Sex on the Beach Ch. 03

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Wow, what a day I was having. All I wanted to do on my first day of my vacation was to relax on the beach and get a little suntan. When I decided that I needed to update my bathing suit, my plans and my situation changed dramatically. When Josh at the surf shop got me to wear a tiny string bikini and then proceeded to shave off all of the hair on my body, I lost control of me. The afternoon consisted of Josh introducing me to his friends and then my initiation into their beach club.

Before I met Josh, I had never even had any man, other than the guys in the shower room at the gym see me naked. Now after going through their two phases of initiation into their club, I was fucked in the ass and had to deep throat all of the members in the club. Now Josh had ordered me to dress and get in his car so that he could clean me up for his friend Jake.

When we arrived at Josh’s place, he undressed me and guided me into his bathroom to shower off all of the tanning oil, sweat and cum on my body. He scrubbed me from head to toe as he said to make sure that I was clean for Jake.

“I don’t want to take any chances of you getting any infections from Jake’s work. Jake is an artist and your body is like a blank canvas ready to be made a masterpiece.”

Josh then handed me a new white t-shirt and white cotton shorts with a pull string around the waste.

“Put these on, Andy and then slip into your sandals and follow me.”

I said, “Josh, you didn’t give me any underwear.”

He replied, “You won’t be needing any underwear for now. In fact, the only reason that I gave you any clothes to wear is because it is a long ride downtown to where Jack’s tattoo parlor is located. “

Was he going to have me tattooed, I thought to myself? What was I going to do when I returned home from this vacation? I am a respected businessman and can’t look like I just got off of my Harley from a ride with my biker gang.

Whatever my thoughts were didn’t affect what was going to happen to me. As had been the case all day, Josh was in complete control of me. He hustled me into his jeep and off we went to Jake’s. After about a 30-minute ride into the seediest part of downtown, we arrived at our destination. The sign out front read “Jake’s piercing and tattoo parlor”. I was sweating like I had just run a marathon race and I hadn’t even entered the place. My anxiety and fear level was higher than I had ever experienced, yet there was also an element of excitement that was making me breathe hard.

“Come on, sweetheart, Jake is a busy man and I have a lot that I want him to do to you.”

We walked in the front door and right at the front counter was a huge guy with big gold earrings and tattoos all over his arms.

“Josh, buddy, is this your new little toy that you called about? He’s cute.”

“Yea, bro, he is a prime piece of meat and a good little cock sucker. I’ve already put him through initiation into our beach club and now I need to have him marked so that everyone knows that he’s mine.”

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be anyone’s possession, but I had little or no control over Betturkey the matter. I was brought into the back room that had what looked like a dentist’s chair in the middle of it. It was all stainless steel with leather straps on it. I looked around the room and the walls were covered with photos of men and women with tattoos and piercings. There were also several metal carts with all sorts of equipment on them, which I guessed were the tools of the trade.

“Take off your clothes, bitch and get into the chair,” Josh ordered. “Jake has a lot of work to do and we don’t have all day. I’ve got a party tonight that I want to take you to and show off my new toy.”

I kicked off my sandals, pulled the t-shirt over my head and pulled down my shorts. Once again, I was butt naked in front of other men. I moved over to the chair and got into it. Jake positioned my feet into what looked like stirrups and strapped my ankles down. Another guy was in the room, probably Jake’s assistant and he grabbed my arms and pulled them over my head. He strapped my wrists down so that I couldn’t move any of my limbs. Jake then pulled another leather strap around my forehead and tightened it so that I couldn’t move my head. Move straps were fastened to my thighs and to my stomach making me completely immobile. Naked and unable to move, I was a vulnerable as I had ever been in my life.

“Where do you want to start Josh?” Jake asked.

“Let’s start with his nipples. I want those little nubs to get bigger and have handles on them so that my friends and I can have fun with them while we’re fucking him.”

I had seen Josh’s nipples pierced with those big gold rings in them on the beach, but I didn’t even like getting shots in my arm at the doctors. Jake moved one of the metal carts close to the chair that I was strapped. He opened a jar and put a cotton swab in it. He then started cleaning the area around my right nipple and the tip with the swab, which I assumed was soaked in alcohol. It was cold and made my nipple hard. He then took a black marker and put a mark on both sides of my nipple.

“What size rings do you want put in his nipples, Josh?”

“I want big rings so that we can lead him around by his nipples on a chain; so make the hole big enough for 6 gauge 2″ diameter rings.”

“Those are really big to start, and it’s going to hurt a lot making that big a hole in the beginning” Jake cautioned.

“It won’t hurt me a bit,” Josh replied and then laughed.

Jake then picked up a huge needle from the tray. He positioned it at the black mark on one side of my right nipple and held a cork on the other side. Then he pushed it into my nipple. It hurt like hell and I screamed. He then applied more pressure on the needle pushing it through my nipple and out the other side. Jake then moved it back and forth making sure that the hole was big enough for it to go all the way through. Then he picked up a big gold ring from his cart and inserted it into a hole in the backend of the needle. With the skill of a craftsman, he pushed the needle out the other side of my nipple and the Betturkey Giriş ring into the hole.

