Sex in the Rain

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It’s a beautiful sunny day in the Lake District. Somehow you and I have managed to get a weekend away. We are staying in a little whitewashed stone cottage half way up a hill and miles from anyone. Today we have something special planned: a walk up a hill, a picnic, and then back to the cottage! All that walking should get the blood racing nicely, and it will be a huge tease to keep our hands off each other for so long. And back at the cottage there is an enormous and solid cast iron four poster bed. Before we leave we prepare everything for when we come back. Handcuffs fixed at each corner ready to completely restrain each other in turn. Our joint collection of sex toys within easy reach. You particularly keen to try the vibrating nipple clamps I’ve brought, and me desperate to find out just how much of that huge veined dildo I can ease into you. Before we have even left the cottage we are both horny as can be. Seeing how you are dressed doesn’t help either. You’ve gone all girly with a white cotton dress, short enough to show off a whole lot of leg, and makes me think I’ll be walking behind you up the hill. Its straining to keep your boobs in, and making a lovely cleavage at the same time. And to top it off its just thin enough to show the outline of your bra, and the tiny white thong you are wearing. I’m in a T-shirt and denim shorts, just tight enough to leave you in no doubt about how I am feeling!

The walk up the hill is agony in shorts this tight. Walking behind gives me such a hard on I can hardly walk, so in the end I just walk up hand in hand with you. We try to chat nicely, but we just keep giggling and sighing at each other. We consider turning back lots of times, but self-restraint, and the desire to tease, keeps us walking right to the top of the hill.

Very calmly we set out our picnic on a blanket. You tease me by lying on the blanket on one elbow, forcing your boobs even tighter together and smiling at me. As you raise one knee I can see damn near up to your thong, and I have to adjust myself before my cock breaks out of my shorts. I lean over to stroke your leg, but you bat my hand away, forcing me to wait. I retaliate by leaning over you to pick a daisy. Pushing my hard on close to your face and holding it there. I can hear you squeal as you fight the urge to kiss it, and stand up, smiling in retaliation.

Of course, we are so busy teasing each other we completely fail to notice the view: the rolling hills, the lake below in the valley, and the sheer gorgeousness of being so far away from anyone. We also fail to notice that the weather has changed. The clear blue sky is now overcast, and a huge black cloud is scudding its way towards us. In fact, as go down the hill, trying hard not to run, trying to conserve our energy, but so excited we skip most of the way, we finally notice the weather as it starts to rain. Huge warm summer raindrops, splatting down on us.

We start to run, its only about a mile and a half left to the cottage and we might not get completely soaked. But its no kartal escort bayan good, we aren’t dressed for running and you stumble. I’m so close behind that I run straight into you and we end up in a heap on the ground. As we lie there laughing I notice that your thin white dress is now almost completely transparent. I also notice that in the fall one of your boobs is almost out of your bra and your dress. I reach over and stroke it with my thumb, rasping against the nipple. You look at me and bite your lip, but don’t stop me. I can feel your nipple harden. I move my finger to the top button and slip it open, then the next, and the next. You’ve closed your eyes and started to moan. Suddenly all thoughts of the bed, the dildo and anything else flit from my mind, and all I can think of is here and now.

I continue to unbutton your dress, rubbing gently on your tummy as I slide my hand further and further down your front. Its so soft and smooth, and you gasp as I do. In no time at all I am down to your waist. I switch and start again at the bottom button. Working my way up your thighs until just two buttons remain, those holding your dress shut and covering that tiny thong. With a quick flick they are both open and these is a little pink line of skin between the two halves of your dress.

You roll onto your back and I slowly peel the wet fabric back, exposing more of more of your nakedness. The wet material clings to your breasts, the hard nipples showing even through your bra. As I feel it from them its my turn to gasp. I can’t explain how gloriously sexy your boobs look, damp, glistening and heaving up and down and you gasp for breath. I stop for a moment to take in just how gorgeous you look. You lie there, pretty much on your dress like an unwrapped present, and god how I long to play with my present!

The rain is coming down quite hard now, causing little rivers of water on your body. I trace my fingers along these, caressing your skin, working my way closer and closer to that tiny white thong, which is now completely soaking, and not just from the rain. I ease my finger under each of the side straps and peel it off you, sliding first one, then the other leg out of it. You lie with your legs slightly apart, and I trace my finger up your inside leg, right to your pussy lips. As you feel my finger you spread your knees, and as you do so your lips part a little, just enough for me to see your engorged clit pushing out. I brush my finger over it, and your flinch as a spasm goes through your body. I lean over and blow on your clit and you spasm again. I lean over further, placing my arm on your tummy to hold you down, and my other arm on your leg. I edge my fingers to your clit and pull your lips open wide. Leaning hard to pin you to the ground and hold you firmly in place I rub the tip of my tongue over the head of your clit. You moan and buck beneath me, but I lean harder and hold you firmly in place. Another flick of my tongue and you moan again. This time begging me for more. I lick escort maltepe a third time, but this time I rasp the whole length of my tongue along your sensitive clit, and then give it a suck. I can smell how wet you are, and beads of moisture are forming where your lips join.

