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This morning I woke up and something was different. At first I thought it was the weather. Autumn had just started last week and the chilly winds had picked up in the evenings. Not only was the air different, something about my bed felt different, smoother. When I looked under my blanket, I realized I was completely naked. Who had taken my clothes off? Every night I slept with my pajamas on and this morning I had nothing on me. Not only that, but the cloth that once contained my morning wood was now gone, and therefore my dick stood straight up creating a tent with my blanket. I tried to entertain the idea of playing with myself but when I looked at the clock I realized I was running late for school. I got out of bed and rushed to shower.

When I came downstairs, I immediately knew things had flipped. On my way down, I heard some sounds I couldn’t really decipher. It was like a muffled moaning and some grunted cursed words being thrown out. When I turned to enter the kitchen I could not believe my eyes. I had caught my parents fucking in the counter. My mother was moaning while my father was fucking her from behind. Both of them were completely naked.

“DAD! MOM! What are you doing?” I said, immediately exiting the kitchen.

“What does it look like? You’re dad is fucking me.” mom screamed.

“It’s totally normal, son.” My dad added.

“Since when?! Have some decency and do that in your bedroom while I am gone.” I said.

At that moment my dad walked out with his cock rock hard oozing with sperm.

“Son, I noticed you were sleeping with clothes on. You know that is not allowed right?” He said. I was puzzled. What did he mean by ‘not allowed’ and what the hell was he doing naked in front of me???

“Dad put some clothes on! And what are you talking about?” I answered. Was this really happening? Or was this all a dream. I tried closing my eyes and opening them again several times. But each time I saw my dad naked with his dick becoming more and more flaccid.

“Son, being naked is the norm here. You should know this by now.”

What was my dad saying? I could not believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. Since when was being naked the norm and what world was I on? My mom walked out of the kitchen with nothing on.

“Baby, it’s okay to be naked. You’ll go to school today and everyone will be naked. It’s always been that way in our community.” She said, I was convinced I had traveled to a different universe.

“Now, take off what you are wearing right now and get in the car. I’ll drive you.” My dad said. Semen fell to the ground as he walked away. My confusion was profound, so much so that I did just as my dad had said and did not question him further. I was naked in the passenger seat, and my dad was driving me to school, also naked. As he drove, I couldn’t help but notice my dad’s cock. Though he was flaccid, he was huge and girthy. Like me, he was uncut. I realized I had a very noticeable hard on. I moved my hands to cover it. Thankfully, my dad did not notice. For the remainder of the car ride I tried to wrap my head around this new universe I was living in.

When we got to school I was greeted by Mrs. Dalloway, my English teacher. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that she was naked. When I got out of the car, she came up to me and went in for a hug. Her boobs went straight to my face. I realized then, that my dick had been hard the entire time, and when Mrs. Dalloway hugged me. I had poked her pussy with my hard dick. I was embarrassed, what world was I living in? Was this not illegal?

“Oh,” Mrs. Dalloway moaned. She looked down at my dick.

“I Ankara Yabancı Escort see you’re very excited to come to school.” She smiled. I could feel my face redden. Before walking away, Mrs. Dalloway bent over and brought her mouth to my ear.

“I promise I will take care of that later.” She whispered. Then she turned around and walked away. What the hell was going on? And what did she mean by that?

I mean I knew exactly what she meant by ‘take care’, but was that what she had actually meant, or did she phrase it incorrectly? The thought of fucking Mrs. Dalloway turned me on even more. She had a really nice slender body and round, plump tits. Just thinking about what I could do with her drove me wild. At that moment, a surge of students came from behind me, all naked from head to toe, some carrying their backpacks on one shoulder while others on their back. Oh man. Some of the guys walking past me had huge hard ons, and yet they didn’t reach to cover them. They were walking in the hallway with their cock out and proud. And the girls were not covering their pussys or their breasts. They, too, were visibly horny and not ashamed of it. As much as I wanted to hate all of this, I couldn’t help but be excited for what could possibly happen in the future. A smile beamed on my face. I walked over to where the group of students were and joined them, finally uncovering my boner.

