Senior Year Memories Ch. 38

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(Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun. This story is highly serialized, and though it’s not 100% necessary to have read the whole story up until this point to enjoy the content of the chapter, it’s definitely advisable to understand the ongoing plots.)

(Author’s Note: As always, I want to give special thanks to fellow Literotica author Lil_kitty for her excellent work as my editor and acting as a second set of eyes on this chapter, and for letting me know what did and didn’t work; if you get a chance, please check out her work and drop some stars if you enjoyed, she writes some very hot and fun stories.)

Previously, on Senior Year Memories: On Valentine’s Day night and after a long day of pleasuring the women of Regan Hills, 18-year-old Ryan Collins went to a nearby motel for a surprise by his girlfriends, Josie Wong and Brooke King. While they weren’t there, he was truly surprised by the sight of his older friend and confidante, Rachel McNeil, waiting for him. Having not seen her in person since she left town after the disaster on Thanksgiving, the two had some serious, rough sex, and admitted their love for one another. The party only continued after Josie and Brooke arrived, having a hardcore foursome, including Josie getting fisted. Parting with Rachel on good terms and with one of his girlfriends on each arm, Ryan is ready to see where the remainder of the month takes him.


Valentine’s Day was exhausting. God love Josie, Brooke and Rachel, but they completely and utterly fucked whatever energy I had out of me after an already exhausting day. It didn’t surprise me that I slept until past noon on the day after, and thankfully my girlfriends were so worn out that they weren’t up for much other than kicking back and relaxing for the day. Getting a chance to recharge, watch some movies, and even get in a little homework time… that was needed. And welcome. It was good to get a chance for the three of us to just hang out and be, well, with each other, and it was an excellent chaser to Valentine’s Day itself.

The weekend, however, could not last forever, and on Monday it was back to school. I may not have had quite a spring in my step while I still recovered from the tail end of Valentine’s Day, but I was feeling hale and hearty and almost ready to face the world when I got to school.

Then I saw the text.

The damned text.

The text I wanted to see almost more than anything, yet once I had it, seized me with terror.

TORI: Can we talk? After school, bleachers by the baseball field.

So, yeah, that took a bit of the air out of what had started out as a pretty alright day. I knew this was a possibility, of course; after several months of a shattered friendship, and a slow crawl back toward amicability, I’d thought that dropping an olive branch off at my former best friend, Tori McNeil’s, house on Valentine’s Day would be a path toward returning our friendship to normal. Of course, it could never be *normal* normal, not after I’d had sex with her, her mom *and* her sister, but I was hopeful that something could be rebuilt from the ashes.

Now that Tori wanted to actually talk, however… yeah, things felt tenser than I had expected.

And so, while it was lunchtime at school, I might have stood around looking a bit stupid while I watched our 18-year-old senior class president, Indian beauty Sabrina Singh, taking down Valentine’s decorations from one of the halls near the cafeteria. She did this without help save for a step ladder, even though there had to be people whose responsibility this fell under, and while she may have looked like one of the loneliest people in the world, by the smile she had on her weary face, I wasn’t going to bet that she had any problem doing what she was doing.

Sabrina always had an eye toward the future, and she wanted all of us to look toward it as well. Looking at her was a constant reminder that there were more months behind us than ahead of us this year… and while I had some ideas of what I’d like my future to hold, there was still a lot about it that felt vaguely terrifying to me.

“The older I get, the more I think about holidays,” I said as I watched the decorations come down.

“Well, that’s random as hell,” my companion replied.

I looked at her, trying to put my jumbled thoughts together toward considering the future. “I swear, I’ve got a point… at least I think I do. We spend so long waiting for them to come up, making our reservations, buying all of our preparations, and once they come, they’re over in the blink of an eye. Oh, sure, if we plan and execute them well, we have some pretty great times, but once they’re no longer in the future and Haymana Escort those pieces of fun are behind us, all we have left are…”

I couldn’t think of the right word. Fortunately, my companion could.

“…memories?” Leah Sartori suggested.

I looked at the pretty, dark-haired Wiccan and grinned. “Something like that.”

Leah and I had taken to wandering for a few minutes every so often during our lunch periods to take in the seasonal changes at school, at first ostensibly for our school’s paper, the Puma Press, which we both worked on, but later just because we enjoyed each other’s company.

