Sexting My Mother Pt. 03

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Hello My Dear Readers…

Thank you for the positive feedback to the first two parts of the story.

This is a much more detailed and longer part, and I hope you like it.

For those who are new here, this is a series of text messages between Ayan and his mother, Mona. As it is an immediate continuation, reading the earlier parts may make this more exciting.

Happy Reading!!

Mona has received the picture her son, Ayan, sent her. And she has just opened it.

Mona : Oh my… Oh my… How is this possible??

Ayan : What is it now, Mom??

Mona : It’s that…

Ayan : Mom… Before you say anything, let me just tell this to you. I know we have been texting non-stop for more than two hours now, and I feel I have just crossed the line. I should not have. And I am so sorry about it, Mom.

Mona : Ayan, Listen…

Ayan : Let me just complete, Mom… I really know I should not have send you that picture. It just happened. And I know you are equally bothered about it. And I know you are trying to talk about it. I know that you were sure I will never send a picture like this. I am sorry.

Mona : No Ayan… You got me all wrong. That is not at all what I was thinking.

Ayan : Then?? What is it then??

Mona : Noo.. I mean.. Err… It’s actually nothing…

Ayan : Tell me, Mom… Please.. Don’t make me feel more bad about this.

Mona : Ayan.. No.. It’s not something you have to feel bad about.. It’s that… I mean.. It’s the size of your penis.. It is very long.

Ayan : See, Mom!! I told you… I told you already, didn’t I?? You should have just believed me. Look at where you have got us, now. Everything feels so strange.

Mona : And so thick…

Ayan : What?? Mom??

Mona : You are so big!!

Ayan : Mom!! What is… Are you even reading any of my texts??

Mona : Oh Ayan… You are big. Just like you told me. You are so big, my dear Son.

Ayan : I know I am big, Mom. I told you I am big… But, this is still so weird. All the earlier texts felt funny to an extent, but this no more is.

Mona : Yes, Ayan… I know how you might be feeling… I feel unusual, too.. I did not think you would actually ever send me a picture like that. But, I did not think a penis as long as 9 inches was also possible. That is why I did not believe you.

Ayan : Do you believe me now??

Mona : Yes Ayan.. Yes. I just want to… I am sorry I did not believe you earlier. And I got us into this mess.

Ayan : Phew… Great… Mom, I am glad you believe me. I never lie, Mom. Maybe I hide a few things, when I feel they don’t matter. But I never lie. Especially when I am being asked something. And, so, I never liked being called a liar. Maybe I over reacted. It just happened in the heat of the moment. Let’s just forget this, Mom. I hope you are not angry at me.

Mona : Come on, Ayan. Not at all.. I was never angry at you. I am just sorry about this whole thing. I could have avoided this. Sorry, okay!!

Ayan : Please, Mom… No!! Please don’t say sorry. It is not your fault. I am to be blamed. I should have been more careful. I should have been able to tell you what it was. I should not have acted so shy, and confuse you. That is what worsened the situation. I will be more open and straight forward with you, from here on.

Mona : Yes, Ayan. Please… You don’t have to feel reluctant discussing things with me. You know you can trust me. I will always be there for you.

Ayan : Yes, Mom. And,now, since we are all cool… Please delete that picture, Mom. It is not right, and not at all okay.

Mona : What is not okay, Ayan??

Ayan : A picture of a man’s penis in your phone. Please delete it from the gallery. Also, from our chat.

Mona : Hahaha… Ohh Ayan… A random man’s penis in my phone is a problem. But, this is my son’s. That is not a problem.

Ayan : Please, Mom… Dad will see. He uses your phone so often.

Mona : So what??

Ayan : We are simply asking for trouble, Mom. I really don’t want him to think anything wrong about me.

Mona : Excuse me!! Think what wrong about you??

Ayan : Mom.. I don’t want him to think that I am sending you such pictures.

Mona : If your Dad sees a picture of your penis in my phone, and realizes I did not tell him about it, he is going to think wrong about, both, you and me. And not just you, Ayan. He is definitely going to think we have been exchanging such pictures.

Ayan : Mom, exactly!! That is what. So, please delete the picture. Delete the picture I sent you earlier, in my boxers, too. I do not want him to think anything wrong about us.

Mona : Hahaha… Oh, Ayan.. You are so cute..