When I got to my first class, I was welcomed by a middle-aged woman whose tits were hanging low. She was Mrs. Clark, my math teacher. Everyone in class was naked.

“Welcome class, today we will be learning about linear transformation…” Before she even finished her sentence people began to shuffle around in class. I could not believe my eyes. One girl began to suck on a guy’s dick right in front of the teacher. Another one sat with her legs up, moving her fingers in circles on her vagina. Two guys in the back of the room were making out, and almost everyone, including myself, was watching everyone around. The teacher knew no one was listening to her, so she stopped talking.

“Alright everyone. Take the next ten minutes to fuck and then we’ll start learning.” Everyone roared with excitement. Soon after everyone was either fucking, getting fucked, jerking off, and sucking dick. Minutes after I was still sitting on my desk shocked at what I was seeing. This is when Mrs. Clark approached me.

“Erick,” she called my name.

“Why are you not fucking someone?” She asked. I didn’t know what to say. Should I confess to her that this morning everything had changed? That I was not familiar with this universe where being naked was the norm and sex was promoted by everyone? I was speechless, unaware of what I could possibly say or do. All I could do was sit and watch.

“It’s okay,” she said before I could answer her.

“I understand you might be a little bit shy, there’s no need to be. Fucking is great, I’ll show you.” By the time I knew it, Mrs. Clark had slipped my hard cock into her, surprisingly, tight pussy. With all the precum oozing out of me, I was able to bury my cock deep into her vagina. Being inside her felt fantastic. I knew, then, she was enjoying it because she began to moan loudly and started kissing me all over my chest and neck. Maybe I was going a little too hard, but I couldn’t help but begin to push up as she wrapped her arms about my neck. I could feel the warmth of her insides as she rode my dick. Just then I was reminded of my parents that morning and how hot my mother looked being fucked by dad. Her boobs bouncing back and forth Bahçelievler Escort as my dad unloaded his balls inside her. Mrs. Clark reminded me of my mother a little bit, something which pushed me to fuck harder.

“Oh Eric, you are being a really good student.” She moaned. This just made me harder. She continued to ride me and as she did, I began to feel a sensation I had never felt before. I was reaching something that I felt I couldn’t control, or come back from. This sensation took over my hips and my feet and my entire body. Before I knew it, I had unleashed my ropes of cum inside Mrs. Clark.

“Fuck, Mrs. Clak this felt so good,” I shouted. She just smiled.

Soon after everyone had finished fucking, the bells rang. Our first class was over and we had fucked the whole way through. When I stood up, sperm was still oozing out of my dick and a guy whose name was John, got down on his knees and licked my tip.

“Woah man,” I said. I was caught a little off-guard and also my dick was sensitive since I had just orgasmed.

“I watched you fuck Mrs. Clark. Next time do that to me, yeah?” He suggested as he walked away and disappeared in the masses of students out in the hallway. I followed afterwards and joined the crowd, as I headed into my second class of the day. On my way to class I couldn’t stop thinking about John and how much he wanted me to fuck him. I personally had never been with a guy or a girl, in fact Mrs. Clark had been my first real sex experience this morning and boy did I enjoy her pussy. But thinking about John and my dad also turned me on, so I guess bi was the best label for now.

When I got to class, all I could think about was fucking. I wanted to fuck whoever was down to get fucked. For this reason, I decided to sit at the back of the class, in case Mr. Rowwe did not give us time to fuck as Mrs. Clark had done. Mr. Rowwe was a young teacher, roughly 24 years old. He was tall and handsome, with a beard and hair down to his shoulders. His dick was flaccid, but even then it looked tasty wrapped in his brown skin. Having fucked one of my teachers this morning, the thought of fucking Mr. Rowwe did cross my mind. At the end, however, I had no idea if he was into men. So I didn’t bother with him. Instead I was going to focus on finding some gay dude who was really desperate for some dick. Just as I was scavenging around to see who could be my source of pleasure, in walked John. I hollered over to him. Obediently, he sat right next to me.

