Sexual Bon Vivant Pt. 02

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Hi, I’m Jonathon. I’m a 20 year old college student. I am somewhat small at 5-9. I have blonde hair and nice straight teeth. Some would call me cute. Not quite handsome, but cute. And as I recently found out I am bi-sexual. Actually, I knew I was attracted to men for a awhile but I never dreamed I would act on that urge.

Don’t get me wrong, I like women very much. My preference will always be for a nice, sexy woman, but I won’t turn down a hard cock, either As they say, if you are bi, that doubles your chances for a date.

But alas, women are much harder to find. Especially for me. I am not a great physical specimen, and I’m into older women and they are scarce in my college town.

Frank, a family friend, had initiated me into sex with men during a hunting trip. Talk about male bonding! We had found ourselves alone at camp and horny.

He had told me that his wife, Carol, had not had sex with him for nearly a year. That had gotten my attention. I had a hard time believing that since she seemed pretty hot to me. She was about the same age as my own mother. She was always flirting with men, sometimes to the point of quick kisses and letting their hands wander more than they should.

She had even flirted with me in front of Frank, allowing me a down shirt view of her nice tits. Frank wasn’t stupid, so I’m sure he must have guessed that she was fucking other men.

“How would you like a shot at Carol?” His question took me by surprise.

“Does that even need and answer? Hell yes.” Even with what we had been through the last couple of days, it was still awkward talking about me doing his wife. I got over the awkwardness.

“You have to know that any male would want her. She’s been giving me boners every since I could get boners.

“I know any man would want her. That’s what I need you to find out for me. Has she been putting out to any of them? I’m gone a lot, so she has plenty of opportunity. If you can get her talking about it, then I don’t mind if you get some yourself. Let me tell you my plan…”


When spring break came around, I didn’t go to the popular spots. I went home. Boring, yes. But it was cheap. It also gave me a chance to spend some time with my family. Besides Frank’s plan would be best carried out when I had a few days at home.

He believed that his wife had been fucking another guy or guys for the better part of a year. They had been married right at 30 years when she had started avoiding sex with him. Carol had then begun to sleep in the guest room. He could not prove she was sleeping around and was not certain he wanted to. Perhaps he might put temptation in front of her and see how she reacts. That was the plan he had for me.

I was to come to their house one night during spring break with the story that I was visiting Frankie, their son who was about my age. The story would be that I needed a place to crash for the night since my parents and brother we away for the night and I didn’t want to stay in the empty house. Meanwhile, Frank and Frankie would be gone for the night. The initial phase would be to see if she even invited me inside. The trickier part would be convincing her to let me stay over. If she agreed to that, well you know where that might lead.

I was pretty nervous as I drove over to Frank and Carol’s house. I had been there plenty of times with my parents when I was younger and many more times to visit Frankie. This was different. I was on a mission to seduce Carol, a woman that I was attracted to for as long as I could remember. And every since Frank had told me his plan, I had a constant hard on.

I wanted this woman bad. Why? Well, she was that one friend of your mom’s that didn’t act like your mom. She was the one that dressed and acted younger than she was. When she flirted with you, you really believed it. She would be sexy even if she were unattractive. But she was not unattractive. She was about 5-5, slender, C-cup breasts. Her hair was always ‘fixed.’ The color varied depending on her mood. Usually a darker blonde tone, which suited me just fine. Her face could best be described as ‘pixie-ish.’ Light blue eyes lit up her face.

If her husband wasn’t getting in her pants, then someone else was. I was anxious to try.

I was so nervous as I rang the doorbell, I truly thought I might pee myself before she could answer the door. Fortunately ataşehir escort my bladder stayed strong and I stayed dry.

She looked fine when she came to the door. Though her hair was not done up to its usual perfection, she still looked good. Her make-up was minimal and she wore nothing particularly sexy. She had on a white t-shirt, very short blue jean cut-offs, and open toed sandals. Her t-shirt fit her tightly. It was clear she was not expecting company.

“Jon! I didn’t expect to see you. Aren’t you on spring break?”

“Yes but I came by to see if Frankie was home.”

I knew the answer, but was ready to feign surprise.

“I’m sorry, but he’s not here. He and his father are out of town for the night.”

“Darn. I hoped he was here. I needed a place to crash for the night. Mom and Dad are out of town and I wasn’t too keen on staying out at the house by myself. Well, I’d better run along.

Sorry for bothering you.”

I gave her my best sad puppy dog look. The next few seconds would be crucial to the plan.

“Well, I suppose you could stay here. I’m here alone for the night. I don’t see why we can’t keep each other company. But only if you behave yourself.” She then gave me one of her quick hugs and a kiss. This time I detected the tip of her tongue on my lips. I then noticed two nipple bumps poking the front of her t-shirt.

“It will be like a slumber party! But without all the silly giggling.”

“Ahh the silly giggling is my favorite thing!”

She gave a silly giggle. “I knew there was a reason you are my favorite of Frankie Jr.’s. friends. Bring your stuff in.”

