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I’m six feet five inches tall, weigh 218 pounds. I played football and am now on the track team, so I work out regularly and am in extra good shape. I just turned eighteen and in another two months I’ll graduate from high school. I plan on going to the local community college to study nursing. I know, nursing is mostly a female profession but my Mom is a nurse and it’s what I want to do. Besides, thinking chauvinistic, being a male in a female field will probably be to my advantage when it comes to promotions. When I finish my two years and pass the exam to be an RN I’ll get a job and start working on my bachelor’s degree. I can do that almost all over the internet. Then, I plan on continuing my studies and getting a master’s and become a nurse practitioner. By the time I’m twenty five or so I should then have a good job,be able to really be of help to people and also earn very good money and afford to find a girl I love and get married. I’ve got it all figured out.

Right now I live with my Mom and two younger sisters, one sixteen and one fourteen. My Dad died five years ago. Things are a little tight, I work part time, but my Mom makes enough that we manage o.k. I’ll need to keep working while I live here and get through the first two years and earn my RN. Then I’ll be able to move out and find some little place to rent while I work full time and work on my BS.

I usually do my exercises in our back yard and lift some light weights to keep in shape. So, I’m in the yard, doing some arm curls with ten pound weights when my youngest sister, Nancy, comes home with a friend. The friend’s Mom, Mrs. McGovern, apparently drove them and is with them. I have to admit that Mrs. McGovern is a fox. I mean, she could probably be a centerfold model. Truly great body. I know she’s old. She must be past thirty to have a fourteen year old. Maybe thirty five. Maybe a year or two younger, depending when she married. Whatever, she’s old maybe but really, really sexy. I’ve jerked off thinking of her, which may seem odd with all the high school girls I know but there’s just something about her.

She sees me and comes out into the yard. My shirt is off, I have on some shorts, and I’m sweating a little. She walks right up to me and reaches out and puts her hand on my chest. “Mark,” she says, “you’re so big now. You just had your eighteenth birthday didn’t you?”

I lower my arm, still holding the weight. She’s sort of rubbing my chest a little, feeling me. I’ve just been thinking about her great body and feel a little guilty, I mean she’s my sister’s friend’s mother. So I sort of grunt out a “yes”.

“You must have a lot of girl friends,” she says. She then looks over her shoulder into the house and both girls must have gone into another room because I can see they’re not there. She then does something that’s both surprising and sort of weird. She uses her other hand to grab at my crotch and get hold of my cock and balls. “You’re probably fucking them, aren’t you?”

Where’s this going? I’m not sure what to do. So I just say, “No, I don’t have a girl friend.” But I can tell that in reaction, I’m getting a little harder down there.

“You feel like you have a very nice cock, Mark,” she says, smiling and still holding me. “You could give someone a really good fuck. You could give me a really good fuck. And, I could teach you how to really satisfy a woman. That should come in handy with some of the girls your age. What do you think?”

I’m almost speechless. This is like a weird dream or something. “Uh, you want you and me to fuck?” is what I blurted out.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want,” she says, still smiling and still holding my cock and balls. “We just have to figure out when and where.” She looks over her shoulder again. I can see some movement inside the house. She lets go of my balls and steps back a little. “Tomorrow after school Mindy (that’s her daughter) is going to come home with Nancy. So you come to my house then and we’ll have a couple hours before my husband comes home.” With that she looks over her shoulder again and turns and walks away, back inside the house. In no time, she and her daughter are gone.

Now, what do I do? On the one hand, I feel like skipping my last class and getting to her house early to have more time with her. On the other hand this is so unreal that I think I better forget it happened, like it was a dream or something. She’s older, she’s married, she has a daughter, she’s probably been fucking for years. Why would she decide to fuck me? I mean, she’s a fox, it would probably be great but then I’ve never done it before and will probably screw it up somehow. It’s adultery, probably not even legal. But then, if I did it with a girl at school it would also be adultery. And I’d do that any chance I got. Anything short of getting married is adultery. All kinds of people do it all the time. And she’s right, learning how to be good at it would give me an advantage over other guys.

