Sexual Secrets Ch. 02

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Autumn is always a fantastic time of year, especially in New England where the leaves change into a bright cacophony of colors that illuminate the landscape as the days grow shorter and colder, a promise of what lies immediately ahead. At a small, liberal arts College in central Maine, there was a definite bite in the air every morning and each evening as the sun began to shine less while thick, gray clouds seized control of the sky.

In late October, just about a week before Halloween, freshmen roommates Logan Temple and Aidan Simmons walked briskly to the cafeteria to sample the latest sludge that was advertised as dinner. They had bonded immediately on the very first day of college, finding that they shared many things in common. Yet, it was something else they had in common that had brought them even closer.

For a month now, Aidan and Logan had been masturbating together in their dorm room almost every night. What had started purely by accident, when Logan walked in on Aidan jerking off, had turned into a routine of watching porn and whacking off together. Now, after a few weeks, the two roommates had grown very comfortable with being naked in front of one another and at participating in their favorite pastime. It had become something of a ritual that each of them looked forward to.

Meandering through the dining hall, they spied some of their friends and spent a few minutes chatting before making a final decision on what to eat. Ultimately, Logan chose the spaghetti dinner and two pieces of very brittle garlic bread while Aidan settled in at the sandwich station to prepare one of his culinary deli inventions.

They sat at one of the many long, white cafeteria tables on little round, red discs that served as seats and ate their dinner while laughing and conversing among friends. As time lingered on and the others scattered off, Aidan went back for a third helping of chocolate pudding as Logan feebly picked at a slice of cold apple pie.

Returning to his seat, Aidan sat with a thump as he pulled a spoon from his mouth. “Hey, I was thinking.”

From the mischievous look on his face and the twinkle in his eyes, Logan could tell his roommate was up to something. “Yeah? What’s that?”

“Well,” he started. “I think we should have a rule in our dorm room.”

Logan pushed the tiny desert plate away from him. He couldn’t stomach any more pie anyway and was interested to hear what kind of idea Aidan had come up with now. “Oh? And, what rule would that be?”

Swallowing another large mouthful of pudding, Aidan cleared his throat and looked around before speaking softly across the table to his roommate. “I think that from now on, anytime we are hanging out in our room, just us, we should be naked.” He smiled over at Logan with a look of satisfaction on his face, evidently very pleased with himself for coming up with this idea. He took another scoop of his desert.

Before meeting Aidan two months ago, Logan would have never considered such a proposal. He had experienced a few sexual things in his life but not with a guy, and had never even thought much of his looks or body until Aidan commented on them. Several times Aidan had complimented him, even calling him attractive, which was something nobody had ever associated with him before.

It was a testament to how much Logan liked his friend, and how comfortable he was with him, that the thought of hanging out naked in his dorm room didn’t bother him. “Ok,” Logan answered at last with a shrug of his shoulders.

Sitting up straighter in his seat, Aidan smiled broadly. “Seriously?”

Logan chuckled, finding his roommate entertaining. Aidan was a funny guy and Logan liked being around him quite a lot. Everyone in their dorm did, as Aidan was always up for some adventure and fun. He was a very popular guy indeed and, for probably the hundredth time that semester, Logan felt lucky to have him as his roommate.

“Sure,” Logan said. “Why not?”

Aidan nodded his head in agreement. “Exactly.” As he finished the last of his pudding he added, “I’m done. Let’s go,” as Logan sat across from him and giggled at the abrupt end to dinner and the discussion.

They walked back to their dorm room as an evening chill descended and their breath swirled out from their mouths into tiny white mists that quickly evaporate. Once inside their room, with the door closed and locked, Aidan kicked off his sneakers while pulling the rust-colored sweater he was wearing over his head. “You sure you don’t mind, right?”

Thinking about it for another second, Logan concluded that he really didn’t mind at all. In fact, he was rather excited about it. “Nah, it’s cool.” He sat down on his bed to remove his Keds — the only kind of shoe Logan ever wore — and yanked his long-sleeved shirt off.

“I figured we might as well, right?” Aidan pulled his pants down and slid one leg out. “I mean, I hate clothes anyway. If I could be naked all the time, I would. I fucking love being naked and I also love looking at Betturkey naked people. I wish we could all go around naked all the time.”

