Sex Fantasy

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One — Alex

Alex Hardy sat in his office looking out over the busy city as people swarmed around like ants in the concrete landscape below. His assistant, Simon poked his head around the door and said, ‘they are ready for you now, Mr Hardy’.

‘Oh, okay Simon, thanks, let’s go,’Alex said, pushing himself up from the plush leather swivel chair behind his desk.

Alex Hardy was the type of man that naturally attracted attention for all the right reasons. He exuded a certain sort of charisma and when he spoke, everyone listened; he could definitely command a room. He was a tall imposing man, dark brown hair with deep set brown eyes along with the build and broad shoulders of a rugby player.

The Hardy Reynolds Advertising Agency was a very successful media business, specialising in content management, social media as well as the more main stream print; magazines and television. There were plenty of high profile clients on their books but they were always keen to pitch for new ones.

The agency was buzzing with life as he walked past the desks and seating areas through the sleek open plan office to the large boardroom at the back. He had a big presentation to attend today; his team had been working on a pitch for weeks and had put together something special in order to win the business of an important blue chip account. It was standard practice for one of the directors, usually Alex, to act as the client playing devil’s advocate to help to hone the skills of the presenter as well as ensuring that the team had everything covered. As he sat watching the video and listening to the presenters, he decided that it was good, they had done a good job, professional, efficient compelling. Copy writing, graphics, marketing, social media, all the departments seemed to have pulled together on this one and this time he honestly could not find any flaws.

As everything concluded, Alex thanked everyone for their obvious hard work and told them he wanted ten minutes to digest everything and he would come back to the lead team with his comments soon.

It had been quite a long presentation and he had been tired today

Why was he so tired he wondered to himself.

Then he realised that he didn’t get much sleep last night; holy shit the woman was insatiable. He grinned at the thought of Olivia on her knees in front of him licking his legs, licking his balls, sucking his cock. Blast, there it was again; the lust, the fire – he could feel his arousal begin again right down in his core. He ran his hand through his dark hair and chuckled softly to himself – feeling horny could feel so damned good. Maybe it was time to teach her the real meaning of marvellously rough and staggeringly gentle – an expression that Olivia frequently threw at him as the way that real lovers should be. He usually responded by simply saying careful what you wish for and she would just laugh.

But they had their moments;

Alex would push her against the wall and pin her arms over her head and trail his hands and fingers across her body, kissing and biting her neck — he drove her crazy and he knew it. She would always protest. But her sexy cries and the way she responded to him just fired him and pushed him further. He would throw her down on the bed and push her legs apart, feeling for her wetness with his fingers before just slamming his hard cock into her and pumping like a fast moving piston.

Then she would kiss him with her sweet mouth until her gentleness almost overwhelmed him and he would caress her tenderly, lovingly, moving slowly inside her, finding every spot, every nerve taking her right to the edge until she called his name in a blissful release.

A beep from his phone interrupted his thoughts and he picked it up to look at a text message.

It was a photo of her spread eagled, exposed, with a look of ecstasy on her face as her fingers disappeared into her glistening sex. There was a simple message – want to get marvellously rough and staggeringly gentle with me soon?

‘Sweet Jesus, Olivia,’ he muttered, feeling a stirring in his groin

‘Problem Boss?’ Simon, his assistant asked as he continued to tidy up the scattered paperwork and flip chart at the other end of the boardroom.

‘No, no everything is fine. Something has come up,’ Alex said without any irony. ‘I’ve got to go out sooner than I had planned. Let them know that the presentation was fine will you Simon? I’ll be here for a while. I have a few things to attend to before I leave so I’ll see you later.’

Simon knew better than to ask Alex for any details like, what time he might be back or where was he going. His boss was a calm, decent man but he had a fiery temper and would ‘not be interrogated’ as he had called it by his own assistant. So Simon just used his own initiative and stayed quiet, but went on to manoeuvre Alex’s appointments around where necessary.

