Sex Between Friends

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Never have I feared anything in my life, especially amongst friends. But one day something extraordinary happens, something I cannot explain or jots down on a piece of plan paper between two people with basically the same exact things in common.

Lesley is an exchange student from France that no one in school really enjoys being around, nor cares too much for because of her tom-boyish features and arrogant ways about this pretty girl.

In gym class I would find myself unconsciously preying Lesley’s fascinating mind and body, excepting the thought that she was a loner, gifted tumbler and rope climber. Extraordinary biceps, leg muscles, and small chest size that could very easily fit inside my tiny hands.

Even after gym class I found myself admiring this French girls fine features down stairs in the locker room, gloating over the small patch of body hair of jet-black between her legs and tiny almond nipples centered perfectly atop her petite tiny breasts. Compared to my own, two sizes too small. But overall she is a perfect 10! Tossing and churning each and every night I lay my pretty head to rest I would think about Lesley, constantly figuring out in my head why I am so damn attracted to this powerful girl with not so much sex appeal or even a glimpse of smarts. Having being held back a year (12th grade) in France due to lack of concentration to details.

Sometimes I would awaken in a pool of sweat, dreaming about her with sexual pleasures in mind. Obeying her every wild thought and commanding voice during my nightly cravings that would always make me feel like I was, too, so gifted in many ways. Walking her to every class and in two of them I would sit directly behind Lesley to eyeball her naked spine bone. Glance down the opening of her loose jeans and discover that Lesley wore no undies, and the softness of her deep dark short hair I want desperately to touch and comb.

Never have I felt so spontaneous, so torn apart by her manly walk, her openly minded words even if they do hurt people that I once was so close too. Now more distant than ever.

Lesley was the type that would tell you what she thought, what she wants to do, and get inside your head with mixed emotions raging between her ears of what her desires are and how many of them she wants to share. But even as I leave for home I unconsciously vision her and me in the middle of a cornfield covered in dirt or in my bed where we play spin the bottle together, alone şişli eskort on my canopy bed wearing only our T-shirt and see-thru bikini underwear. Yearning to hear a bit more of that sexy accent of hers.
Her voice can be rough and dangerous at times and other times so delicately sweet and very possessive and deceiving. So deceiving that I find myself with one hand down the front of my tight pants when a teacher would call on her to answer a question and responding with an off the wall answer. Knowing now why I wasn’t really attracted to boys like I thought I was.

Finely I broke down the barrier, internal walls of Lesley’s mind, when we were all alone in the locker room after volleyball practice. Both hot and sweaty after the loss last night that Miss Smith wasn’t appreciative of our performance with the team we should have scored more points against. But the only scoring I am able to concentrate on right now is with this lovely girl standing naked under the misty steamy water, with uncanny curves that she shouldn’t have, but does. My body was feeling quite irritable, numb, quite obnoxious and stimulated by the way she was washing her breasts and small patch of hairs with the wet cloth in such a manner. Like she was inviting me in her own careful way for me to come and soothe her creamy soft flesh.

My body continues to absorb this creature from across the high sea. Witness the antics in her cluttered mind, and to desire the wholesome and innocent stares she sends to my visions as I undress myself from the tight shorts and soiled shirt without as much as a bat of my lovely eyes. Studying her all the more as my tan body works closer to her, trembling, of warm kind vibes that spreads to her as well. Viewing the weakness she yearns to shield from the world, shield from me right now. But the closer I become to this wonderful feline exposing herself to me, the more exceptable, more vondable she gets. Desiring my well-rounded bosoms with two rosy tips and fullness below my sunken navel, trimmed to perfection in a modest triangular style of dishwater blonde.

As my hands reacted to hers, I felt a sensation mounting. Kind that only two in love can enjoy. Wrapping my arm around her neck as I felt Lesley’s hard nipples against mine, her fingers on my hips and working gingerly downward to my wet vagina as my lips casually connect with hers and pierce the tongue loosely inside my mouth with a tender bite. Bite not too hard or soft. Then touching escort bayan şişli each other all over under the hot water, both relishing the thought of each other’s tongue working between our limber legs or nestling one another’s bosoms to endure we both want to feel.

