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“Want to see something really cool?” Ralph asked.

Ralph and I were sitting on the bench seat from an old pickup in the hayloft of the barn behind his parent’s house. Suburban sprawl had invaded the old farm’s land and the barn was a disused relic of the rural past. The hayloft was a nice private space where Ralph and I could hide out and talk about important matters, such as our burgeoning sexuality.

Without waiting for my assent, Ralph got up and retrieved an object from the secret hiding place under a loose floorboard. “I found this in the street yesterday,” he said as he handed it to me.

It was a thick magazine, printed on glossy paper. The title “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality” was superimposed over a black and white photograph of a man and woman’s faces with their mouths open and the tips of their tongues touching.

The magazine had either been carelessly lost or hastily discarded. It was slightly crumpled and there was a tire track across the cover. I guessed that it had been run over before Ralph found it.

The text, credited to “S. Richard Broadman, Ph.D.,” was a fairly detailed dissertation on male-female sexuality, discussing anatomy, psychology and giving detailed descriptions of wide range of sex acts and techniques.

I didn’t spend much time on the words, though. It was the pictures that grabbed my attention.

There were close-ups of erect penises and open vaginas. Some of the close-ups in the “anatomy” section were labeled, introducing me to a large number of new terms: “urethra, glans, foreskin, shaft, scrotum, labia and clitoris.”

Most of the pictures were educational in a different way. They were simply very explicit photos of men and women having sex. Women were stroking, licking and sucking penises. Men were sticking their tongues and fingers into open vaginas and licking clitorises. There were some disgusting shots of men licking women’s assholes. There were pictures of men and women fucking in every possible position, often in groups. There were lots of photos of women stimulating each other while men fucked them. There were disturbingly arousing pictures of women getting ass fucked.

In one series, a woman sucked a man’s cock while two more men fucked her vagina and anus simultaneously. The final pages featured a woman sticking a strapped-on dildo up a man’s butt while he fucked another woman.

My penis was painfully swollen. When I glanced over at Ralph, I saw that he had a similar bulge in his pants. I was wondering what to say when we heard his mother calling, “Ralph, it’s time for supper.”

Ralph quickly put the magazine back in its hiding place and we scrambled down the ladder. It was growing dark, so I stopped behind the barn and jacked off before going home.

I wanted to spend a lot more time with “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality,” but Ralph and his parents left on a three week vacation the next day. His dad locked the barn, making the magazine inaccessible.

* * *

I visited Ralph the day he got back from vacation. As soon as we’d climbed up into the hayloft he pulled out the magazine, saying “I’ll bet you want to see this again.”

“I sure do,” I answered. “I’ve been thinking about it every day since you left.”

We looked through the magazine together, occasionally commenting on the pictures. “My cock hurts,” I finally announced. “It’s so hard, I can hardly stand having it trapped in my pants.”

Ralph hesitated a long time before answering. “My cock’s pretty hard, too,” he finally agreed.

“I really need to take my cock out,” I continued, observing that Ralph’s crotch bulge was getting bigger. “Is that OK?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Ralph seemed to be having trouble speaking.

I immediately stood up and unfastened my jeans. An instant later, I had dropped my pants and shorts around my ankles, allowing my cock to snap to attention. “That’s better,” I sighed, sinking back onto the bench seat. “That magazine’s made me so horny I’ve jerked off dozens of times thinking about it.”

Ralph was staring at my erect penis Betturkey as if hypnotized. We’d seen each other naked before, while changing into swim suits or getting ready for bed while sleeping over, but we’d never seen each other hard.

“I’ll bet you’ve jerked off while looking at those pictures,” I continued.

Ralph nodded.

“My cock still hurts,” I said. “I’ve got to do something about it.”

Ralph continued staring as I wrapped my hand around my erect member and began slowly stroking it.

“You look like you need this as much as I do,” I said, looking down at Ralph’s lap. He’d moved his hand to cover his crotch. It was hard to tell if he was trying to hide his penis or caressing it. “Come on and do it with me.”

Ralph hesitated briefly, then pulled his pants and shorts down.

I stared at his stiff dick with undisguised admiration. “You’re a lot bigger than I am,” I said. “You’re really going to make the girls happy.”

We slowly stroked our cocks as we turned pages. “Look at this series with two men and a woman,” I said. “Wouldn’t you love to have her up here with us right now?”

“Yeah,” Ralph said hoarsely.

“We’d be standing up like those guys with her kneeling between us, alternating between sucking your cock and my cock, getting us both good and hard . . . finally taking both our dicks in her mouth at the same time . . . licking our cock heads . . .”

“Now, she’s getting on her back and opening her legs,” I continued. “Do you want to be the guy going down on her?”

“No, you go ahead.” Ralph was almost totally lost in the photos, the fantasy and the sensation of his hand stroking his penis.

