Sex in Society Ssn. 01 Ep. 02: Family Affair

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Warning: This story does contain incest. If you are sensitive to this or in any way offended, this story would not be for you.


Author’s Note: Readers, please see the appendix at the end. Thank you.


Scene 01—Kansas

Being a model wasn’t easy; not as much as some people might like to believe. Being a model in her mid-forties…that was an entirely different beast. As with so many jobs which require youthfulness to remain on top, she worried she might age out some day. An empire built on beauty, she feared, would crumble before her eyes. She was still beautiful, wasn’t she?

Kansas gazed into the vanity mirror attached to her dresser. Long black hair, straight, natural. Deep brown eyes that still sparkled when the light caught them just right. Wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. A crease or two along her forehead. Lips, once full and luscious, were a bit thinner now. Her breasts, having always been on the smaller side, were not as perky as they once were.

Was it her skewed self-perception? Due to the glories of her past and a strong fanbase, Kansas still had jobs. However, she knew that, like a seasoned athlete whose best years on the gridiron were behind him, she might have to walk away from her first love.

Knock, knock. “Kansas,” said Krystal peaking into the room.

“What is it?” Kansas asked her sister’s reflection in the mirror.

“Morning. Mind if we come in?”

Kansas turned in her chair with eyebrows raised in skepticism. “We?”

Her sister walked in the room with Talia, whom wore a plain white bra and gray cotton boyshorts. That girl could be a model, just like her mother and her aunt; Krystal followed her elder sister into the fashion industry. Talia was arguably the most gorgeous young lady in the family. Nikki and Shay both had their sexiness in sultry curves, big breasts, and plump jiggly booties. Talia was on another level.

The thirty-four B-cup could barely contain her perky young breasts. At five-feet, four inches, she was a bit short to be a runway model, but that was far from the only avenue for models these days. Thin, but not so much so as to sacrifice her plentiful curves. The perfect natural tan associated with the Amore family. Not a model, no…a body more like a pornstar, built to please.

“I can see you’ve been stressed,” Krystal said.

Kansas couldn’t stop staring at the youngest woman in the house, eighteen years old. Why were they in her bedroom? What was Krystal planning? Ever the schemer, Krystal always had self-serving purposes in mind, it wasn’t like her to suddenly care how her sister felt. “What do you want?”

Krystal took her daughter’s hand and led her closer toward the matriarch of the family. “Only to help you relax.”

Did they notice the bead of sweat drip down the side of her face? Kansas forced her eyes away from the taut young body and stared at her sister with a clenched jaw. Krystal was the amorous Amore. She loved sex and didn’t care much about who was pleasing her or who she was pleasing; so long as they were clean, of course. Sex was her drug of choice, but she wasn’t stupid. With men, she always had safe sex; except for a very select few, whom she knew were disease-free, like Talia’s father. With women, she made sure she knew whether they were disease-free before they had sex.

The eldest Amore, Kansas, had very little experience with sexual partners. Experimentation in high school and college, but after she became pregnant with Nikki, she married Mark and the pair lived happily for twenty-six years. In all that time, he was the only person she ever slept with. Kansas gasped to herself when she realized she had been thinking about sex. That’s not what Krystal intended, was it? She wouldn’t. They’re sisters, blood-related. And why did she bring Talia into the room dressed, or undressed, like that?

“Come here,” Krystal grabbed her sister’s hand and pulled her up from the chair to her feet. She could tell the way she’s been eying Talia that she hadn’t had sex in a long time. Amore’s need sex. They crave it. Sex is like food to an Amore. Kansas was starving. “Lay down on your stomach and relax.”

A little voice in Kansas’ head began tempting her with scenarios that might come of this as she laid prone on her bed. Krystal would start it, kissing her lips. Then, she would kiss Talia and convince the girl to take her aunt’s panties off. That sweet and naughty face between her legs. Krystal would get behind her daughter, pull her shorts down, and lick her…

“No,” Kansas said as she started lifting herself off the bed. “I don’t know what you have planned here—”

“Relax,” Krystal said soothingly. “Talia is just going to give you a massage, help you relieve some of that tension.”

“Just a massage?” Kansas asked.

“Just a massage,” Krystal confirmed, getting her sister to lie face-down on her mattress. “As a matter of fact, I’m going to leave you two. Just let Talia work her magic.”

A calm chill spread from Kansas’ shoulders, where Talia’s hands gently began to work.

“She is very good with ağrı escort her hands,” Krystal whispered in her sister’s ear.