Ayan : Not this, Mom. Not now.

Mona : Okay, tell me something. karataş escort bayan Did you think anything wrong when you send me those pictures?? Did you have any evil intention??

Ayan : Oh, come on, Mom. No!! Nothing at all.

Mona : Then, why are you so worried?? What is there for you to worry??

Ayan : But, still. Please delete it. Don’t complicate this even more, Mom. Please!!

Mona : I won’t. I am sorry, Ayan. But, I am not going to delete it. Let it stay in my phone. I want to look at it, whenever I feel like.

Ayan : What the hell, Mom!! Why??

Mona : What why??

Ayan : Why do you want to look at my penis??

Mona : I am looking at my son’s penis. I don’t need anybody’s permission to do that. And maybe, I have always been seeing my son’s naked penis.

Ayan : I am your son. And you have never seen my naked penis, before.

Mona : Oh, yeah?? Then be happy I am looking at it, now.

Ayan : Mom!!

Mona : What?? You don’t want me to look at your penis??

Ayan : What is this, Mom??

Mona : You don’t like me admiring your ‘big’ penis, Ayan??

Ayan : Stop it, Mom. I thought we already talked about it. And I am really sorry. Please don’t bring this up again, Mom. Please stop making fun of me. It was a genuine mistake.

Mona : Hahaha… My poor dear little Son… Got you, again!!

Ayan : Enough of this, please… Just delete it, Mom.

Mona : I won’t.

Ayan : Please!!

Mona : Okay, fine. I will..

Ayan : Thank you so much, Mom. Let’s never talk about it.

Mona : I will delete it. But…

Ayan : But what??

Mona : But… You will have to send me one whenever I ask.

Ayan : What?? I did not quite get that… Send you what whenever you ask??

Mona : I want you to send me a picture of your penis, whenever I ask.

Ayan : What?? Why on earth!!

Mona : Because..

Ayan : Because what??

Mona : Because.. I like it.

Ayan : You like what??

Mona : I like looking at your penis.

Ayan : Why, Mom?? Where is this heading to!!

Mona : Hahaha…

Ayan : Why are you laughing now??

Mona : I like looking at your penis, because I think it looks good.

Ayan : Stop teasing me, Mom. You are taking this too far.

Mona : You are telling me that I am teasing you?? You are the one who has been teasing me all along. You are the tease here!!

Ayan : What makes you say that?? What did I do that makes me a tease?? I have only been doing what you have been asking me to do.

Mona : You send a picture of your big penis to a mature lonely woman. That is teasing!!

Ayan : I send it to my mother, not some mature lonely woman. And, also, only because she insisted I send it to her.

Mona : Hahaha… Just shut up, will you!! I never insisted.

Ayan : You did, Mom. I would never have otherwise.

Mona : Haha… Oh, I love you so much, Ayan.

Ayan : Mom… You leave me so confused. I really don’t know what you want from me.

Mona : Hahaha… It is nothing, Ayan. I was just trying to talk to you for as long as possible. I really like your company.

Ayan : I am so happy to hear that, Mom. And, I know you are just trying to rag me. But, there is one thing I want to tell you. Neither do you have to ever feel you are alone & lonely. And nor are you old & mature.

Mona : Haha… Yes, I am, Ayan. You don’t have to be so kind.

Ayan : I am not just trying to cheer you up, Mom. I am telling you the truth. You are only 38, and you are still very young. You are the most beautiful woman I know.

Mona : Ohh, Ayan… I am so happy you think so.. Thank you my Son. Maybe, I still do look young & beautiful. But, I am very lonely, here. It’s been like that for a very long time.

Ayan : Dad is always home, Mom. I mean, most of the time. Ever since he has joined the consultancy firm, he has been working at home, and spending a lot of time there.

Mona : Yes… He is home…

Ayan : Then what?? Why do you still feel so lonely??

Mona : It’s that… Now how should I tell you… He does not like me much these days.

Ayan : Oh, come on, Mom… You always do this… I have been hearing you say this for years now. And I know you say that just to irritate him.

Mona : You don’t understand, Ayan. It is all different now. There are so many things I am deprived of… You will never realize… Definitely not now.

Ayan : I don’t get it, Mom. Dad does everything for you, and me, and the family. I don’t know why you feel you are missing out on things.

