Sex in the Time of COVID

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“How far away do you live, Burly? An hour?” Anita asked, removing her mask to take a sip of water. “I live right down the street. I’m telling you, come stay with me. With us. At least until the pandemic blows over.”

I weighed my options carefully. Anita was great, a friendly woman in her early 40’s who’d helped me through the most trying times in nursing school. As a colleague in the hospital, she was always reliable, always hard-working and always just a little flirty. I chewed the idea over in my mind, trying to delay her with inane questions before deciding on a course of action.

“You have extra rooms or something?” I asked.

“A couple. Sheryl’s staying in the room with me. Sierra and McKayla are sleeping in the guest room. You can share the twin’s old room with Tom.”

Tom was Anita’s husband, a weasley man who worked in the hospital pharmacy. The prospect of so many attractive women that I knew intrigued me. Sheryl was Anita’s best friend, I recalled, a girl who graduated with us and resembled Liv Tyler with fuller lips and a bigger ass. “You were in that clinical group with me and Sierra, right? The one taught by McKayla? I think you know everyone I’m talking about.”

“I do. I was in that group. How is Sierra doing? I haven’t talked to her in ages.” Sierra was a beautiful girl of 21, one of the youngest in our class. She had golden skin and blonde hair, a shy smile and green eyes. She was fond of horses, I remember, and it showed on the rare occasions when she wore jeans to class, showing off her muscular ass and thighs.

“Good, still no boyfriend. Girl is oblivious, I swear. She’ll find someone eventually. So what do you say?”

I nodded my agreement and told her that it sounded like a fine idea. With the weird hours at the hospital and the stress of the pandemic, living close by seemed like a good option, especially with so many women in proximity. Anita lightly touched my wrist and smiled underneath her mask, her huge, round ass swishing in her green scrubs as she walked away.

I was alone in the bedroom that night, Tom taking a night shift at the pharmacy. I went to pee in the middle of the night, slipping on my boxer-briefs so I wouldn’t be caught naked wandering around my friend’s house. It was a comfortable enough place, cleaner than my own, and though I would have to change my habit of sleeping naked once Tom returned I kept it up for now. As I stepped into the bathroom, only sleepily aware of my environment, I was surprised to see McKayla standing in the bathroom, dressed only in her underwear. McKayla, once my instructor, was not a woman most found attractive. She was tall, perhaps four inches shorter than my 6’4″ frame, strongly built with brown hair and freckles across her nose. A pair of scrubs were at her feet. She had a pair of purple underwear on and a yellow sports bra that encased her gigantic breasts. Even in scrubs, it was easy to see how busty she was, once remarking that it was tough to find ecup bras. I stood in dumb, half-asleep silence at her cleavage as the shower ran behind her.

“Don’t knock much, huh?” She asked, putting one hand on her hip.

“Sorry. Just needed to pee.”

“Go ahead. I’m not waiting, though. I just worked sixteen hours. No peeking.” She turned away from and took off her sports bra, her huge boobs still visible even from the back. I’m not some peeping lout, however and I turned away, going about my business.

“No peeking for you either.” I declared as I pulled out my cock, reliving myself into the toilet. I heard the shower rings move as she peeked her head out.

“Oh, I’m peeking. Nice.” She bit her bottom lip and continued to leer at my member. “This shower is huge. I bet two people could fit in here, no problem.”

“Maybe.” I said, picking up on the subtext. I was finished urinating but still had my member out, stroking it to get it hard. I was there when a knock on the bathroom door surprised me.

“Anyone in there? I gotta pee!” Came a voice I recognized as Sierra. I quickly put my rock-hard member back in my underwear, suddenly embarrassed. I left the bathroom, nearly knocking over the girl with my dick as I passed her. The way she stared in wide-eyed wonder, I couldn’t help but suspect she’d never seen one and certainly not one as big as and thick as my slab of salami. I went back to bed, agonized over my indecision to pay McKayla a visit in her room, knowing Sierra would be there too. As all indecisions do, it led to nothing save for me shooting a massive load of cum into a tissue and going back to sleep.

The next day I left work early, the number of COVID cases driving out my other patients. It was a strange time for healthcare workers and I relished the chance to get some rest. As I got close to Anita’s house, I noticed a green Chevy Malibu parked up the street from her house, a car belonging to no one staying there. Tom’s blue Nissian pick-up was also in the driveway, which made sense considering his late night previously. Curious, I parked my own vehicle away from the house and crept inside. I’ve always been a quiet walker despite my size; some eve gelen escort find it unnerving. I made my way to the room Tom and I were sharing, the door opened just a crack. I could hear the low sounds of pleasure coming from the room, a restrained, deep, moan. I peered into the room and saw one of the biggest, nicest asses ever made right in my line of sight. A hand- Tom’s hand, I realized as I saw his face thrown back in ecstasy- gripped it, his fingers tracing around her puckered asshole.