I was in agony and the blood from the piercing was running down my chest. Jake then repeated the same procedure with my left nipple. When he had finished with my left nipple, he picked up a torch from his cart and what looked like solder and soldered the rings closed in my nipples. Since my nipples were already in so much pain, I barely felt the heat from the torch. In fact, I think that when Jake heated my new rings, that the heat helped stopped the bleeding.

He stepped back to admire his work and said, “I think that you made a good choice, Josh. It looks like his nipples are three times the size that they were before we put those big beefy rings in them. What’s next boss?”

Josh replied, “Keep going right on down the line to his belly-button, a big PA in his dick, and a guiche ring near his butt hole. Then when you’re finished piercing him, we’ll flip him over for his tattoo.”

Over the next hour, Jake pierced me where Josh had asked him to and put large gold rings in every hole. The pain was bad, but not nearly as bad as when he pierced my nipples. That was the worst.

When he had finished, Jake looked to Josh and said, “Well as long as we have him here and don’t need his permission, why don’t we finish the job and pierce his nose and tongue. We can attach a chain to his nose ring and his nipples to give you better control when you are leading him around and his tongue piercing will give you a little extra zing when you and your friends are shoving your cocks down his pretty little throat.”

“Good idea, Jake! That is why you’re the best.”

Jake then completed his task and when he was done I had my tongue pierced with a large ball sticking out on the top and bottom of my tongue and a large gold ring through the septum of my nose hanging down to the bottom of my upper lip. How on earth was I ever going to return to my life as a successful businessman with my tongue pierced and a ring in my nose? That was what I didn’t understand about Josh. He had no intention of ever letting me return to my normal life. I was his toy forever to do with whatever he wanted.

“Now let’s flip Andy over and put my mark on him,” Josh said.

Jake and his assistant undid the straps holding me down and turned me over on my stomach with my bare ass in the air. They then reattached the straps and brought over the other metal cart. I guessed that it must have contained the tools necessary to tattoo me. I was right.

“What kind of a tattoo do you want on him Josh?”

“I want a picture of a naked man on his knees with another naked man in front of him with his cock all the way in his mouth. Put it in the center of his lower back just above the crack of his ass. Then just below the picture I want the words tattooed across his ass cheeks “I am Josh’s Fuck Toy!” “All Dick’s Enter Here!” With an arrow pointing to his butt hole.

“Now that’s cool, Josh. When I’m done, can we all try out your toy with all of his new jewelry?” Jake asked.

“What Betturkey Güncel Giriş are friends for, Jake? You can use any of his holes anytime that you want,” Josh replied.

Jake then sat down on a stool next to the chair that I was strapped to and began my new tattoo. After the pain that I had just gone through with all of my new piercings, the tattoo needle seemed like a gentle massage. It took Jake about 90 minutes to finish the tattoo and he then applied some sort of salve over the tattooed area. Then he took an extra glob of the salve and applied it to my butt hole, working first one then two fingers into me. I certainly knew what was cumming next.

Jake stood up and took off his boots and pants and climbed up on the chair to straddle me. He positioned the head of his now rock hard cock between my butt cheeks at the entrance of my butt hole. Then he put pressure on my hole until the enormous head of his cock entered me. At the same time his assistant dropped his pants and started feeding his cock into my mouth. I knew the routine, having done it many times already in this never-ending day of getting fucked. Jake grunted and pushed until he had shoved his massive member all the way into me and was slamming his pubic hairs hard against my butt cheeks. His partner was holding my mouth open by pulling up on my new nose ring and was shoving more of his cock down my throat.

They double-teamed me while I was still strapped to the chair that now more resembled an examination table with me lying flat on my stomach with my head being pulled up by the ring in my nose. Without a doubt, this was the most abusive fucking that I had gotten all day. Both guys were huge with little or no regard for the pain that they were inflicting on me. Josh, in the meantime, was just standing back and enjoying sharing me with his friends. Jake’s assistant climaxed first and pulled my face forward making his cock go as far down my throat as he possible could. I couldn’t breathe, because my nose was buried in his pelvic area. His cock swelled even larger and began to deposit his load of cum deep in my throat. When he had finished cumming, he released my head and pulled out of my throat. I gasped for air as Jake was still giving my ass a good pounding.

I thought that Jake would never reach his climax as his pounding his cock deep into me continued for the longest fucking that I had been subjected to on my first day of vacation. Finally he tensed up and grabbed me firmly by my hips and deposited his cum deep within me. When he had finished he too pulled out of me and got down from his position on me. They both got dressed and then removed the straps holding me down. They then lifted me up and dressed me in the t-shirt and shorts that Josh had given me.

Josh then grabbed hold of me and said, “Thanks, Jake, you did a great job. I am sure that all of my friends are going to love Andy’s new additions.”

Jake responded, “No, the pleasure was all mine and thanks for the tip. I needed to empty my balls and your new toy makes a good cum receptacle.”

Josh and I left Jake’s place and got in his car to go home and get ready for my next adventure. After what I had already been through today, I was afraid of what to expect at the “party” that Josh was going to bring me to tonight. But as I have said before, I was no longer in control of my own destiny. I was Josh’s toy to do with what he wished.

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