Sexy Sue

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My name is Tom and I have just turned 19 and I live with my sister Tina 18 and my mother Sue. My mother has been divorced for 10 years. We don’t see much of my dad, and he is not very good about sending support checks to mom for my sister and because of this mom works a full-time job and a part time job also, so she does not have much of a social life. She says that she doesn’t mind, because my sister and I are her whole life. We live in a nice house and have a swimming pool in the back yard, and I guess that is where my story begins.

I have always thought my mom was a beautiful woman, 5’6″ tall 130 # great legs and D size tits. It was mom’s day off and Tina was spending the weekend at one of her girlfriends’ houses. It was hot and I had been swimming when mom got home from the store. She yelled out and told me she had brought subs home and we would eat out by the pool. Mom changed into this great 2-piece bathing suit she has and brought out our sandwiches and drinks.

I was surprised because she had a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. Mom usually did not drink anything because after 2 or 3 drinks she would be totally intoxicated. I have never seen anyone get drunk as fast as my mom.

I couldn’t help but look at her great legs and round ass as she bent over to put everything on the table. I had been fascinated by her sexy body, I had seen her partially nude a couple of times, and my cock had nearly pushed through my shorts I got so hard. I don’t know how many times I have jacked off thinking about running my hands and lips over her soft body, making her moan with excitement and finally burying my swollen cock deep inside her hot wet pussy. I had never thought I would actually be able to act out my fantasy though.

Mom sat down in the other chair and said I bet you wonder about the wine, don’t you? I said yes and she smiled and told me her boss had given her a nice raise and she wanted to celebrate. We ate our subs and mom drank her glass of wine while I just sipped mine, I am bahis siteleri not really a wine drinker. When she finished her glass I poured her another full one which she drank while we were talking about our day. I could tell she was getting a little bit drunk as she finished the second glass. I showed her the bottle which had only enough for one more glass and said you might as well finish this, so it doesn’t spoil and poured what was left in her glass.

We were finishing our wine and I suggested we get in the pool. Mom was definitely very tipsy now, and she giggled as she staggered a little when standing up. She told me that she wasn’t sure she should get in the pool feeling like this. Laughing I promised her I would not let her drown and jumped in the pool. Mom sat down and put her legs in the water kicking water at me. I grabbed her hands and pulled her in the pool. We were splashing each other and mock wrestling when I got behind her and grabbed her hands and pulled them to her so she could not splash me. When I did that, her back was against me.

I could not believe that as soon as her soft ass was against me my cock got hard as a rock. I know she felt it pushing against her through our swimming suits. We were both laughing as she started struggling so she could get away, both of us trying to ignore my swollen cock rubbing against her ass. While she was trying to get her hands free from mine, her top came loose and as she twisted around getting her hands free from mine, I ended up with two hands full of perfect soft tits. My hands automatically closed on the squeezing them.

I could feel her swollen nipples pushing against the palms of my hands. Mom moaned and tried to pull away saying that this wasn’t right. My body seemed to be on auto pilot at this point. I continued holding her against me as my hands massaged her breasts, and the more she struggled the harder my cock got and the more it pushed against her ass cheeks. I started kissing the back of her neck and her ear lobes canlı bahis siteleri and she was starting to moan louder. Mom wasn’t struggling quite as hard as she had been, and when I started to squeeze her swollen nipples between my thumb and finger her ass pushed back against me like I had shocked her with electricity. I slid one hand down her flat stomach to the top of her suit bottom. When I started to slide my fingers inside her suit she moaned and said Tom please, we can’t I am your mother, this is not right! I could tell that she did not have the will to resist if I continued and slid my hand inside her suit.

I was surprised to feel no hair on her soft mound, I had not known that my mom shaved her pussy. Mom moaned again as my hand forced her legs apart to allow my fingers access to her swollen pussy lips that I had dreamed about for so long. My finger slid along her outer lips grazing her clit which caused her to jump and throw her head back against my shoulder.

I tipped my head and kissed my mother’s parted lips at the same time as I slid my finger inside her hot wet cunt. I started to finger her tight cunt and mom started to respond to my probing tongue with hers, slowly at first and then faster as I moved my finger in and out of her silken hole.

Suddenly she let out a little scream in my mouth as her body jerked hard against me then went rigid as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her! I couldn’t wait any more, I pulled my hand out of her pants and pulled her suit bottoms off.

I pushed my suit down and freed my swollen rock-hard cock. It sprung up right between moms as cheeks eager to be buried in her soft cunt. Mom was just starting to recover from the orgasm and felt my cock rubbing against her ass cheeks. She again tried to convince me to stop, telling me it was wrong to do this. I was way past the point of listening to anything, feeling my cock against the entrance to her swollen pussy. I thrust forward and the head of my cock entered her sweet canlı bahis cunt.

I pushed into her a little more and I could hear mom moan and feel her start to push back against me. One quick thrust and my cock was buried deep in my own mother’s pussy. It was in the same tight hole that I came out of 18 years ago. I paused as I felt mom’s cervix hit the head of my cock, enjoying just how wonderful it felt to be buried balls deep in her hot tight love tunnel, feeling her pussy starting to massage my cock as her lust was overruling her mind.

The only thing that was beginning to matter was that after all this time she had a large hard cock inside her, it no longer mattered that it was attached to the son that she had brought into this world. I grabbed her tits and used them to hold her as I started rocking my cock in and out of her pussy. Mom started moaning as she started having another orgasm. I did not stop, but kept pumping her cunt as she came, her pussy grabbing and squeezing my cock. Mom put her hands against the side of the pool and pushed back against my cock as it relentlessly plundered her cunt.

Just as her orgasm started to subside, I could feel my balls starting to swell and knew I would not be able to hold out long. The head of my cock started swelling even more as I got ready to shoot my hot load deep into my very own mother’s pussy. She must have sensed I was about to cum because she started to tell me not to cum inside her, but it was too late. I shot a very heavy load of cum inside her pussy, feeling spurt after spurt shoot deep inside her.

I could feel her pussy milking every last drop as my cumming in her had started another orgasm for mom also. My cock slowly slid out of mom’s pussy, and I turned her around, so she was facing me and gave her a deep long kiss. Then I bent down and took one of her lovely nipples into my mouth and then the other. I could feel her shiver as I gently scraped the nipple with my teeth. I helped mom get out of the pool and we dried each other off.

Walking into the house watching my mom’s naked ass in front of me, I knew that this night was just the beginning of many wonderful nights in my mother’s bed enjoying the many delights of her wonderful body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32