Sexual Therapy: Eager Beaver

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“Are we in the right place?” Scott asked.

“Yes!” Serena replied from her chair. “Come on in and have a seat on the couch. I’m so happy you both could come in.”

Scott, 40, entered the office and took a seat on the couch. He was followed in by his 18 year old daughter, Holly.

Scott was dressed casually in jeans and a shirt. Holly was dressed a bit more provocatively, wearing a pair of low-rise denim shorts that were not long at all, barely covering her bubble butt. She had paired the shorts with a white crop top that left a generous amount of cleavage on display from her natural, 32D breasts. The lack of a bra allowed Holly’s nipples to poke out of the soft material of her top.

Serena sat holding her pad of paper and a pen. “My name is Serena. I’m a therapist, and my specialty is in the realm of sex and sexuality. Can you two tell me a little about yourselves?”

Scott cleared his throat. “My name is Scott. I’m 40 years old and happily married to my wife, Heather. This beautiful young lady next to me is our beloved daughter, Holly.”

Holly smiled. “That’s me. I’m Holly. I turned 18 a few weeks ago, and I’m currently living at home with my parents while I decide whether or not to go to college or try to find a job.”

“Great.” Serena said, jotting down some notes. “And does everyone get along fairly well?”

“Oh yeah.” Holly answered. “My parents are the best.”

“Excellent.” Serena added. “So what brings you two into my office today?”

“Things have just gotten a little bit… interesting at home since Holly turned 18.” Scott said.

“Can you elaborate on that for me?”

“Well, there’s a few things. For starters, she’s been a lot more… out in the open with everything.” Scott said. “She’s constantly walking around the house in her underwear, and there have been several times I’ve walked by her bedroom and the door is wide open as she’s fingering herself.”

“Sounds like she’s enjoying her maturity.” Serena noted. “I’m a big supporter of masturbation as a way for people to find out more about themselves. Holly… are you sexually active?”

“I’m very sexually active.” She answered. “But I’m not currently fucking anyone in particular.”

“Got it.” Serena said. “Scott, is it just the masturbation that’s making you uncomfortable?”

“I’m not sure uncomfortable is the right word.” Scott replied. “But there’s a lot more to it than that.”

“Such as?”

“Well to be perfectly blunt… she keeps telling me that she wants me to fuck her.”

“Oh.” Serena said. “Okay. I think we should certainly explore that. Holly, is it true that you’ve expressed a desire to have sexual intercourse with your father?”

“Absolutely.” Holly admitted.

“Scott, is your wife aware of this?” Serena asked.

“She’s very aware.” Scott said. “She agrees with Holly and wants us to have sex. When she does the laundry, sometimes she’ll bring me a pair of Holly’s panties, pointing out the dried pussy juice on the crotch.”

“See?!” Holly exclaimed. “What’s the big deal? Besides, mom and grandpa fuck all the time.”

“Sounds like we have a lot to unpack.” Serena noted. “Scott, can you tell me about your wife’s relationship with her father?”

“Sure.” Scott told her. “My wife was very up front about it when we started dating. Shortly after she turned 18, she started having sex with her dad. And she swears it was a game changer for their relationship.”

Serena giggled. “I would think introducing sex would be a significant change to any relationship. But please continue.”

“According to my wife, they became a lot closer once they had sex. She made it clear when we were dating that she had no plans to stop.” Scott explained. “And I told her I was fine with that. I could sense how important it was to her, so I didn’t want to stand in her way.”

“And how old is your wife?”

“Heather is 39.”

“So your wife has been having sexual intercourse with her father for 21 years.” Serena stated. “Am I understanding that correctly?”

“Yes, that’s correct.” Scott answered.

“And you said you fully support her and her father having sex?”

“Yes.” Scott added. “I could tell that it was something that meant a lot to her. And truth be told, it kind of turned me on.”

“Can you specify what made you aroused?”

“Just knowing they were together, but not knowing exactly what they were doing.” Scott explained. “Was she sucking his cock? Was he eating her cunt? Was he fucking her in the ass? So many possibilities.”

“I see.” Serena noted. “It’s very mature of you to allow your wife to maintain that special relationship. And I’m assuming she now wants you and your daughter to share that same bond?”

“Exactly.” Scott said. “She actually suggested that I walk into Holly’s bedroom completely naked on her 18th birthday. Give her my cock as her birthday present.”

“And what stopped you?” Serena asked. “What kept you from sharing your penis with Holly? Do you not find your daughter attractive?”

