Sex with the Ex Ch. 01

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It was a Tuesday evening when he arrived in his black and blue mustang. I saw his face for the first time in what felt like forever. He got out of his car and I ran out the door. When I was a few feet away from him I sprang into the air and he caught me in his arms and held me. I hadn’t felt his arms around me in years. His arms were my favorite part of him. They were perfectly sculpted. He was so strong and tall with the most gorgeous blue-green eyes you’ve ever seen in your life… And don’t even get me started on his hair or his body. He was the type of person that looked like someone you’d only see on TV. We grabbed his bags and went inside to put them in his room. He walked into the living room with me in tow and greeted my family. The first words out of my brothers mouth were:

“Can I please drive your car?”

“Only if I can drive yours,” he answered with a laugh.

We stood around talking for a few minutes and it was admittedly a little awkward. We hadn’t spent more than a minute around each other in three years. I scanned him up and down. He hadn’t changed his fashion much at all, but that was a good thing. I always liked his taste in clothing. Simple, but still very socially acceptable. His style was very “cool”. He had on a black shirt with a red cross on the front, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. I’m not sure what he was thinking about when he looked over at me every 2 minutes, but I know what I was thinking. I would’ve fucked him right then and there in the kitchen if my family hadn’t been standing right there… We were both 18. We could make our own decisions about that kind of stuff, right? I at least would’ve kissed him. But I had to hide it. If my parents caught any glimpse of me checking him out, they’d never leave us by ourselves the whole visit. We all went out to dinner and I had to control myself through the whole hour and a half. I controlled myself when he talked to my brother about how fast his car was. I controlled myself when he told my dad his plans for college and his future. I controlled myself when he stared at me across the table with his amazing eyes as I laughed at some remark my mom made. I even controlled myself on the way home when he ran his fingernails up my thigh (my biggest weakness). I was doing pretty well in my mind. The question was… could I do this the whole time he was here in Tennessee?

That night we wrote what probably could’ve been a

hit on the music charts had we been famous. We were both musicians. We both played guitar, both sang, and our voices together were like a match made in heaven. We had so much chemistry… romantic chemistry, music chemistry, physical chemistry. We were sitting across from each other on the couch in my lounge in my apartment on the 3rd floor of my house. It was very private, but close enough that my mom or dad could come upstairs if they needed me and unless you were in the kitchen, living room, or the garage on the main floor, you most likely couldn’t hear me scream even if I was being murdered. That was probably one of the biggest advantages of that house. We left the house to go to the nearest Redbox and grab a movie, making small talk all the way there and all the way back. We popped in the movie… Truthfully I don’t even remember what the title was. Probably because we didn’t end up watching it. The only thing I can tell you is that it started off with a murder scene. There was a blonde girl and a brunette guy stabbing her to death. I’m surprised I even remember that part because he was running his fingers up and down my thigh again and I was fantasizing hard before the girl in the movie screamed her last. I was about to tell him I was probably going to have nightmares when he turned my head with his hand and kissed me. I pulled back. It was pretty much inevitable I guess. We both still had so many feelings and we had been talking to each other about our favorite dirty memories of one another all summer.

Jesse. His name was “Jesse”. Jesse Cashwell, that is. I used to joke with my friends that his initials stood for “Jesus Christ!” because that’s what I’d be screaming when he fucked me. We never actually had sex. We just had phone sex and I jerked him off through his pants once. I’m still not actually sure how I managed that, but I’ll never forget it. It was the first time I’d ever experienced anything like that. The faces he made, the things he whispered to me, when his dad walked in and we almost got caught which made it 10 times more exciting, when his body twitched right before he came, and then when his friend Brendan came over and he bragged to him about it. There was also a time where I thought I was being really sexy. He was my “werewolf” so I put a temporary paw print tattoo (complete with claws) right inside the line of my jeans and we played a game I called “find the tattoo”. Looking back I’m kind of embarrassed because it was probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done, but it allowed him to reach his hand down my pants just far enough to feel how soft I was and at the time that was enough for me. There were also times when I’d ask him to tell me dirty görükle escort bedtime stories about us fucking the hell out of each other. I told him I was falling asleep to them, but we both knew what I was really doing. And often times I’d tell him stories too. I loved hearing him moan on the other end. His voice was so hot. And when he’d hold the phone up to his dick so I could hear the sound it made, I would cum so hard just listening to that. I had a couple of other boyfriends after him, but they weren’t near as good; They weren’t as big in the dick department either. I mean not that I ever saw his, I just felt it; And it was big. I’m not the type of girl that size matters all that much to me. It’s just kind of a good thing to be able to say to your friends, “Yeah, my boyfriends’ cock is huge”.