Standing up to shimmy out of his dark brown Bahama shorts, Logan nodded his head. “Yeah, that would be great. Although, in college I’m not sure I’d get a lot of work done.”

Laughing at Logan’s comment, Aidan agreed. “No shit. I’d never get anything done. I’d be too busy staring at everyone.” He pulled off his socks and dropped his briefs, stepping out of them fully nude. He turned to look at his roommate just as Logan removed his boxer shorts to stand completely naked beside his bed.

Aidan stood just shy of six feet with a slight muscular frame. He had dark brown hair, green eyes, and a nice penis that measured 7½ inches when hard, wrapped in coarse, black pubic hair.

Logan was shorter by several inches with a thin and lean build. His hair was a dirty blond color that had a slight curl, especially when it was wet. He had deep blue eyes and always smelled fragrant — something tropical and fresh — that Aidan associated with him being from California. Logan’s penis was thinner in shape than Aidan’s but longer, almost a full 8 inches when fully erect.

“Feels great, doesn’t it?” Aidan asked as he stared at Logan’s bare frame, looking at the sandy color of Logan’s pubic hair over top of his flaccid dick and balls. Then he plopped down on his mattress and buttressed his back against the tall shelf that served as a dresser. “Ah, shit — I forgot to get my history book. Could you hand it to me? It’s on my desk? I thought I’d read over here for a bit. This bed sucks, but at least it’s a little more comfortable than that chair.”

Logan walked over to his roommate’s desk, retrieved the book and tossed it to him on the bed. “I’m gonna grab some things and sit on my bed as well,” he said.

About a half hour later Aidan piped up, “This is great isn’t it? Just hanging out naked?”

Turning his head to the left to focus attention on his friend, Logan agreed. “Yeah. It’s nice to just be completely free and casual.”

“Yup. And if anyone knocks, we can throw on some clothes quick and nobody will know anything.” Aidan went back to reading his history book. “We should do this every night.”

Without looking up, Logan answered. “I thought that was the plan. Wasn’t this your new rule?”

“Oh — yeah, that’s right. I forgot. That’s a great rule!” Aidan laughed out loud at himself, then went back to reading as Logan shook his head and chuckled.

A short while later, just as Logan finished highlighting a particular sentence in his science textbook, he looked over at his roommate and noticed Aidan slowly stroking his cock. Aidan’s history book lay next to him closed, and his legs were spread open and bent in at the knees so that his bare feet were touching each other. He was pulling on his fully erect cock with his right hand as the left one fondled his testicles. His eyes were shut and his head tipped back against the side of the dresser.

Logan sat on his bed and watched his friend pleasure himself in a slow and deliberate manner. Aidan moved a hand from his balls up to rub his chest and belly, and then back down to play with his scrotum. Pretty quickly, Logan sprouted a boner of his own and he found it increasingly hard to concentrate on anything related to science — unless it was his friend’s anatomy.

All at once Logan realized Aidan was looking over at him as he continued to stare. Blushing he quickly turned his head back to his book and apologized. “Sorry.”

“It’s ok man, you can watch if you want. I don’t mind. Actually, that kind of turns me on.” Aidan moved slightly so Logan had an unobstructed view of his entire penis as he stroked it.

“No porn tonight?” Logan asked, trying to sound and act casual.

Aidan shook his head. “Nah. I love porn but sometimes it makes me cum too fast. It’s nice to just sit here and play with myself — take my time and enjoy the moment, you know?” He looked over at Logan for confirmation.

Logan simply sat and watched as Aidan tugged on his cock.

“This is the best part about being naked in our room. If we feel like jerking off, we can. We’re completely free to do whatever we want, anytime we want to do it.” Aidan reached down to rub on his balls. After a bit he nodded his head in Logan’s direction and asked, “Why don’t you start jerking? We can watch each other rub one out.”

All of the other times they had jerked off together, the focus was on whichever porn video was playing on Aidan’s laptop. Sometimes they stood next to each other while masturbating, other times they sat in their hard chairs, but they usually reached climax right around the same time. Aidan would spill his load onto the desk while Logan would either make his deposit on the floor or next to Aidan’s. They had never just watched each other while whacking off, except for a few side glances here and there.