“Of course she’s Girne Escort attractive!” Scott replied. “Look at those tits. And she’s got a great ass on her, too.”

“I agree that she’s a beautiful young girl.” Serena said. “Holly, how would you have reacted if your father had walked into your room, completely naked, and offered to make love to you on your birthday?”

“I would’ve stripped down immediately and spread my legs like a good girl.” Holly answered. “I would’ve let him do whatever he wanted. Even put it in my ass. I know how much he loves to fuck mom in her butthole.”

“And how do you know that?” Scott asked his daughter.

“Mom told me.” Holly said with a giggle. “We talk about sex all the time. And dicks. She said you’re bigger than grandpa, but just barely.”

Scott rolled his eyes as Serena made more notes.

“Scott, I’m failing to connect the dots.” Serena said. “Your wife regularly has sex with her father, which you said turns you on. Your daughter, who you pointed out is attractive, wants to have sex with you. Your wife is not only okay with this, but is actively encouraging you to have sex with your daughter. You’re both adults. What’s the problem?”

“I don’t know. I guess I think I’d feel guilty.” Scott replied. “She’ll always be my little girl, ya know?”

“That makes sense.” Serena said. “But she’s also a strong, sexual woman. She has desires. And one of those desires is to be with you. To become one with you.”

“I know. And I want to make her happy.” Scott admitted. “I just don’t know how to give her what she wants.”

“I think I have an idea.” Serena said. “Holly, could you stand up and face your father please?”

Holly stood up off the couch and stood facing her father, who remained on the couch.

“Scott, I want you to look at Holly.” Serena explained. “But don’t think of her as your daughter right now. Think of her as some random young girl on the street. What would your initial reaction be if she were a stranger, especially with the way she’s dressed?”

“I’d think she was really hot.” Scott said.

“Can you be more specific? I believe earlier you made a comment about her breasts.”

“Well yeah. Nice, big tits. Obviously not wearing a bra with the way her nipples are sticking out, so that’s pretty sexy.” Scott said. “Her ass is basically hanging out of those shorts.”

“And what if she were to undress? Again, imagining she’s a complete stranger. Would that offend you?”

“I imagine that’d be nice.”

“Perfect.” Serena said. “Holly, how would you feel about taking off your top?”


“Yes.” Serena said. “I think it’s important for your father to see you as the woman you’ve become instead of his sweet, innocent little girl.”

“Is that okay with you, daddy?”

Scott took a deep breath. “I’m willing to give it a try.”

Holly smiled and pulled off her top, tossing it aside. Her large, natural breasts were now on display. Scott couldn’t help but stare at their beauty, each topped off by a stiff nipple.

“Thank you, Holly.” Serena told her. “How are you feeling, Scott? Are you okay with Holly being topless?”

“So far, so good.”

“Do you like looking at my tits, dad?”

“They’re very nice, honey.”

Holly brought her hands up to her chest, cupping a breast in each hand, pushing them together before starting to pinch her nipples.

“Why don’t you take off your shorts, Holly?” Serena suggested.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Scott asked.

“I am.” Serena said. “You’re comfortable with her breasts, so now we need to push the envelope.”

Scott watched as Holly unbuttoned her shorts and slowly pulled the zipper down. He took another deep breath as Holly turned her back to him, giving him an opportunity to admire her stellar glutes. Holly tugged at the shorts, pulling them down her toned legs and kicking them off, leaving her in just her white, sheer, bikini cut panties.

“Underwear too?” Holly asked.

Serena smiled. “I appreciate the enthusiasm but not just yet.”

“How does my butt look, daddy?”

“It looks amazing, sweetheart.” Scott told her. “Great shape. And those tight buns are just perfect.”

“You seem to be easing into this pretty well, Scott.” Serena said.

“I guess it’s not quite as awkward as I thought it’d be.” Scott replied.

“I’m thrilled to hear that.” Serena told him. “Holly, how would you feel about having a seat on your father’s lap?”

“That sounds great to me!” Holly exclaimed. “Do you mind, daddy?”

“I mean that’s fine.” Scott said. “But… I’m a man. A pretty girl in her underwear sitting on my lap? What happens if… I get hard?”

“If you end up with an erection, we’ll just cross that bridge when we get to it.” Serena told him.

“Okay.” Scott muttered, unable to deny that his manhood had already began to get excited when he saw his daughter’s tits.

Holly happily backed up to her father, making sure he had a good view of her rear, and sat on the edge of his lap. She Magosa Escort slowly pushed her ass back until her bottom was fully seated on her father.

