Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 04

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Ray saw the look on her face and her eyes go wide with shock when she finally noticed the time. However, she didn’t stop. It was clear she saw the clock, but she didn’t stop. This told Ray quite a bit about this woman, and he was growing more and more confident that she would be perfect for he and Shannon.

It was nearly two more minutes before she stopped and looked up at him.

Ray was waiting for that moment, ready to really mess with her mind and turn her into putty in his hands.

‘No,’ he thought deviously, ‘putty between my toes.’. He pounced.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think you starting to realize you enjoy this.” he said.

She denied it, still trying to play it cool as if she were just doing what she had too. She even mentioned her morals and her values. This girl just licked the sweat from between his toes while he was currently mind fucking her and she was talking about her “morals”. Her voice also shook more than it had before. He was in her head, and she was getting more helpless against him. He pushed even more.

Ray then clearly explained that he tried to let her out of the foot worship agreement, and, in addition, she didn’t have to worship his feet since she didn’t actually tap.

Her face was priceless when the realization washed over her, he wished so badly for a picture of that very moment so he could remember it forever. Her eyes went wide and her jaw literally dropped. Ray wanted nothing more than to stick his big toe (or his dick) into that beautiful open mouth, but he refrained and silenced a laugh at the thought.

She kept trying to play it cool and shrug it off, but the shake in her voice was getting more and more noticeable.

Great progress, but time was running short, it was 6:45. He needed to complete the mind fuck. He needed to make sure this session stuck with her for a long time. He knew exactly what to do.


Jamie moved to the center of the mat, anxious to get out of the conversation where Ray correctly pointed out she begged for his feet. He tagged in and rushed her. She should have been ready, but she wasn’t. He took her down, she fought back, but within a moment or two he had her left arm in an armbar and his legs crossed right over her boobs. Worse, her left breast was about to slip out of her bikini top. So rather than try to free her arm as he locked in the hold, she was covering up to protect what modestly and dignity she felt she had left. If she had any left at all.

To summarize her position: Not good, once again!

There was no pain, but he had a textbook armbar on her and could break her arm without issue, but he wasn’t applying any pressure. He was simply holding her at his mercy, and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Now what?” he asked. This was a disturbing theme that had developed….

“Let me think?” she said clearly buying time until 7:00 struck.

“Ok, but let me help.” he said as he uncrossed his legs, keeping his left leg laying on her boobs, and lifted his right foot and put it directly on her face.

“There, I think that’s better for both of us.”

She tapped. That was too much. Held at his mercy with his foot on her face? No. she might as well worship his feet for the 2 minutes and try again.

‘What?!’ she thought, frustrated at everything, especially her getting beaten down by this junior sized lightweight. ‘Those are my choices? His foot on my face for a long time or his feet in my mouth for a short time?’


She was getting closer, but not close enough.

She was not a clock watcher and usually let clients go for over the usual hour session, sometimes she gave them 10, 15, sometimes 20 more minutes if it was a good session and, more importantly, if she was having fun.

Not this time, she thought again: 7:00 and out the door.

He stood quickly after her tap out, and it didn’t even look like he was even breathing hard and he hadn’t lost a step. She was breathing heavy, definitely not as strong as she was at the beginning. How was this possible? He was getting stronger while she was getting weaker. She needed to stop wondering how and deal with reality: she was getting manhandled and she had no idea how to stop the beating.

She wanted to sit up at the very moment his foot landed between her boobs and pushed her back to the floor. Her back and head hit with a light thud, not painful, but jarring. She grabbed at his calf with both hands, but he immediately pulled away, palms extended once again as if he did something wrong.

“Whoa! I didn’t mean that! I’m sorry! You were just breathing so heavy I thought you needed a minute. I thought I could take a victory pose like earlier.” he said. “I should have asked, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

She sighed, a bit bothered but not enough to say anything. istanbul travesti “It’s ok. Probably my fault again. I did need a minute, I probably should have taken it. Here…” she said lying on her back and laying her legs flat to the floor “take your victory pose.”

