Sexy Massage Leads to More

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This is only my second submission and i apologize for the grammar. I am not that great at writing and when i do i write it as if i was there so it all just comes out as it happens in my head. Anyway on with the story…

It all started when you came to work looking very unhappy. After plying you with coffee and cigarettes I finally got it out of you that you had been up all night with a stiff neck and shoulders. We are in a fairly small open plan office where there are only 5 employees normally. Me and another worker have our own offices and the 3 others, you and another woman and a man, sit out in the main office. Today is a quiet day and there are only the 2 of us in. I Offer to give you a no strings attached neck rub and you accept happily. We have been VERY good friends for a long time and we flirt and tease each other every day. You are my best friend and I know I can talk to you about anything and everything knowing you would never judge me.

As it’s a bit chilly and you are wearing a few layers so it’s awkward to get through them to massage you properly.

I say..

“How do you fancy taking a layer or 2 off?”

and you reply

“Only if we can go into your office as I feel a little awkward out here, what if someone comes in?”

I reassure you that we are the only ones in the office today as the others are off on Holiday or out on the road. I thought it would probably be a good idea just in case and I have a sofa in my office so you can get more comfortable and relax. Anyway we move into the office and its pretty warm in there because I have the heating going all night with the door closed. I ask if you would like to sit or lie down and you decide to go with the lying down option. You remove your thick jumper so you are just in your blouse and bra and I can see it’s a sexy white lacy one under your thin blouse.

I start to work on your shoulders and neck. You ask me to be hard and firm as that’s what you like and I hear you moan as I press firmly between your shoulder blades. You are loving the way my hands press firmly onto your upper back, shoulders and neck and I notice that one of your hands has disappeared under yourself. As I look at you lying on your front I my eyes start to drift towards your arse. It looks so sexy and I also notice bahçeşehir escort your arse cheeks clenching slightly as I am rubbing your shoulders. I think nothing of it and carry on for about 10 minutes.

All of a sudden the phone rings and I get up and answer it. I am stood with my back to you as I speak to the other person on the phone and after brushing the person off as quickly as possible I turn round to see you lying on your front still with your blouse off. You have such a sexy back and I can see the top of your lacy knickers just poking out above your trousers. Not wanting to make a big deal out of it I just carry on. After a couple more minutes I remember I have some moisturiser in my desk drawer that I have for my hands and I ask if you would like me to use some of that on your back. You say yes and I go and find it in my drawer. When I return again you are braless as well so I have your whole back to work on now.

I start by dribbling the lotion on your back and the coldness makes you shudder but as soon as I start to rub it in it feels nice. I am now working on your whole back. I work it in hard and firm as you like it that way. As you lye on your front I am kneeling on the floor facing your side. Your head is turned towards me but your eyes are closed. I am now getting very aroused and I have a definite hardon shape in my trousers that you notice out of the corner of your eye when you open them to ask me to work lower down as well. I am now doing your lower back and my hands just brush the tops of your knickers. You ask me to turn around so you can lower your knickers and trousers so I can massage up to the top of your arse properly. I do so and when you tell me it’s safe to turn back around I notice the top of your sexy arse. It looks awesome and sexy as hell and my cock is almost bursting out of my trousers.

As I kneel down beside the sofa your hand is about the same height as my cock and you move it outwards slowly so that my cock just brushes past it every time I move. This is driving me nuts and I am so horny it’s untrue. You then comment on my cock asking

You: “Am I turning you on!”

Me: “what do you think? You are so sexy it’s untrue and you are driving me wild. I may have to go and relieve myself bakırköy escort after this!!”

You: “Why wait! I have been rubbing myself pretty much the whole time and am dying to finish the job”

Me: “Sounds good to me.

I unbutton my cock from my trousers and drop them to my knees along with my underwear. My cock springs free and the tip is covered in pre-cum. You comment on how nice it looks and your hand reaches out, touches the tip and then you put your precum covered finger into your mouth. “Hmm salty” is your reply.

You tell me to go to your handbag and get your pocket vibrator out of your bag and lock the door. So I pull up my trousers and pants, go and get it and when I return you are completely naked, lying on your back with your hands and arm covering your bits. So I strip down so I am naked too and ask if I can sit on your legs to get a better view of you. You pull your knees up and part your legs so I can sit opposite you and get a fantastic view. We stare into each others eyes and as we do, we can see each others hands in our peripheral vision. You are circling your boobs with your fingers and slowly rubbing your pussy. You can see me gently stroking my cock up and down whilst I cup my balls. You stare deeply into my eyes and start to move closer to me then we are face to face and I open my mouth to kiss you but you move down to my nipples and start to kiss them. They are really sensitive and it’s driving me wild. I feel your hand replace mine stroking my cock up and down. The next thing I know I can feel your hot breath on my cock as you gently lick the precum from the tip. You suck the end of my cock with your warm soft tongue you slide it into my foreskin and start to circle the head of my cock with it. It is driving me wild and I feel myself getting to close to quick so I pull you off and push you back onto the sofa. I climb on top of you and start to work my way down your body returning the favour. I start by kissing and nibbling your neck, my hands following on behind as I move onto your chest and boobs. I nibble and suck on your nipples and boobs for a while and you are gently moaning. I then move lower whilst I do I reach for the pocket vibe and when I reach your pussy I can smell the sweet scent of it başakşehir escort and it makes me want to fuck you there and then but I stop myself and instead decide I want make this last longer and drive you nuts.

I start by stroking your inner thighs and you can feel my warm breath on your pussy. I lightly lick up and down your now engorged lips. You groan and I can feel you thrusting your hips up to meet my tongue. I work my tongue in between your lips and dart it into your dripping wet pussy. The taste is incredible and I slide my tongue from the bottom of your lips to the top whilst lapping up all your juices. I then return to your clit and start to work feverously on that. I start by gently licking it and circling my tongue round it. I suck on it and flick it with my tongue. All of a sudden you grab my hair and force me down on you harder. I keep licking, sucking and probing your pussy as you manage to push me backwards onto the floor. You grind your pussy into my face as I keep working on you. I grab your arse and squeeze your cheeks as you ride my face for all you are worth. All of a sudden I feel your arse cheeks tens and you go rigid as you erupt into an immense orgasm and as you start to relax I can feel your juices spilling from your pussy, down my chin and neck. You slide down my body as your dripping pussy slides over my chest and onto my groin. You straddle my crotch and instead of letting my cock slide into your pussy you put your pussy on top of it and slide yourself up and down the outside. Your hand reaches down and grabs mine as you put my hands on your boobs. I start to squeeze them and you are driving me wild. I let go of your boobs and grab your hips and ass as I slide you backwards and forwards trying desperately to make myself cum. Finally you slide further down and I feel your warm wet lips and hot breath on my cock. You slide it into your mouth all the way down and start to lick my balls. As you do that I run my hands through your hair. You slide your mouth up and down getting faster and faster. I am about to erupt and I tell you I am going to cum. You keep going and as I erupt you suck harder as I shoot my cup into your mouth, hitting the roof of your mouth and down your throat. I keep cumming and cumming and you can hardly contain it as it spills from your mouth, down my shaft and onto my balls.

When you feel me stopping you look up at me and swallow as much as you can, then come up to me and finally kiss me passionately as we both stroke and caress each others naked bodies.

From then on whenever the office is quiet we have some fun.

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