“Wonderful.” Serena said. “Now for our next step, I’d simply encourage you to enjoy each other’s touch. Scott, maybe you could rub your daughter’s shoulders? Or thighs?”

“Or my tits?” Holly suggested.

“Or… it sounds like your daughter might like you to fondle her breasts.” Serena said with a laugh. “Could you do that for her?”

“Are you sure, sweetie?”

“Yes, daddy.” Holly replied. “I want to feel your hands on my body.”

Scott reached around his daughter’s body, taking a breast in each hand, and softly massaging them. Holly moaned and started to involuntarily grind her ass against her father’s lap as he played with her bare chest.

“Is it okay if I touch myself a little bit?” Holly asked.

“Sure!” Serena said. “Whatever feels natural, just go for it.”

Scott continued to caress Holly’s breasts as Holly moved a hand between her legs, lightly rubbing her crotch through her underwear. She continued to moan as her butt moved back and forth over his lap.

“Oh my goodness.” Holly moaned. “I’m getting so wet, daddy.”

Holly’s rubbing intensified as her father began pinching her nipples in addition to squeezing her tits.

“Do you want to feel how excited I am, dad?”

“Sure, honey.” Scott said. He kept one hand on his daughter’s tit while the other hand slowly drifted down her body, coming to a rest between her legs. “Oh wow.”

Scott held his hand in place, taking in the moment. His daughter was still wearing underwear, but there was no denying that he was holding her vagina. He could feel the warmth and the wetness she had mentioned. He could also feel the meaty lips of her pussy through the thin material of her panties.

“You can rub it if you want, dad.” Holly said. “You can rub my pussy.”

Serena jotted down more notes as she observed Scott begin to move his hand up and down between Holly’s legs. Holly moaned as she felt her father’s hand massaging her special place.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself, Scott.” Serena pointed out. “Can you feel your daughter’s arousal?”

“Oh yeah.” Scott said. “Her panties are soaked. And she’s not the only one who’s getting excited.”

“I can tell, daddy.” Holly said with a giggle. “I can feel your cock getting hard through your jeans.”

Scott continued to massage Holly’s crotch with one hand and squeeze her breast with the other. Holly continued to slowly grind her ass cheeks against his lap.

“Is Holly right? Are you becoming erect, Scott?” Serena asked.

“Kind of hard not to.” Scott answered. “Groping her big tits and feeling how wet her young cunt is getting.”

“Perhaps this would be a good opportunity for you to remove some clothing.” Serena suggested. “You’re fully clothed and poor Holly is wearing nothing but her underwear.”

“I think I could do that.” Scott said. “Would you like me to get undressed, honey?”

Holly nodded. “I’d love for you to take off your pants, daddy.”

Holly hopped off of Scott’s lap so that he could stand up. Holly immediately put her hand back between her legs as she watched her father kick off his shoes and unzip his jeans. Scott pulled the jeans off and set them on the couch. Holly’s gaze dropped below his waist where a prominent tent had been pitched in his boxers.

Scott looked at Serena. “Boxers too?”

“I think you should ask Holly what she wants.”

Scott turned to his daughter. “Do you want to see more?”

Holly nodded again eagerly. “Yes. I want to see you naked, daddy.”

Scott took off his shirt, then pushed his boxers down and stepped out of them. Holly gasped at the sight of his nudity, particularly the sight of his fully erect, eight inch penis.

“Dad!” Holly exclaimed. “Your cock looks amazing!”

“You think so?” Scott asked, moving his hips a little so his dick swayed back and forth.

“I’ve wanted to see it for so long.” Holly added. “This is like a wet dream come true! Can I play with it?”

Scott again looked at Serena. “Are we allowed to do more?”

“Absolutely!” Serena replied. “This room has seen every bodily fluid you can imagine. This session is all about helping you both get more comfortable, so you’re welcome to do whatever you like.”

“Where do you want me, honey?” Scott asked his daughter.

“I think you should sit on the couch.” Holly told him. “That way I can get on my knees for you.”

Scott sat back down on the edge of the couch with his legs apart, leaving plenty of room in front of his throbbing cock. Holly knelt down in front of him, grasping the base of his manhood with her hand.

“You have a beautiful penis, daddy.” Holly said, looking at and studying the member. “And it’s so thick!”

“Thank you.” Scott told her. “I’m glad you like it!”

Holly instinctively began moving her hand up and down the shaft. With her other hand, she started to fondle her father’s testicles.

“And Lefkoşa Escort I love your balls, too!” Holly added.

“I have to admit.” Scott said. “It’s pretty nice feeling your hands on my body, sweetheart.”