It wasn’t Anita, I realized, as the girl currently sucking Anita’s husband’s dick had caramel colored skin and dark, cinnamon hair, the palest skin she had was a tan line left from summer on her ass. I realized it was as she stretched out on the bed, her small breasts perking up as she squeezed them together. Her name was Kristina, I remembered, a phlebotomist at the hospital, a girl my coworker Kevin had said “owned an inflatable ass; I swear, that fuckin’ thing keeps getting bigger and bigger.” I think she was Mexican or Cuban, with brown eyes and a sort of sexy, barrio way about her. What she was doing with Tom was beyond me. He sat on the bed, his small prick apparently as hard as it was going to get. It couldn’t have been longer than my middle finger and just a little thicker.

“Come on. Get on top of me.” Kristina said. Her body reminded me of that of a fertility goddess, all hips and ass, zaftig and perfectly sexy. She slid one finger down to her shaved pussy and with the other hand, stroked Tom’s small member. I felt my cock throb at the scene before, my mouth dry. I was worried about getting caught, but what would they say? Would they call the police “Yes officer, I was just cheating on my wife when I found a houseguest of ours watching us! Can’t we commit adultery in privacy anymore?” Almost as if I wasn’t in control, I felt my hand slip into my scrubs.

“No. You get on top. I’m tired.” Tom said, laying down next to her. “I’ve gotta go back to work soon. Hurry the fuck up.” He ordered, pointing to his dick.

“You said you had the whole afternoon off! You said we were going to do something fun!” Kristina said, sitting up.

“Yeah, well, I lied. Come on now. I need to cum.”

“Fuck you.” Kristina said, rolling over to face the wall, giving me another view of that incredible ass. Tom sigh and promptly stood up. He tugged at his prick a couple of times, a miserable little poot of cum falling to the floor. He dressed and spoke to her as he did. “Wait in here a minute while I leave. If the neighbors see, we can just say you were one of Burly’s sluts.”

Before he exited the room, I hid in a room down the hall, listening for the sound of his truck starting up. As I went back to the guest room where this drama occurred, I realized Kristina was still in bed, naked, using Snapchat on her phone and laughing. My cock was still hard as rock and something came over me, a wild idea. I stripped down naked and entered the room, feigning surprise when she saw me.

“Who the fuck are you!?” I asked.

“I’m Burlman’s girlfriend.” She answered, pulling a sheet over herself. She left one breast exposed, the tip of her brown nipple peeking out.

“He’s called ‘Burly.'” I corrected her. “I should know. I’m him. What do you see in that guy, anyway? You could do better.”

“Oh. Fuck.” She said, caught in her lie. “You were watching us, weren’t you? What kind of a perv are you?”

“A perv with a big prick.” I said, walking closer to her, stroking my cock, aiming it in her direction like a firearm, ready to pull the trigger. She couldn’t take her big brown eyes off it.

“It’s fucking huge.” She said, a tone of awe and disgust in her voice. “I bet it hurts.”

“A little, I’m told.” I admitted. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”

“I’m with Tom, obviously”-

“And I’m friends with his wife. It would be a shame if I had to tell her about you too.” I felt savage at this approach, this bullying, at extorting this woman who simply had the bad fortune to be seeing a real piece of work, but my desires were to great and they overwhelmed my conscience. I was standing in front of her now, my huge cock right in front of her. She looked at me with that awe and disgust again, something fierce in her eyes, staring at my throbbing cock as she made up her mind. Finally, her head descended and took it in her mouth, all of it, gagging on the length. I groaned as she worked her tongue up and down the shaft, her hand kneading my balls with tenderness and care.

“I want to fuck you from behind.” I said, sensing that I wouldn’t last long. I didn’t offer to go down on her. This was about my pleasure.

“Not in the ass.”

“We’ll see. You don’t want me to tell Anita, remember.”

“You’re a fucking pig.” She said, propping herself on her knees and facing the wall, that amazing, huge ass pressing against me. Up close, there was cellulite of course, but it was still a big, round work of art. I slapped it as hard as I could muster and she let out a little shriek.

“Call me that gaziosmanpaşa escort again.” I said as I slid into her pussy, grabbing her hips as I did so, working every inch into her wet hole. I knew she liked this.