My body was tense, hungry, and filling up with more adventure then ever with a boy. Walking my lover towards the clammy wet walls, pubic fiber as one, while I caress softly her tiny breasts with both hands as we kiss. Pressing her body hard against the shower wall. Understanding how we really felt, how we want to feel, and wondering who would be held down on the water filled floor the longest and who would submit first.

My body went numb as I continue to alter these twin, fine tissues, and nestle along her throbbing neck. Rubbing my thick pasture of love with one hand and massaging my scalp with the other does Lesley. Constantly involving our lips and hands as we struggle for this spontaneous combustion soaring through the membranes of our hideous minds. Gathering up the missing pieces as we hold our ground, face the fact that we both were meant to be together forever and a day.

Lesley’s wet pussy was tearing me apart; massaging my own hairs with up and down strokes and side to side ones, while my hands felt the contour of her gifted hips swaying in place as she grew more and more hungry for my mouth and enticing words I spoke of. Where my taste buds would be used and how much power each one would be given.

Suddenly I found myself face down in the warm liquid and Lesley atop of my tan spine. Licking behind my ears, drawing obscene pictures along my spine and rump. Outlining every curve of my beautiful built with both hands softly along one side or the other after she had quickly taken me gently down to the wet flooring to mount me.

Carefully I felt her rolling me over between her tight muscle bound legs, bent to fit either of my naked hips. Gazing with lusty eyes forming inside my head as I felt the passion she so held back for years in each of her moist kisses. With the hard water crashing our bones as Lesley begins to leave my lips, hamper my rounded breasts, down she went to my wet orchard after the last set of fingers had left my sore erect rosy nipples.

I could almost hear the softness in her taste buds going over the tips of my wet pussy hair. Her soft coos! Her water log fingers parting my folds delicately while alongside her şişli escort bayan mouth, ramming me in and out as I spread farther apart my tender legs and run my fingers through her short hair the way I always had intended to do in my dreams. Thrusting upwards her face, side to side my hips went to enjoy the warmth of her heavy breathing and the filling of her once vacate lot with my humble ability to climax into.

My deepest of appreciations grew fonder, more loving, when I felt this urge to surrender myself surging within me. Such a passion and thrill of making it with Lesley from across the high seas, delivering not temptation, but evil, to her own beautiful body.

Neither of us has ever been loved like this, or even wanted to be enjoyed by one another a year ago. But as the seeds were being sewed inside her, I quickly roll Lesley over to love on her tiny boobs, to give her a piece of me no boy has ever been given.
Surrendering my hands to her breasts to squeeze, while I float like a butterfly down her front, leaving wholesome trails of my presence behind, of moist rich saliva and drawing little circles along each open pore. When suddenly I was face to face with such a gift. Presenting to my sultry stares and hungry eyes a small patch of filament so damn cute and uninviting to the member of the opposite gender.

Suddenly Lesley’s eyes fills up with passion, desire, and a host of many uncanny mixed feelings as I hesitate. Like I had been hiding my true feelings for her all along. So, in order to gain her respect and confidence back I licked all around her vagina with my eyes shut. To vision her facial emotions through the soothing of coos and moans as I outline the tender tissues while my hands squeezes tighter the erect nipples that lies topside.

Loving on her wet petals of solid pink as my tongue continues to part them. One by one I weed out, drawing forward even more of her hot lava to surface my face and fill my heart with joy. Then grasping under her, both hands touching her bare buttock, squeezing together tighter the more I surge inside the twin folds which seems to be wanting more, more that I cannot give to her deep depression that I seek with forked tongue with overwhelming vengeance.

Lesley suddenly took me by surprise. “Mum, I want to feel more of you inside!” she shouts, scolding me in French. Then rolling me onto my bare nude backside to gallop and penetrate my harden taste buds with such harsh words of foreign and knees bent harshly against my straight posture. Encouraging me to pierce her teats with power and more magnitude. Then saying over and over upon each plunging thrust and sway, in plain old English, that I was the right one for her body…only girl for her!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32