I start to build up a rhythm of licking and sucking at your clit, all the time pinning you to the ground so I control exactly how I touch you. Your breathing gets faster so I pause for a second and then plunge my tongue deep into your hot little hole, wriggling it around inside you. You squeal and start to claw at my shorts, unzipping them and grabbing for my cock. It feels fabulous as your wet lips close around it and you suck it deep into your mouth, but its not what I had planned. I pull it away and climb off you, leaving you gasping for breath.

I roll you over, onto your hands and knees. Gazing briefly at the dress sticking to your beautiful round arse, I peel it up until your arse is naked. You arch your back and stick it out further, inviting me to touch it. I position myself between your feet, on my knees. Cock out and pointing straight at where it wants to be – deep inside you. Slowly I rub the head up and down. Nuzzling it first against your arse and then against your pussy, trying to decide where to fuck you first. As I run it up and down your pussy lips again, it slides between them, and I take this a as a sign. Holding it just between your lips, I hold you firmly by the hips, and ease myself slowly inside you. Inching my cock further, hardly moving it, but slowly increasing the amount inside you until my balls are hitting your thighs. Then I slowly ease myself back out. After a short pause I place my hands on your shoulders, and as I pull myself back into you I scrape my fingernails all down your back, ending with them in the small of your back as my balls hit your thighs again. Again and again I slide inside you and out again, getting faster each time. You push harder and harder against me and I drive faster and harder into you. My cock feels fantastic as it slides easily inside you. You squeeze against it with your pussy too, just adding to the feeling. As I look down, I can see my cock slide again and again inside you and it looks just amazing.

You are getting very excited by now, but I’m not finished teasing you yet. Without warning I pull right out, leaving your pussy empty. You push backwards expecting another thrust from me, but just push against empty air. You whimper and turn around, looking at me to see whats happening. Waiting for the look from you I smile and place my hands on your arse. My thumbs either side of your tight hole and slowly pull the cheeks apart. I smile, and you smile back, guessing whats coming next. As soon as you feel the tip of my cock you sigh contentedly and brace yourself for my cock slowing sliding into your tight arse. It feels as fantastic as I remember, and the sight of your hole being stretched and swallowing my cock is as horny as I can imagine. Slowly I ease more pendik escort and more cock into you, pausing for your muscles to adjust, until once more, I’m buried balls deep inside you. I grab your shoulders and pull you onto me, pressing deep inside you and tensing my cock to make it as hard as possible. With one hand I grab hold of your hair and pull your head back, and with the other I run my fingertips gently down your spine. With a hand firmly on your arse I pull myself out and start to pump away at you. You thrust backwards to meet every stroke, and I pull on your hair to help. Starting slowly but getting faster I start to fuck your arse, and again I hear your breathing get faster and you get more and more aroused.

Again and again I thrust inside you, filling your arse with my hot and hard cock. Pulling myself deep inside you I let go with my hands and reach around you. Grabbing your nipples between finger and thumb I start to fuck you again. Pulling your nipples at the height of each stroke. Now you are moaning really loudly, and your orgasm can’t be far away. Letting go of one nipple, my hands strays downwards and my finger finds your clit. I rub it furiously as I slam into your arse, my balls slapping on your legs quite audibly. I pull out once more and then slam in deep, pulling on your nipple and rubbing your clit like mad to drive you over the edge. You resist, holding back your orgasm so I slam into you again. Through clenched teeth you hold back and so I pull out, pause, and slam into you a third time. Deep inside you I buck my hips driving my cock even deeper, squeeze your clit between thumb and forefinger and with a scream your orgasm overtakes you. You hold your breath as it rushes through you, and I watch as your back flushes with the sudden rush of blood. After a long time you gasp for breath, and I start to pump at your arse again, prolonging your orgasm.

Panting almost as hard as you, I pull out from your arse, my cock still rock hard and balls still full of cum for you. I lie down and direct you to sit astride me. Quickly you lower yourself onto my cock and I gaze up at you with a huge grin on my face. Your hair is plastered all over your face and neck from the rain, but through it I can see the grin on your face. You start to build up a rhythm, rising and falling onto my cock and driving it into your pussy. You build up the rhythm quickly, and I almost close my eyes to hold on as long as possible. But how can I resist looking at you. Set against the thundery sky, rain rolling down your face and neck, droplets flicking off your boobs each time you slam down onto my cock, your face contorted by the pain and pleasure of this amazing fuck. Its no good, I’m totally in your power and its not long before I feel my balls contract.

“I’m gonna cum!” I shout and you lean down to kiss me, grinding down with your hips so I’m as deep in you as humanly possible. Its too much, my balls let go and pump over and over again, filling your pussy with my spunk. I can feel my nerve endings all over my body screaming as the orgasm floods through me, sending shocks up my spine, flushing my whole body and draining my balls into you. I arch my hips making us fall over, now me lying on top of you in the wet grass, one or two last thrusts before my cock starts to soften.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32