Sex School Fun Ch. 02

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*NOTE: this story is the second in the series “sex school fun” I recommend you read the first one before reading this one, B xxx

This is strictly fiction. Do not take any of this as real life…because that would be strange. All sexual participants involved are over 18. All under-aged people are not included in any sexual activity. In this particular narrative there is no STIs or unwanted pregnancies unless it adds to the story, I, however, encourage safe-sex! Wear a condom or die (happily)! 😀

Proofread and Edited by Badboi1988


Sir (or Mr. Williams, but he mainly asked us to call him Joe) once again stood in front of the class naked and erect, ready to give us instructions as we settled into our seats.

I snuck a glance at Jeremy, who was waiting patiently at his desk with his notebook and pen in hand. I had a brief moment to wonder, what we would do today and if I would get to have him before Anna trudged up the aisle past my desk and slammed into my shoulder alarmingly hard. She turned with a stunned expression on her porcelain-toned face, “oops! My bad,” she said in a fake, lying voice.

She turned around with a sneer and swished her tiny little butt all the way to the back row. At 21 she was still underdeveloped, with small breasts and no curves at all, and instead of getting angry I made myself pity her. There was obviously a reason she was here.

Mr. Williams ––Joe, I corrected myself–– was writing on the board. Something about how to make sure you were properly lubed before entering a woman’s (or man’s) asshole. I looked over to see Jeremy writing as fast as he could as Joe continued to write;

{Anal penetration refers to a person being sexually penetrated by fingers, toes, sex toys or penises into the anus. There are various names for the anus, including asshole, butthole and backdoor. It is important to properly lube your penis/ toys/fingers being used to penetrate the anus because it can be hard, painful and sometimes impossible to penetrate without lube. Multiple penetration refers to a person being sexually penetrated by multiple things at one time. There are many variations of multiple penetration generally including two to five people.

{Double penetration variations: Simultaneous penetration of the anus by two penises or other objects. This is commonly called double anal or double stuffing. Simultaneous penetration of the vagina by two penises or other objects, this is commonly called double vaginal or double stuffing. Simultaneous penetration of the vagina and anus, if this is done using penises/strap-on dildos, this is sometimes called the sandwich or Big Mac. The shocker (two fingers in the vagina and one in the anus) accomplishes this using several fingers of one hand. Simultaneous penetration of the mouth and either the vagina or anus, if the penetrating objects are penises, this is sometimes called the spit roast.

{Triple penetration variations: Two penises penetrating the vagina and one in the anus or vice versa. While possible, gaziantep rus escort this position is very difficult. One penis in the anus, one in the vagina, and one in the mouth simultaneously, sometimes called making her airtight or an airtight seal.

{These variations of multiple penetration are aimed at straight men although it can put two men in intimate contact with each other directly or indirectly.}

Joe went on to draw a detailed close-up of a woman’s ass with a defined circle around the asshole. “Just in case you don’t know where it is,” Joe laughed and we all laughed too even though we knew the only reason he did it was because it turned him on, “okay guys, feel free to experiment. Today’s practical is based on what you saw yesterday ––with Clare and I. Double penetration and ass-fucking, enjoy!” he said as everyone packed up their notebooks.

I was just looking away as Joe held out his penis, and Stephanie stepped forward to engulf it in her mouth.

I had a second to see Jeremy turning to me with a smile before about five boys came at me from all directions. I was speechless as they stripped off my clothes, wondering silently if this was how Anna felt. This had never happened before. Usually I was paired with the last guy available as most of the other guys either went for Anna –– with her tight pussy–– or Janessa –– with her enormous tits and big, perky ass.

When I was naked on the floor I blinked up at them. They each had their cocks out and were stroking it with large hands. I sighed as one leant down in front of me, putting rough hands on the soft skin of my thighs and parting them to reveal my already wet pussy. I grimaced when he went to shove his fingers inside me and instead put my hands over my soaked opening, “aren’t you going to wash those?” I asked, staring pointedly at the dirt on his hands.

He looked embarrassed for a second before shrugging and wiping them on his pants. He looked about 30 and was probably trying for a job in the porn industry because he didn’t seem so bright. He pushed my hands aside and rubbed at my clit, forcing a loud moan from me.

Other boys dropped to their knees at the sound and rubbed at my soft, tanned flesh while the one with the dirty hands (Greg?) slowly felt around my pussy. He slowly slid his middle finger into my wet cunt and I moaned again, tilting my head back to see someone pointing their cock towards my mouth. I greedily reached a hand up to pull the average sized cock down into my mouth while I got slowly pounded by Greg’s finger.

Harry slid his cock all the way into my mouth, making me relax my throat muscles so he could fit it all inside. I swirled my tongue and sucked, making him grunt and fidget before he pulled back and pushed in again. He picked up the pace of his face-fucking and I shivered when I felt another finger pressed inside my tight cunt. I started fiddling with Harry’s balls and soon felt them shrivel as his load got pumped into my mouth. It was sticky and salty and I immediately released his cock from my mouth and the rest of his cum squirted down onto my tits. Harry smiled as he held his limp cock and pushed it back at my mouth, “go on, suck it dry,” he urged me. Sighing, I took his now-small cock into my mouth and licked off the remaining traces of cum.

