September’s for Sharing

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It was a warm early September evening. It was after Labor Day, but it was still warm enough to get in a few more days of summer activities before it cooled down and the leaves began to change color.

My boyfriend Jim’s best friend Tom had a house right on the water and a dock on his property. He called us and asked us if we wanted to join him and his girlfriend Sheila for an afternoon of waterskiing and dinner afterwards.

Jim and I drove to his father’s house and met Tom and Sheila in the backyard by his boat. We loaded up our cooler and ski gear and headed out to the open water.

Tom was the most proficient water skier of us all and he went first. He did a few nice runs and after about 35 minutes he was ready to let someone else have a turn. I went next as I also grew up right on the ocean, and my parents always had a boat. Although I was more of the beach rat than a water-skier, I had done it a few times. After a rough start and a few wipe outs I found my rhythm and stayed on the skis pretty well, although I can’t vouch for my bikini top, which of course slipped off. While in the water I proceeded to put it on as best I could, not really caring who saw what. Actually, I was more concerned with keeping my auburn locks from completely covering my face. Once again having the luxury of unobstructed sight, I climbed up the ladder, grabbed a towel and sat down.

It was time to let Jim and Sheila to have their turns as the sun was starting to set and we were beginning to feel the late afternoon chill on the water. The cool north east breeze was starting to give me goose bumps and caused my nipples to push hard against the white fabric of my top. To which I noticed that everyone had given my breasts a good look spurring the natural reaction to cover up temporarily with my half wet towel.

Jim and Sheila then spent most of their time in the water as neither had ever water-skied before. It gave Tom and me a good laugh though. It was now becoming a little too brisk out to ski, so they both returned to the dry haven of the boat.

Tom’s speed boat doesn’t have any amenities, so if you needed to use the bathroom you had two choices, hold it till you got back to the house, or use Mother Nature’s restroom. I deliberately did not consume beverages when I am on a boat for just that reason. Tom however, had several sodas and needed to relive himself. He made a half-hearted attempt to stand towards the back of the boat when he went, but it was obvious he didn’t mind showing off how well endowed he was as the boat rocked gently on the calm bay.

Sheila was standing beside Tom holding a towel up to cover him, but from where I was sitting, I saw enough. Tom had the largest dick I had ever seen. It easily was 9 inches long and maybe 3 inches around. I tried not to show my amazement.

It was 4:45 when we turned the boat toward home. When we got erotik film izle back to the dock it was another hour of unloading gear, rinsing the salt water off of the skis, and everyone getting showered and changed. I wore my customary jeans and white t-shirt, but I neglected to bring a bra so once again it seemed like my breasts would be an object of attention. By the time we were all ready to leave for dinner it was 6:15 and we were starved. Tom suggested Vito’s for dinner. Vito’s is the best Italian restaurant outside of Little Italy.

At the restaurant the cool air from the air conditioner again caused my nipples to become erect. I crossed my arms in front of my chest so they weren’t the center of attention yet again today. As we walked to our table, I realized that Tom had the most incredible ass I had ever seen on a man.

We were seated at a table in the back of the very crowded restaurant. Our waiter introduced himself and asked if we wanted anything to drink. Sheila was sober for 15 months, so even though Jim and I enjoy a nice glass of red wine with our Italian dinners we eschew any alcohol around Sheila out of respect to her sobriety. Everyone ordered a soda and agreed on the antipasto to start our meal.

Dinner was enjoyable with good company, good food and good conversation; however, I must have been sitting under the air conditioner vent, or the lingering thought of Tom’s enormous cock, because my nipples were erect all through dinner.

Sheila was working the night shift, so at 8:30 she left Vito’s to start her 9 PM to 5 AM shift. It was nearly 10 by the time we got back to Tom’s house. I lived 35 minutes away and Jim lived another 40 minutes from my place. Due to the late hour, and the fact that none of us had to work the following day Tom suggested Jim and I crash at his place. Now not only did I not have any more clean clothes, I didn’t even have a toothbrush with me. Tom and Jim said they’d run to the convenience store pick up a toothbrush, a hair brush, and some snacks and beer.

They were gone nearly 45 minutes and figured they’d either gotten into an accident, or they stopped off at the local titty bar for a quickie on their way back. When they finally arrived back at the house, not only had they gotten me some toiletries, they had also picked up some movies and bought food for breakfast the next morning. They both also had guilty looks on their faces, as if they were back in school pulling some ridiculous prank. I figured it best not to ask as I wouldn’t get an honest answer out of either of them and end up being pissed off the rest of the night.