As Alex walked back to his office, his mind went off on a tangent and he remembered how he had first met Olivia in the local pub, both there to indulge Ümraniye Escort their mutual love of watching live music. She had managed to shoehorn her body into a seat at the long bar and he had managed to spill some of his beer over her whilst trying to find some bar leaning space. After an apology and a few minutes shouting incoherently at each other because of the loud music, they had agreed to talk further when the band took a break and it became possible to actually speak without shouting.

As they talked, he discovered that she was a junior college lecturer specialising in business management; confident, sassy, self opinionated and marginally arrogant. She was also, as far as he was concerned, unmistakably sexy with pale freckly skin, red hair and wonderful bright green eyes. Alex knew he wanted her right away and she seemed to like him too.

She refused to give him her phone number when he asked, claiming that she just didn’t give out her number to every stranger that wanted it. ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘I know how to solve this. Come to bed with me and then we won’t be strangers anymore.’

That had at least made her laugh; ‘Erm, an interesting offer but I don’t think so,’ she responded.

He persisted – he liked their banter, ‘So you’ve got to tell me how I can become more than a stranger?’ he asked sincerely.

She thought for a moment.’You could start by telling me your name,’ she said.

He told her his name was Alex and then he went on to tell her more about himself — his likes and dislikes, music and so on.

She had still played a little hard to get but slowly he wore her down and once they began, they were just like fuel and matches. They clicked, they sparked and they fucked in every possible way, and the lust between them seemed to burn like a fire, so their sex was awesome. Sometimes they had dinner or met in that same pub and they would flirt and tease each other over a drink. They talked business and politics and touched on holidays, but their most favourite subject was sex. They talked about sex and fantasy, bucket lists and fucket lists and almost everything in between. He knew that she liked him to be dominant, which frankly was just as well because he didn’t want it any other way, although there were those times when gentle sweet lovemaking was pretty bloody marvellous too – providing he still controlled the situation, he would be happy.

Chapter Two – Olivia

She had wanted to see Twisted Tinsel, the truly excellent blues band, for ages and now they were coming to play a free gig at the Kick and Donkey, her local pub and she didn’t intend to miss it. She loved live music at little venues, but most of her friends were more into DJ’s and hip hop or dub step whilst she liked traditional blues and rock. Olivia had done her best to persuade her best friend Janey to come along to the gig with her, but Janey thought it would be ‘too loud and too crowded’ and didn’t want to go.

So damn them all, she would go on her own. She pushed her way through to the bar and, spotting a bar stool, she squeezed her way in to sit at what she thought would probably be the best seat in the house.

Then some idiot standing behind her sloshed beer all over the shoulder of her shirt and then proceeded to shout so loudly in her ear that it almost hurt and she still couldn’t understand what he said. Olivia had been jammed in so tightly that couldn’t actually turn around to see the culprit. She thought that he was probably a drunk and cursed her luck that she always seemed to be the drunk magnet or the creep magnate. For once, why couldn’t she be the tall dark and handsome magnate – just for a change?

Then the music stopped as the band announced they were going to take a break and a deep sexy male voice said in her ear, ‘I’m so terribly sorry about spilling that beer on your dress, can I get you a drink as a way of an apology,’ As the voice moved around to stand in front of her she looked up, straight into the deep brown eyes of a the most stunning man she had seen in a long time. He must have been over 6ft tall and very broad and fit looking — his shirt was slightly unbuttoned and she couldn’t help but stare at the way it pulled slightly across his chest. She instantly wondered how it would feel to trail her fingers across his naked skin.

‘So what can I get you?’ he asked.

‘Eh what?’ she said distractedly.

‘What can I get you… to drink?’

‘Oh right, she said, putting all those bad thoughts out of her mind.

‘I’ll have gin and tonic please, ‘she said, composing herself a little.

‘Great band aren’t they? he said, and she agreed and they just glided into conversation from that point on. They talked a little about their respective careers and she learnt that he was head of an ad agency, but all too soon the music started again and it was impossible to talk. When the band finally finished she was secretly pleased that he was still close by and he came back over to the bar and asked straight out for her phone İstanbul Escort number. She liked him; he was flirty, confident, funny and intelligent, but very arrogant. She liked an alpha male – someone that could handle themselves – knew what they wanted and how to go about getting it. She knew without a doubt that she wanted him to phone her, hell she wanted him to do all sorts of things, but she liked to play a guessing game for a while, just to find out how much he wanted to see her. She hoped that he would relish a little challenge and that her pretended reticence might just fire him up a little more.