Kansas could tell she was right. Talia’s thumbs hit the right spot beside her shoulder blades. Her palms came down just above Kansas’ bra. Tight circles. Wide circles. It felt so good.

“Oh and,” Krystal whispered again, “she’s very good with her tongue, too.”

“What?” Kansas tried to get up.

“Enjoy,” Krystal said as she left the room.

Kansas bit her lip and laid back down. Was it weird that she found her niece so attractive? While her mother was serving time in prison, Talia lived with Kansas and the girls. She became like a third daughter. Ever since she walked into the room in those skimpy clothes, Kansas couldn’t help but see the girl for the sexy young woman she had become. Admittedly, this wasn’t the first time she noticed.

“Zia, would it be okay if I unclip this?” Talia asked while fingering her aunt’s bra.

“Yeah,” Kansas said with uncharacteristic softness. “I could get naked, if it makes it easier, just wrap a towel around my waist.”

“Don’t be silly, Zia,” Talia laughed. “You won’t need a towel.”

Kansas’ eyes shot open as fingers pulled at her panties. This was no innocent massage. She should stop it. Get up and tell Talia to leave the room. Now! Kansas moaned with relief from the girl’s soft touch. Her sister was right, Talia was amazing with her hands.

No, this is wrong! She knew it was time to get up and kick the naughty girl out of her room. This isn’t…right. Concerns melted away as Talia kneaded softly, then hard. For all that time Talia lived under her roof, she never knew this side of the girl. It was then, when two hands spread her buttocks, that Kansas realized her sister was right again. Talia was very good with her tongue.

— — —

Scene 02—Chelsea

Murmurs early in the morning. Sounds of laughter. It made her smile. When was the last time she heard those sounds in her house? Years, maybe. The good times. At last, the good times had returned. Chelsea glanced up at the clock on her nightstand, 10:27am. She couldn’t believe she slept so late.

The sounds of laughter were really out there, it wasn’t a dream. Chelsea rolled out of bed, but hesitated a moment. Wearing her pajamas, a pink silk loose-fitted camisole and matching shorts, might be a little too revealing. The outline of her bare breasts against the fabric was too obvious. And these shorts, they rode up too easily. She wanted to spend time with her family, whom were out there having a good time, but she didn’t want to look ridiculous. Would they care? No, Chelsea smiled, I don’t think they would.

Chelsea opened the door and saw her mother leaning against the door that separated the living room from the small closet housing the washer and dryer. She dropped low, trying not to disturb them. Aunt Mandy was leaning against her, tickling her sister. That’s funny, Chelsea thought, they’re playing like little girls; perhaps the way they were when they were kids. And then they kissed…

Kissed? A hot rush filled her body. No, they weren’t kissing. Not romantically. Maybe they were just joking around. Both women appeared to be wearing their pajamas, although it was hard to see her mother. This would likely be a lazy day for the three of them. Aunt Mandy wore a long shirt that reached well past her shorts, making them impossible to see. Her mother, it was hard to tell with Auntie blocking her view, but it appeared she wore a towel…yes, Chelsea could see it now, a blue towel around her body. Not so unusual, Mommy always wore a towel before and after she took a shower.

She saw her mother’s hand reach the back of her aunt’s head. They were kissing. Mommy was pulling Auntie into a passionate kiss. Her mother stood, no longer leaning against the wall. The towel fell on the floor. Chelsea shut the door as quickly and quietly as possible.

She fell to her knees with disbelief. They were sisters. Kissing. She gulped before thinking the next word, touching. And never had something turned Chelsea on more. She pursed her lips, embarrassed that she was feeling horny for the two most amazing women in her life. Her heart beat so hard she worried they might hear it and find her peeping on them, but she opened the door, desperate to see more.

Mommy’s hands were down behind Auntie’s thighs and slowly climbing. Her face, completely blocked. Then Aunt Mandy moaned. Jenni’s face was suddenly visible as she quietly shushed her sister. Although it was hard to see, Chelsea knew her mother was naked. When Auntie’s long men’s shirt fell to the ground, Mommy was not the only one naked.

“Come take a shower with me,” Jenni whispered.

“What about Chelsea?” Mandy asked.

“What about…oh, no,” Jenni looked over her sister’s shoulder and Chelsea quickly moved out of sight. “We’re not getting my daughter involved.”

“Why not? I think she’d like to bond with you—”

“No,” Jenni said a little louder. She started walking away toward the bathroom. Chelsea stared at her mother’s thick thighs. Her ass jingling a little with every step. For a moment, Chelsea wondered what it would be like. It was wrong for a girl to fantasize about her mother, wasn’t it? And just as wrong to think about having sex with her aunt; whose tanned lithe frame, amble behind, and toned thighs were just as enticing.

