Sex with Aunt Lily , Cousin Faith Ch. 05

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Continued from Chapter 4:

“I want you to arrange for me to have sex with Faith,” he said looking at her while watching for her reaction.

Instead of showing a look of horror, as if she wasn’t surprised, a big smile came over her face.

“Faith?” She looked at him with relief mixed with disbelief. Not bad enough that he asked his aunt if he could have sex with her daughter but he asked his aunt the question while he was in the middle of eating her pussy. “You want to have sex with my daughter? Now that you had sex with your aunt, you want to have sex with your cousin too? Is that it? Now that you sexually experienced mother, you want to sexually experience daughter too?”

Oh, oh, dependent on what he’d say next would either make or break him.

“I’ve always been sexually attracted to the both of you, you more than Faith. Yet, in the way that I’m having sex with you now, I’d love to have sex with my cousin too,” he said.

She moved a pillow behind her head to get more comfortable so that she could keep her head up to better see him poised between her legs.

“Tell me something and be honest,” she said staring down at him with inquisitiveness. “This was something I wondered about when you confessed that you had gone through my underwear drawer. When you were touching, feeling, fondling, sniffing, and masturbating over my bra and panties while imagining me wearing them, did you touch, feel, fondle, sniff, and masturbate over Faith’s bra and panties while imagining her wearing them too?”

Suddenly feeling like the pervert that he always thought he was for having a bra and panties fetish, he looked up at her with embarrassment.

“Yes,” he said.

She nodded her head as if she already had known his answer would be yes.

“Faith has always had a crush on you. I can’t tell you how many times I had to talk to Faith for her not to show you her topless or naked body. I can’t tell you how many times I had to talk to Faith to explain how sex between cousins was forbidden and incestuous sex was wrong.” She laughed a loud laugh. “Here I am lecturing my daughter about inappropriate sex while my nephew is poised between my legs and licking while fingering my pussy,” she said laughing again.

He waited for her to stop talking before responding.

“So? Will you arrange for me to have sex with Faith?”

She made a sour face.

“Arrange?” She laughed a sexy laugh. “I don’t have to arrange anything for Faith to have sex with you. I just have to leave you two alone in a room,” she said with another laugh. “Now, after you eat me, make me cum, and I suck your prick and you cum in my mouth, we’ll talk,” she said pushing his head down to her cunt with a heavy hand. “Eat me, Bart. Lick my pussy. Suck my cunt.”

It didn’t take Bart much longer to get his aunt to cum. Startled when she squirted in his mouth, he continued licking her. If he thought she was wet before, as if she had just peed herself, she was soaking wet now.

He moved up beside her to enjoy the afterglow of sex with his aunt. Then, staying true to her word, she slid her body down to his still engorged prick. She kissed his prick and licked his prick while stroking his prick.

“I want you to know that this is something that I rarely do for my husband. With him more interested in looking at other women than he is in spending time with me, I seldom give him a blowjob,” she said.

‘Maybe if she sucked his cock on a more regular basis, he’d pay her more sexual attention,’ he thought. ‘Only, he was glad that his aunt was willing and ready to blow him.’

“Suck my cock, Auntie. Take me in your mouth,” he said. “Blow me.”

She gave him a bitter look.

“I will if you call me Lily instead of Auntie,” she said with a little embarrassed laugh.

He ran his fingers through her long, lush, brown hair.

“Sorry. Suck my cock, Lily. Take me in your mouth,” he said. “I can’t wait to cum in your mouth. I can’t wait to watch you swallow my cum.”

Sucking her nephew while stroking him, it didn’t take Bart very long to cum in his aunt’s mouth. As soon as he did, she swallowed. Stroking him more, she continued sucking him until she sucked him dry. Then, she moved up to meet his lips. Kissing and kissing one another, he could taste himself on her lips. Then, she did something he never expected her to do, she regurgitated a bit of his cum in his mouth.

“If I have to swallow you, you must swallow yourself too,” she said with a laugh. “It’s only fair.”

He made a face while swallowing his own cum.

“I never tasted myself,” he said. “I don’t think I could be gay,” he said with a laugh. “I’d much rather lick pussies than suck cock.”

They held one another until his aunt spoke again.

“Come over the house this Saturday. I’ll tell Faith that I need to run some errands and will be gone for a while. Knowing her, she’ll be sunning herself topless by the pool. That will be a good opportunity for the two of you to get together sexually,” she said.