In the end, she did give him her number and they spoke more, they sent texts and emails and then finally she agreed to meet him again.

She told herself that she definitely would not have sex with him on their first date – she would be suggestive, flirty even, tease a little, but under no circumstances would she have sex on their first date. She had to know more about him. How would he react to her sexual wants and needs – was he weak, did he like to dominate or be dominated, was he into kinks, a sadist maybe or was he just a vanilla man? Thinking about sex with this man was enough to make her a little hot, damn him. She told herself to be careful.

Alex picked her up at her apartment and they sped away in his flashy Jaguar with some kind of blues playing on the music system.

The evening was great, they had dinner, he’d bought champagne, they talked about all sorts of things and especially about sex all evening. Somehow she had agreed to go back to his apartment for a night cap. Was she nuts?

What a place. The apartment over looked Regents Park and inside it was absolutely stunning. Huge rooms, sparsely but tastefully furnished. Dark moody landscapes dotted the walls and low lights cast a sort of magical ambience around the whole room and she wandered around looking at each piece of artwork.

‘Come over here,’ he demanded, ‘I want to kiss you.’ She hesitated just for a moment.

‘Now,’ he said. She should have held her ground, she should have laughed or asked him a question about the art on the walls but his arrogant demand had somehow had left her with no choice. She walked over and stopped in front of him; he looked at her then grabbed her long red hair and pulled her head back and kissed her forcefully on the mouth. Their tongues danced, their teeth crashed, she responded just as forcefully and his hands went around her and he pulled her into his body while his mouth pulled away from hers.

‘Open your eyes Olivia,’ he said, and he continued to pull her body in tight to his.

‘Can you feel that? Can you feel my hard cock?’ Still caught up in the kiss she said nothing. ‘Answer me,’ he demanded.

‘Yes, I can feel it,’ she whispered.

‘I am so hard for you and I’m sure that if I pushed my fingers into your sex I would find you dripping wet for me – is that right?’ he asked, ‘is that right?’

‘Look, if we are going to get along you are going to have to answer me, okay?’ he said, a little more gently.

‘Yes yes,’ she said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m just a little — shell shocked.’

‘But fucking horny,’ he said with a chuckle.

He released his tight grip for a moment and she stepped away and moved quickly toward the door.

‘I might be horny,’ she said, ‘and I might be very wet, but that really is for me to know and for you to find out,’ and she giggled and ran to the door.

‘Don’t mess with me Olivia, you will be sorry,’ he said, trying to sound angry but laughing too. He began to stride over to her and she squealed and ran around him making her way across the room.

He moved closer and they began to circle each other, like wrestlers in a ring playing up to the audience.

‘I can see that you are in need of slap or two on that wonderful backside of yours and I’m sure that we will get to that, but that will have to wait because, my sweet, I’m going to fuck you so hard when I get my hands on you,’ he said, and he took one big step forward and enveloped her in his big arms and walked her backwards and pushed her against the wall. He caught hold of her wrists and moved them up over her head, holding them in place with one big hand. He began to kiss her again whilst his free hand moved down to the hem of her dress. He felt underneath for her panties and then, finding her wet, he pushed his fingers inside her making her cry out.

‘Oh God,’ she cried, and she moaned and writhed against the wall but his grip held firm, ‘No no,’ she said.

He hesitated for the merest instant, he released her hands and the wonderful motion of his probing fingers stopped and her eyes flew open. She missed the restraint, she missed the sensual feel of him touching her so forcefully and he caught her eyes with a hungry glare. ‘Do you want me to stop Olivia? Tell me, do you want me to stop.’

She looked at him now so hot and hungry and her hands went to his chest and she began to slowly unfasten the buttons of his shirt as she held Anadolu Yakası Escort his gaze with a wanton stare.