So, I’m ringing the bell at her house at a little after two in the afternoon. Ordu Escort She doesn’t answer right away and I’m about ready to run away because I’m making some huge mistake, when the door opens and she’s there with a big grin on her face. She’s bare foot with a light robe on, looking even sexier than normal. “You’re earlier than I expected Mark, how great that is. We’ll have even more time together.” She almost grabs my hand and ushers me in, closing the door behind us. “We might as well get to the bedroom,” she says. “We’ll use the guest room rather than the one my husband and I use. If I don’t get it cleaned up right away, no one will ever notice,” She leads me up stairs and down a short hall, into a very nice bedroom. As soon as we’re through the door, she pulls loose the robe and drops it and she’s completely naked. This is the first naked lady I’ve ever seen in my life, live and up close and she has an even greater body than I had imagined.

“You’re beautiful, Mrs. McGovern,’ I say out loud, almost in awe.

She grins. “I’m glad you think so, Mark, and it’s Diane, not Mrs. McGovern, at least when we’re in a situation like this. Now we need to get your clothes off because I think I’m going to think you’re beautiful, too.” She starts to unfasten my belt. I have on a t-shirt, so I pull it up over my head while she works on my belt. As I get the shirt loose so that I can see, she’s unzipping my fly. I grasp the waist and help her pull my pants down. I step out of them and as she shakes them out straight and folds them and puts them on a chair, I lean down and get one shoe and then the other off. I’m pulling off my socks when she’s back, running her hand down my back. Here’s this sexy naked female body right up against me practically. I’m trying to see everything, sort of memorizing what it all looks like. As I straighten up, she has hold of my boxer shorts and starts pulling them down. She’s almost kneeling in front of me as I step out of the shorts and my cock, very erect, is bouncing around in front of her.

She wraps the fingers of one hand around my cock and holds it and looks at it, grinning. “I knew you’d have a great cock, Mark. You’re so big I figured your cock would have to be also and it’s just perfect.’ She keeps hold of it and stands up. “If we’re going to be lovers, we should probably start with some kissing, don’t you think?” Almost automatically, without thinking about it, I have my arms around her and she lets go of my cock and has hers around me and we kiss. She has to look up and I have to almost scrunge down a little to get our mouths together. She’s perhaps five foot five or six, a lot shorter than me.

It’s a really good kiss, as good or better as I’ve ever had with a girl before. We stop for a moment and then kiss again, still holding each other. I can feel her breasts pressing against me, her hips pushing to be against me, too. This is the real thing, not just one of my wet dreams. Finally, she backs off a little and starts backing up, looking up and down my body as she pulls me toward the bed. I get to look at her body at the same time. Gorgeous breasts, just like I’ve seen in magazines but right in front of me now, actually jiggling a little as she moves. I look on down where her legs come together, where her pussy has to be. I’ve never seen a live pussy, just some in some internet pornos. It makes me realize that she’s just like the girls in the porn, there’s no hair showing.

“You don’t have any pubic hair,” I say.

“I shave it,” she says, smiling. “In fact, I was shaving when you rang the door bell. Getting ready for you. I plan on you becoming very familiar with it before you leave.” She’s right at the bed now and sits down on it with me right in front of her. She again grasps my still erect cock with one hand. She looks up at me, grinning, then looks at my cock, opens her mouth and leans forward and taskes a couple inches of me into her mouth.She’s licking and sucking or doing something to me injside her mouth. It makes me realize, all the dreams and fantasies I’ve had, often while masturbating, I’ve never been specific about what’s happening to me. Since I have no real experience, I couldn’t even imagine what would happen or how it would feel. Right now, I know that from now on I’ll be able to recall this feeling, it’s unbelievable.

“You have a really nice cock, Mark,” she says, sliding her lips off me but still holding it. She uses her other hand to hold my balls and sort of fondle them or roll them around a little. She bends her head to the side and licks the length of my cock, then the other side. Then she starts swallowing it again. She slides off it again. “Really big, I can hardly get my mouth open enough to take it in,” she says and then proceeds to take it in again. This is the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to me. She probably hasn’t sucked on me for more than ten seconds and I can feel that I’m probably going to cum.