Chapter kahramanmaraş escort bayan 5:

“Now get on top of me and fuck me,” said Aunt Lily. “Stick your big, hard, hairy cock in my warm, wet, sexually frustrated cunt. It’s been a long time since I’ve been fucked.”

Having never heard her speak in this way before, he looked at her shocked that his aunt was talking so sexually dirty.

“If you don’t mind Auntie, I’d rather make love to you,” said Bart. “I’d rather kiss you, French kiss, you while slowly humping you,” he said with romantic love in his heart instead of incestuous lust in his eyes.

She looked at him as if he was nuts.

“Make love to me? You want to make love to me?” She laughed and then looked at him as if he wasn’t understanding what it was she wanted.

He looked at her as if he was in love with her.

“Yes,” he said. “I’d like to make slow, passionate love to you.”

She laughed again.

“I don’t need or want you to make love to me. I have a husband to give me that. I need and want you to fuck me. I’ve had all the polite love making that I’ll ever need in my life. With you in shape and with your big cock so very stiff, I want you to pound my pussy hard, really hard. I want you to take control of my naked body. As if I’m your whore instead of our aunt, I want you to make me your bitch. I want you to hurt me. I want you to split me in two with your rigid cock. I want you to make me cum. Then, after you give me an orgasm with your cock, I want you to make me beg you to stop fucking me,” she said.

Shocked and surprised by the type of rough sex that his aunt wanted, overwhelmed by her sexual passion and whore like behavior, he wondered what he had gotten himself into. Bart mounted his aunt and as soon as he did, as if his dick was her personal dildo, she reached down and grabbed his cock and shoved it in her pussy. She humped him while he humped her and within two humps, he slid deep inside of her.

As if she was a pipe that had sprung a leak, because of all of her squirting, she was so very wet, so very wet. As if she had peed the bed, she was drenched and the sheet beneath her was soaked. As if her cunt was a slippery waterslide, his prick slid all the way inside of her. His cock was inside his Aunt Lily. He couldn’t believe his cock was inside of his aunt.

Then, as if her cunt had an automatic steel trapdoor that slammed shut once he was inside of her, trapping him inside of her, she closed the muscles she had in her vagina around his swollen prick. With his cock held captive in his aunt’s cunt, as if she was a tight virgin and instead of a mature woman who had birthed a child, with her pussy so tight, the friction was unbelievable. If his uncle and/or his cousin was to walk in on them now, with him struggling to free himself from her pussy, they’d catch him with his swollen prick in his aunt’s pussy.

“Oh, my God, Auntie,” he said humping his aunt harder and faster. He was fucking his aunt. He couldn’t believe he was fucking his aunt. “This is so unbelievable. Fucking you, Auntie, feels so good.”

She pinched his ass hard.

“Don’t call me Auntie. Call me Lil or Lily or bitch. I don’t care what you call me as long as you don’t call me Auntie or Aunt Lily,” she said. “You knock me out of the mood when you call me Auntie or Aunt Lily.”

He reached his hand back to rub his ass before continuing to fuck his mother’s sister and Faith’s mother.

“Okay. Sorry,” he said. “You feel so tight. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

She humped him harder for him to hump her harder. Returning her humps with his, humps they continued humping one another. Aunt and nephew were a fucking machine. Slamming his cock deep inside of her, he pounded her pussy just as she instructed him to do so.

“Oh, my God, Bart. This is too soon. This is way too soon. I don’t believe this. I don’t fucking believe this. I’m going to cum,” she said. “I’m going to cum, Bart. You’re making me cum already.”

She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and wrapped her legs around his back.

“Cum Lily cum. I’m going to cum too but…” he said.

He had look of panic on his face.

“But what?”

He stopped humping her so as not to cum inside of her.

“I’m not wearing a condom,” he said.

As soon as he said that, she humped him harder and she humped him faster.

“That’s okay. I want you to cum inside of me. I want you to fill me with your cum. What your uncle is unable to give me, I want you to give me,” she said.

He struggled to free himself so that he wouldn’t cum inside of her but between her muscles and the suction they had, he was unable to release his prick from her cunt without her help. Then, shocking him beyond belief, she pressed her lips up to his ear and whispered.

“I want another baby. I want your baby. I want you to make me pregnant. Give me a baby Bart. I want to have our baby,” she said kapalı gaziantep escort bayan humping him harder and humping him faster. “I want you to give me a baby.”