It still tasted bad but I wanted to be kept in these guys’ good-books and as soon as Harry took away his clean, limp cock another was thrust at my open mouth and I sucked it all the way down.

Greg was now pumping two fingers into my still-tight pussy while he clenched the nub of my clit between his teeth and teased it with his tongue, causing me to moan writhe on the ground as the boys around me watched. But then I felt Greg pull away as I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth. I had been on the edge, ready to let go of my orgasm and he had moved away, causing disappointment to surge through me as I continued to suck.

But then I felt something soft but hard press against my pussy and I sucked in a breath, causing the guy I was sucking to moan, as Harry’s pretty big cock pushed inside me. I moaned loudly and saw the guys around me smile.

Slowly Greg began to fuck my tight cunt and it dribbled with my juices. The guy I was sucking was about to cum so I took his cock out of my mouth and pumped it with my hand, aiming for the mountains of my breasts. It exploded with little strings of cum and I used my other hand to lather my breasts with the combined cum of Harry and the guy who’s cock I was still holding in my palm.

The guy pulled away and I saw Brade pushed his cock into my hand, letting me rub it slowly with my head resting on his leg, watching my pussy getting pummeled. Someone produced a tissue and wiped the cum off my breasts, immediately bending down and taking the peak of my nipple between his teeth.

I moaned, arching my back and pulling my long, thick, wavy and black hair off my face, excited especially when someone stroked their hand up my leg. Looking up, I saw Joe grinning, his cock was semi-erect. “Someone gonna take that backdoor? I can tell she wants it.” I grinned up at him, loving that he took away the burden of awkwardness asking one of the guys to fuck my ass.

Everyone smiles as Greg moves away and cums into a tissue, leaving my two lower orifices available. While keeping my hold on Brade’s cock, I’m hauled up and onto Ife’s (a big black man with a monster cock) lap and straight onto his dick, soon with what I assume to be Zeke’s cock finding its way into my ––seemingly tighter that yesterday–– asshole. I’m moaning with my head tipped back and resting on Zeke’s shoulder while Ife pumps my pussy and tickles my neck with his tongue and Zeke takes my asshole harder that what I expected but just the way it feels best.

After a rough battering with me stroking Brade’s cock, all of them are cumming in and on me and I smile when they move away, quickly replaced by another four, a tall, thin, tan surfer boy named Mal pumping my pussy and standing with my legs wrapped around him, another I can’t see behind me and hammering my asshole with a slightly undersized tool and me with two cocks getting stroked by my hands.

I’m locking lips with Mal but the thing is, I’d much rather be kissing Jeremy. I’m quickly distracted when the cock in my ass cums prematurely and I feel his body being replaced, “hi Clare,” Sir––Joe said, “nice to…feel you again. I was wondering how you were handling all these guys,” he said, encouraging the others around me to laugh even though some were getting seriously close to cumming, “seems like you’re right where you belong… let me give you back…” I groaned as Joe slipped his cock back out and was promptly replaced, “but hurry up guys,” Joe continued, “Bell’s going in 5 minutes…”

And were the next five minutes heaven on earth or what! After Mal and the recently implanted cock in my ass came as well as the two I was stroking they let me down to my knees and I brought all the others to orgasm just as the bell went.

I was covered in cum and had to walk, naked and laughing as everyone stared, to the toilets where there were showers in the case that things like this happened.

After showering and putting my clothes back on I strut in my high-heels to where I sit at lunch with a group of friends. All of them look up at me and start cracking up, me joining in as I sit down.

“Shut up,” I say when we all quiet down, “you know you would have done the same thing! Ooo,” I croon at the memory; “getting gang-banged is sooooo amazing!” which just causes everyone to laugh again but I’m finally just enjoying the attention I rarely get.

“Hahahaha, I’m sure it was Clare, but still, strutting down the hall cum-covered and naked?” one of my friends added and everyone including me started laughing again.

We all quietened down eventually and ate while we could. I glanced up when someone tapped my shoulder and almost chocked on my vita-wheats when I saw that it was Jeremy! He smiled slightly and I smiled too, setting aside my lunch and following him when he asked if we could talk privately.

We stop a little far away from my friends and I fidget nervously… this is my crush and he’s NEVER talked to me before. “Umm…I was wonder Clare…” OMG he knows my name, “…if you wanted to go out sometime? There’s the movies… and yeah…” he looked nervous too.

I’m stunned, but I pull up my confident, joking act, smiling and laughing, “What brought this on Jeremy… you’ve never talked to me before,” I giggle and act calm, relaxing.

He laughs a little too, “well, this is embarrassing… I always liked you… god that sounded stupid. I just, I wanted to––um, I wanted to see you outside of school, not that I don’t like seeing you at school–– I mean, not in that way, I, uh, I like just –– seeing–––– you, you know, with clothes–– uh, I’m just gonna shut up now…” he laughs slightly, and looking at the ground.

I’m bursting with laughter, hugging him in a brief lapse in sanity, pulling away still laughing, “don’t worry… we’ll go to a movie, I’ll talk to you soon.” I cut it short, still laughing, walking back to my friends and turning for a second to smile back at him.

To be continued…

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