Sex Object Ch. 04

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Big Tits

“Trish, it’s getting awfully hot out here in the full sun! Let’s seek some shade and cool down?”

I walked over and took the seat and back pads from the settee and placed them end-to-end on the floor under the covered portion of the patio.

I said to Trish, “Let’s try something new!”

She replied, “What do you have in mind?”

I said, “Let’s try a ‘crab fuck?”

Trish’s reaction was, “A what?”

I replied, “Come over here and sit at the other end of the pads with your legs spread facing me. Good! Now lean back on your hands just as I’m doing. You will notice that I’m also leaning back on my hands, with my legs spread and my erect cock pointing right at you. Now, while supporting your body move slowly toward me, crab fashion.”

She grinned and began moving forward awkwardly.

I told her, “Keep moving forward and aim your wide open pussy for my erect cock. As the female crab, you need to fuck yourself by impaling my cock deep into your pussy.”

Trish gradually arrived and, with minor adjustments, brought her pussy in contact with my erection.

She looked at me and asked, “Should I begin?”

Staring at her with perfect eye contact, I said, “You made it hard, now impale yourself on it.”

With ample lubrication already present, she moved her pussy forward and engulfed my cock with pronounced ‘moans’ from her mouth.

I said to her, “Move forward and back using that very skilled pelvis of yours and give us an incredibly superb fuck!”

No direction was really needed as Trish instantly knew how to go about the called for enhanced fucking maneuvers. There we were with Trish’s widespread legs on top of mine facing each other with my cock buried in her pussy.

After a few marvelous movements, I reached forward and pulled Trish’s head toward me and said, “Trish, you are the most incredibly erotic and beautiful lady! I couldn’t be more fortunate than to be married to you! I love and adore you!”

A deep emotional kiss followed, acıbadem escort which Trish broke contact by saying, “Jay, I love you even more and you are undoubtedly the most innovative and sexually oriented man that could ever exist! I am certainly more than pleased and happy to be your ‘sex object’ ….. today and forever! Also, the next time you might want to consider recruiting another ‘sex object’, I want to apply and you had better select me!”

With that, Trish began moving her pelvis and we were soon going at it again with an incredible level of energy. I reached out with both arms, grabbed her hips and pulled her forward until our groins were firmly grinding together in the mating dance. In just a matter of moments, we came together in a marvelous orgasm that left us gasping for air.

We sat together holding each other as we slowly came down from our frantic sexual activity.

As our breathing rate gradually returned to normal, I said to Trish, “I don’t know about you, but I’m about ready to do something to cool down and unwind.”

She replied, “Sounds good, but I’ll need to collect and wipe up your juices or I’ll be dribbling all over the patio?”

I handed her the small towel from the back of the settee. As she disengaged by getting up from our ‘crab fuck’ position, my cock fell out and she quickly brought the towel to her crotch. I struggled to my feet and made it over to the settee and collapsed.

“Trish, I know a good way to cool down!”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I’ll go inside and turn the sprinklers on in that grassy area between the bird bath and the flower bed over by the fence. Then we can play in the sprinkler just like a couple of kids!”

Trish grinned and nodded her approval.

I went inside to the sprinkler system controls, selected the appropriate yard area and pushed the manual start button. Returning to the patio, the sprinkler was already on and I asked akbatı escort Trish if she was ready to get wet?

“Yes, but I’d better remove my shoes.” she said.

She sat on one of the patio chairs, removed her shoes and padded over to me in bare feet and said, “I’m ready!”

I took her hand and led her toward the grassy area.

“Trish, you go over on the walk between the bird bath and the shed and I’ll go over to the area near the gate just opposite you. We can then enter the spray and meet in the middle. When you are ready, signal me by giving them a good shake!”

Trish laughed and put those beautiful breast in that delightful back and forth motion.

While the water wasn’t really cold, it was noticeably cooler than we were.

As the spray hit Trish, the cold sensation caused her to utter “Oh, oh that’s cold!”

We met in the middle of the spray, embraced and kissed with our warm bodies leaving only our back sides feeling the effects of the spray.

“Oh that feels good, Trish said, but our fronts aren’t getting any of the cool!”

“Then turn around and face the other direction.” I said.

Trish turned and so did I, but I turned completely around and moved back against her wrapping my arms around her body. I began kissing her neck and moving my hands up to her breasts.

“Mmmm.” Trish murmured.

As my fingers began gently pulling and twisting her nipples, Trish wiggled her butt against me and said, “You seem to be poking me!”

Realizing that my erection had returned, I responded, “Trish, there is no way that I can be next to your very sexy naked body without that happening. In fact, I think that I’m about ready for more fucking!”

“Well what new and innovative method are you contemplating?” Trish asked.

“Well how about I lie down in the grass and you play cowgirl and ride me?”

Trish said, “OK, let’s try it.”

I stretched out in the grass with the aksaray escort spray totally engulfing me and Trish stepped over straddling me. She then lowered herself onto me with her hand guiding me into her slick pussy.

As she lowered herself onto me, I exclaimed, “That really takes the chill from my cock!”

She laughed as she settled into position with the spray hitting her in the face. She shifted her position to her knees and leaned over me with her face down avoiding the spray in her face.

“Well, we’ve done it in the bathtub before, but this is a new kind of wet screw!” she laughed.

Trish initiated combinations of pelvic rotations and up and down fucking motions that were truly the optimum in erotic sexual union.

Due to the spray, I had to keep my eyes closed and rely on my other senses to enjoy the experience. I would run my hands over her back and ass, then up her sides and around to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples.

That seemed to trigger Trish into an even more furious fucking, accompanied with frequent “Uuuunnnh, uuuunnnnh, uuuunnnnh” sounds.

My corresponding reaction was to ram my cock again and again up into her pussy.

We simultaneously were racing toward orgasm and at that moment of eruption I shouted, “Now!” and cut loose.

Trish shuddered as she arrived at her own climax.

I was gasping and sputtering from the water entering my mouth, but I was still able to utter, “My God Trish! That was incredible!”

Pausing a few more moments to catch her breath, Trish responded, “Jay, you certainly know how to fuck a girl! Today’s ‘sex object’ activities were for me the most incredibly moving and erotic experiences that I could ever imagine! This was an extremely love sharing experience as well! Do we ever dare risk trying to improve it?” she asked.

“Well we should never stop trying!” I responded.

Trish got to her feet, but was still getting water sprayed all over her face and body. She grinned as I struggled to my feet.

As I turned around, Trish said, “Jay, you have grass and other stuff sticking all over your back and legs!”

“Well I guess you could grab that hose over there and spray me down, or we could go inside and take a shower ……… together”, I suggested.

Trish took my hand and led me toward the patio and back door.

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