I can only imagine how my face looked because I could feel how heated I was. I wanted it… I wanted it bad, but I was scared that he’d just have his way with me and never speak to me again after he left. I didn’t really know him that well anymore. A lot could’ve happened in three years. I didn’t want that at all…. I wanted him to either be my boyfriend or just be my friend with benefits or even just be my friend. I didn’t care. I just wanted him in my life. I wasn’t about to lose him again. I jumped up and took a few steps back.

“What… What the HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”

“Come on! You know you want this just as bad as I do!”

“Yeah! But is that all you want?!”

“No! I want you.”

I turned my head and tried not to hear a word he said. I tried to tune him out.

“Peyton, listen to me. I’m not going to hurt you again. I promise!”

He walked over to me, pushed my hair back behind my ear, took my head in his hands and looked me directly in the eye.

“I can’t have you forever. We both know that. So why can’t I just have you while I’m here, right now? In the time that we CAN be together can I just have you to myself? PLEASE!”

I don’t know what kind of look it was, a smile, a shrug, an “I’m about to cry”, or a “fine”, but whatever it was it gave him permission. He slammed my body hard against the wall with more force than I’d ever had put on me. I was shocked for a second, but when he shoved his tongue in my mouth, I couldn’t resist it. He kissed me so hard. I could feel myself getting wet. I’d been fantasizing about this moment for three fucking years and it was finally happening. He kissed his way down my neck and shoved his hand up my shirt, squeezing my left breast over my bra as I moaned softly. He then slid his hand under my bra and rolled my nipple between his fingers.

“Wait,” I stopped him and looked at the clock on the microwave. 11:30 PM. “My parents should be asleep, but I should probably go check.”

He nodded.

I walked down the hallway to the top of the stairs and listened into the living room below. I didn’t hear anything, but I had to make sure we were not going to be heard if… when things got loud. I creeped my way down the staircase and got down on all fours once I reached the bottom. The dogs woke up and looked at me and I gave them the look that told them they had better not make a sound because if they woke Mom and Dad up, they’d be dead. I crawled to the doorway of my parents bedroom and peeked. Dad was snoring and Mom was clearly asleep because her breathing was heavy, her mouth was open, and her eyes were closed. I crawled back to the staircase, pausing at the entrance to the bedroom to listen for my brother who clearly had friends over… They were playing video games by the sound of it which would keep them occupied for hours. I creeped back up the staircase, walked back down the hall and entered the lounge again.

As soon as I gave him the “ok”, Jesse began to rip my shirt and pants off, but left my lingerie on. I was really glad I had gone with the red and black duo. He took a step back and looked at me.

“You do realize you’ve gotten hotter, right?”

“That’s what puberty, a good diet, and exercise will do to a girl.”

“Damn, Peyton…. Damn.”

I just gave him a smirk. I walked over and took his shirt off before letting him kiss me again. He didn’t take his lips off mine until he had moved me over to the couch (that we had folded down to make into a bed while we were going to watch the movie). He kissed his way down to my breasts before sliding my bra below them, unfastening it, and throwing it on the floor. I moaned as soon as his lips hit my now erect pink nipples. I could tell he had a lot of skill with his mouth. He sucked them, nibbled them, flicked his tongue up and down on them, circled them with his tongue. He was good, almost too good. I brought him back up to my lips before having him stand up. I slid his pants off once I’d unzipped them and exposed the tip of his cock sticking out of the hole in his boxers. He got on his knees and slid my panties down my legs with his teeth before I kicked them off and pulled his boxers down exposing his enormous dick. I couldn’t help but want it in my mouth. I stared at it for a minute.

“What?” eskort bayan he asked.

“It’s just… I’ve never seen it… I mean I knew it was big, but I didn’t know it was this big. And thick! Oh my God. How… how are we gonna get that in me?”