“That’s one of those constants about time; it keeps ticking, whether we want it to or not. Maybe someone around here with a better understanding of the sciences than myself can explain all the ways I’m wrong, but until then, yeah, I get you,” Leah nodded, running a hand briefly over one of her multiple necklaces. I eyed her, perhaps a little lustfully, remembering how she looked under the eclectically patched dress she wore today. It was enough to give me a very pleasant shiver, remembering that night we had together making magic.

We slowly wandered down the hallway, passing close to Sabrina as she removed a number of pink paper hearts from above a doorway. I was tempted to offer my help, but knowing Sabrina, I doubted she would have accepted. She was a determined girl, and there was little you could do to stop her once she put her mind to something.

Even so, when we passed, she looked at me, briefly, her smile curling slightly more as she nodded silently at me. It was a weary smile, but a genuine one, and one I found easy to return to her. We could all use a little cheer in the world, especially those who worked their asses off as much as Sabrina did.

The moment was fleeting, however, as Leah and I continued down the hall.

“You have a good Valentine’s? That spell we did, it had to help things out, right?” I asked Leah, turning back to look at her.

Leah smirked at me, knowingly. “I had my fun.”

“You had your fun?” I teased. “That’s all I’m gonna get?”

“For now…” she said, coyly. “But you can probably get it out of me if you ask nicely enough. I probably don’t have to ask if you had a good one, but did you?”

I shifted a little uncomfortably from side to side, tempted to laugh. “It was a little… crazy. Maybe more than a little. Out of pure curiosity, there’s no way to, you know, dial back the spell just a little bit? I’m beginning to wonder if we might have made it too powerful, and, you know, I just want to make sure everything’s safe.”

Leah laughed. “Your safety isn’t in question; like I said, I’m a good witch. But as for dialing back the intensity… yeah, that won’t happen. We made it strong on purpose.”

“Oh, I know,” I said, grinning. “I’m just hoping to make it to the end of the month alive.”

“Somehow, I think you’ll survive,” she said, not even pretending to hide her amusement.

I probably earned that, since, well, I was complaining about a life that many guys would kill to have.

“I’m sure I will,” I replied, looking down to my phone again.

Leah caught this. “Expecting a text?”

I could have brushed this off, but with the time I’d spent with Leah, we’d forged an honesty. Besides, it felt good to talk to someone, *anyone* about this right now.

“Maybe. Tori wants to meet to talk after school,” I explained.

“Wow,” Leah replied, nodding. “So that’s finally happening.”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“And… how does it feel?” she asked.

“Scary as hell. I want it to happen, but, I’m pretty fucking scared. If she wants to yell at me some more… or what if I mess things up even worse?” I asked.

Leah reached out and touched my hand. It calmed me, exactly what I needed in the moment. “You’ll be fine. Well, you might be fine. Where does she want to meet?”

“The baseball field,” I explained.

Leah’s eyes brightened. “Ah, so she wants to meet at Nerd Baseball? You should be fine.”

“Nerd Baseball?” I asked. This sounded like something I should have heard about before.

She explained, “Kind of a post-Valentine’s tradition, I think it goes back quite a while here at Regan Hills High, but who knows how it started, really. Traditionally, it’s where a bunch of nerdy or nerd-like girls who didn’t have dates on Valentine’s Day got together and worked out some stress by playing some baseball. It’s not exactly a secret, not exactly public, but it’s public enough that I don’t think she’ll want to cause a scene. It’s open to more than just single girls these days, so she’s probably playing; her or April, I imagine.”

This made a lot of sense, actually. Tori may not have been the most athletic person I knew, but she had always been something of a tomboy; this sounded exactly like the sort of place she’d have shown up. The public nature of it was comforting, but the meeting itself still filled me with İranlı Escort some dread.

“Thanks… thanks for the intel,” I said.

“Anytime,” Leah said, squeezing my hand and smiling.

“Did I hear intel? Who’s got some fresh intel?” a cheerful voice asked from behind us.

Leah and I turned to face Nadia Barclay, the lovely African-American student editor of the Puma Press. With her long back hair held back in a ponytail, her sparkling eyes looking particularly lively today under her wire-rimmed glasses, and her preppy sweater/jeans combo looking particularly on point, Nadia was looking particularly cheerful today. As it was a state that she wasn’t often in, Leah and I were a little taken aback.

