Sex in a School

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The day started out like any other day, I woke from a pretty restful slumber, got dressed in some shorts and a tee shirt and headed down stairs for breakfast. It was Saturday morning and nothing to do but play video games. I had just recently turned 18 about 2 weeks ago. I’ve also graduated from High School several months ago, because I was able to get out of that hell hole early. However that doesn’t really matter.

As I was heading downstairs I heard my mom call out to me. “Jake! Jake! Hey, I’m not feeling too good today and I can’t make it into work, however It’s Saturday and the lady I was supposed to work with today is there, but no one else can get there in time. She’ll be alone for about 5 hours and that’s against policy. Could you go out there and stay until the other two ladies can get there, then you can come home and have the rest of the day to yourself?”

“Sure mom,” I told her, “I’ll get some breakfast and head out there in a few minutes.”

My mom was the branch manager out at this library that was connected with the school. She had just recently took over the school library and also had all of the books and movies from the public library to look after, that’s why everyone had to get up earlier now. I got dressed as quickly as I could and then grabbed my keys and was about to leave when I forgot to ask who it was I would be hanging out with.

“Hey mom! Who is out there?” I asked quizzically.

“Oh it’ll be Kat. She opened up half an hour ago and she knows I’m not coming in today. Have a good day sweetie!”

“Bye mom, love you.”

I ran out the door barley able to contain my excitement, Kat was the smoking hot woman, about 35 years old but still hot. The other two women who worked there were older ladies and not very attractive.

I gaziemir escort hoped in my car, started it up and then got out of there. I raced my way down the high way and finally got to the school. I saw the building in the distance, their school colors, opposite of my old school shown in the distance. They were my old high school rivals in almost every sport. I pulled into the parking lot, all void save for a few cars from teachers who had to work on Saturday. I pulled into a empty spot and turned off the engine. I checked my hair and breath, and then grabbed my backpack and headed in.

I was greeted instantly with a big hug from Kat. She had small but firm sized breasts and she pressed them into me fully. She also didn’t do the weird asses out hug she grinded up right against me, and even put more emphasis on the private to private parts. She then gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “I’m so glad your here! I haven’t seen you in forever! You’ve grown into such a strapping young man Jake!”

“Thanks Kat, you look good yourself, have you been working out?” I said jokingly.

“As a matter of fact I have, now cut the bullshit and lets go fuck.”

I was baffled by the blatant out burst, she was a married woman with a child. Of course I wanted to fuck her brains out but I had no idea she wanted me to fuck her.

“Come on Jake, no one is going to be here at all today, I’ll just lock it up and we can go into the school.”

“Whoa, whoa wait a minute. This is all unexpected and believe you me, I really want to do it… but, your married, you have a daughter that is roughly the same age as me.”

“Yeah so? I know you’ve fucked my daughter, I coaxed that information out of her myself, I’ve heard all about your dick… please, if my husband could bring me even half of that pleasure I got just by hearing it from my daughter I wouldn’t be doing this. I want you… and you want me. Now I’ll lock up the library and we’ll go into the school, that way if anyone else comes in here they won’t see us.”

Kat went over to the doors and locked them, she then went over to the door that lead to the high school and went in, followed by me, She locked that door behind us and then grabbed my hand and lead me to a classroom. The name tag on the door read Miss Jenkins: Math. Kat purred the word “Perfect” and then opened the door. I guess she had gotten a key from the janitors and the door opened right up. She then locked that behind us as well.

“Take a seat Jake. Welcome to detention, I’m Mrs. Kat Harris, but you can call me Kitty.”

Her red hair was in a tight bun this entire time, she was wearing slim librarian glasses and an almost see through blouse with a black bra and thong. Her skirt was black and raised higher than her knee. She unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse and leaned over the front of my desk and showed me her cleavage. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah… I really like it.”

I was in a trance, I heard he high heels echo through the room and her blouse was calling out to me. My boner in my pants was about to burst and I needed to fuck her. I stood up abruptly and went over to her.

“Yes Jake?” She asked in an innocent manner, I ripped her blouse off and picked her up and set her on the teachers desk. I grabbed her right breast with my left hand and undid her bra with my right hand. I grabbed the bra and slung it across the room. Her hands were busy as work as well, she undid my belt and pants and had them down in no time. I pulled my boxers down and then took my shirt off. I unzipped her skirt and then grabbed her thongs and ripped those off as well. We were now completely butt ass naked, and I couldn’t contain myself any more. I dove in balls deep, filling her up with my hard as a rock 7 and a half inch dick, I pumped in and out as hard as I could. She screamed in pain and agony.

“Oh my god! I’ve never had it this big before!” OHHH!!” She screamed out.

I was baffled by this as well, jesus… how small was her husbands dick? I always thought mine was small compared to others, I just always assumed I knew how to use it better than other guys.

I pounded her pussy harder and harder, she hadn’t been fucked in awhile as her pussy lips were so tight they squeezed everything from my dick. After only a couple minutes I unloaded all of it into her. Her pussy milked every last drop from me I could spare.

We hadn’t switched position from the standing position against the desk yet. I exited out from her and she turned me around and laid me on the desk. She got on top of me and lowered herself onto my hardening dick once more.

“I’ve always loved the cowgirl position” she said.

I nodded in agreement and she started to bounce on my dick. Now that she was in control, she too was holding nothing back. Her tits bounced furiously as she rode on my hard on. I grabbed her luscious tits with both hands and squeezed and grabbed them so she could steady herself as she was riding me harder and harder. All of a sudden a massive amount of pussy juices emptied out all over my dick and stomach. I unloaded once more into her and we both screamed in pleasure. She laid down on me and closed her eyes and whispered softy into my ear, “That was the best fuck ever. Maybe if we can convince her we can have a three way with my daughter?”

All I could say was, “Yes!” And we both fell asleep for an hour or so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32