He stayed back, palms still out. “You sure?” he asked. “No. No, I shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be right. I thought I picked up a hint of anger that I crossed the line.” he said. “I didn’t mean to do that. Honest.”

“It’s ok, I insist. Please take your victory pose.”

He hesitated.

“We both know you want to, the session is almost over, and god knows I’m plenty familiar with your feet by now.” she said. Did she hear a bit of enthusiasm in her voice. She had no idea anymore…

“Now get over here, put your foot on me wherever you want, and please enjoy a victory pose.” she said, again hearing some enthusiasm and a disturbing level of excitement in her voice.

“Come on” she said, “don’t make me beg again.” she heard herself say.

‘GOD DAMN IT!!!’ she screamed inside (another disturbing theme that had developed over the evening). Why did she insist on continuing to talk?

“I thought we established you didn’t beg last time.” he asked coyly and he walked over and stood directly over her, his feet on either side of her breasts, that smug smile back again.

Her jaw dropped as she looked straight up at him, thank God she was speechless for once.


Ray wanted to pin her fast just in case she decided to quit the session a few minutes early. He bull rushed her as he thought she would be too flustered and confused to fight him off. He was right, and he took her down and had her in an armbar in about one minute flat.

He added to the humiliation by putting his foot right over her face, she tapped instantly, which surprised him. She barely fought once she was pinned, another true act of submission! He decided to take it to another level, even farther than he already had. Now it was time to go for it and truly see if he had broken her will.

‘Time to pair some domination with pity and sympathy!’ he thought to himself excitedly.

He stood quickly to look over her still prone body, flat on her back and now clearly worn out, physically and mentally. He waited until he saw the slightest movement to sit up, then he quickly made his move for another foot between tits victory pose. He pushed his foot between those amazing tits and gently stomped her down into the makeshift mat. He stomped her hard enough to make her feel it, but not nearly hard enough to hurt or make her think it was intentional.

Ray was prepared for her to submit again and take it in stride, maybe even apologize to him for not being ready for it.

She fought back instead, and grabbed his calf with both hands. Ray was not ready for that!! The next 15 seconds were the biggest make or break moment of the night. Ray’s mind raced.

One of two things was going to happen:

She fought back harder, realizing everything happening was bullshit and left the room. She may even try slapping him in the face or kicking him in the balls.
She opted to submit again, this time for the 4th or 5th time. Ray was losing count.

He pulled away as quickly as humanly possible and stood back to avoid crossing the line. It was far too late to lose her now: he felt he had nearly broken her, and he could not have her getting angry now. She should have done that 40 minutes ago, but she was still here.

Ray backed away and put his palms out again, that same innocent pose, and poured on the pity.

“Whoa, I didn’t mean that!” he stated. “I’m sorry!” he said twice feigning innocence when he knew exactly what he was doing.

Back to her usual form, she submitted once again and to Ray’s amazement yet again, she actually apologized for his behavior.

“It’s ok.” She said with a sigh. “Probably my fault again.”

Then she took her submission to him to another level.

“Here…” she said lying on her back and laying her legs flat to the floor “take your victory pose.”

‘Was this it?’ Ray thought, ‘Did she just break?’

Was his mind fuck working as well as he thought it may be? It began to look like it was. He continued to push his mental dominion over her.

“You sure?” he said, continuing the pity parade. What she did next astonished him. She said so many things a person playing it cool or faking being broken will would say. So many things she said surprised him, she was mentally giving in at a level he didn’t expect, even after all his work.

“I insist. Please take your victory pose.” she said

“Now get over here,” she continued with no prompting or command from him “put your foot on me wherever you want, and please enjoy a victory pose.”

He noticed her shake in her voice istanbul travestileri was gone, he almost heard excitement in her voice.

“Come on,” she said, “don’t make me beg again.” she said while he stood over her in a stunned and silent jubilation.

