Senior Year Memories Ch. 39

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(Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun. This story is highly serialized, and though it’s not 100% necessary to have read the whole story up until this point to enjoy the content of the chapter, it’s definitely advisable to understand the ongoing plots.)

(Author’s Note: As always, I want to give special thanks to fellow Literotica author Lil_kitty for her excellent work as my editor and acting as a second set of eyes on this chapter, and for letting me know what did and didn’t work; if you get a chance, please check out her work and drop some stars if you enjoyed, she writes some very hot and fun stories.)

Previously, on Senior Year Memories: Returning to school after Valentine’s Day, 18-year-old Ryan Collins is nervous about rekindling his friendship with former best friend Tori McNeil after their messy falling out on Thanksgiving. However, after getting his head on straight with the help of some sex with his hot English teacher, Mrs. Addams, he and Tori finally talk and work out their issues, deciding to be friends again. On top of the world and looking to the future, Ryan then encounters gorgeous and busty class president, Sabrina Singh, and after some discussions about where their lives are taking them, the two of them have some seriously hot sex. With his future now wide open, Ryan can’t wait to see where things go.


By late February of my senior year, I like to think I’d come to have a pretty good practical understanding of sex. I knew I was very good at dispensing pleasure, and that I had a lot of fun doing it. I also had a fair understanding that, in bed, no two women are exactly alike.

In this process, I’d found that one of the rules that was reasonably absolute was this: if you’re going to screw around with an athlete, you better be up on your cardio.

By this time of the year, I was alright with my cardio, but not enough to keep up with track star Fatima Hassan.

“Is that the best you got? That the best you fucking got? Because it’s pretty fucking great, but I know you can fuck me harder than that… come on, you got this, you fucking got this, keep going, keep fucking me!!!” Fatima encouraged.

Well, alright, it might have been less “encouraged” and more “demanded”, since this would be the third time this afternoon that we’d had sex, and it didn’t seem like she was in any place to stop. The 5’11” Middle-Eastern beauty rode me as if she weren’t even tired, her lean, toned body with her soft brown skin an utterly gorgeous sight as she furiously bounced up and down on my cock. Whether it was her bouncing B-cups, or the way her tight, shaved pussy clutched my cock and milked me for all I was worth, there was a lot to enjoy with this image, but what held my attention the best was her face. Fatima was easily one of the most beautiful girls in school, with kind brown eyes, a killer smile, and the longest, blackest, silkiest dark hair you could imagine. It hung down around her head like a curtain, kind of putting us in our own private world as she fucked me.

It was easy to be hypnotized by her at any time, really, but when she rode me so furiously and expected me to keep up, I was finding it difficult to catch my breath.

“You never stop… do you…?” I panted, trying to fuck up into her at a pace that met her liking.

She moaned, sitting up on my cock and squeezing her tits while she rode me. “You know, if that’s a problem, I can always go easy on you. I don’t want to break you, after all.”

The way Fatima said this with a faint smirk, I knew that she was just trying to get a rise out of me so she could push me further.

Mission accomplished, I guess. My hands found her ass, squeezing her roughly as I fucked up into her, calling on reserves of energy I didn’t know were still full as we took this fuck to its next level. I squeezed and groped her ass, smacking it when I got the chance to push her further. I knew that Fatima had a thing for ass play, and that this was likely to help set her off.

I was right.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!” Fatima cried out, dropping down onto my cock as a wet, messy orgasm hit her. She fell onto me, shuddering, kissing me deeply as her pussy massaged my cock. I thought she might have hoped she would force another orgasm out of me with this.

I was going to show her what kind of stamina I really had.

I wrapped my arms around her back and held tight, rolling us over so I was on top of her. Fatima squealed, partly from being disgruntled at no longer being on top, partly from excitement (mostly from excitement, I think), and I took the opportunity to show her what I could really do as I gave it to her hard. My hips were a blur as I fucked Bolu Escort in and out of her savagely, giving her almost the entire length of my thick, ten-inch cock.

“You think that’s the best I got, huh? I’ll show you my fucking best,” I said, fucking down into her with an animalistic fury, making her moans go higher and higher as our fuck reached a truly insane pace.

“There we go… that’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I’m fucking talking about!!!” Fatima exclaimed, locking her feet behind my ass and making sure I kept this pace.