I grabbed my bag and headed upstairs to Frankies room. I had no intention of behaving myself. I think she was hoping that I didn’t.

We ordered a pizza since she had not been expecting company. In the spirit of slumber party, Carol hiked up her cut-off shorts as high as they could go to answer the door for the pizza guy. That exposed a generous amount of her ass cheeks. And she told me to behave! Mmmmm. I could see that the seam was parting her lower lips when pulled up. I made a mental note to get a part time job delivering pizzas.

I had a beer from Frank’s stash in the fridge. Carol opened a bottle of wine for herself. By the time we had eaten, we were both loosened up from the alcohol. We sat on opposite sides of their rather long sofa.

“Since you left for college, I haven’t been able to keep up with you. So, how have you been?

“Now why would you be wanting to keep up with me?”

“You are my friend’s son. Besides that, you are always nice and polite.”

“Nice and polite. The kiss of death in the dating scene. Women don’t like nice and polite.”

“I do. It’s their loss if they can’t see that. So, are you seeing anyone?

“Sort of.” I didn’t see a need to mention it was my male roommate. Nor that I had had sex with her husband while deer hunting.

“Maybe things will work out. You are awfully young to be getting serious with any girl!

I lowered my gaze. “I really don’t find college girls that attractive. I prefer a little older.”

“What 25? 30? Older?”

“I’m kind of embarrassed to say but more like my mother’s age.”

“But I’m…I mean that is really older. Does you mom know you feel that way about her?

“What? No, I mean women like her, but not her.”

“Whew! You just avoided a 14 hour lecture from me. I was trying to imagine Frankie thinking of me that way. Ugh.”

“What if it were Frankie wanting my mom. Is that so different, or if it were one of your friend’s sons wanting to have sex with you?”

She knew what I was getting at but didn’t answer. I did notice that her nipples we poking her shirt again. She drained the glass of wine she had been nursing.

“Need another beer? I need some more wine.”

When Carol returned with the drinks, she sat down much closer to me. Not touching, but close enough to be able to talk at a lower volume. I noticed her sandals were now gone.

“I can try to answer you now. Those are two glasses of wine questions! I am having a hard time discussing this with someone my son’s age.”

“We don’t have to talk about it.”

“No, I do. It would be a waste of good wine if I didn’t. So, let’s see. What if Frankie were attracted to me in ‘that way? I suppose I would be flattered and somewhat avcılar escort appalled. I don’t know if he is or isn’t.

“Oh, come on. You live in the same house. Surely you have noticed him paying more attention to you. Perhaps he has accidentally walked in on you in the bathroom. I would bet money that he has heard you and Frank going at it. Face it, he would do it to you in a minute.”

“What if he would? I am not going to do ‘it’ with my son no matter how horny I get.”

So, Carol just admitted to being horny. That was like music to my ears.

“Let’s say for the sake of saying that somehow, during a weak moment, you were to let your guard down, and you let Frankie, shall we say, screw your brains out. Let’s also assume he was way better than his father. What then?”

“I shouldn’t even talk about that. I mean he is a handsome, sexy young man. I have noticed him stealing glances at my chest and my butt. Oh my, you don’t think…?”

“I’ve never talked to him about that, I can only imagine that he would have no problem with it. There’s one way to find out.”

“Then we may never know. How about you. You say you are not attracted to your mom in that way. What if she were freshly showered and was walking past you wearing a towel only. Then the towel dropped. Your mother standing there naked making no effort to pick it up. She says to grab the towel and meet her in her bedroom. When you get there, she has laid down with her legs apart. You are saying you wouldn’t take that?”

“You are kidding, right? I would be on her in a second. Just like Frankie would do to you in the same situation. For that matter, so would any of his friends.”

Carol’s face turned a bright shade of red. The wine and the subject matter was having an effect on her. I decided to push it some more.

“I know of at least four of Frankie’s friends that would. We talk about things like that. Guys my age are horn dogs.”

“Four? Really? I am a bit surprised. Who?”

“I really shouldn’t tell.”

“Come on, or I’ll tell your mom that you want to tear her clothes off and have your way with her!”

“Alright then. There’s Joey Behan”

“Eww, I wouldn’t let that creepy kid anywhere near my body, naked or not.”

“He speaks highly of your, er, vagina.”

“You can say ‘pussy.’ We don’t have to be clinical. I think the subject matter calls for it”

“Your pussy. But you are right, he is a creep. Bill Estes would do you if the the opportunity came up.”

I could see myself doing it with Billy. He is a hunk.”

So, she did think about younger men!

“And of course, my brother Sammy. I know that he has beaten off after you have been over to our house.”

“I don’t know if I should be flattered or disgusted.”

“I would go with disgusted.”

“That’s only three. Who’s the forth? Or maybe I can guess.”

It was my turn to blush.

“Jon I asked you to behave if you stayed here, so I won’t make you answer that.”