Jenni turned around with a smile once she reached the small hallway which led to the bathroom and her bedroom across from it. She smiled at her sister in all her glorious nakedness. Chelsea caught sight of her breasts, a touch bigger than Auntie’s and considerably bigger than her own.

“Are you coming?” Jenni asked.

“I will be, soon,” Mandy replied before following.

— — —

Scene 03—Kansas

“Talia…we…shouldn’t,” Kansas said between kisses.

“Zietta Kansas, please let me thank you for taking me and my mother in,” Talia’s brown eyes sparkled from the sunlight peeking through the blinds.

“If your mother put you up to this…”

“Mamma, didn’t put me up to this, zia. I told her last night that I’d like to help you relax and show my thanks today.”

“You’re such a beautiful young lady,” Kansas said, continuing to caress her niece’s face with the back of her fingers. She could see the emotion welling up in the girl’s eyes.

“If you let us stay,” Talia kissed her aunt again, “I’ll do this for you every morning.”

“Bella mia, you don’t have to—”

“I want to,” Talia said sweetly. “And I’d like to include Nikki and Shay, too. How better to show our love to you, than to pleasure you?”

Did she just say Nikki and Shay? What did they have to do with this? Talia was planning to have sex with them? Worse, she planned on making it one big family affair.

“Your cousins, too?” Kansas kissed the girl’s beautiful lips.

“All of us,” Talia replied after kissing her in return. “Imagine watching Shay, naked, eating my pussy. Nikki licking yours. Mamma, too, of course.”

Kansas grabbed Talia and roughly tossed her onto her back. “You’re a naughty girl,” Kansas said. “If you want to be a dirty little slut like your mother, that’s fine. But, don’t bring my girls into this. Understood?”

Talia was clearly shocked. Kansas looked down into those bright brown eyes and saw fear and shame. The idea of watching her youngest daughter fuck her sexy younger cousin was admittedly a turn on, but she couldn’t imagine, or allow herself to imagine, fucking her daughters herself. That was a line she wasn’t sure she’d be willing to cross.

“I…I’m sorry—” Talia said, obviously not expecting to incur the wrath of her aunt.

“It’s fine,” Kansas said, before pulling Talia’s bra straps off her shoulders. “You want to fuck my girls, bella, fine. But I won’t have you thinking I’d fuck my daughters. Understood?”


“Fucking my bitch sister’s daughter,” Kansas’ words trailed as she unhooked Talia’s bra and tossed it onto the carpeted floor, “well that’s a different story.”

Those perfect perky young breasts. Kansas, straddled her niece’s tightly toned and youthful body, grasped both of the girl’s large fleshy orbs and gently squeezed. Her breasts were not as large as Nikki’s or Shay’s, Kansas had been buying them D-cup bras since they were in high school. These beauties, however, certainly put her mother and her aunt’s small mounds to shame.

Kansas pulled her hand back. She looked up at Talia’s eyes, wide with uncertainty. With a clenched jaw and deep jealousy, Kansas slapped her niece’s left breast. Hearing a whimpering cry, she wound up and slapped her again. The more Talia whimpered, the more satisfaction it brought to the woman more than two decades her senior.

“You like it rough?” Kansas asked.


“Oh, come on,” Kansas slapped her tanned breast again until the outline of her fingers began to show clearly on the young lady’s soft flesh. “You’re no virgin. Do you like it rough?”

“A little,” Talia replied.

Talia had been at a loss. She didn’t know how to react. When she seduced guys and girls in the past, they were subject to her will. If she told Vanessa, one of the girls on her varsity cheer-leading squad, to get down on her knees and eat her first pussy, the girl would do it; and she did. Talia had no powers of seduction over zia Kansas. It scared her.

The young sheep, staring up at her butcher, wondered what would happen next. Small nipples, small areola, matched her rather small bosom. Despite her age, they still perked liked a woman in her early-to-mid-thirties. Kansas always kept a beautifully trim figure, something Talia admired about her. Who wouldn’t want to look that sexy at forty-six?

Kansas shifted her body and lowered her face to Talia’s. While squeezing and kneading the beaten breast in her right hand, she took her niece’s lips with her own. The smooth soft flesh of youthfulness. Innocent beauty. Wetness gathered around Kansas’ labia, tickling the hairs at the bottom of her neatly trimmed strip.

Their kiss grew heated. Moaning as they devoured each other’s mouths. Talia’s tongue invaded her aunt’s saliva-laden chasm. At first their tongues grazed one another. Then, they dueled for the territory of Kansas’ mouth. The elder won. In victory, she invaded Talia’s orifice and proclaimed her dominance. Never had Talia felt so vulnerable.