I was in awe of this woman, but also knew that there was no way in hell I was going to be able to keep up with her forever. I simply lacked her training, her discipline, and her remarkable capacity for cardio, and this raw burst of power was only going to last so long.

I couldn’t let her know, though, that I was weakening, no, I wasn’t going to give her the high ground and feeling of playful superiority, not when there was another, simpler, and arguably more fun way to see this through.

Keeping things nice and hard, I didn’t hold back anymore, and with a few firm thrusts, I buried myself deep within her once more and came. It may not have had the force or volume of my last couple orgasms, but Fatima hardly seemed to care. As I grunted and emptied myself inside of her, she took to it rapturously, squeezing me and holding me close as I pumped every last drop into her.

Panting and dripping with sweat, I gave her a firm kiss, followed by another, softer one, before disentangling myself from her and collapsing on my back next to her.

“Holy shit…” I groaned, catching my breath and fearing I might pass out at any moment. “Holy fucking shit…”

“Thanks,” Fatima said, certainly a little worse for wear, but not nearly looking as bad off as I felt.

“How do you do it?” I asked, panting. “How are you still so… this!”

She laughed, running a hand down her side. “Long distance and marathon training does have its perks, even when it’s hell. It’s good enough for scholarships, anyway, so I won’t complain about the hell too hard. And you’ve seen what it can do for sex. I didn’t push you too hard, did I?”

Fatima ran her fingers down between her legs, fingering my dripping cum into her and moaning appreciatively.

“I’m fine,” I lied. Badly.

She smiled. It was one of those smiles so pretty and genuine that it tore at your core and made you feel the best kind of vulnerable, the kind that would make most men and probably a bunch of women do some terrible things to see it again.

“It’s a kind thing to say, but you can relax, Ryan. I’m quite satisfied,” Fatima said.

“For now,” I murmured, running a hand down to her dripping pussy and lightly touching her. “I may be dead for now, but I’ll be back in no time.”

“I know…” she purred. “It’s one of your many, many charms that has me jealous that Josie got her claws into you first. Though I am happy my energy certainly hasn’t found a way of making you jump through that window and run for the hills.”

“Where would I run to? This is my place,” I said.

“Ah, so you’ve caught on to my plan to trap you here,” Fatima said, rolling over onto me playfully and kissing me. It was a sweet, fun kind of kiss, slow and lazy while still promising more of the dirty fun that we’d been up to this afternoon.

“And here I was, actually thinking that you wanted to come over and study,” I said.

“Nope,” Fatima said, crawling down my body and trailing kisses down my chest. “Just part of my cunning plan to get you in the sack and get you to make me cum a whole lot of times. It’s worked out pretty well, actually.”

“So, you’re saying you don’t want to study?” I asked.

She stopped at one of my nipples, gently nibbling and licking it before saying, “Actually, when we’re all fucked out, I could use some time to go over some of my history notes if you don’t mind? I’ve got a test coming up for Mr. Beaumont’s class, and I want to make sure I’ve got all my I’s crossed and T’s dotted.”

Fatima looked at me mischievously, seeing if she could get a rise out of me.

I didn’t take the bait.

“I’ll be glad to go over them with youuuuUUUUUUU!” I exclaimed, my voice getting distinctly high as Fatima started eagerly sucking on my nipple. One of her hands found my cock and started slowly stroking me, bringing it back to life.

Letting my nipple pop from her mouth, she cheerfully replied, “Thanks!”

“No problem,” I said, encouraging her to continue her trip south, something Fatima was all too happy to do as she continued kissing and licking down my stomach.

“Josie’s mentioned that you’re going on something of a double date soon? With Tori?” Fatima said, as if she wasn’t slowly kissing her way down toward my cock.

“Yeah, but there’s gonna be five of us, so I don’t know if double date is the right term,” I said.

“Modern dating problems,” she replied, kissing her way closer to my cock. “But since there’s two couples, Bolu Escort Bayan or a couple and a throuple in this case, I think it’s still a double date. How do you feel about it?”

This was something I was still trying to wrap my head around, and if Josie and Fatima weren’t such good friends, I might have been more hesitant to answer her.