Ray continued to press even more, farther than he ever dreamed he could push someone in a first encounter. She was about to be theirs if she wasn’t already. He wasn’t sure what level he had pushed her to, but he was about to go to the next one.

Shannon had a favorite victory pose to use on him, and he had to admit it was a favorite of his too. She had been right about this girl’s reactions most of the way through the session, using her victory pose would be a good way to honor her. Jamie’s big nose would be a perfect for this he thought.

If only Shannon was here to see his triumph….


At that moment something newly disturbing happened to Jamie, which is a very strong statement to make after the last 50+ minutes. He lifted his right foot and put the balls of his foot over Jamie’s still wide open mouth and clamped his toes over her nose. If that wasn’t bad enough, he pushed his heel down towards her throat to hold her jaw closed

Like so many before, it was a surreal moment.

‘What is happening?’ she asked herself once again. ‘Did he just clamp his toes over my nose? WTF is this all about?’

She realized could barely breath and squirmed a bit to try to open her mouth for a breath but didn’t raise her hand to move his foot. He lifted his foot off her mouth to allow her a much needed breath, but his toes smashed her nose when he did. He repositioned with his toes still firmly holding her face where he wanted it while her stared into her eyes. This time he left enough room between mouth and foot to allow her a few labored breaths, although she was unable to speak with the pressure holding her jaw closed.

The level of control he had over her now was palpable. He didn’t say it, neither did she, but somehow they both knew that somewhere along the line he had taken control of her one a piece at a time.

“What do you think of this victory pose?” he asked. “It’s new for me,” he said “and it may be my new favorite.”

She couldn’t speak, but somehow her right arm lifted and gave him a thumbs up.

‘Damn!! Damn, damn, DAMN!!!!’ she thought. ‘Did I just thumbs up this degrading position?’

Her head was being pushed into thin padding and her air flow governed by his stinking foot and she approved? It was bad enough she couldn’t control her mouth when it made words, but now her arm betrays her too. Or did it….

He didn’t really have control, right? But why did she do that? That was her hand giving the thumbs up, wasn’t it? Panic told her to run but she didn’t make any effort to remove her face from the grip of his foot.


BROKEN!!!!!! Her will was truly broken. She had been beaten physically, mind fucked mentally, humiliated regularly, humbled completely, and now she was his prize. His trophy. His.

Wait. Thiers. She would belong to him and Shannon. After all, Shannon gave him the information he needed to pull this off.

Ray was ecstatic! It was only 6: 52 and her will was broken with 8 minutes to spare! She had actually gave him a thumbs up when he tried to humiliate her more by asking what she thought of “his” victory pose!

‘What the hell was going through her head when she did that?’ Ray thought silently. ‘Did she even know?’

She was done, her independence was over, he belonged to her and Shannon now. Her spirit may not have been broken, and they still needed to do that before they could fully enslave her and before she could 100% be their play toy, but that would come in time. The hard part was over, she was mentally and physically broken, on her back, his foot and toes holding her face captive like a bird of prey would hold its future meal.

She was helpless and hopeless, and he was loving every minute of it. Time to let her know what just happened, she obviously didn’t know what did.


Jamie didn’t know what to do.

“Good to know it’s one of your favorites too.” Ray said as he held her firmly in place. She was on her back, face up, under his foot, his toes owning her nose, looking in his eyes.

“I thought it may be. I think we have both learned you have a bit of a foot fetish too. Don’t hide from it, I don’t, and I’m exceedingly happy that I don’t. Or maybe it’s just a fetish for my feet? We could work with that, if that were the case. What do you think?” he asked as he lifted his foot off her jaw, not smashing her nose this time.

“I don’t know…” she said meekly, pathetically, and truly afraid of the honest answer.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “Maybe you really don’t know, but I think we travesti istanbul can find out. Do you want to find out the truth?”

“I…” she stammered. “I, um, I guess I don’t know.” she said weakly again

“Let’s test, shall we?” he said. Ten seconds passed, he was obviously waiting for a response, and his foot was still allowing her to speak.