“You want it in you?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“We’ll find a way then,” he said with a sly smile.

I laughed. My heart started beating so fast.

I kissed him and guided his dick between my pussy lips and rubbed it back and forth. He moaned and I got even wetter. His moans were heavenly and I moaned too each time the head of his dick hit my clit, but I was just teasing him for now. Besides, it felt good. He looked me in the eye, pressing his nose against mine as I continued rubbing his dick on my pussy.

“I love feeling how wet you get for me.”

A shy laugh escaped my mouth and I stuck my tongue back into his mouth to twirl with his before dropping to my knees. They were so weak and I wanted him in my mouth so bad… I could tell he was dying for it too.

I looked him straight in the eye as my tongue touched the head of his dick for the first time. I swirled it around in circles teasing him a little bit more before sliding my lips over the head. I spit on the shaft of his dick and gripped it with my hand, moving up and down spreading it around to make it a little easier for me to do my job. I took his balls in my mouth rolling them around as my hand continued to stroke his cock.

“Oh God, Peyton….”

And once again I could feel my juices flowing out of me as I heard my name escape his lips. I licked his shaft up and down slowly relishing every minute of it before wrapping my lips around his cock and sucking it hungrily. I played with his balls with one hand and steadied his dick at the base with my other.

“I love the taste of your cock, baby.”

“Fuck… I love the feeling of my cock in your mouth.”

He began thrusting in and out of my mouth, fucking it. I bobbed my head back and forth to meet his thrusts and moaned, sending vibrations throughout his entire body.

He was so hard for me now… I wanted him to fuck me so bad, but he had other ideas.

He picked me up by my arms, sat me on the couch, and spread my legs . He kissed right above my slit before running his tongue all the way down it and shoving it as deep as he could into my pussy, tongue fucking me and rubbing my clit with his fingers. I was moaning louder now. He moved his way up to my clit, and began alternating between flicking his tongue back and forth over it furiously and sucking it, moving it up and down between his lips.

“Mmm… Jesse….”

He began going faster. Being able to moan his name without getting a “What?” as a reply was a nice change from the only other guy I’d experienced this with.. but that experience was nothing like this. I felt my muscles tightening and I knew I was about to cum.

“Fuck, Jesse… Please don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

He didn’t. He just moved faster and faster sending me over the edge.

“Oh.. Oh… Yes. Yes! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! Right there! FUUUUCK!!!!!”

It ran through me and hit me like an ocean wave, knocking me down and dragging me into the sea. It was official… I was addicted. He looked at me kind of worried.


“That was a little… audible.”

“You think my parents heard?”

“Yeah… Or someone…”

“I don’t think anyone heard. I’ve had my speakers blaring music and the bass shaking the floor this late at night before and they haven’t moved an inch.”

“I don’t know. Should we make sure?”

“I have an idea. Put your clothes on.”


“Trust me.”

He looked at me and smiled as we grabbed our clothes off of the floor and started putting them on. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I already like it.”

“Can we use your car?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

“Can I drive it?”

He looked at me with a visage that said “Nooo way… I don’t think so,” but didn’t say it so I grabbed his keys, thanked him, and smiled as I walked out the door. Once we got downstairs, not a thing had changed. My parents were still sound asleep and my brother and his friends were still playing video games in the basement. I went down to tell him that if Mom came down and asked where we were to tell her we had gone to the square downtown. The square is just a little place downtown with a bunch of shops and a big ass water fountain with a statue of some foreign dude in the middle of it. It’s always lit up at night so it was a good lie. We could easily just go hang out there, but that’s not where we were going. We went back upstairs, out the door and I sat myself in the drivers seat of his mustang.

“Where are we going?” he asked me.

“You’ll see.”

I turned my head and winked at him. He looked at me like he was a little scared, but definitely excited.