“I was just telling Ryan about Nerd Baseball,” Leah explained. “Tori invited him over to watch and talk things out.”

Grinning even more broadly, Nadia answered, “Well it’s about damn time! I could’ve used you two working out your shit ages ago.”

“It takes time,” I said.

“Oh, no doubt, no doubt,” Nadia answered, nodding sympathetically while still sounding quite chipper. “I was just hoping you two might have some hot gossip I hadn’t heard about.”

Nadia was a firm believer in the phrase “knowledge is power”, and while she would never publish people’s secrets in our school paper, she sure as hell liked to accumulate information on what was happening to whom in case it might come in handy for her.

“You got some for Valentine’s, didn’t you?” Leah asked, amused.

“And how,” Nadia said, biting her lip mischievously and proudly taking Leah’s high five. “Whatever you did in that spell, you better keep it coming.”

“Only if he kept you cumming,” Leah answered.

“He did fine… not as fine as some,” Nadia said, tipping a cheesy wink my way. “But fine. So, gossip?”

“None here, I’m afraid,” Leah answered.

Nadia looked at me. I shrugged. “My life is gossip, but I don’t kiss and tell except to my girlfriends.”

“Well, I can always hope you’ll change your mind,” Nadia said, looking both ways down the hall before leaning in. “So, tell me, you guys want some fresh gossip?”

Leah shrugged, noncommittal, and I said nothing. Nadia took this as an opportunity to continue giving us more gossip than we likely wanted to hear.

“Word has it that Mrs. Addams’ husband had a change of heart over Valentine’s Day and tried to win her back, call off the divorce while saying he’s realized the error of his ways. He says it’s about love, I think it’s probably about money… she apparently listened for all of five minutes and kicked him to the fucking curb,” Nadia said, her tone playful.

I didn’t know how Nadia had heard of our English teacher’s divorce, since at last report Mrs. Addams was trying to keep it very secret, but, if anyone was going to know about it, it would have been Nadia.

“Good for her,” Leah said.

“Seriously,” I agreed.

Nadia nodded. “Also, word has it that the shop teacher, Mr. Clay, confiscated some weed off of some juniors and got caught smoking it in the faculty lounge, but they want to keep that hush hush… and have you heard about the big breakup in cheerleader-land? Ryan, it really feels like you ought to know this one…”

I didn’t know this one, but suddenly felt a strange burst of concern. Unexpected as anything else this year, I’d come to be rather attached to most of the senior cheerleaders, some of them as very close friends (well, maybe not Gwen Savage, but the rest of them I was pretty attached to). Briefly, I found myself hoping that the gossip wasn’t about Sasha Pearl and Peter Nixon. Ever since I’d started tutoring him, Peter had become one of my better friends, and Sasha was a wonderful girl, kind, smart and, well, amazing in bed. The two of them made a nice couple, and I sincerely hoped that the breakup gossip wasn’t about them.

“Who?” I asked.

Looking down the hall, Nadia cocked her head. I followed her gaze toward a pair of petite girls I vaguely recognized from their association with the cheer squad. The one with shoulder-length blonde hair looked quite sad, while the one with the pixie cut red hair, freckles and the cat-eared headband comforted her.

“Brendan Cole dumped Riley Richardson the day before Valentine’s,” Nadia explained.

“Fucking ouch,” Leah said. “That’s brutal.”

In the midst of me being happy that Peter and Sasha seemed to be alright, I was putting into place who the two tiny girls were in my mind. The sad one with the longer blonde hair was 18-year-old Riley Richardson, a girl I didn’t know very well save for her reputation on the cheer squad. Fate had kept our paths from crossing recently, as she didn’t make an appearance at the New Year’s orgy, but if she was busy with Brendan (one of our school’s less-than-stellar football players), that might well have explained why. And if my knowledge of the cheer squad was up to date, her comforting friend with the pixie cut and Karapürçek Escort the cat ears had to be 18-year-old Kathleen “Kitty” Stein. I knew by reputation that Riley and Kitty were best friends, an easy state to fall into when neither was taller than 4’10” and they were tiny as hell. They, along with Brooke, acted as the squad’s flyers, getting some serious airtime when flung upward by the stronger girls on the squad.