“I don’t know if I want to know….” she said honestly, but meekly, yet again. The sound of her voice was altered by his toes smashing her nose.

“If you don’t want to know we don’t have to test, but if we don’t test the session may be over and you may never know. After tonight I’m confident we both know that you don’t want that. You want to know, don’t you? You want to know if you have a foot fetish, don’t you?”

“Yes.” she muttered, as weakly as she had ever muttered anything.

“You don’t sound very confident.” he said, toes still clamped over her nose.

“Yes.” she said louder

“Yes what?” he asked

Instead of repeating the word, she went straight to begging:

“Please test me so I can know. Please test me. Please, this time I am honestly begging.”

More words she had no control over. Where the hell was this coming from!? She didn’t even fight that response, almost as if it were her natural response.

‘No. Not a chance, time to go, right NOW.’ She said to psych herself up to leave. She was getting out of here now, payment or not.

‘Time to get up!!’ she screamed in her head

“Put your hands out away from your head, elbows at a 90 degree angle, palms facing the ceiling” Ray commanded. She did so without question, even though she could still speak and was determined to leave two seconds earlier. She made up her mind to leave again, yet didn’t move.

“Now, you can do one of three things: one is grab my foot and remove it from your face, I won’t resist. Two is ask me to please take my foot off your face, and I will. Or three is lay there and do nothing.” he said calmly.

She was frozen. Frozen by a force she could not explain or control.

“This test also has a time limit.” he said. “But per the rules I can’t tell you what that is.”

She was still frozen. Why the hell was she unable to move. How much time had passed?

“You can’t move, can you. Do you know what that means?” he asked?

“It really means you just don’t want to move. You can. I don’t have special powers holding you there, only my toes on your nose. I think you know the other part. You know what this really means.” he said.

“I do?” she said just as weakly as she had said the previous words

“You do, you can say it now.”

“I have a foot fetish?” she said.

“I enjoyed you manhandling me on the mat.” she continued meekly.

‘Where did that come from?’ she thought.

“I tried hard. I did my best. I really did, and I was not match for you.” Jamie continued. “I’m taller than you, stronger, bigger, heavier. I have a longer reach and I’m in tremendous shape. I work out every day and have crushed dozens of other men your size. I have every physical advantage but I had no chance, did I”

Why was she STILL TALKING?! Had she learned nothing in the past hour? She was long past being able to control her words or even her actions. The thumbs up from a minute ago flashed in her mind. What’s most disturbing, she wasn’t fighting the thoughts like she had for most of the session. They were coming in more freely than ever. When they came to mind, somehow they came across her lips too. She began to accept that she was losing control of her speech, emotions, and new feelings were pouring out while she laid here, his foot still on her face and her nose still being smashed between his toes.

“Tell me more.” He said, still staring into her eyes, his toes still clamped on her nose but the rest of his foot was allowing her both air and words. “What else have you learned about yourself today?”

“I liked it. I liked every part. I liked the pain of your headscissor. I liked feeling your sweaty balls and dick on my face while you choked the life out of me. When I begged to lick your feet, I told myself I was honoring my word, I told myself I was keeping a verbal agreement. Having said that, I just didn’t think I knew I wanted to lick your feet as much as I did.”

Emotions continued to pour out. The panic, anxiety and nerves fell away as she confessed more and more to this man she knew nothing about.

“When I begged to lick your feet, and I did beg, I think I stayed on my knees on purpose. I loved how you sat in the chair and made me crawl over to you on my hands and knees.”

“But I didn’t make you crawl.” Ray said.

“You set up far enough away that it wasn’t worth it to stand and walk and I was already down on the floor, it just made sense to crawl.”


‘No.’ she thought. ‘No, I have more to say’

“No, please, I have more to say.” she said out loud.

“Quiet.” he said. He put his foot down over her mouth, holding her jaw closed too. His toes also flexed to smash her nose between them, was he punishing her?


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