I took the opportunity to drive his car like a crazy woman and even though I was a little nervous, I loved it. It was only a 2 minute drive after all. How much damage could I altıparmak escort do? I turned left into the parking lot, crossing the oncoming traffic lane without even looking or slowing down and made it about 2 seconds short of the approaching car. I slowed down once we were in the parking lot because I could barely see and because of what we were about to do. I didn’t want to draw any attention to us. It was late on a Tuesday night. No one should’ve been out there, but I drove around the premises just to be sure. The coast was clear. I parked the car in the back parking lot and we looked out the front windshield for a minute. The picnic tables and the large body of water were right in front of our eyes. We were at the lake. I’d been here a million times and it had always been a fantasy of mine to have sex with someone out here in a car or on the picnic tables, but with a mustang, who needs picnic tables? I took off my seatbelt, unfastened him, and straddled him in the passenger seat of his car bucking my hips back and forth on his dick through his khaki shorts as we made out. We took each others’ clothes off and he locked the doors before flipping me on my back on the opposite side of the car so that he could get into missionary.

I was about to lose my virginity to my ex boyfriend at the lake in the drivers seat of his mustang 800 miles away from where our story occurred. I was still wet and he was still hard… probably from anxiety and anticipation of what was ahead. He slid the head of his dick up and down my pussy… probably just to make sure I was ready.

“This is gonna hurt really bad, isn’t it?” I asked nervously.

“Not sure. Let me check.”

He slammed his middle finger into me. “Good?”

“Yeah. Try one more.”

He slid his pointer finger in.

“Is that okay?”

“Yeah… I think so. Try one more.”

He attempted to slide his ring finger in as well, but I stopped him before he could get any more than the very tip in.

“Nope. No. Don’t do that.”

“Yeah this is gonna hurt…”

“Yeah… It is.”

I started to get really nervous. I’d heard horror stories about girls getting their cherries popped. From what I’d heard it was God-awful.

“Let’s just try it,” I said bracing myself.

“Okay. Just stay calm, Peyton. I’m gonna take care of you and make it as pain-free as I possible can. I promise.”

He leaned in and kissed my forehead before guiding the head of his dick inside me. It hurt a little, but it wasn’t too bad.

“Can I continue?”

I nodded. He put a little more in.

“Ow. Ow. Ow! That hurts.”

He stopped for a minute probably waiting for me to tell him what to do.

“Can you do this, baby?”

I breathed. “Yes. Just… shove it all inside me…. hard.”

“Are you sure? That’s gonna hurt like hell.”

“Yes. Just… slam into me.”

“Okay, baby. But breathe. If you tense up it’s gonna hurt worse.”


I breathed in and out and as soon as I lost my air I felt it.


“Are you okay?”


He looked concerned but he laughed at me.

“That’s what happens when you choose to lose it to someone as big as me, babe.”

“Well I fucking guess so!”

“Do you want me to make it feel better?”

He sent shivers down my spine… I was in so much pain but I knew it was going to feel so good once I got warmed up. I looked him directly in the eyes…

“Fuck me, Jesse.”

That was enough for him. He started thrusting. It was seriously, seriously painful and I had to keep breathing but eventually I got used to it and it started feeling really good and I began to moan.

“You like it now, huh?”

“Fuck yes, Jesse. I love your cock inside me.”

“You’re so fucking tight…. Damn.”

“Harder, baby.”

He started thrusting a little faster, but I decided it was time for me to take charge. I pushed him off of me and made him lie on his back in the passenger seat. I straddled him again, my juices spilling out of me all over his dick. It hurt putting him inside me again, but felt mesmerizing once I started riding his cock.

“Ahhh fuck, Peyton! Just like that.”

I obeyed and he smacked and squeezed my ass as I tried to catch my breath. He sat up and started sucking my nipples as I bounced up and down on his dick. It felt so fucking incredible.

I couldn’t get enough, but there was one more position I was curious about. I got off and hopped into the back seat and leaned the seats back up, motioning for him to come back there. I got on all fours as he got on his knees behind me and slammed his dick into my tight, dripping pussy without hesitation and groaned as he first thrust into me.

“Yes! Fuck the HELL out of me! Oh my God, Jesse….”

He felt so good sliding in, I moaned loudly. He grabbed my hair and began slamming his dick deep inside me. I was moaning so loudly, but it felt so good that I wouldn’t have even cared if anyone had been around. Hell, if the police had come, I probably would’ve just told him he could watch. It felt so good and I didn’t want it to end. I clenched and unclenched my pussy muscles which made him cry out in pleasure. I felt him getting harder the longer we fucked. I felt a surge of pleasure sweep over me. I was about to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32