I said, “Excited. Scared, but excited. I haven’t done anything socially with Tori since we had our falling out, so… it feels like there’s a lot of pressure on this. I know there isn’t, really, but it feels like there might be. I’m probably overthinking it.”

“Probably,” Fatima said, stroking my half-hard cock playfully. “But it doesn’t hurt to be safe, especially when a situation is so uncertain. I know that’s how Josie is playing it.”

This got my attention. Josie and I talked about everything, but it struck me as likely that she’d talk to Fatima, one of her best and oldest friends, even more.

“Josie’s playing it safe?” I asked. That didn’t sound like Josie, someone I knew to be quite eager for any form of confrontation.

Fatima stopped stroking me and looked a little embarrassed, almost as if she’d been caught sharing secrets. “Now you didn’t hear this from me…”

“I promise,” I said.

“Good,” she replied, going back to stroking me. “The girl loves you, so she’s completely and utterly on your side, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t feeling some conflict in all of this. Her and Tori go back a fair ways, traveling in the same circles even before their time in the Puma Press. I know they’ve gotten high together, even fooled around a little, and before everything fell apart with you and Tori, those two were might even have been friends. It was a strange time for Josie, being on your side while things were bad with Tori, but now that things are back on, I think she’s playing it cautious. Still holding on to some of that lingering anger from your estrangement, sure, but also wanting to make things work because you want to make things work… and, honestly, because *she* wants it to work, too.”

Well, shit. There was a lot more riding on the success of this double date than I’d originally expected. It wasn’t just reconnecting, now it was trying to make sure things were going to be okay with Tori and Josie, while Brooke, and Tori’s girlfriend, April, were stuck along for the ride.

“That’s intense…” I admitted, looking down at Fatima a little nervously.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to break the moment,” she said, kissing the side of my half-hard cock. “I think I can bring you right back in the moment, if you’re up for another round, that is.”

I smirked. “I could be, if you can get me hard again.”

She looked at me as if that were the stupidest thing I’d ever said. “So that’s how it’s gonna be?”

“…yes?” I said, raising a skeptical eyebrow.

“Well,” Fatima sighed. “If you need help getting hard, I can certainly help you there…”

With that, two things happened very quickly.

First, was Fatima pretty much inhaling my cock.

Second, was Fatima Hassan burying one of her fingers up my ass.

So, yeah, it turned out she was pretty fucking good at getting me hard in a hurry, and that I was not nearly close enough to being done with Fatima yet, not by a long shot.


Whenever I was asked about the Blair Valley Shopping Center, I’d call it “most of a mall”, if I was in a charitable mood. If it weren’t for its quality food court and decent movie theater, I wouldn’t have even gone that far. Only half of its stores were filled, with “coming soon” signs in empty storefronts that had been there for years, inconsistent background music, and temporary kiosks in the middle of its main boulevards that looked to be of highly debatable legality. Nonetheless, with few exciting places to go for a relatively neutral double date in Regan Hills (and even fewer in the neighboring town of our dreaded football rivals, Blair Valley), to the Blair Valley Shopping Center we went.

So, while the five of us walked one of the barely populated halls and munched on Dippin’ Dots, we chatted and got reacquainted with one another, trying to forge a new friendly understanding of how things were going to be.

Of course, there were bound to be some growing pains in this new arrangement.

“So, you’re saying you’ve never ever ever had dick, like, not ever?” Brooke King asked. My petite blonde girlfriend, dressed in a tight pink t-shirt that showed plenty of midriff, and a similarly matching short, pink plaid skirt that barely hid her ass, looked positively surprised.

“Not ever,” April Martel answered her. The mousy blonde band geek with the wavy, shoulder length hair and the casual floral dress looked a lot more put together than the last time I’d seen her, speaking more freely and more sure of herself (something a friendship or romance with Tori was going to bring out sooner or later). And, by the looks of the rainbow flag pin she’d pinned just above the left breast Escort Bolu of her dress, she’d finally come out of the closet, which was pretty fucking awesome for her.

“That’s just… kinda wow,” Brooke said.

“I’m sorry, just never really had any interest,” April answered, shrugging and looking to me. “I mean, no offense to the one guy here; I know you’re nice and you’ve got it all going on down there, but I don’t see the appeal. I love girls, and all the anatomy that comes with, and that’s that.”