Mona : It’s that… I don’t know how I should tell this to you. We have not done anything for so long. And, I know why, too. It’s karkamış escort bayan something like that.

Ayan : I don’t get it, Mom. Done what?? Maybe he has been busy, and that is why he has not been able to take you out. Dad loves you.

Mona : No, Ayan… He does not love me. I know you and him have always been close, and you two always keep in touch. And you look upto him… And, I never wanted to tell you this… But I am very sure he is having an affair. I just don’t know with whom. But, this is the truth about our marriage.

Ayan : Mom?!

Mona : Yea… Just leave it. Let’s not talk about it. It is just that he is not interested in me, anymore. Because he has somebody else. And, I am just not able to accept the fact that he does not find me good enough, now.

Ayan : I don’t know what to tell you, Mom. I don’t think Dad will do something as disgraceful as cheating on you. But, I am also sure you wouldn’t say this to me if you were unsure.

Mona : It’s okay, Ayan. Well, if I never had that feeling, then I would have gone to Delhi with your Dad. And we would have never got to know each-other. So, it is fine. I am happy I have you now.

Ayan : Hhmm, yeahh.. Yes Mom… I am happy, too. But, I just feel a little broken hearing all this.

Mona : I am sorry I had to tell you this. And, that too when you were least ready for it.

Ayan : I never ever thought about this. I always felt you were a happy couple. You guys always talked to each-other, when I was around.

Mona : It is not like we never talk, Ayan. This has been going on for more than a year. We have just learned to live with it. Or, rather, I should say I have learned to not question him.

Ayan : But, why can’t you ask him??

Mona : Because I don’t have any proof. I don’t know anything about the woman he is seeing.

Ayan : Then how can you suspect him?? That is not fair, Mom. You cannot do that to Dad.

Mona : Listen, Ayan. You are too young to understand. Things like these… A woman of my age can easily confirm.

Ayan : How??

Mona : We get that feeling…

Ayan : How?? What makes you get the feeling?? When did you start getting that feeling? You are just confused, Mom. He has been travelling his whole life, and you were used to it. Now, he is at home, and there will be things he has to get done as a part of his new job. You cannot doubt him like this.

Mona : Ayan… Maybe, I should tell you this. It’s been ages since we have had sex.

Ayan : Mom!!

Mona : And, your Dad is not interested to be on the bed with me, only because he is getting what he wants from somewhere else.

Ayan : That is ridiculous. How can you say something like that?? Just because you crave for sex, and you are not getting it from Dad, does not mean he is cheating. I cannot believe you think so silly.

Mona : So, that is what you feel after hearing everything I had to tell you?? The only impression you are getting is that your mother is a sex addict, who has not been satisfied for long, and desperately wants to spread he legs, for any random man?? That is what you think of me, Ayan??

Ayan : Mom… Stop it. That is never what I said.

Mona : Then what is it that you said?? Did you just try to tell me I am a married elder woman, who is walking around exposing a lot of her fleshy body, hoping some young stud would offer her a good time?? Is that what you tried saying?? A MILF… That is what they call a woman like that, right?? Did you just call me a horny MILF??

Ayan : I don’t think I want to continue this conversation. Take care, Mom.

Mona : Ayan..

Ayan : We will talk some other time, Mom. I just don’t want to talk to you, right now.

Mona : Why is that nobody understands me??

Ayan : Just go sleep now, Mom. We will talk later.

Mona : Why is that everybody feels I am wrong?? First my husband… Now my son.. Nobody even wants to talk to me.

Ayan : I did not say that, Mom. I am just tired. That is all.

Mona : Have you ever had sex, Ayan??

Ayan : What is this, Mom?? Please stop it. We should not be talking about this.

Mona : Why can’t we?? What is wrong about sex??

Ayan : I just don’t want to…

Mona : Sex is important, Ayan. It is something very special. Your Dad and I… We used to have so much fun, together. There was a time he was even ready to skip an International Flight, just to have an extra few minutes with me. But… Now… Look at how things are… Look at me… I leave the door to my room unlocked every night… Hoping your Dad would come in… Give me a tight hug… I do not care if it is even after he has been inside another woman. I just wish… He at-least held my hands…

Ayan kilis escort bayan : Mom…

Mona : You have no idea how hurt I am, Ayan. You will never understand. I am heartbroken… I have been crying for so long… I am just not able to accept your Dad does not find me attractive anymore. I lived my whole life thinking I was the best any man could get.