She then got up and headed to the kitchen for the last of the wine. Her shorts had ridden up again, though not as much as the pizza guy got to see. When she came back I could see her nipples almost cutting holes in her shirt and her breasts jiggled freely. She had obviously taken her bra off while she was gone. She turned on the TV and selected one of the three channels. A western was on. When she sat back on the sofa she snuggled in next to me.

When the show was over she said we had awhile before the next movie and she needed to get rid of some of the wine she had been drinking. I began to think she had forgotten me since it took her a while to return. I knew she had been barefoot, but I heard the distinctive clicking of a woman’s shoes in the hallway. She entered the living room and got my full attention. The t-shirt and shorts were replaced by a flowing black sheer negligee, black panties and heels. From what her husband had told me this was not her normal nightwear. Her make up had been touched up. I whistled my approval.

“I went ahead and put my night things on. I hope you don’t mind?”

I answered by moving closer to her.

She pulled me tight to her chest, smashing her very visible tits into me. This was not one of her quick hugs. She hugged and kissed me deeply as my hands explored her body. She broke the kiss and we flopped down on the sofa.

Her avrupa yakası escort breasts poked into the sheer material, drawing me like magnet.

“I suppose it is too late to remind you to behave.”

I answered by squeezing both breasts. Soon she shed the flimsy upper garment; it concealed very little anyway. Here I was sitting on my mom’s friend’s sofa with her wearing only heels and sexy black panties.

Now I had seen Carol wearing swimsuits before at various pool parties. Those times she wore one piece swimsuits that were not particularly revealing. Now, I had an (almost) unfettered view of her fifty-year-old body. Her breasts were full but with only a bit of sag, Her midriff had some padding. I wasted no time in giving her nipples a taste test.

“Oh you naughty boy, sucking on my nipples like that! I should send you home.”

“But you won’t. You want me to be naughty, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I want you to be my naughty little boy, suck my titties, hard.”

“How bad do you want me to be? Do I stop after your breasts? Tell me what you want me to do to your mommy body.”

“No, don’t stop. I want you to fuck me, hard, deep. Oh god, I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

“Believe it, Carol.”

I took things to the next level and removed my shirt, shorts and shoes. My tight white underwear had a noticeable tent pole. I took Carol’s hand and placed it there.

“Your turn to be the naughty one.”

She understood what I wanted, pulling my underwear down, revealing my cock. Her head was only a few inches above it. I placed my hand on the back of her head and steered it down to my waiting dick. Her neck stiffened slightly.

“I have never done this before, so don’t push me. Let me do it.”

She had never sucked cock! No wonder her husband, Frank, had been so eager to have me blow him.

“Take your time, gorgeous. Let’s move around so I can get at your pussy. And don’t try to tell me no one has ever eaten your pussy.”

“Well, no, but…”

“I’m going to slap your husband for not eating your sweet pussy.”

I was pulling her little panties down as I said it. getting my first look at her hot pussy. I was not disappointed. Her sparse black pubic hairs were tastefully trimmed, allowing the meaty pussy lips to be visible. Moisture glistened all around her opening. She wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted to be fucked. About that time her mouth made contact with my hard pecker.

“Oh Carol, that feels good.”

I couldn’t resist diving into her musky pussy. I hadn’t been with that many women myself so I hoped I could muddle through. Despite my cock in her mouth, she was able to moan her approval of my technique. I found her clit and gently licked and sucked it. As good as our 69 session was becoming, we had to stop soon. We were both ready for the main event.

“Let’s go to my bedroom. There hasn’t been any action in there in quite some time.”

In the bedroom, she stepped into the bathroom. She soon stepped back out with a large white bath towel wrapped around her body. She let it drop and jumped backward on to the bed with her legs wide open.

We were both pretty well primed. I climbed on top of her nice body, rubbing my cock head around her soaking wet pussy lips. I was finally fucking my ultimate fantasy woman.

Her pussy was not as tight as I had hoped, but that may have had more to do with my cock; it was by no definition thick. That enabled me to last longer than I might have. For her part, Carol was so horny from being celibate for months that she would cum on just about any dick.

She fucked me like a woman who had not had sex in a while. As I thrust into her, she humped me with each stroke. Finally I managed to roll over so she could ride my cock. That position allowed me to play with her tits. Her nipples were hard and long.

With her riding me, I knew I would not last much longer.

“I’m cumming Jonathon,” she squealed as she fucked me rapidly. That triggered my own orgasm. I could feel my load spewing into my friend’s mother’s spasming pussy.

“Jon, that was wonderful! We should have more slumber parties like this.”

“I can’t argue with that.”

“What now?”

“How about we go to Frankies room and I screw you brains out on his bed,”

“Why there?”

“Call it a rehearsal. You know you want to do it.”

“Ok,” she said as she lead me to my friend’s bedroom. “Come on Frankie.”

“Yes mommy.”


When I gave Frank the report, he was pleased that she had been faithful. Even the part where I described fucking his wife didn’t ruin his good mood. Maybe that was his real intent. But that is for another story.

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