“Um…ok.” Logan hesitated and Aidan quickly Betturkey Giriş tried to put him at ease.

“We don’t have to. I mean, if it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable. I just thought it would be something different.” Aidan had been hoping Logan would agree as he enjoyed looking at his friend’s naked body, and especially his hard penis.

Logan appreciated his friend’s efforts and concluded that since they had already been masturbating together for a while now, watching each other do it was hardly a big deal. In a way, they had been kinda doing that anyway although not so obviously. Plus, Logan had to admit to himself that he liked to watch Aidan jerk off. “Yeah — ok, let’s do it.”

“Awesome!” declared Aidan. “Drop your books and get going.” Aidan turned his body around so that his back was against the wall. This way he could easily watch Logan play with himself while allowing his roommate full view of what he was doing. He spread his legs wide and starting slowly pulling on his rigid cock.

Logan pushed his books onto the floor, then slid his body around to rest against the opposite wall and spread his legs so that he could directly face Aidan across the room. For the next several minutes both boys sat on their beds yanking and tugging on their boners as they watched each other.

Aidan rubbed on the tip of his dick where a little pre-cum had emitted as he stared at his friend’s hard-on. The head of Logan’s penis was rounded, like a little nob on the end, and Aidan loved to look at it as that was the one really significant difference between their penises. Soon Logan began to make a face that looked like he was in pain, and Aidan always liked seeing that. “There ya go,” he encouraged. “Now I know you’re having fun.”

Logan started laughing out loud. There was something to be said about having a friend you could be completely at ease and yourself with — even while masturbating. He opened his eyes and looked at Aidan who was smiling openly as he tugged harder on his stiff prick. Logan liked the thickness of Aidan’s dick and he sat there watching his friend please himself.

Several more minutes passed with nothing but the sound of hands slapping against their bodies and heavy panting filling the room as the roommates stared intently at each other. Suddenly, Aidan announced, “Let’s see who can come the farthest.” He got off his bed and took two steps over to stand in front of Logan. “Come on,” he said with enthusiasm.

Scooting his ass forward in order to stand up, Logan rose and stood next to his roommate in the middle of the room and facing the door. Aidan spread his legs wider and rubbed his balls as his hand pumped his stiff pole. Logan watched as his friend jerked his meat and moaned out loud.

“Yeah – here it comes,” Aidan said. Just then a drop of semen shot out the tip of his dick and flew a good foot before landing on the cement floor, while the rest of his seed spurted out and landed practically in front of him. “Ahhh…,” Aidan sighed. “Shit, yeah.” Then he turned to look down at Logan’s boner and the tip that was nearly purple in color.

Squatting just slightly, Logan tugged on his pecker for all it was worth. He scrunched his face as his body heated up and his dick prepared to explode. “Uh — oh…,” was all he said. Next, a large white blob of cum squirted out of his cock and landed well past where Aidan’s had dropped. His next milky discharge went almost as far as the first while Logan kept yanking his chain. After a few more smaller eruptions, which landed on the floor next to Aidan’s, Logan took a deep breath and exhaled loudly.

“Shit, dude!” Aidan said as he smiled at his friend. “Nice shot. That was fucking hot!”

Chuckling at his roommate, Logan agreed. “Yeah,” he said, still trying to catch his breath. “That was awesome.”

Aidan stared as Logan slowly shook his cock clean, watching as it returned to normal size while he kept a firm grip on his own appendage. “We gotta do this again.”

Looking at his friend, and the twinkle in his green eyes, Logan smiled broadly. “Well, give me about 10 minutes.”

This prompted a hearty laugh from Aidan, and he clapped his friend softly on the back. “You’re the best Logan. I never thought I’d have this much fun at college, especially with another guy.”

Sure enough, less than a half hour later the two boys were at it again. This time, after watching some porn, they stood next to each other in the middle of their room and closely inspected one another as they pulled and yanked on their stiff pricks. Without much conscious thought or effort, Aidan and Logan were becoming even more intimate in their exploits.

After that second round, followed by another in the morning when they both woke up with firm woodies, this became their new ritual. Every evening after dinner, as soon as they walked into their door room they started stripping out of their clothes. When they were done watching each other jerk off, they would finish their Betturkey Güncel Giriş homework before heading out to roam around the dorm and socialize with their friends.