“I think I’m going to cum,” I say out loud. Her mouth still holding about half my cock, she makes Ordu Escort Bayan an “uh-huh” sound and shakes her head up and down slightly, then takes even more of me into her mouth. I can feel the head of my cock sitting at her throat, like she might swallow it. Then I cum. I can feel it. I get a little light headed and put my hands on her head and can’t help but push my hips at her like I’m trying to shove my cock into her farther. I shoot some more and then I’m done. She slides her lips back and off, stares at my cock a moment and then sticks her tongue out and licks a last drop or two off it, sucks the head into her mouth for a second and then sits back and looks up at me. “I really like your cock. Now, though, until you get it up again, maybe you can do the same for me. What do you think about my body, Mark?” She then starts crawling back on the bed, ending up laying on her back, her legs spread slightly, her one hand, fingers out, is down between her legs.

“I’ve always thought you were sexy,” I say to her. “You have a gorgeous body.”

“Well, climb on here and get next to me and start making love to my gorgeous body,” she says. I can see her fingers moving, rubbing her pussy. “Guys are ready in seconds, it takes a while to arouse a woman. I need you to get me ready now.” I get on the bed, lay next to her and lean my face to her and kiss her. I get one hand to one of her breasts. When the kiss stops, she says, “Feel my breast like you love it, not like it’s some piece of meat that needs to be squeezed tight. Yes, just like that. Now slide down a little and get your lips to it, kiss it, lick it. Yes. Lick the nipple. Oh, yes. Suck on it. You’re a natural Mark.”

I’d never touched a female breast before. But it was easy to act like I loved it because I did. I wanted to make her feel good and I wanted to enjoy everything I could about her breasts. She had me move to the other one and I did the same to it. She made the same comments, .leading me through what I should do. She also took my one hand and slid it down over her stomach, getting my fingers down where hers had been. I could feel the shape of her pussy lips. Oddly, I could also feel some hair stubble. It’s hard to grin when you’re sucking a nipple but I did because I thought that she hadn’t managed to finish shaving as I felt the stubble.

“Get between my legs, Mark.” She spread her legs and I pushed up off the bed to climb over her one leg and get between them. “Slide down a little,” she says. “Kiss me some on your way. Ah, yes, like that.” I licked her belly button as I moved down on her. I’d seen this in porn before so I knew what I was about to do. And I wanted to do it, wanted to learn how, to find out what it was like. Then, there it was. Some wrinkled flesh, the lips, I guess. She used her fingers to pull them apart and show the pink insides. “Put your tongue in there and lick up and down some,” she tells me. Her knees are up on either side of me, her legs back some, raising her pussy up from the bed, but still my chin was on the quilt as I got my tongue into her. As I licked up and down and then up again, I felt a little bump. “Ah,” she says, “you found it already.” So I licked on it. “Get back to it later but lick down now and find my vagina.”

I did, It was right there, an opening, a softness that I could push into. I shoved my tongue in as much as I could but I learned I don’t have a long tongue. I licked around a little then licked back up to that bump. “Slide a finger into my vagina, do it in and out for awhile and keep licking on me where you are.” She makes lots of moans and I can feel her pussy changing, getting more engorged maybe, opening up on its own. My finger slides in and out easily, she’s getting wetter. “Make it two fingers, push in a third if you can. Yes, Like that. Keep it up, please. I’m getting there.” I kept flicking my tongue in her, sliding my fingers in and out of her, finger fucking her I realized. Her moans became yelps, her hips and legs jerked a little. Then she started a muffled kind of scream. A scream but not as loud as a real scary scream like in the movies. Then she started to really jerk her hips, her legs were waving around and I could feel a real flow of juice coming out around my fingers in her. It was getting on my face, I could even taste it — not bad, something I’ll always think of as sex. And then she’s pulling on my hair and almost yelling. “Fuck me, fuck me. Slide up here and get that big cock of yours in me!”

So I do. I slide up and start trying to shove my cock, which was definitely full hard again, into where my fingers had been. And I keep missing. She reaches down with one hand and grabs me and aims me. “Push!” she says. I do and slide into her. A feeling like no other. My whole cock is enveloped in warm, moist, tightness. “On in, all the way,” she says, so I push on. I can feel my cock head forcing her flesh open as it moves. I can feel my pubic hair against her, I’m fully in. “Now fuck me, Mark. In and out, in and out, faster and faster and harder Escort Ordu and harder.”