His sexual dream had suddenly turned into his worst nightmare.

“No. Wait. Stop,” he said pushing away from her while trying to release the hold of suction that his aunt’s cunt had on his cock.

Desperately, he tried pulling out of his aunt before cumming inside of her. Instead of helping him to free his prick from her pussy, instead she pushed down hard on his ass while holding him in place. Then, she did something totally unexpected, totally diabolical, and totally unforgiveable. She stuck her finger deep in his ass. As if there was a cum button somewhere deep in his asshole, she depressed it. Unable to stop himself from cumming, he shot a huge load of cum, more cum than he ejaculated in her mouth, in his aunt’s cunt.

“Oh, Bret,” she said. “You did it. You shot your load inside of me.”

He pushed her back and finally extricated himself from her pussy.

“What have you done? You can’t have my baby. I’m your nephew. We’re blood related. If you become pregnant, you’ll ruin my life,” he said.

“Don’t worry. If I’m pregnant, I’ll have sex with your uncle. I’ll blame my pregnancy on him. No one will ever know the real truth but you and me,” she said.

He looked at her as if she was insane.

“This is crazy,” he said.

She gave him a sexy smile.

“I had you come over today because I’m ovulating. I need you to cum inside of me. I wanted you to fuck me. I wanted you to make me pregnant,” she said with insane arrogance.

He looked at her as if she was crazy and obviously in that moment she was. Her hormones and her desire to want another baby held her reason and commonsense hostage.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What have you done? I just hope to Christ that you don’t get pregnant,” he said getting dressed.

While remaining in a position to keep the most cum inside of her, Aunt Lily gave her Bart the loving smile that she would give the father of her child. Only, he wasn’t her husband, he was her nephew.

“As your reward for impregnating me and hopefully you have, I’ll arrange for you to have sex with my daughter. I know you’ve always wanted to have sex with Faith but unlike me, please wear a condom. Don’t you dare get her pregnant,” she said sitting up to poke him in his forehead with her manicured finger. “You’ll ruin her life if you do. I’d rather she married a doctor or a lawyer instead of her cousin,” she said with a laugh.

# # # Lady of Erotica # # #

That Saturday, still reeling from having sex with his aunt, he hoped to God that she wasn’t pregnant. He couldn’t believe he ate her pussy and she blew him and allowed him to cum in her mouth. He couldn’t believe he fucked his aunt and she tricked him by forcing him to shoot his load of cum in her pussy. He couldn’t believe she wanted him to give her a baby.

He knew the big kidder that she was. Maybe she was just kidding him about her becoming pregnant. Maybe with her 41-years-old, she couldn’t get pregnant any more. Maybe she had her tubes tied or was on the pill. It would be just like her to make him think that he could make her pregnant.

‘Ha! Ha,” he thought. ‘The joke is on me.’

He needed to get his mind off of his aunt and put it on his cousin where it belonged. What’s done is done. With her wanting a baby, tricking him into giving her one, and willing to blame her pregnancy on his uncle, her having a baby or not was out of his control. He just hoped to God that she wasn’t pregnant with his baby. That would be such a lifelong mess. With all of the lies his aunt was willing to tell everyone, he could never look the child in his or her face.

It would be weirdly confusing as well as deeply disturbing for his aunt to have his baby. Imagining a baby born with all sorts of birth defects, he’d feel so responsible for a child born with four arms and/or four legs. It was one thing to want to have incestuous sex with his aunt but it was quite another thing for her to want him to get her pregnant. His aunt having her nephew’s baby was just crazy.

# # # Lady of Erotica # # #

Knowing his cousin would be tanning topless in the backyard, Bart quietly walked down the driveway. Looking over the backyard fence, she was laying out by the pool. He silently opened the back gate. As if he was a potential rapist, he stood a few yards from her chaise lounge while staring at all that he could see of his cousin in her bikini.

She had such an incredible body. Her top was off and she was laying out in the hot sun on her stomach. Wishing he could see her areolas and nipples, he could see the sides of her squished, abundantly large tits. She had a Hell of a body, a wicked hot body, and a body much better than her mother’s body. She had a round, firm ass, a firm, slim stomach, and big tits. If he was to create his perfect woman, kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan she’d look like his Cousin Faith. More than a woman with just a hot body, she had the face of a model. His cousin was very pretty.

“Hi Bart,” said Faith.