“You’re a disgusting pig.” She cried as I slid in and out of her, holding her hips and going in deeper, deeper, “You are so filthy, I can’t believe I’m letting you do this to me. This is fucking rape.”

“It can’t be rape if you like it, slut.” I said, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. I felt her body convulse and shudder and she let out an enormously loud moan, her spasming pussy gripping my cock tighter. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I held her ass tight as I came inside her, pulling out and cumming the rest all over her big, brown ass. She collapsed on the bed next to me, her body still trembling.

“When can we do that again?” She asked, stroking my resting cock. I shrugged and watched as she left, her big brown ass wiggling as she slipped her underwear on. I fell asleep.

The rest of the day passed without interest. I made a spaghetti dinner for Anita and Sheryl when they came home. Tom joined us as we were eating, and I found it hard to look him in the eye. Anita had been my friend for some time, was it right of me to keep her husband’s infidelity a secret? Anita was a beautiful woman, inside and out, even with spaghetti sauce on her face. I pointed this out to her and she delicately dabbed a napkin on it. Her short, dark hair frame her features, and even being a heavier woman, I found her shape incredibly sexy. Everyone retired to bed early, Tom sharing a room with me. I discovered quickly that Tom was a horrific snorer, and unable to sleep, I knocked on the master bedroom door.

“Come in.” Came Anita’s voice. Anita and Sheryl were still awake, sharing the large king-sized bed. I wondered- and possibly imagined while stroking my cock- that the two were secret lesbians, thouggh the fluidity of such things with women was more common than some would imagine.

“Did you know how much of a snorer your husband is?” I explained as I went in, sending both women into a fit of laughter. I usually sleep in just my underwear but put on a t-shirt and a pair of flannel pajama pants to at least appear decent. Anita and Cheryl were dressed in oversized t-shirts from what I could see. “Do you mind if I sleep on the floor in here?” I asked.

“You’d be more comfortable on the couch.” Sheryl said. “Or in the bed with us. Next to us.”

“Yeah, you don’t know what time McKayla or Sierra will be back. They’d wake you up when they came home if you sleep on the couch.” Anita added. Both women wiggled to opposite sides of the bed and I offered no further protest until I got in.

“Won’t Tom mind?” I asked.

“Tom can go fuck himself.” Anita said, saying it with more seriousness than I expected.

“So can Habambe.” Said Sheryl. Habambe was Sheryl’s estranged husband, from what I remembered, a man from Congo who vanished the moment he obtained his green card. It didn’t make sense to me, that was certain. The bed was big enough to comfortably fit all three of us, though I could still feel both women’s bare legs nestled against mine, Anita on my right, Sheryl on my left.

“I can’t believe you sleep in that. I’d be too hot.” Anita said.

“Usually just my underwear, but I didn’t want to be indecent.” I explained.

“We’re just in our underwear, look!” Sheryl said, lifting up her t-shirt to reveal a pair of lacy emerald panties. She reached over me and exposed Anita in the same way, revealing hers to be black. Anita screeched and pulled her shirt back done, her pale complexion suddenly turning red.

“Well, when in Rome…” I started before slipping my pajama bottoms off, giving both women a good, long look at my package hugged by the boxer-briefs before covering myself with the blanket. “But if it gets too warm under the blankets, I might have to sleep naked.” I joked.

“It’s supposed to be better for you to sleep naked.” Sheryl said. “Or just in a t-shirt. For women, anyway. I read something on it once.”

“Sounds like a trick to get me naked! You could have just asked me.” I winked at Sheryl.

“Burly, will you get naked for me?”

“No. Well, maybe. You first.” I dared her.

“Tom would not be happy if he caught us naked in bed together!” Anita said, slapping my arm playfully.

“Oh, you want in on this too, Anita?” I grinned at her. “I’ll start with my top, how’s that?” I removed my shirt and cast it aside. I didn’t know if the girls would follow my lead, but at the very least, I was going to be more comfortable. Anita grinned and Sheryl ran a hand over my chest. I’m not some beefcake model, but I keep in shape. “Your turns.” I said to them.

I watched excitedly as Sheryl removed the white, baggy t-shirt, lifting it over her head with exaggerated slowness, revealing a pierced, pale naval followed by two perky, apple-sized breasts. I only got a brief glimpse as Sheryl covered them with her arm, grinning at me with gölbaşı escort perfect teeth. Anita looked even more uncomfortable as she gazed at the topless figure of her friend.

“Look… I’m not as young as you two. I’ve had kids. I just can’t compare. But here. I’m not some old, dried up goblin yet.” In a flash, Anita removed her black panties, spinning them around her finger for good measure. “Maybe it’s more comfortable. Who knows. But I’m leaving the shirt on.”