I last a lot longer than I did in her mouth but it still was probably only a couple minutes and I was shooting off again. It felt wonderful, amazing, yet almost hurt a little. My cock and insides weren’t used to this. She has her legs and arms around me.

“Just stay in there for a moment,” she says. “Lets feel how good this has been.”

So I do. It feels good to me, too. In a minute she lowers her legs and I pull my hips back and move off to the side and lay facing her. “That went really good, Mark,” she says. “You’re a natural. I hope you liked it as much as I did.”

“Oh, I loved it, it felt terrific,” I tell her, which is certainly true. I can’t even come up with words to describe how mind blowing it was. But I wonder what a married woman is doing with a kid like me. “You’re married,” I say. “What about your husband?”

“Mark, I was the horniest girl in the world when I was young. The only solution was to get married, at least that’s what society and my family said. So I got married. I probably got pregnant an hour after the ceremony. We fucked like wild animals, never stopping almost, not even to eat for a day or so. Now, fifteen years later, we still fuck regularly. I’ll probably repeat what we just did with him in four or five hours. And I’ll love it. He’s a great lover. I think he probably knows I’m getting a little more on the side and I think he’s probably doing the same. But we don’t mention it. I’m just always horny and always have someone available, often more than one. So I’ve been doing this for years now. I hope to do this more with you, a lot. And, no, I’ll never say anything to my husband and you better never say anything to anyone. Now, I’m feeling sort of gooey down there so I’m going into the bathroom and clean up some. Want to come, too?”

I follow her, amazed that I’m naked walking with this naked woman who has a fabulous body. I watch her hips move, her ass cheeks move, her tits bounce a little. She squats on the toilet and lets some stuff come out and then gets what looks like a bottle and tube and holds it and aims the tube at her pussy. “It’s just plain water, a douche to clean me out,” she tells me. I just watch all this. I’m particularly staring at her pussy, trying to recognize its shape and what it is.

“I could tell that you didn’t finish shaving,” I said, “I could feel the stubble when I was licking you.”

She grins. “Well, maybe you can finish shaving me. How would you like that?”

“Actually, I’d like to get a better look at you. I don’t want to cut you so I’ll be careful but, yeah, I’d like to.” There is a can of shaving cream and a razor, a little female type light blue razor, on the counter next to the sink. She backs up to the counter next to the sink and hoists herself up so she’s sitting on the counter with just the very back end of her rear on it and the rest of her out in front. She spreads her legs and I kneel down between them and get a good close up look. What must be her pussy lips that I’ve read about really aren’t all that beautiful. Sexy, yes, because I know what’s behind them. But darker than the rest of her skin and sort of wrinkly. I get some shaving cream on my finger and spread it over her whole pussy area. I take the razor and start shaving. I start above and then move to the side. If there’s any on down below, leading to her ass hole, I miss it. When I think I’m done, I get water on my hands and wipe her clean, use a wash cloth and wipe her all over. “I better check just to be sure,” I say out loud.

I use both hands to spread her open and get my tongue into her again and start licking. She has her hand on the back of my head and makes little moaning noises. I lick down to her vagina opening and stick my tongue in and then lick up to her clit and flick my tongue on the bump. I get a finger into her vagina and start working my tongue on her clit faster and faster. I can feel her getting wetter and pull my finger back out and get two fingers into her and start sliding them in and out. I stop every once in a while to back off and just look at her, sort of memorizing what a pussy is. She seems to get more swollen, more engorged with blood as I keep on licking. As her moans get louder and her bottom jerks a little I use my lips to sort of suck on her whole pussy insides, which includes her clit and she seems to really react to that.

I must work on her for a couple minutes until she’s really screaming and I’m getting her fluids all over my face. I pull my fingers out, stand up and get my cock aimed at her and push into her. It takes a few seconds to get all the way in but I just keep pushing until I’m all the way up against her. And then I start fucking her, pistoning my cock in her vagina. She’s telling me how great it is and moaning and screaming and holding on to me and I feel something that I didn’t the first time I fucked her. She’s cumming. There can’t be any doubt. I think this must be even bigger for her than when she came while I was eating her. I’m not done so I just keep fucking her, pounding into her as hard as I can in this position. I think maybe she just keeps cumming because she’s loud. And then I cum and just stay in her and feel my cock jerking and shooting off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32