I didn’t know either of them well, but Riley’s sadness was clear enough to tug at the heartstrings, enough that even at a distance I was glad for Kitty’s sympathy for her.

“Yeah, it’s brutal, but she’ll bounce back. Girls like her always do,” Nadia said.

“Doesn’t make it hurt any less,” I said.

“It doesn’t, but, come on, she’ll recover. Probably with the help of your magic cock,” Nadia said, choosing her words with amusement.

“Nadia!” Leah said jokingly. “We’re in a public school hallway! Language!”

Nadia rolled her eyes. “Well, it’s true. It’s a great cock attached to a great guy, a combo that might as well be magic. And we all know it won’t be long before he’s using it to solve Tiny Dancer’s love problems…”

I was taken aback at her suggestion, and moved to protest, but then held back. I guess I did have a pretty well-earned reputation.

“Well, we did cast a spell,” Leah said, not quite as playful as Nadia as she caught my gaze toward Riley and Kitty. While Nadia could be very direct, I’d come to know Leah as a very empathetic person, and this seemed in her way trying to send me toward the tiny cheerleaders.

It was tempting… but it was also very much the wrong time. Riley was clearly seriously broken up about this, and jumping in to try to cheer her up with the power of dick… yeah, that wouldn’t work. On top of that, with Tori’s text still swimming through the back of my mind, I wouldn’t be able to put my head fully in the game.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. It filled me with an intense stab of fear that it might be a follow-up from Tori, but strangely a relief that I wouldn’t have to make a commitment on the Riley situation in front of Leah and Nadia.

“I think I gotta take this,” I said.

“Go on, have your fun,” Nadia continued to tease.

“Good luck,” Leah said, eying me sympathetically before turning back to Nadia. “You gonna do Nerd Baseball this year?”

“Oh, you bet your sweet ass I will,” Nadia said, looping one of Leah’s arms in hers as she guided Leah down the hallway, pontificating about her soon-to-be-revealed athletic prowess.

I got some distance from them (and even more distance from Riley and Kitty) before I finally checked the text.

To my relief, it wasn’t from Tori. It was from an unknown number, and as soon as I opened it up, I was treated to a pair of massive tits clad in a lacy black bra, captioned by a single sentence.

UNKNOWN: You know where you want your mouth right now…

I’d received messages like this earlier in the year and knew well who the message was from. I tapped the phone in my hands, considering. I needed my head on straight today, and it very much wasn’t on straight at the moment. I couldn’t just go around seducing new girls with the place my head in was right now, even in the spirit of the spell… but some familiarity, that seemed like something I could deal with. Something that might even help calm my nerves.

Licking my lips nervously, I turned on my heels and started swiftly down the hall.


I cracked the classroom door open and peered inside.

“Mrs. Addams?” I called out. “You wanted to see me?”

After the text she sent me, I knew she wanted more than just to ‘see me’, but it felt like the right thing to say when I was still standing in a public hallway, even one as empty as this one.

“Yes, Mr. Collins, please come in,” Mrs. Janelle Addams said, beckoning me inside warmly as she sat at her desk.

A lot had changed with Mrs. Addams since I had had sex with her last month. Oh, sure, she was still gorgeous as ever, with a youthful, lively face that was utterly gorgeous when she chose to smile, and a body that had all the boys in school drooling. At a modest 5’5″, she had a nice, big ass, and big tits that could almost distract you away from such an amazing butt. Though for much of the past few months she had a somewhat dour look on her face, ever since the two of us had sex, things seemed to liven up with her considerably. Today she wore a dark blue blouse, her wavy black hair down and loose, and a simple dark skirt that went to her knees. Utterly professional, yet still hotter than hell for how they were just slightly tighter than they had to be. Combined with her smile that reminded me of the teacher she was before she was stuck in the midst of a divorce and, well, she looked rather stunning today.

I stepped inside the classroom, empty save for the two of us, and closed the door behind me.

“Lock the door?” she suggested, her tone knowing and mischievous.

While I was still a little off-kilter from the inevitable conversation I’d be having with Tori today, one look at Mrs. Addams helped remove much of my lingering doubt and confusion. Here I was, a hot-bodied and willing MILF in front of me, and I wasn’t going to stand here worrying about what might or might not happen later.

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