Somewhere between the second movie and my third margarita I dozed off. I awoke to the sensation of my nipples being stroked through my shirt. I assumed it was Jim and sleepily opened my eyes. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw blue eyes, and blond curly film izle hair, rather than long black hair and brown eyes staring back at me. It was Tom. I sat up fully awake at this point. I looked around; Jim was nowhere to be found. Tom, anticipating my question stated, “Jim is upstairs sleeping in the guest room. When we were at the store, I mentioned to him that you turn me on, and if he wouldn’t mind, I’d like a chance to be with you. He said that he didn’t mind if we had sex. That is, as long as you’re up for it”

Needless to say I was floored. Part of me was pissed at Jim to even consider offering me to his friend like I was a possession. Another part of me was intrigued. The thought of that enormous member inside of me made me quiver in anticipation.

I stammered a response. “What about Sheila?”

“She and I care about each other, but its hardly serious. She and I both see and fuck other people.” Tom responded.

Well, that was definitely more than I needed to know, but was glad I wouldn’t be responsible for ruining there relationship.

“OK” I said. “Just let me freshen up a bit and I’ll meet you in the bedroom.”

Ten minutes later, there I am standing in the door way of his dark bedroom. I can make the outline of Tom sitting up under the covers of his bed.

I walked across the room and slid under the covers. He leaned over and gave me the most incredible kiss I have ever had. His strong, soft lips and wet tongue made my pussy instantly wet. We adjusted ourselves, I lay down on the mattress and he climbed on top, we proceeded to make out, and fondle each other for the next ten minutes. His adept fingers kept me in a heightened state of arousal.

With his right hand he would stroke one nipple and with his tongue he would stimulate the other. His talented tongue then worked its way down my quivering belly. I could feel his massive member against my leg. I let my hands explore his well toned body. I knew Tom worked out, but I never realized how incredibly toned his body was. I let my hands grab his hard ass and he let out a moan in appreciation.

Finally, Tom’s tongue’s southward voyage had arrived at its destination. Again, his talented tongue did not disappoint. My body squirmed and bucked in appreciation. He licked and sucked my swollen clit till I came. I released my juices all over his face. I licked his lips in appreciation.

I then took his enormous cock in my mouth. I was too turned on to ease it into my mouth. I took the entire thing in my mouth in one gulp. I started licking and sucking his cock hoping he would blow his come right down my throat. Just the thought of drinking his nectar made me suck and lick faster. He groaned in pleasure with each stroke on my mouth. When he came he let out a loud primal scream and I drank every last drop.

Tom smiled at my oral prowess and then flipped me over seks filmi izle on my hands and knees. He whispered in my ear. “I’m going to fuck that tight red pussy of yours.” With that, he rammed his 9 inch cock into my eager hole. He filled me up, penetrating me deep and stretching me wide occasionally bottoming out in me. He now no longer hid his exuberance; with each pump he vocalized his pleasure. Our bodies were sweaty, pulsing machines; his furious rhythm was bringing me to the brink of the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. He let out a scream as he shot his load deep in my pussy. He kept pounding as he came, he shot such an enormous wad my pussy wasn’t able to contain it all….his come was dripping out of my box and down my thighs.

As we lay down for a respite I noticed a shadow standing in the doorway. My boyfriend Jim had seen most of what had gone on. He was smiling and sporting an erection.

“I told Tom you were a great fuck. He was so jealous; he wanted to experience that red mound for himself. Mind if I join you?”

With that Jim climbed into bed and I began sucking his cock. He moaned with pleasure. Tom then assumed his favorite position behind me and started probing my ass with his tongue. I squirmed, not sure of what was happening. Tom then gently inserted one, then two fingers into my ass, then two fingers into my swollen pussy. It was an odd sensation to say the least.

Each time, I thought it would be more painful, instead, I found it more and more exciting. Jim was watching the whole scene unfold in front of him; his girlfriend sucking his dick and his best friend anally stimulating her at the same time.

Just when I thought my ass couldn’t take any more Tom inserted his dick in my rear. I gasped as he put the head in first. I could feel my hole stretching wanting it to both stop and continue. I was literally breathless, I had a finger in there occasionally but never something like this. He then pulled back a bit, and with one massive shove it felt like my ass would tear open. He pumped my ass hard and fast and I could feel his ball sack slapping against my ass cheeks. I was crying out and I’m not sure if it was from pain or pleasure. I could feel my clit burning, erect yet there was nothing in there. I could feel the numb sensation of that huge cock being buried in my ass. He then reached down around my thighs and picked me up a little higher, all the while driving harder in to me. I was lost in a violent fury of sexual activity, my head was spinning, Jim ejaculating his semen into the back of my throat brought me back to reality. I could now breathe. Just a few seconds later Tom had dumped his batter in my third input. Sweat and come was pouring off and out of me. It was as if I was in a contact sport, I ached trying to catch my breath.

I collapsed in exhaustion as Jim and Tom gave each other knowing smiles. I was half expecting a frat boy high five. Thankfully, they had a bit more maturity than that. The three of us spent the night in Tom’s bed, and in the morning they got up and made their star a delicious breakfast in bed.

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