“OK, I’ll eat her out while she sucks your cock some more,” I said. “I’m opening her snatch and sticking my tongue up it. She’s starting to squirm. She’d be moaning by now if she didn’t have her mouth full. She’s sucking you real hard, isn’t she?”

Although my description of the imaginary action was following the series of photos, I was really focusing on Ralph’s cock. Its head was slick with pre-cum and he was rapidly approaching climax.

“You don’t want to come this fast,” I said. “Pull your cock out of her mouth and let her suck your nuts while you play with her tits.” Ralph let go of his cock and began caressing his balls, while he stared at a close-up of the woman’s swollen nipples.

“She’s really hot and wet,” I announced a bit later. “Do you want to fuck her first?”

“Yeah,” Ralph gasped. “I’m gonna fuck the hell out of her.”

“Shove your big fat cock up her tight hot pussy,” I commanded. “Ram it into her cunt while she sucks my dick.” Ralph was staring at a photo of the intertwined trio. I was staring at his fist flying over his penis. “Fuck her hard, Ralph . . . listen to her begging . . . fuck me baby . . . fuck my hot snatch! . . . Shoot your load up my tight cunt!! . . . Spray that man juice into my hot wet pussy!!! . . . Fill me with your hot cum!!!!”

Ralph screamed as the first wave of cum burst from his penis. The sight was enough to set me off. Our twin jets of semen met in the air and splashed to the floor together.

That experience broke the ice, like I’d hoped. Ralph and I beat off together several times in the next week. I discovered I was quite good at making up stories to match the pictures. I looked at him almost exclusively as we masturbated, while he continued to stare at the pictures in the magazine. As our sessions continued, I noticed that he started sneaking looks at me.

I was ready to fuck and get fucked for real, but I was afraid of pushing Ralph too fast. All I could do was fantasize. My fantasies were growing stronger every day.

* * *

I spent Saturday night with Ralph. We were “camping out” in the barn. We hauled an old mattress from the basement up into the hayloft and put our sleeping bags on top of it.

“I’ve got a surprise for you tonight,” I said, digging into my knapsack. “I found my sister Susan’s pot stash. She has a big bag and I figured she wouldn’t miss a couple of buds.”

“Cool,” Ralph said, holding up the baggie Betturkey Giriş I handed him and admiring its contents. “I’ve never smoked pot before. Do you know how to roll a joint?”

“I smoked a couple of times with Billy before he moved away,” I answered. “I can’t roll a joint, but I brought this little brass pipe. I found it in a box of Mom and Dad’s old stuff in the attic.”

I crushed a bit of the pot into the pipe. “The trick is to inhale real gently until you get used to doing it,” I said. “Otherwise you’ll cough your lungs out.”

I lit the pipe, inhaled carefully, then passed the pipe to Ralph. He coughed a little, but managed to hold most of the smoke in. After we’d each taken a few puffs, I felt both dreamy and intensely aware of my surroundings and my own body. I was also so incredibly horny I thought I’d die if I didn’t have Ralph for real tonight.

Ralph had a silly grin on his face and a gigantic bulge in his pants. “This is great,” he said. “I feel like I’m floating. I sure wish I had a real girlfriend, though,” he added, rubbing his crotch.

I pulled the magazine out of its hiding place and turned pages until I found a specific picture. “Look at this,” I said. “It’s a close-up of an open vagina. This little thing here is her clitoris. Stimulating that is what makes women have orgasms.” I’d been reading the text as well as looking at the pictures.

“Wow,” Ralph marveled. “It looks like a tiny little dick.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You make a girl come by licking it, sucking it or rubbing it with your cock while you fuck her.”

“I want to fuck a girl for real!” Ralph exclaimed.

Things were moving in exactly the direction I wanted. “Do you know I’ve been making out with Linda Kelso?” I asked. That was partially true. At Linda’s last birthday party, she’d pulled me into an empty room, whispered “I like you so much,” and kissed me enthusiastically and thoroughly. I’d kissed her a few times since then, but I hadn’t worked up the nerve to try tongue kissing or copping a serious feel.

“Are you fucking her?” Ralph asked.

“Nowhere near. That’s why I’m so horny all the time, just like you.” Now, I was moving in for the kill. “What I really want you to know is what Linda told me about Sandra Akes.”

“What about Sandra?” Ralph demanded. He’d had a hard-on for Sandra since she grew breasts.

“Sandra has a crush on you, but she’s too shy to do or say anything about it.” Linda had never said anything like that to me, but it made Ralph even more horny.

“I think I’m going to die if I don’t have sex for real!” Ralph exclaimed.

“I feel the same way,” I said. “I want to fuck Linda all the time, but I’m afraid to push too hard and maybe scare her off.”