“Up,” Kansas demanded.

Talia hesitated, confused.

“On all fours, come on,” said with another slap to the eighteen-year old’s breast. “Let me have a look at that ass.”

Talia lifted herself up, rubbing her sore breast, and turned on all fours with her ass in the air. Firm and round. The perfect ass, with plenty of jiggle that begged to be fucked and fucked hard. Kansas swung her head around and looked at the stack of boxes with her name on it. She hadn’t gone through them, yet. One of those boxes held her sex toys; always fresh and clean, because safety first. Fucking this nubile ass would be sweet, but she didn’t want to spend the time digging through her sealed belongings.

Giving up that idea in a hurry, Kansas grabbed the sides of Talia’s thin white boyshorts and yanked them off hard. The young lady’s booty bounced out of the garment. The elder looked down at the most inviting ass she’d ever seen. A tattoo, she hadn’t noticed before, adorned the young lady’s lower back. ‘Fate’, an infinity symbol below, and the word ‘love’ beneath that.

“Tell me, bella, have you ever been fucked in the ass?”


“You like it?”


Kansas slapped her niece’s bare bottom and watched it jiggle. Mmmm, to have an ass like that again, Kansas thought to herself. Just doesn’t bounce back like that anymore. She slapped one cheek, let her moan with approval, and kissed the other. Every bit of flesh on this young lady tasted sweet, ready to be devoured by lust.

A flurry of kisses down one cheek, then up the other. She slapped her ass again. Talia seemed to like it. Again and again until it garnered a crimson glow. With both hands cupping her firm rump, Kansas dove her face between those spread cheeks. Her tongue probed the young puckered hole, causing Talia’s back to arch.

Kansas never forgot her first time with a woman, whom at the time was also eighteen. She was the young lady’s designated driver at the end of a particularly eventful high school party. She helped her sober up and led her to bed. The pair slept together that night, platonically, and awoke the next morning. A short conversation, a passionate embrace, and finally the full expression of each other’s love. Kansas and her sister Krystal discovered a new passion for each other that night, and their togetherness surpassed anything either had felt before.

“You know, I’ve fucked your mother before,” Kansas said matter-of-factly.

“She told me,” Talia moaned as her aunt’s tongue continued teasing her.

Kansas stopped a moment. Last night. Their first night in the new place. The muffled screams and pleasured moans. That wasn’t the television…

“Tali, did you and your mom…?”

The young lady looked at zia Kansas behind her and smiled. “I missed her so much. We started talking. Then touching. Then…mmmm,” Talia’s jaw dropped when her lover’s tongue met the folds of her vagina.

Kansas used her thumb to rub Talia’s asshole, while she licked the girl’s pink vulva. She sucked her lips in and let them go with a pop. Her middle finger, after being coated in saliva, slid into her niece’s puckered hole. The taste of this young pussy on her lips drove Kansas crazy.

Talia continued watching her aunt eat her from behind. It felt incredible, the second time in as many days that she had her pussy eaten. Despite what zia Kansas said, Talia still wanted to fuck both Nikki and Shay. More out of curiosity than anything else. She also loved the idea of getting together as a family one day. Losing her father made her seek family togetherness all the more. What was more pure than being naked, unashamed, and pleasuring each other?

“Wait,” Talia said as she moved her body. “Lay down on your back and I’ll get on top of you.”

“Sixty-nine,” Kansas immediately recognized.

“I came in here to pleasure you.”

She laid down as Talia said and welcomed the tight young bottom on her face. It took a little more reaching, but Kansas’ middle finger found her niece’s hole again. The perfect little pussy, shaved bare, dropped down on her lips. This gave Kansas a deeper taste of the girl’s warm pink.

From the top, Talia looked down at her aunt’s pussy with its trimmed hairline. She rubbed the patch of hair first, noting the aroused scent seeping through. Zia Kansas was clearly wet. She wanted to be fucked, which made Talia wonder how long it had been. The hand that rubbed her patch of hair traveled up a little more, nearing the woman’s engorged clitoris.

It felt so good she thought she might pass out. Talia was blowing gently on her clit, stopping only to lick it. Her hand moved beyond to her wide-open hole. Wet lips parted. Longing to be fucked. The further the young tease went, the harder Kansas pulled her down onto her face; until she could almost eat the girl’s pussy and ass simultaneously. She couldn’t believe her sister Krystal fucked her own daughter, but now she couldn’t blame her.

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