“I’d like to use more than just my hands, daddy.”

“You can do whatever you want, baby.”

Holly giggled in delight, leaning in and softly kissing each of Scott’s testicles before running her tongue up the underside of his shaft and planting another kiss on the head of his cock. Without asking, Holly popped the entire tip into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the crown.

“Looks like Holly is really enjoying herself.” Serena noted. “Is she doing a good job, Scott?”

Holly had progressed to bobbing up and down on her father’s penis now, taking a little bit more into her mouth with each downward thrust.

“It feels incredible!” Scott admitted, his daughter’s mouth slurping and slobbering all over his penis. “In fact…”

Scott reached over and grabbed his jeans. He reached into the pocket and fished out his cell phone.

“Do you mind if I make a phone call?” He asked.

“Whatever you need to do.” Serena replied.

Holly continued to take more of the cock into her mouth as Scott pulled up his contacts and started the call.


“Hey, honey.” Scott said.

“Oh, hey.” Replied the voice of his wife, Heather. “How was therapy?”

“We’re still in our session.” Scott informed her. “I just thought you might like to know that our daughter currently has my dick in her mouth.”

“Yay!!” Heather exclaimed. “I’m so glad you two are finally doing this. How’s she doing?”

“She gives really good head.” Scott said, watching Holly bob up and down as he spoke to his wife. “I’m guessing she’s sucked a lot of cock.”

“Sounds like we raised a winner.”

“That we did.” Scott added with a chuckle. “She’s on her way to winning a fresh batch of jizz.”

“There better be a lot more happening than just a blowjob!” Heather demanded. “She’s going to need to experience having you inside her. Having your cock between her legs.”

“I know, baby.”

“Good. Well I don’t want to distract you. I want you two to concentrate on the moment and enjoy it. You’re going to be so much closer after this.” Heather said. “I’ll have to tell my dad the great news, but you better give me every dirty detail later.”

“I will.”

“I love you both!” Heather told him.

“We love you too, honey.”

Scott ended the call and set the phone down just as Holly was finally balls deep with her mouth. The girth of the penis caused her to gag slightly and cough more saliva onto the thick shaft. She had to pull away momentarily, gasping for air.

“I think I should return the favor now, honey.” Scott said. “Stand up and turn your back to me.”

Holly wiped the excess spit from her face and stood as her father suggested. Scott reached into the waistband of her panties, tugging the underwear down to her upper thighs. He took a moment to appreciate her bare buns before pushing them apart and having a look at her anus.

“You have such a great ass.”

Holding her cheeks open, Scott leaned in and gave her a kiss directly on the anus before sticking out his tongue and licking the tight hole.

“Oh goodness, daddy.” Holly moaned. “Your tongue feels so good on my little asshole.”

Scott gave her another kiss on the anus before standing up.

“Now you get on the couch.” Scott told her. “And spread those legs wide open.”

Serena continued to silently observe them as Holly took her soaking wet underwear the rest of the way off. She sat on the couch and opened her legs as her father knelt down in front of her, staring directly at her vagina.

“That’s quite the little cunt you’ve got there.” Scott said, lightly running his fingertip along the lips. “Looks a lot like your mother’s.”

Scott held Holly’s lips apart, having a look at her special hole before leaning in to kiss her clit. He proceeded to suck her pussy lips into his mouth.

“That feels so good, daddy.” Holly told her father. “The way you kiss and suck my little pussy.”

Scott flicked at her clit with his tongue as he rubbed her fuckhole with his fingers, eventually inserting one into her cunt. Holly moaned as her father’s finger rubbed her inner vaginal walls. Her moaning intensified when he added a second finger.

“Yes, daddy!” Holly cried. “Finger my tight little pussy!”

The fingers slid in and out vigorously, only increasing the wetness between Holly’s legs. Holly began playing with her breasts as she enjoyed the sensations of her father toying with her body.

“Oh daddy!” Holly panted. “You’re making me cum!”

Scott continued to rub his daughter’s G-spot as he kissed and licked her clit. He felt her tremble and knew she had just had an orgasm. The first of many. He slid his fingers from her vagina and sucked off her fresh pussy juice. He then got to his feet, his penis fully erect.

“I’m ready, sweetie.” Scott said. “I’m ready to fuck you.”

Serena made a note of how everything was proceeding while allowing her clients to continue exploring each other.

“Do you want me in a certain position?” Holly asked.

Scott smiled. “How about all fours and I’ll get behind you? That way I can look at your asshole while I fuck you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32