She surprised him that she knew he was there watching her and staring at her without her even turning around to look. How did she know he was there? He was so quiet.

“Hi Faith,” he said speechless seeing his cousin wearing so little clothes.

She was only wearing her bikini bottoms, her brief, teeny, tiny bikini bottoms. Nearly as lacking in material as a thong, the only part of her ass covered was her ass crack. She had an incredible ass. Just as he would have loved to fuck his aunt doggie style but didn’t, he’d love to fuck Faith doggie style too while feeling her ass, squeezing her ass, and spanking her ass.

“My mother told me that you’d be coming over,” she said. “She asked me not to flash you my tits,” she said with a dirty laugh. Then, she turned her head to look up at him. “Lucky for you. I never listen to my mother,” she said sitting up and turning to face him.

# # # Lady of Erotica # # #

‘Fuck me,’ he thought. ‘I don’t believe this. I’m finally seeing my Cousin Faith’s tits. Wow! What a rack? Her tits are so big and so shapely that she could be a Playboy Playmate or a porn star.’

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As if he was dreaming or sexually fantasizing while masturbating himself, he was seeing his Cousin Faith’s big tits, her areolas, and her nipples. With her always overflowing her size C bra cups, she either had a big C or a small D. Yet, even better than the size of her breasts, she had shapely breasts. She had the kind of breasts that he masturbated over in men’s magazines. Her breasts were perfect. They were symmetrically round. Her areolas were pink and her big nipples were erect. She had breasts that plastic surgeons would love to use as a model to mold to give women breast implants. Only, her breasts were all natural and not surgically enhanced.

“I’ve always wondered what you looked like topless,” he said not knowing what else to say.

He wanted to whistle and say nice tits but he needed to be more mature than that. No longer a kid, he was a nineteen-year-old man now and his cousin was a nineteen-year-old woman. He needed to act like the mature adult that he thought he was even though he was still a horny teenager overloaded with testosterone that erupted his incestuous, sexual feelings for his aunt and cousin.

She looked up at him before looking down at her breasts. She dabbed at some imagined perspiration with her hand towel. Teasing him now, she knew that he was staring at her tits while watching her wiping them. Making him drool, she took her time wiping the pretend perspiration from her breasts.

“Well, now that you know what my tits look like,” she said with another dirty laugh. She looked down at herself again as if looking to see what he could see of her before looking back up at him. “What do you think of my tits? Do you like them?”

As if she was a belly dancer or a stripper on a pole, she put her arms over her head to shake her breasts. Her breasts were so firm and so dense that they hardly moved. Any woman would give anything to have breasts like his cousin’s breasts. He used the invitation for his opinion of her tits to stare longer at her breasts.

Taking them all in, mesmerized by them, he memorized ever mole and every birthmark she had on her soft, sexy skin. He couldn’t believe he was seeing what he should never see of his cousin. He suddenly felt his mouth involuntarily move in the shape of a goldfish wanting food or a baby nursing. He so wanted to feel and fondle cousin’s big tits while fingering and sucking Faith’s nipples.

“Do I like them? Are you kidding me? I love your tits. Your breasts are spectacular. By far, you have the best tits I’ve ever seen. Better than any celebrity, movie star, Playboy Bunny, or porn star, you have beautiful breasts,” he said. “Moreover, the fact that they’re all natural and not some plastic surgeon’s creation, makes them even more spectacular.”

She looked down at herself again. She looked from one breast to her other breast before looking back up at him.

# # # Lady of Erotica # # #

“Thank you, Bart,” she said flashing him a smile. “I bet you want to touch them,” she said looking down at her breasts again before looking up at him. Here we go. In the way she always does whenever she has something he wants, obviously, she was teasing him. “Don’t you?”

She looked up at him with her big, blue, beautiful eyes. He briefly made eye contact with her before staring down at her tits again. He stared at her giant boobs as if he was a dying man in need of milk. Teasing him, she reached her hands beneath her breasts and cupped them. Then, she lifted them as if offering her big tits to him.

‘God, she has such big tits. God, she was such a tease,’ he thought. ‘Touch them? I want to frigging devour my cousin’s tits.’

“Yes,” he said the one word he could only say.

“I bet you’d like to feel them, fondle them, and suck them too,” she said while feeling and fondling her breasts. “Wouldn’t you?”

She continued feeling her breasts. She continued fondling her breasts. Then, she lifted her big breasts to her mouth to suck her nipples, first one and then the other.

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