Brooke replied quickly and apologetically. “Oh, I didn’t mean to sound, like, insensitive or nothin’; love is love, be out and proud and all that, and, you totally won’t hear me complaining about more dick to go around for me and, also, like, lesbians fucking rule, and it would be so convenient not to have to deal with the shit guys do sometimes, like my friend Riley who’s been all heartbroken ’cause her, like, asshole boyfriend ditched her before V-Day, and now she’s just crying on my other friend Kitty all the time who doesn’t know what to do and… where was I? Oh, yeah, right! It’s just, like, I hadn’t put a lot of thought to how many completely gay girls there might be around school. I mean, you look around our class and I totally thought, like, all of the girls around here were totally porno-bi.”

“A lot of them are. A seriously disproportionate amount of them, honestly. Which I think is fucking great, honestly,” Tori McNeil answered, strolling along with great amusement at where the conversation had gone. Dressed in her customary overalls and tie-dyed shirt, her flaming red curls draped around her shoulders, she smiled broadly and looked every bit like the friend I remembered, like all of this was so easy for her to fall back into.

“More of the guys swing that way, too, than you’d think,” Tori said mischievously. “Everyone just playing it every which way all over the place, screwing whoever they want… it’s really made this year a lot of fun.”

Turning to face her girlfriend, Tori added, “This was all before I found you, of course…”

“Of course,” April said, smiling and leaning in to kiss Tori. “Well, I’m happy I’ve got you. You’re all I need.”

“Wait until you’ve had your first all-girl threesome, then let’s talk,” Josie Wong said. My goth princess girlfriend, with her pale skin, choppy black hair, black lipstick, piercings and tattoos looked the definite outlier of the five of us. Wearing her usual long black coat over a barely-there dark tank top and short shorts, she had been on her cautious, best behavior for much of the date so far, but was still making the occasional wry observation like this.

Brooke’s eyes went wide as she said, excited, “Yes! Ah, threesomes are totally the fucking best! And Tori’s, like, really, really super good at them, too! Though I guess what we had at Homecoming was totally a foursome, but there were only three of us girls there and we had some fun together too…”

April looked a little surprised at this revelation, but not *that* surprised.

Looking at her girlfriend, Tori added, “Hey, if you ever want one, I’m totally down for it… but nothing that would ever make you uncomfortable. We do this at your pace.”

April smiled. “Thanks.”

“Threesomes are the fucking best, though,” Tori said.

“Totally,” Brooke agreed.

“They’ve got their charms,” Josie added, smiling at me playfully.

“So long as you got some good partners for it,” I said, smiling and wrapping my arms around Josie and Brooke’s shoulders.

“You three are so cute,” April said, grinning.

“We make it work,” Brooke answered.

“Totally,” Josie and I replied in unison, getting laughs from the others.

“Admit it, babe, if you had to go for a guy, Ryan would be a good choice,” Tori teased.

April looked me over with a critical eye, but with great skepticism. “Again, I feel like I need to say ‘no offense’ here, but I’ll take your word for it.”

Josie laughed. “More for us, then.”

“Hell yeah!” Brooke replied, reaching over to high-five Josie.

Tori leaned over to kiss April. “You know I’m just teasing, right? I love having you all to myself.”

“Good to know,” April replied, grinning confidently and playfully grabbing Tori’s ass.

Brooke squealed, darting out from under my arm as we passed by an overstuffed-looking, cheap jewelry store, the kind of store where middle school girls would usually get their ears pierced for the time. “Ooh! I, like, gotta run in here! I got an employee from here fired once when he tried to take an upskirt of me after I nearly fell in that sinkhole that opened up in the parking lot outside the Red Robin, and, like, now the lady who owns the place feels so bad she lets me buy earrings by the pound for crazy low prices. Cheap earrings on me, ladies!”

Josie looked skeptical, but said, “Not exactly my style, but I’ll take a look. Tori?”

It was far from Tori’s style as well, but it looked like she and Josie were trying to make good with each other, so she said, “Yeah, sure, let’s see what they have. April?”

April looked from Tori to me, then said, “If it’s alright with you, I think I’ll hang out here with Ryan? Haven’t gotten my ears pierced yet, and I don’t think I’m gonna do it today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32