My mind went wild and my cock stiffened at the sight of Anita’s thick, bare thighs, the possibility of what could be so bare and so close to my own form palpably exciting.

“I think you’re sexy as hell, I always have.” I tell her. “But I understand. Alright, I’ll take off my underwear. Unless you two want to do it for me.”

Wordlessly, as if communicating by telepathy, each woman put a hand in the waistband of my boxer-briefs and slips them down my legs. Sheryl gasped and Anita’s face turned scarlet as my throbbing cock popped out.

“Oh my god, you’re huge!” Anita declared, covering her mouth. “Tom’s is like… well… anyway. I should get some sleep. Will you hit the light, Sheryl? Don’t be too loud.” Anita winked at her friend before rolling over, facing the wall. As Sheryl hit the light, I felt her hand grasp my cock at once, a tight grip that screamed how much she wanted it.

“It is so fucking big.” Sheryl whispered to me in the dark. I wasted no time in slipping off her underwear, pleased at the soft, trimmed feel of her pubic hair. “Habambe had such a small dick. Not all sterotypes are true, I guess. I haven’t had sex in a year, can you believe that?” She stroked my cock up and down as she spoke, nervous, excited. I kissed her elegant, slender neck, moving my way down to her breasts, nibbling on the nipples. I slipped one finger inside her, feeling her wetness and she moaned in delight. I knew there was no way Anita could sleep through this right next to us. I had to wonder if she was enjoying it, though. I didn’t have much time to think about it as Sheryl mounted my cock, crying out in pleasure and pain as she took the length of the shaft all the way inside her. I could see her in the darkness as my eyes adjusted, her long, dark hair swaying as she slid up and down. I slapped her round, muscular ass and she rode it even harder, her stifled moans turning into outright cries of pleasure. I reached one hand over to Anita and groped at her big, soft ass under her t-shirt, not as tight as Sheryl but still sexy and fun to grab. I felt the movement of Anita’s fingers close to my own, working her clit, masturbating to the sounds and smells of her friends fucking. I couldn’t hold back any longer and felt my cock shoot a huge, hot load so deep into Sheryl, her body shuddering with orgasm, squeezing every drop of cum out of my dick into her body. She collapsed next to me and wordlessly, we feel asleep.

I woke up alone, only the sound of the shower in adjacent to the bedroom to alert me of anyway in the house. I closed my eyes and drifted back off to sleep only to be awoken by the feeling of a hand around my soft member, silently bringing it to full mast. I felt a pair of pouty lips wrap around it, her tongue flicking and licking the glistening head. I moaned in pleasure at the sensation.

“Feels good. Do you like how you taste?”

“I think I would.” Came Anita’s voice. She grinned up at me, naked and still glistening from the shower. Her body was soft, chubby in the stomach, but her sexy, wide hips and pert breasts put me in mind of some sort of goddess. “But Sheryl tastes good too.”

“Is your husband home?” I asked, groaning as she ran her tongue around the head of my cock, seeming almost to want to lick it clean.

“Would it matter if he was?” She replied. “I’ve wanted you so badly since we first met, but I didn’t think you’d be into a fat old married woman. I used to picture it was you I was riding, back when Tom and I still had sex.” She stroked my cock with long, soft jerks as she talked. “Now I get the real thing.”

“I hope it doesn’t disappoint.”

She grinned and climbed on top of me. Anita was a big woman, no doubt about that, but something about her soft body and round, fleshy ass got my fire lit. She was agile as Sheryl, bouncing up and down on my rock-hard member. I sat up and sucked on one of her small breasts, a groan coming out of her as I bit the nipple. She increased her speed, her ass cheeks clapping with the rhythm, my hands slapping them for encouragement. Her pussy was warm and wet and tight, especially for having kids. Anita screamed, cursing and clenching around my cock as she came, her pale chest flushed red and she shuddered, balancing herself by putting her hands on her chest. She was still wearing her wedding ring and there was something guiltily arousing about that.

“Did you finish?” She managed to say between breaths. In response, I flipped her over onto the bed and grabbed her hips, guiding my still-hard penis into her. I slid into her even deeper now and she cried out at my size. I thrust in and out of her warm, wet hole, over and over, trying to delay cumming as she wiggled her big ass for me, begging for me to cum, pleading to me for it. Finally, I grasped her hips and pulled out, an electric sensation of pleasure running up my dick. I came all over her big, white, round ass, more than I thought possible after the previous night, some of the sticky stuff seeping into her crack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32