the room was a gynecological table, complete with stirrups, wrist and ankle restraints and a rubber mattress. There was an “X” also with straps, a toilet with no seat and a hose, probably to wash any escaping fluids down the large drain in the floor. In the corner was a metal pillory with cushions for the arms and neck and near the door was a chair with a large dildo coming through a hole in it and wires coming out of the base.

“Oh my God,” Jill exclaimed. “I want to try everything.”

“I think it’s soundproof too.” I said looking at the walls and ceiling. “I’ll close the door and you scream as loud as you can.”

I stepped outside and waited. And waited. Finally, I opened the door to an earsplitting scream. I quickly closed the door to total silence on the outside. I opened and closed the door again. Yep, it was soundproof. I went back inside to find Jill stark naked playing with the pillory.

“Look, it moves up and down and adjusts to the size of the victim. I can’t wait for you to fuck me while I’m in it. And maybe force me to suck your cock.” she said with great anticipation.

“I haven’t had to force you yet.” I reminded her.

She stuck her tongue out. “It’s pretend silly. I kinda like the idea of being forced to do things though.” She pointed at the table. “I’d like to be fucked in that, too; you’d have to stand up though.”

“No problem.” I said excitedly. “Get in it and we’ll do it.” I started stripping off my clothes, my cock already stiff as a board.

“Let’s find out how to work it first.”

She started playing with the buttons and levers as I watched her naked body in various poses. When she was satisfied, she jumped on to it and put her feet in the stirrups.

“OK, lock me in bro and fuck me.”

Her pussy looked beautiful and was so open as she laid on that table with legs spread and feet in the stirrups. Her tits were heaving with anticipation as I set the straps and moved closer to her. I could see the cunt lips parted and her clit swelling nicely. Fluids were dripping from her cunt as my prick slid all the way up her twat. She started moaning and humping her hips up as I slid in and out of her hole.

“Fuck me Brian, please fuck me hard.” she screamed as I continued shoving my hard rod up her snatch.

I could feel her tight pussy milking my dick and I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

“I’m gonna cum Jill.” I shouted.

“Me too. I can’t move much it’s so exciting. I feel like I’m being forced.” She was fucking me back as much as she could with the restraints holding her back. “Oh God it feels so good.”

I spurted my cream right up her cunt and she lifted her hips to receive it. Finally I withdrew my shrinking cock and a flood of spermy goo flowed from her slit.

“Let me up.” She panted. Then she then pointed to the dildo chair. “I want to try that.”

“Say please.” I ordered as I kept pumping my deflating cock in her pussy.

“You asshole.” she said frowning. “Let me up.”

“Say please.” I repeated sternly.

Her voice changed to that of a little girl. “Please Brian, please let me up so I can put that dildo up my cunt and fuck myself.”

When I undid the straps she ran over to the chair and started examining it to see how it worked. I plugged in the electric cord, found the remote and started pressing buttons. It worked! The dildo was going up and down in a fucking rhythm and moving in a small circle. Jill put her hand around it and yelped.

“It’s electrified, too. I must try it.” and with that she immediately sat down on it. The fake dick went up her wet twat easily. “It’s fucking me and tingling my cunt.” She said heatedly. “Oh my God it’s gonna make cum. I’m cumming already, it feels great. I’m gonna cum again! I can’t help it.”

She came again and again and started pissing right on the dildo. It spurted out of her cunt and ran through the hole in the chair and down her legs. The sensation of the hot piss running down her legs seemed to excite her even more.

“I’m cumming and pissing and cumming. Please no more, please shut it off.”

I pressed the stop button and dragged her off the chair, the dildo exiting her snatch with a plop. I half carried her to the table and laid her down with her legs wide open. I began licking the juices off her cunt, but she didn’t move. I licked all the cunt juice and pee off her snatch, but she still didn’t move. I decided to let her sleep and began playing with all the devices. I figured out all the switches, buttons and levers that made them work and the remotes for the tables, pillory and dildo chair.

“Oh fuck Bri, that was the greatest.” Jill said passionately on waking. “I couldn’t help it, the electricity made me piss myself and cum over and over. I don’t know how many times I came, over a dozen at least and the wetter my pussy got the more the electricity affected me.”

“I think we should go upstairs.”

“What about you?” she pointed to my now stiff dick. “Are you hard again?”

“Obviously. Are you ready for more?“

“I’d love to, but my pussy is sore from that fucking machine.” She said as she rubbed herself tenderly. “I think I’ll put some lotion on it.”

I could understand that, after our coupling and having that large dildo up her cunt, but still, my prick was throbbing again.

“Can I help?” I asked hopefully.

She laughed. “No you pervert. You’ll want to do more and I can’t.” Suddenly her face brightened into a big smile. “But my mouth is ok.”

She sat on a stool and started licking my cock. When she took it in her mouth I couldn’t help groaning.

“Oh shit Jill, you suck so good.”

She was bobbing her head and taking my cock almost down her throat. I didn’t last long.

“Here it comes. I’m gonna shoot.” I shouted.

She didn’t flinch as I pumped my load into her mouth as she swallowed again and again to keep from drowning. I felt it was a whole gallon and a few drops spilled from her mouth, but she quickly licked them up.

“I love the taste of your cum.” She said as her tongue found the last drops from my still leaking prick. “Now let’s get dressed and go upstairs before Mom starts looking for us.”

Things had changed a lot around the house. It was summer and the air conditioner was broken so we wore as little clothing as possible. Jill would wear a short light skirt, sometimes with panties, sometimes not or short shorts and a tube top or light blouse. Mom wore shorts and a t shirt. I just wore my knockaround shorts and no shirt. Mom was also coming down stairs more, wanting to play video games or watch moves with us so our chances to fuck were limited. When we did manage to get together, we fucked like crazy. Jill was turning into a real slut, drinking my pee and her own, eating cum and fucking and sucking in every position possible. I loved watching her spread her pussy lips and seeing her pee stream out of her pee hole, sometimes on me. We always showered together afterwards. I had persuaded my sister to shave off her pubic hair so now I had complete access to a bald pussy, at least for the summer.

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