It was inevitable, then, that things would progress even further, and that all began on Halloween night. In an attempt to provide some kind of entertainment for students to keep them from circulating about the town and potentially becoming a nuisance, the college was providing a Halloween festival in the student center from 6-9pm. It wasn’t all that much of a celebration but it did include food, games and some delicious treats for everyone and, surprisingly, there were quite a few students milling around. Although, when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere in central Maine, your options are considerably limited.

Logan and Aidan made their appearance and hung out with some friends for a time before they decided to go to a party back in their dorm. They didn’t know the kid particularly well, but that didn’t matter because when there is a dorm party everybody is welcome. Drinks were handed out, as were jello shots, while the music played loud. It seemed as though everyone in their dorm was there and Logan and Aidan had no problem moving about the cramped room and out into the hallway to socialize, drink and otherwise have a great time.

Several hours and many drinks later — someone had showed up with a keg — Aidan and Logan shuffled back to their dorm room which was two floors down and at the opposite end of the hall. They chose to take the stairs and ended up bracing one another as they bumped and wobbled their way back. By the time they got to their room they were laughing hysterically at something Logan had said, but if you had asked them then or later what, exactly, had been said, neither would have remembered.

Fumbling about with the lock on their door, Aidan hit the wrong code twice before Logan managed to somehow recall the correct combination and punch it into the small contraption. They stumbled inside their room as the door shut behind them and Logan turned the bolt to lock it.

Aidan collapsed on his bed at once. “Ah — fuck, man. I’m wasted.”

Kicking off his Keds, Logan plopped on his bed as his head started spinning. “Yup. Great party.” He lay back on his pillow and put his hands behind his head. “What was that kid’s name — the one who brought the keg?”

“Ummm…” Aidan replied, then fell silent for so long that Logan picked up his head to see if he had passed out just as his friend continued speaking. “Cody? Kevin? Chris? I don’t remember.”

Logan couldn’t remember either but decided it didn’t matter anyway. He stood up and started undressing for bed. In a matter of seconds he was completely nude and then walked over to Aidan to check on him.

Turning his head slowly and allowing his eyes to focus, Aidan’s eyesight was level with Logan’s penis sloping down right in front of him. When Logan bent down to talk to him, Aidan leaned forward and kissed his roommate’s limp prick.

“I love your cock,” Aidan said.

Logan ignored his friend’s comment, figuring it was the result of alcohol. Instead, Logan told him, “You should probably undress before you pass out, Aidan.”

Pulling on his roommate to sit him up in bed, Logan sat down next to him while Aidan began to peel off his clothes piece by piece. When he was naked, Aidan lay back on his bed and Logan covered him up with the bedsheet before moving back to his bed to collapse.

Sometime later, although he didn’t know how much later, Logan awoke with a start as he felt a hand on his leg. He was laying on his back in bed, under the covers with his face turned to the wall and his right arm positioned above his head. Blinking a few times just to ensure he wasn’t dreaming, this hand kept running up and down his left leg. Logan closed his eyes and kept still, not wanting to surprise whoever was touching him.

Soon, there were two hands on his naked body. One ran softly down it while the other came up and slid across his belly. Logan could hear heavy breathing next to him and knew it was Aidan. Who the hell else could it be?

As one of the hands brushed over his pubic hair, Logan heard his roommate exhale loudly. “Ahhh…yeah.”

Logan stifled a chuckle, assuming that Aidan was in some drunken stupor and had completely lost his senses. The hands moved over Logan’s privates, one rubbing his balls as the other grabbed his limp dick while his roommate continued to moan softly. Fingers groped at Logan’s penis and squeezed the tip of it as the other hand clutched his nuts. Heavy breathing and sighing could be heard, along with soft moaning.

Keeping his arm in place over his head on the pillow, Logan turned his face slowly to the left and looked at his roommate. He was on his knees beside the bed with both of his hands hidden under the sheets.

“Wh — what are you doing?” Logan whispered suddenly with a look of amused confusion, unsure what to make of what was happening.

Aidan jumped and snapped his head up to look at Logan, freezing in position and keeping his hands where they were. “I’m — um — uh — I’m touching you.” Even in his inebriated state, Aidan realized there was no way out and any excuse he could give would be complete bullshit anyway.

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