Ayan : Mom… Please… Don’t be upset about this, now. I am so sorry if I said something that hurt you.. I did not know… I never realized you were so hurt… Please don’t think you are alone… You have me… I will always be there for you…

Mona : It is okay, Ayan. It’s been a long time I have had all this in my mind. It just came out, today. I am okay here. I will be fine.

Ayan : I want you to be more than just fine, Mom. I want you to know you still have a great life ahead. I want you to know everything will be fantastic. I want you to know that you have your son with you, forever. I will be there for you, Mom.

Mona : You will?? You really will be there for me??

Ayan : Yes, Mom… I just want you to be happy always.

Mona : You will be there for me all the time, Ayan??

Ayan : Yes..

Mona : Any time??

Ayan : Yes, my dear Mom.

Mona : Even in the middle of the night??

Ayan : Yes, Mom!! Anything to keep you happy.

Mona : Anything to keep me happy?? You will do whatever I want??

Ayan : Ofcourse, yes!!

Mona : You will do whatever I want, any time of the day??

Ayan : Yessssss…

Mona : What about the afternoon?? When you are in class??

Ayan : I can reply to your texts.

Mona : And, what about early in the morning?? What if you are sleeping??

Ayan : You just need to call me. That will wake me up.

Mona : And, what about now??

Ayan : Well… It’s almost 5:00 AM. And, I am already talking to you, Mom. And, if you want me to, I will still be talking to you, even at 6:00 AM.

Mona : Yes, you are talking to me. But, are you ready to do anything for me, this very second?? Like anything??

Ayan : Yes. Yes. Yes.

Mona : Whatever I ask you do??

Ayan :Yes, Mom. I will do whatever you ask me to do.

Mona : Okay Ayan… Now, that sounds like a good deal.

Ayan : Oh, yes Mom… Anything for you. I just want to see you smiling, all the time.

Mona : I have been smiling, since I started texting you, Ayan. And, now, I think I need something more, to continue smiling for some more time. Maybe I will smile more, if I get to see something that is very pleasing to look at.

Ayan : Mom… What is that, now?? There is nothing very pleasing that you can find at this hour of the day.

Mona : Well… There is… Something very very pleasing. And, only you can show me that.

Ayan : What is that, Mom?? I don’t think I have anything like that with me.

Mona : Send me one more picture of your penis, Ayan!! Right now!!

Ayan’s young cock is rock hard & throbbing, now, as he gets himself ready to take a picture and send it to his mom. He had not pulled his boxers back up, after taking the earlier picture, and had his prick exposed all this while. And when he looked down, he had pre-cum oozing out, and his manhood had never been so excited, before.

To be very honest, Ayan could just not believe he was having this conversation with his own mother. They had spent a whole week in Delhi, and back then he had never guessed they would be exchanging these texts. In-fact, neither of them could believe what was happening.

Mona, though has never been very close to her son, always was a very caring mother. She is sure she has no sensual feelings for her son, but she has no idea what she really wants from him. Or, what she wants when this conversation ends.

Still, more than once, Mona had been forced to wonder if there was hidden craving she had for her son. But, she also knew it was forbidden, and impossible. Mona could, however, not stop talking to her son. And it was not just her pain that she shared with him, but also her darkest secrets, wants and desires, as-well.

Though Ayan has no lust for his mother, his body is forcing his mind to start seeing her as any other woman. And he just cannot resist sending her one more picture of his penis, now fully erect.

His love and respect for his mother, had managed to keep buried the possible lust, any man would develop through the course of a conversation like this. But, Ayan too was slowly starting to lose grip over his mind, more than ever, as sinful seeds are being sown in his head.

He was turned on, and takes off his white tank top, also, before clicking a photo, for his mother. Though the photo focused on his hard cock & big balls, and also showed only his thighs and flat belly, he was completely naked.

Ayan thinks twice before sending the picture to his mother. But, that extra second he took was only to make sure his meat looked irresistible. Just like his mother, he too, is still not fully sure how to explain his actions, but is also extremely keen to know what happens next.

To Be Continued…

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