That was answer enough and he grabbed her hand and dragged her through to the bedroom and pushed her down on his big bed. As she lay there panting, he unbuckled his belt and moved his boxers down to reveal a huge erect cock and she gasped.

‘I hope you are ready Olivia, I’ve got you now and I intend to have you,’ he said. He pulled up her dress and pulled her panties to one side and plunged into her, fucking her almost senseless as he pounded into her wet pussy. He seemed to find every nerve, every ridge, every sensitive spot as he moved around inside her. He was so big he stretched her, but she loved it -hot flames of passion burned her body as she felt him pushing and grinding into her.

‘I want you to slow down,’ she said, ‘go slower because I’m going to squeeze your cock inside me so tightly and it will feel like a fist. Tell me how that feels.’….. And that’s how the night progressed, they were both insatiable.

Chapter Three — John

Alex continued to shuffle through his papers but he couldn’t resist looking at his phone again. Damn her, he couldn’t help it. Fucker he thought. I can’t let her get away with it he thought to himself, I have to teach her who is boss and he knew that she would love it and he knew that his new friend John would be delighted; John had already been pushing him for date.

He’d met John at rugby and they seemed to get along well from the start. They had been to the pub a few times to share a beer and they had been to a couple of clubs with the rest of the team too. John had confided in Alex about his girl friend, well ex girlfriend — she had moved to Australia a couple of months earlier. He went on to admit that sex with her had been stunning. ‘It was just like a fucking fire,’ he said, ‘and honestly I miss it.’

As they moved on to Brandy in the little club they were in, Alex told him about Olivia and he said that she was virtually insatiable. Then he surprised them both by saying that he was looking for a man to join them, probably just once because he wanted to surprise her and he thought that John could be that man.

‘What do you have in mind then,’ John asked, frustration making him keen for virtually any kind of sex. They had talked about a plan and Alex explained how he wanted things to go as well as what he wanted John to do and what he should bring.

‘Hell man it sounds like you like this woman, so are you sure about this? ‘John asked.

‘Oh yes,’ said Alex, ‘I’m positive.’

Finally, Alex told John that he would text him using the word that they had agreed on at some future point when the time was right, although Alex said that there were no guarantees when it would happen.

But now, Alex had decided that the day had come.

Alex had considered making her wait longer for a reply, he absolutely knew that it would make her crazy, but he had decided to execute his plan with John and so he needed her to get things ready and be available without giving too much away.

So he dialled her number and she picked up right away ‘Hello you,’ she said, ‘I presume that you got my message?’

‘I did,’ he said, ‘thank you. Now I want you to do exactly as I say without question – understand?’

She recognised that steely edge in his voice and a small thrill went through her as she wondered what he might have in mind.

‘Yes, I understand,’ she said.

‘Good, it’s very important that you follow my instruction to the letter, no mistakes,’ he replied.

Once he was certain that she knew what she had to, he sent a message to his friend John which said simply, Slave! Tonight, seven thirty – get close by, I’ll call you. A.

John had responded almost immediately, saying that he had been looking forward to it. Now, as Alex went up in the lift, he felt his body stir involuntarily and hell, he felt so damned horny at the thought of what would happen tonight.

Alex let himself into the apartment and walked into the big room, confident that Olivia would have done exactly what he had asked and that she would have prepared the scene.

His cock twitched as he saw her naked in the middle of the floor on her knees, her eyes covered with a black blindfold to obscure her sight and her head pressed down onto the floor in an act of sublime submission.

Two long silk scarves were laid out next to her like coloured snakes about to strike!

She must have heard his footsteps and took a deep, slightly shaky breath as she felt him slide slowly into the big chair behind her.

As instructed, a bottle of Rioja sat opened alongside a deep bowl wine glass on the small table next to where he sat and he smiled to himself as he poured a glass of the red wine, taking a sip as he studied the scene in silence.

For Olivia, it was torture; she waited and wondered – just screaming inside for Alex to do something, anything.

But his instructions had been clear; if she moved, spoke or responded in any way, he would leave and the game would be over and she wanted this game, although she had no idea what to expect. Alex never disappointed her, he always thrilled her and she wanted to experience everything with him and oh God, it was so horny not knowing.

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