It didn’t take too long before John offered to suck my dick. As I began to unzip my pants, at the corner of my eye, I saw classmates in the back row having sex. A big grin ran across my face. I couldn’t believe this was my new life. The second my dick was out John went ham on it. He didn’t care about the slurping sounds he was making, and neither did I because it made the pleasure all better. What I truly enjoyed the most was the easiness with which my dick went into his mouth. Like a key to a lock, John kept coming back to my dick every time he came up for a breather.

Without me realizing, John had spent almost half the class just taking my dick like a pro. This whole time I had managed to stay hard without cumming. That was my cue to change things up. I tapped on John’s head and told him,

“Wanna be my cowboy?” He nodded enthusiastically.

As I slipped my dick into his ass, he started moaning loudly. Everyone in class turned to look at us. For a second I felt myself get red in the face, but the pleasure I was getting from invading John’s ass was too much for me to Balgat Escort care. If anything, knowing people were watching turned me on even more, making me push harder up on John. It was a cycle: the harder he moaned, the more people watched; the more people watched, the hornier I got; the hornier I got, the harder I fucked John; the harder I fucked John, the louder he moaned. Our sex was truly a spectacle to behold.

“Oh! Fuck me just like that,” John shouted. And I did.

Eventually, that sensation which had happened with Mrs. Clark arose again. Except only now I knew what was coming.

“I’m gonna cum!” I shouted. Everyone turned their heads to look at me, even Mr. Rowwe.

To my surprise, John hopped off my dick and immediately shoved it in his mouth and started sucking me again. The sensation was too much for me to control. As John bobbed his head, my hips began to hump his face involuntarily. I had no control over my hands that found themselves on John’s head pushing him all the way down the base of my shaft. Once again, without realizing I shot my semen into his throat.

When we finished he looked up at me and went in for a kiss. In his mouth I could taste my own sperm, and so I kept making out with him until class was dismissed. I found out then, that I enjoyed the taste of sperm.

The bell had rang and everyone shuffled to get to third period. As I was walking out, Mr. Rowwe called my name.

“Eric, come here for a second,” I went up to his desk, where he sat.

“Yes,” I answered. From my standing view, I could see his member standing up right. Mr. Rowwe was hard.

“Come closer,” he instructed, by now the classroom was empty. I did just as he said. As I reached him, he lowered his head towards my dick and started licking the leftover cum that John had left. His tongue on the tip of my cock was a pleasant surprise.

“Mr. Rowwe, I didn’t know you were… you know,” I said.

“I’m not. I just enjoy seeing my students be pleased. That’s all.” he said as he went back to licking my now semi flaccid dick. He continued doing that until finally waved me to leave.

“Mr. Rowwe, I can help you with that,” I said pointing at his cock. That thing was huge, thick, and hairy. Seeing it reminded me of my dad’s.

“Some other day Eric, I’m saving this load for Mrs. Clark. I heard you fucked her good before my class.” he said as he began to stroke his dick. There was something about hearing Mr. Rowwe talk like that about another teacher that really turned me on, especially about Mrs. Clark who I had, in fact, fucked this morning.

“Yup, her pussy was so tight. She made me cum out of nowhere.” I said. He continue stroking his dick, lightly picking up pace and I knew then he was imagining me fucking Mrs. Clark.

“I guess I’ll have to up my game when it’s my turn.” he laughed. I nodded.

Before I left class, Mr. Rowwe called me one more time.

“Perhaps, one day we can fuck her together.” he smiled. I smiled too.

“My pleasure.” I walked away. What was going on! I couldn’t believe Mr. Rowwe had just half-sucked my dick and proposed a threesome with another teacher. I was loving this new universe.

For the remainder of the day, nothing too exciting happened. Every now and then I caught students fucking, or giving blowjobs, or rimming, or what not. But nothing as orgasmic as the first and second period. Throughout the day my dick kept getting hard and flaccid over and over again. As I was walking home, I realized I had not been to Mrs. Dalloway’s office and that bummed me out a little. What if tomorrow she didn’t want to fuck me? The thought of that really upset me, but at the same time I had a glimmer of hope in me that I would eventually get to fuck her pussy. I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I asked dad for some help. Afterall, this universe we lived in was pro-sex. In that instance, something inside me clicked. I loved this sex-alternate universe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32