“Let’s face it,” I continued. “I can’t fuck Linda and you can’t fuck Sandra. Not yet. Certainly not tonight. But we can fuck.”

“What?” Ralph was startled for a second. “You mean you and me?”

“Sure. Why not? We’re both horny as hell and we could fuck right now.”

Ralph was silent for a long time, but I could tell he’d already made up his mind to do it. “How do we do it?” he finally asked.

“I’ll show you,” I answered, moving forward until our bodies were almost touching. “Let’s practice what we’ll do when we get Linda and Sandra.”

Without another word, I put my arms around him and pressed my lips against his.

Startled, Ralph tried to jerk away, but I held him. “You want to learn how to kiss,” I told him. “Girls are really big on kissing. Pretend I’m a girl.”

Ralph’s body was stiff as we resumed kissing, but he relaxed quickly and started getting into it. When I started giving him tongue, he held me tightly and responded eagerly. Eventually, I pulled my mouth away from his. “You’re a great kisser,” I whispered. “Now, let’s get undressed.”

It only took moments to strip. When Ralph tried to move back into my arms, I briefly held him at arms length. “You have a beautiful body,” I told him.

“Thanks,” Ralph replied. “Uh, so do you. What do we do now?”

“A lot of people think it’s romantic to turn Betturkey Güncel Giriş the lights down, but I think sex is better when you can see everything. What do you want?”

Ralph didn’t hesitate. “We’ll leave them on.”

“Good,” I said, moving over to the mattress and lying on my back. “Come kiss me some more. Kiss my face and ears and neck.”

Ralph climbed on top of me and we resumed kissing. I was incredibly stimulated. “Suck my tits,” I eventually gasped. He eagerly moved to comply. I was as flat chested as any other boy, but it felt wonderful having Ralph lick and suck my nipples. He wasn’t really pretending I was a girl any more, if he ever had been. He’d just needed an excuse to do what he wanted. He was rapidly realizing that with sex, the physical and emotional interaction with another person was more important than the gender of his partner.

“Stop,” I finally gasped. Ralph looked startled. “Roll over onto your back,” I ordered. I gripped his shaft with one hand and started licking his cock-head like an ice cream cone. Pre-cum was leaking out of his little slit. Tonguing it off just increased the rate of flow. My hand was soon slippery with his juice.

I stroked Ralph’s shaft and caressed his glans with my slick fingers as I sucked his nuts – first one ball, then the other, and finally both in my mouth at once. I could tell he was getting close. I took his penis into my mouth and sucked him until he screamed and shot hot boy juice down my throat.

When he was finally spent, I moved to straddle his chest with my own erect penis positioned over his face. Ralph stared at it hungrily for long seconds. “Eat me!” I commanded, pressing my cock head against his lips.

Ralph’s inhibitions were long gone. He sucked and licked my cock and balls enthusiastically. “I’m going to come,” I gasped an instant before my throbbing member began spurting in his mouth.

After I finished coming, I lay beside Ralph. We kissed and fondled each other until we were hard again.

I got up, pulled the tube of lubricant I’d borrowed from my brother Larry out of my knapsack and handed it to Ralph. Seconds later, I was lying on my back on the mattress with my butt in the air. Ralph got the idea instantly. He greased his stiff prick and pressed it against my asshole. “Go slow at first,” I whispered.

Ralph entered me with a long slow stroke. Seconds later, I said, “Your balls are pressing against my butt. Your cock’s all the way up my asshole.”

“I almost shot while I was sliding it in,” Ralph said. There was an expression of wonder on his face. “I’m really fucking . . . We’re really fucking . . .”

“Yeah,” I answered. “You’re fucking my ass. Go slow until you’re sure you won’t come too soon. I want you to fuck me for a long time. Your big hard cock feels so good in my asshole.”

I moaned with pleasure as he took me, slowly at first, then with increasing speed and violence as he became confident in his control. “Fuck me . . . fuck me hard . . .” I screamed as he hammered my ass.

After a long ecstatic pounding, Ralph screamed and flooded my ass with hot cum. Finally spent, he collapsed onto my chest, gasping for breath. I could feel his cock, still deep inside me, gradually soften as his pounding heart slowed.

Ralph finally raised himself to his knees and looked down at me affectionately. He wrapped a greasy hand around my still-hard cock and stroked it until cum splashed over my chest and face. Then he lowered himself back onto my chest and kissed me.

Later, we slipped out behind the barn to wash ourselves off with the garden hose. Then, we got into 69 position and sucked each other’s dicks until we both came. After that, I fucked Ralph’s ass. He came when he felt me shooting inside his butt. We fell asleep in each others arms.

We woke up before dawn and fucked each other again. I admitted to Ralph that this hadn’t been my first sexual experience with a boy, but he’d already figured that out.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright (c) 2003 by Ken James

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

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